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In case Ritchie forgets …

A Japanese group has Youtube’d their own feisty instrumental take on Deep Purple’s Burn – complete with special slowed down guitar lesson at the end.


88 Comments to “In case Ritchie forgets …”:

  1. 1
    elprupdeep says:

    good to see youngters playing real music!

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    good drummer

  3. 3
    Purple Princess says:

    As a rule, I don’t take to covers, but this is rather good!

  4. 4
    Geir says:

    this is music

  5. 5
    stoffer says:

    quite impressive! and yes just in case Richie forgets get this kids number

  6. 6
    Patrick says:

    WOW that was great if u ask me

  7. 7
    frcosse says:

    good interpretation – very best song

  8. 8
    T says:

    It’s interesting how simple Blackmore’s style is: A lot of repeating figures, arpeggios, and especially alternating a fretted note with open strings in rapid succession. The genius, however, is in composing these figures, getting the feel down, and the phrasing–the latter two elements of which this guy has mastered.

    It sounds very much like Blackmore. Someone needs to dig up a video of an original composition for comparison.

    Excellent technique.

  9. 9
    Alan says:

    Actually, I never thought of Blackmore as simple. This was quite a mind blower in its day and this kids NAILS it! I’ve never heard a person get so close and expend so little effort. A wonderful player.

    The drummer doesn’t nail it however. He gets close but this is my favorite DP tune and i could sing every part.


  10. 10
    stefan says:

    Not the usual “jap crap” heard so frequently on numerous tribute albums,actually quite impressive!In case RB have a temporary case of alzheimer,maybe someone should do a “Journey” and get the guitarslingers phone number!!BANZAI!!!

  11. 11
    Alan says:

    On second listen they all nail it. Wow!!!

  12. 12
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hey Priest…..if you are still alive. I doubt you will find anyone able to emulate Steve Morse as easily as this young Japanese kid can copy Blackmore. Know Why? Complexity. That’s why. Blackmore took a simple “plinking style” of play and gave it character. “His Character”. That’s the beauty of Blackmore. The simple cords of SOTW were as simple as they come, but it was a “Blackmorism”. That is the beauty of Blackmore.

    Now, take technical and precise ability? Morse will kick his ass all over the place. Just to prove to all of the “Blackmore Worshipers”, I would love to witness Steve Morse do a “Blackmore Tribute” showing that he can not only emulate Blackers, but take it to another level. He could and is very capable, but he is too much respective of the old geezer and would never go to that extreme. He is quite the gentleman.

    Blackmore may be “King” in the ‘Lost Blackmore Kingdom’, but Morse “REIGNS” in the present ‘Purple Kingdom’ and has done so for 15 years. Sorry to say here but he could never be emulated by Blackmore. This I Guarantee. As with the live renditions that Morse does, covering the MK2 material….when he wishes, he totally emulates Blackmore where he feels necessary for the “purist’s sake”, but overall, makes the songs ‘his own’. Blackmore could never pull that off.

    And You All Know IT!!!!

    OK….must cage the emotion….must grab a cocktail….must jump in the hot tub….must crank up some Dixie Dreggs and hear the guitarist whom saved Purple from the man who ‘Abandoned’ the greatest band the earth has ever known, for his selfish ego. Thanks Steve for jumping into the frying pan and re-lighting the fire and creating Purple of the present. This too will someday be a part of past ‘Purple Passages’, but if not for you, we’d be stuck listening to ‘Battle Rages On’, JLT’s ‘S&M’ (hmmmmm isn’t that the same initials for sado-masochist?) crap or everything before. Personally I prefer the newer stuff, even though I am an old fogy. That has to count for something.

    So in closing……Cudos to this “Made in Japan” version of Burn……Now, let’s see you take on a Steve Morse original……I dare ya.


  13. 13
    stefan says:

    Amen brother!!!
    I take it it´s a typo….should be “Made in Europe”,right?

