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Pleased in Linköping

When Purple began they started with Fireball. I was surprised over the setlist. They had changed a lot compared to earlier shows.

There were some good surprises for me. One was Wring that neck. One of my favorite tracks and they played it like they did in the seventies. The other was The battle rages on. A heavy version that differ a lot from the original.

The band was tight and the music awesome as always. I was surprised over the energy from Don Airey. He fits well in the group and Stewe Morse and Don Airey are almost like Lord and Blackmore in the old days. I was pleased after the show.

The show started 22.00 and lasted for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Before Purple, there were two bands. Bonafide (a new swedish band with influences from AC/DC) and Europe.

The setlist:
Into the fire
Strange kind of woman
Rapture of the deep
Kiss tomorrow goodbye
Contact lost
Stewe solo
Sometimes i feel like screaming
Wring that neck (short verision, one solo each for organ and guitar)
The well-dressed guitar
Ted the mechanic
Don solo
The battle rages on
Space truckin`
Highway star
Smoke on the water

Hush (drum solo)
Glover solo
Black night

4 Comments to “Pleased in Linköping”:

  1. 1
    DeepPurpleGeorgia says:

    WoW, no Prefect Strangers? I’d love them to play some tracks from The House Of Blue Light: Strangeways or Dead Or Alive are great rocking songs…

    Guys, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, play even 1 song from THOBL

  2. 2
    Kimmen says:

    Kan anyone please tell me why I didn’t go those 250km to hear ‘Into the Fire’ and ‘The Battle’? – Was it just because I’ve heard the rest of the list before?

  3. 3
    micke says:

    No because you’re a lazy bastad.. 😉 And WTN was not played like in the seventies, more like the single version from ’68. It was three minutes long not thirty..

  4. 4
    elprupdeep says:

    thanks for that ! they played wring that neck for 30mn in the seventies … it gives a lot of time to IAN to rest so we can still enjoy his voice even at 63 years old. I wonder how ELVIS will sing at 63 if!!!!!!! cheers and long live DP.

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