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Fine show at historic Copenhagen venue

KB-Hallen has been a part of the regular circuit for DP for quite a long time now and we have high expectations as they have always delivered when they hit this stage. As Roger Glover put it, it is a part of the band’s history.

They certainly took up the challenge, especially the three Mark 2 members. Gillan did a fine show with a lot of energy and had fun. Of course he was worn out afterwards.

Glover and Paicey seemed really committed to prove that they’re still up for it. Morse and Airey should also receive a compliment for their way of dealing with Wring that Neck which really got stretched out compared to last time.

The setlist has not been changed since last year in Copenhagen, but it wasn’t the same show. Bits are added and moved around and you definitely get some interesting intros and solos.

If you listen to Gillan’s introduction to the songs you might think that you are in for something new, but he is just cheating… We get “the spiritual”: Rapture of the Deep, the “folk song”: Fireball and the Christmas song about what you should do to the turkey: Wring that neck. Nice. I even think he called their latest title track Roger of the Deep…

Don Airey also left out Wonderful Copenhagen in his solo and it sounded to me that he quoted a Danish traditional “Ole sad på en knold …” Comments, anybody?

See you next time.

Per Sorensen

3 Comments to “Fine show at historic Copenhagen venue”:

  1. 1
    Lars Popp says:

    Per, i think you didnt listen well enough
    Wonderful Copenhagen certainly was in Don’s Solo

    I think you sat on your ears that moment 😉 but a fine show it was indeed


  2. 2
    jw says:

    Excelent show and they included perfect strangers. Im just so sick and tired of black ninght and hush as the encores and could also do without strange kind of woman. the rest id fine with me. good blend of classics and new material. im surprised that the very midlle aged audience only seems to know the classics though

  3. 3
    Ford driving purple fan says:

    Well, Per, I´m almost sure that I heard another danish song – part of it – in Don´s solo : Den danske sang er en ung blond pige.
    See you in Århus.

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