  14. 14
    Karl-Heinz says:

    A copy – but VERY impressive.

    Now I can sing to Karaoke – but then it sound no more impressive… 😉

    I’m quite impressed by these boys, not only the guitar, bass, drums and Hammond also sound original.

  15. 15
    Bo says:

    You can’t compare Blackmore and Morse. They are both GREAT players but with two very different styles and sounds. I love Morse because he has broght the smiles back (big time) to Purple. For that he can do more or less anything and I will forgive him. BUT still Blackmore is THE guitar sound of Purple – and it will always be like that to me. Also after 50 years.

  16. 16
    Rascal says:

    Straight in for the kill……..I like it Tracy!!

    Blackmore was king……..but he gave up his kingdom and crown in favor of being a court jester……..sad but true.

    Hey Nonny Nonny Blackers

  17. 17
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Can’t see whats so special here, there are tons of other examples of tributes on youtube, some way better than this. He completely chickened out on the slide at the end of the solo, which Ritchie pulled of on stage by keeping ready to drag while playing the prior notes then flinged it off his finger as usual. Don’t get me wrong, the guy has it down well.

    My boys Virtual Purple are much more worth a gander at… sent all their instrumental parts in from various countries and one of them synched the four clips together, it you want to see HS and SOTW done as note for note as it gets, check them out, just search for Virtual Purple – Around the world.

  18. 18
    Pushing Scarlett says:

    Copying even down to the guitar sound and replica guitar!

    Ritchie never played it the same way twice, so it beats me why you would want to learn it note for note from the studio album. Still the guitar sounds a lot better than Steve Morse though… oops, can I say that?

  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder says:


    Come on..you surprised me with this one. You usually get my “pretzel logic” better than that. Here is the translation…..

    The players are Japanese. The song is Burn. I just took the fact that they were from Japan and put the “Made In…” spin on it. Sometimes I see through slanted eyes…….


  20. 20
    stefan says:


    You´re quite right,I have no excuse other than maybe fatigue!I work nightshift every other week at a old peoples home, and probably had “purple haze” in my brain when writing that reply,my mistake!By the way…maybe I should reserve a room for old “Blackers” with purple wallpapers all around!!!CHEERS!

  21. 21
    SEVEN-47 says:


  22. 22
    Jeffs says:

    Tracy, you are completely wrong as far as I am concerned…Steve is an outstanding guitarist and definately is the more schooled and rehearsed of the two. His fluidity and delivery are second to none, however he will never be the stylist, articulate, dynamic, artistic guitarist and composer that Ritchie was. This song/solo was composed 35 years ago and is still outstanding even in todays climate. That is why Steve has so much respect for Ritchie. the riff to burn is absoloute genius in terms of it’s composition, but most importantly it’s delivery…!

  23. 23
    Jeffs says:

    Ps…Fantasticly authentic tribute (not cover) by these Japanese musicians.

  24. 24
    Sami says:

    You’re absolutely right, Jeffs…couldn’t have
    said it better!!

  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Jeffs: How do you start off with- “Tracy you are completely wrong…”, and then in the your next statement agree totally with my description of Steve Morse’s ability? Also, your description of Blackmore is similar to what I have stated many times in the past and somewhat here. He truly is masterful in his composing and conveying his craft, though most is simple. Simple is the key. Most songs that are of the highest recognised are simple, but composed of the right stuff. That is the key. I have always given Blackmore his credit deserved, and he without a doubt is overall, one of the finest guitar players of all time.

    One must wonder though….Prior to Deep Purple, did anyone truly care or was he known world wide? He was a session player, whom played in many a band as a fill in. Lord Sutch, Heinz, The Outlaws….and tons of other artists he played for, but aside from the the musicians using him because he was available and a great player, his name didn’t become anything until the emurgence of Deep Purple. Luckily for him, he also surrounded himself with 2 other masters…Lon Lord and Ian Paice. Their ability to compliment each other and play vertually anything put him on the map. The hit that first gave them exposure was a cover tune for god’s sake…Hush by Joe South. Though we all love MK1….mainly because it is Deep Purple, they truly didn’t take off until MK2 and Gillan and Glover were brought on board. Gillan and Glover were part of a very successful, well established European based band called “Episode Six” for years. Deep Purple needed to top off the line-up with a frontman which could compliment and hold up to the musicianship of the rest of the band. Gillan at the time, was obviously the perfect choice. He had the range and the looks to take the band a step further. Plus, they ceased doing “Covers”. From this point on, the direction was navigated through the collective talents of these 5 extremely vibratious masters of the Rock scene.

    So of course, when one is used to a particular sound, because they are acustomed to the songs that are regularly played on the radio, and the comfort takes over, one whom is easily moulded into a certain way, then has a narrow and very limited point of view regarding their taste and expression. Putting all of that aside, if the first album from Deep Purple you ever heard was ‘Purpendicular’, and you liked it, and then the followups were as have followed, you would then be blown away and enveloped in Steve Morse’s Deep Purple and would most likely have the attitude you have in the opposite direction, if Blackmore then stepped in to replace Morse, if he was to leave. It’s all relative to one’s exposure and the timing of it. I have been a fan for 40 years, but I embrace the evolution of this band and respect all whom have taken part in it’s existance.

    For those who are “Blackmore Fans Only”, it’s very simple…..Blog on his site. Don’t go where you are only disgruntled and disapointed. Purple without Blackmore is still Purple. Blackmore without Purple is Blackmore’s Night. So go……dawn thy pointy hat and pointy boots and little tights and be merry…

    Purple Still Reigns and satisfies Purple Fans. Blackmore Rains on your parade because he left Purple.

    Again, I love ‘Purple-more’. You love ‘Black-more’. Purple fans are Happy fans. Blackmore fans are frustrated fans. But it is his doing. Don’t blame Purple or Steve Morse. Blame your reluctance to accept what is.


  26. 26
    stefan says:

    Again….Couldn´t have said better myself…ROCK ON Tracy!!!To Seven-47….nice to have you back old chap!!

  27. 27
    Jeffs says:

    Tracy… I love the Morse era too, but Blackmore IS the more influential guitarist… everybody knows that. He virtually invented a whole new genre of music. In Rock was HIS vision. He had fantastic players around him (I personally believe that the young Gillan was extremely inportant here too…) If what you are saying is that Steve Morse would have eclipsed Blackmore had he been around with the same musicians back in 69 then I will have to dissagree with you;-)

    Do not underestimate how astonishing a player Ritchie is. what he does is not simple and it’s entirely intuitive!

  28. 28
    Jeffs says:

    Ps…I don’t like Blackmores Night despite the fact that they have the worlds premier hard rock guitarist in them;-)

  29. 29
    Crimson Ghost says:

    How is anyone underestimating Blackmore just because they are flexible enough to enjoy more than one guitarist that is good enough to play in Purple? Thats some major nonsense, man.

    Influence isn’t everything, and there can be only one Blackmore and one Morse, one Johnny Cash, etc… but about influence and how brilliant in composition you say the riff to Burn is… he didn’t write one note of the riff, it’s a Glenn Miller riff that he lifted… any self respecting fan should know that. hello!!!!!!!!!!!

    Morse is from the south, so what if he doesn’t look/act the part, it doesn’t mean he can’t “play” the part.

    On a side note, I tend to laugh everytime someone says Blackmore has the chops to emulate Morse, and that Morse can’t emulate Blackmore for shit… no way… Blackmore doesn’t have the various technical comprehension, nor the picking prowess to play a song like Runaway Train, to give but one of many examples, and Morse chooses not to emulate him for good reasons, but if this Japanese guy can… come on, it’s a matter of choice there.

  30. 30
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Another thing, I do prefer Ritchie, I grew up on him, but his personality gets the best of him… he is an enigma, and there comes a time when you just have to grow up or get out, nobody realizes that more than him, so much that he cleverly bailed when they actually needed him, but because of that they in turn found out they don’t need him… so much for small favors. He lives to annoy people, and is as talented at it, as he is the guitar.

    “I put it there to annoy people, which is what I live for” – RB

  31. 31
    Jeffs says:

    Crimson Ghost…It’s not me that’s underestimating either of them (read the rest of the posts) Steve is of course an extraordinary player and as I’ve stated it’s all a matter of taste. Ritchie is however the most important guitar player of the two (certainly as far as Purple’s history is concerned)If you don’t agree with that then I must be “flogging a dead horse” with you and Tracy!

    what Ritchie or Steve have done since are of no consequence, after 75/76 they have both produced exceptional stuff but the 69-73 ish years are always going to be the ones that influence gerations of muso’s, listeners and bands.

    Incidently, I think you mean “Fascinanting Rhythm by George Gershwin?

  32. 32
    Rascal says:

    I think he should of lifted the ‘Pennsylvania 6-5000’ riff……….

  33. 33
    Jeffs says:

    Ha-ha!! the first 3 notes are smoke aren’t they??

  34. 34
    Crimson Ghost says:


    “Important?” You’ve got it all sewn up do you?
    A god idea would be to stop competing the two, it’s apples and oranges and doesn’t do anything but set up an arguement.
    “Taste?” Really, I learn a new one everyday here.

    Yes, the Girshwin penned tune, but just like with HUSH and Billy Joe Royal, he drew from the version that inspired him, and that was Millers orchestra. Who “composed” the actual riff again? Ritchie, not even.

  35. 35
    Crimson Ghost says:

    But then “god” is “good” with an “o” missing.[sic!]

  36. 36
    Mike says:

    I think it’s important not to loose sight of how important the song “Burn” was to us DP fans at the time (I have no idea how many of our correspondents are old enough to remember). Gillan and Glover had left after the relatively disappointing “Who Do We Think We Are?”. Though in hindsight, it has aged pretty well (side 1, anyway), I recall feeling that the lack of great solos by Blackmore was a huge problem (I was 14 at the time). Then Burn came out. The lyrics to the title track were (and are) silly but the riff was killer (even after my dad heard it and said “that’s Fascinatin’ Rhythm!”), the solo one for the ages, and the vocals different from Gillan but powerful. It was a real statement. The rest of the album didn’t sound like the DP we knew but it was great nevertheless and it gave us hope that Purple could survive. We know the story from there and you’ve been talking about it above. The real shame is that there is no way for the current line-up to recognize the Mark III stuff (let alone Mark IV). I know IG can’t do it and we should not expect him to but wouldn’t it be amazing if he did, just once, do something like “Might Just Take Your Life”?

  37. 37
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I had the opposite feeling because I didn’t know about the line up change till I saw Cal Jam on TV. I was taken way aback by them and remember wondering who the imposters were. Just like people do with the current line up, I measured them by the way they played the older stuff… the newer stuff I din’t like either, probably because I didn’t know it… I then got the album and dealt with it, but knew it was the beginning of the end, the following two did not succeed it, and still haven,t, looking back. And that wasn’t the usual order of things in Purple.

  38. 38
    Nero says:

    This Japanese man in Black sounds good,… but not AS good (fluent) as Blackmore.

    Technically it’s good,… but rock & roll is more that (almost) perfect technique. All respect for his performance.

    When you see his face, he reminds me of Tommy Bolin.

  39. 39
    Jeffs says:

    You sound a little overwrought Mr Ghost and seem to be concentrating on the negatives here so i shall leave this one alone and let history speak for itself.

    All said, these Japanese musicians have done a fabulous job and have obviously studied there heroes techniques fastidiously. To my ears It’s wonderful to hear young musicians mimic “Purple” so authentically…I for one would be very happy and excited to see a young British band play Burn to that level in my local live music venue.

  40. 40
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I only drew from your negative statements in the first place, to shed some light on them from my direction.

    The Virtual Purple Band videos I spoke of, in case anyone is interested… the drummer is an associate of mine.

    Highway Star


  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I intended to stay silent.


    PURPLE RAINBOW with Sabine on vocals does a great job on BURN.

    On many others as well, IMHO, I should say………….

    She really loves to SINGING highway Star as well. She’s a Killer on that one too.


    Should have stayed away……….

    Ruined the cover………..the growing myth.

  42. 42
    stoffer says:

    crimson ghost
    So I am not a “self respecting fan” because I did not know the riff from Burn was lifted from Glenn Miller??
    I do not and have not listened to Glenn Miller for 51 years and do not intend to start now, just because some people on these blogs have more knowledge of the more intricate parts of music (not only DP) YOU can’t tell them they are not self respecting fans. I have have been since 1972 and will be till the end!

  43. 43
    Tracy Heyder says:

    1969-1972 were defining times for Hard Rock. It was a simple time. No websites, no digital, few bands and limited ways to get exposed. Politics abounded and so did hard promotion. There are a handful of wellknown guitarists compared to the huge number that totally exists.

    Back then, the names were heard and remembered. Blackmore, Hendrix, Gilmore, May, Beck, Clapton, Iommi, Page, Trower…..

    that was a great era and the music these guys made is alive today, because for a good 10 years, that was the only music being jammed down our throats and they played the whole album on the radio back then. It was called “Album Rock”.

    Trust me….If Steve Morse was around back then, and was to have fallen into the Hard Rock circuit, he would have been at least as big a name as Blackmore or Hendrix.

    Now we have a shitload of Shredders whom nobody knows, and nobody cares to know. Music had changed. It’s not a personal as it was then, and the influences already happened. But, if you take the time to listen to Morses prior Purple efforts, you will find a talent that is all his own, and nobody elses. He plays like no other, and no other can imulate him as easily as they can Blackmore. That’s why he is a young guitarists dream. You can sound like Ritchie very quickly and therefor, you have mastered one of the Big Boys.

    The Guitarist in my covered band LOzT CAUz, could copy Blackmore, Satriani, Vai, SRV, you name it….NOTE FOR NOTE. I shit you not. When I showed him some Morse soloing video, he was captivated by the fact that he couldn’t find a particle of someone else in his style. And he never got around to it, but he did state that his was a very tough, if even posible style to copy. This guy can cover them all, in no time…..Morse, was a problem he could tell.


  44. 44
    Crimson Ghost says:

    You didn’t insinuate that Rtchie composed the riff, someone else did, and then he took it further, or I wouldn’t have put it that way, abeit tongue and cheek… thats all it is, no knowleadge busting or anything, especially considering it’s basically a no brainer.

    My prior post to Jeffs is awaiting moderation above with links.


  45. 45
    Rascal says:

    Tracy………You may have an excellent guitarist………..BUT……….can he play ‘Christmas Carols’ on a lute or mandolin whilst wearing a comedy costume???

    I think not!!!

  46. 46
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hahahaha… I forgot to mention the acoustic factor… Morse plays circles around Ritchie in that department… compare that one before you leap to conclusions. But which player you enjoy more for whatever reason is all that really matters, thats all there is to it, they’re both masters of different things… but those who say Morse isn’t any good, come on, thats not bright, he’s qualified for his position.

  47. 47
    Jeffs says:

    Crimson Ghost, where’s the negativity in my previous statements?? I can’t find any, as I stated, i love purple both new and old (a few things in between are not so good…)and that’s why i am here. I’m NOT and haven’t compared Steve and Ritchie on a technical level, just stated the fact (in a round about way) that Ritchie is and always will be the important one in this band and as far as I and many other guitarists are concerned the most influential of the two…I love Steve’s playing as I said before!

    Tracy, believe it or not, i too am a guitar player and to my delight have played with some of the greats. I am not a “faceless bedroom guitarist” I’ve met a million of those also. As your friend has stated; what Steve does is difficult to master. Personally i have never tried to emulate anybody, just absorb nuances and move on. I can only give my honest opinion as a lover of music. Blackmore is definitely one of the most influential guitarists of all time, he ranks along with Hendrix and Van Halen as the ones that both defined a coveted and much copied style that oozes from anybody that played (or plays) hard rock guitar (including Steve)and layed down the platform for the sructure of the music itself which is still copied to this day.

    Once again, can I state that i am a huge fan of both guitarists so plaese don’t presume that I am putting Steve down:-)

  48. 48
    Tom says:

    Morse is a great technical guitarist, but the feeling and sound of Blackmore are way more unique. True that Blackmore technical abilities aren’t the best, but it’s like classical music: There’s Lang Lang-A technical master of piano but suck in interpreting the music(Morse) and there’s kissin,Barenboim etc which can give a true unique interpretation to the music…

  49. 49
    Rascal says:

    Blackmore was there first……….he was playing guitar before Morse was out of short trousers!!………….No…Honestly he was…..I think theirs nine years between them!!

    I didnt think it mattered who starts the race, but more importantly who wins!!

    Somewhere along the track ‘Blackers’ stopped for ‘tea and jam scones’ and to procure hosiery with ‘well fitting’ gussets.

  50. 50
    CE-Music says:

    “You can sound like Ritchie very quickly …”
    Who does.?..post it!

    You may play every note he does but you won’t sound like Blackmore at all…if you are not Blackmore you won’t sound like him
    I agree that its harder to copy Morse stuff (the notes)…the harmonics are really tough…he studied it…Takes alot of practice….and discipline…Technically he is more skilled than Blackmore is …Blackmore even stated that him-self (in a way)…
    The hard thing to copy about Blackmore’s style of playing is the emotion he puts into it…be it fingering, vibrato, use of tremolo, PU switching even stage acting…and hell lot more….I’m not saying that Steve Morse plays unemotional…but less than Blackmore….you can hear his mood straight through his playing (either way)…which is something I can’t say about Steve…maybe it’s too perfect
    But in the end NO musician who is playing his instrument skillfully
    from the bottom of his heart can be copied
    I always loved Deep Purple….and I always will…but there is something in Ritchies playing that hits me more than Steve…Steve is “only” impressing to me…but that again is a matter of taste…

  51. 51
    CE-Music says:

    by the way…one could tell that this is not Blackmore without the video…it’s not the original…and Blackmore wouldn’t play the same solo twice…;-)…
    his picking is way different so is his vibrato…sound of guitar+amp is quite close though…

  52. 52
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Actually Jeff, I only began with a mention that whats “important” to you, might not be to someone else… I play the guitar as well but just don’t describe to that sort of thing, I just either like something or I don’t. You have a be all to end all approach when talking about Blackmore, which is fine, but don’t expect people to always agree. I wasn’t refering to anyone specific here when I mentioned that some think Morse simply is no good… just throwing out there what some at other locations on the net tend to opine, and it’s silly. I didn’t mean to make it seem like I was putting those words in anyones mouth around here, sorry if you got that impression from my mention of that.

    Rascal, Ritchie started recording in 63, Morse in 73, but he had been playing professionally for some years before that and got his degree before his first record deal with Capricorn. He may not have made any records yet, but started off making albums, Ritchie didn’t record a full album till 68, five years after he started recording… the two aren’t that far apart in the business. One’s popularity has zero to do with how good they are… take someone hugely famous that you don’t like for instance. Ones influence can have the same measure as well, the Sex Pistols are influential, it doesn’t mean they were very good.

    Blackmore is influential yes, good, yes, but struggles at things that have nothing to do with his ability to play the guitar, things that some of us also see as important in order to be in a band, reliability should not be disregarded just because you’re good at your instrument, it’s not, nor has ever been a one man show.

    I play guitar yet I don’t see it as the only important piece of a quintet. I see it as an equal fifth… if that helps, Ritchie is just the only common denominator for some Purple fans. And thats just how it is. I’d rather think independantly from that.

  53. 53
    Crimson Ghost says:

    [edit] make that “subscribe” instead of “describe” sorry, the french is in another place today.

  54. 54
    Kimmen says:

    Well, in this case I guess the greatest similarity between the guitarist mentioned is – that neither plays Burn these days. Which I think they should.

  55. 55
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Kimmen: out of all of this “Comparing nonsense”, you have made the best point.

    And, if I do hear it…..”I DON’T WANT IT TO BE NOTE FOR NOTE”. As a matter of fact……”MORSE IT UP AS MUCH AS POSIBLE”


  56. 56
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Gillan or Night would have to sing it then, which seems to be the real problem… at least WS played it for a while there, which is most appropriate concerning the vocals are even hard for it’s very own to labor these days. I tend to think had Ritchie actually composed the riff, he’d be playing it as often a SOTW, just a hunch, the riff is that good.

  57. 57
    Paul Anderson says:

    Great insight and got to admit they are great muzos
    It des show how some of the stuff is ‘simple’ but the texture that the band as a whole lays down to layer it then that is where the complexity comes in. Change the chords slightly and the impact is gone. The pasages and the licks on their own seem simple, just like a jigsaw puzzle
    Buiuld it up and then it becomes a greater thing
    Well in my humble little opinion anyway
    Still shows what it takes to write a classic though

  58. 58
    AndreA says:

    This is GOOD! sound! And fender is a FENDER!

    I read up,and after this video I say that For DP after Blacmore disabanded could be easier to find a Blackmore-clones.

    There are a lot of people love playing guitar like Mr.Blacmore so…
    I see that a lot of people after many years “love” speaking about the debate


    well,if we suppose that Morse never come into DP,would you all love a Blackmore-clone? this make me love DP with Steve Morse.

    It could be easier remake thewcsame sound like Blacmore-era with another Blackmore-Fender-CLONE.

    So it means that DP chose Morse with a big courage,it means that they love a different sound with a different style-guitar..

    so people,let Mr.Blackmore sleeping into his castle with his little darling Fairies..

    We love RnR,We Got DP mark8

    (Kisses to Dear Annemie)

  59. 59
    deep lavender says:

    More Blackmore vs Morse? One hundred dollar bill or two $50’s….both are Masters!

    I wonder if Paicey ever feels left out because he has nobody in DP to be compared to?
    Evans vs Gillan vs Coverdale vs JLT
    Blackmore Vs Morse with a little Bolin thrown in
    Glover vs Hughes
    Lord vs Airey.

    Poor Paicey…..no one in the DP family to be compared to…

  60. 60
    stefan says:

    Deep Lavender!

    Ian Paice is uncomparable! A more reliable,smooth,tight and sofisticated engine is hard to find anywhere!In my mind he is the glue that keep it all together and is irreplacable!

  61. 61
    AndreA says:

    Good Stefan!
    howevwe,is very cool to see here how the people are involved to debate and changing opinions.

    w il vino di montalcino
    anche se bevo sooo vino abruzzese

    alla salute
    cin cin


  62. 62
    deep lavender says:

    I agree Stefan…Paicey is to be ranked along with Peart,Cozy & Bonham as the most influential drummers of all time. Probably even more so to be able to adapt to a constantly revolving cast of performers and styles. Peart & Bonham never had to do that.

    I was just amused that as the only truly original and constant member of DP, he is left out of the “who is best” debates.

    No matter which line-up of DP you’re talking about, the band has always recruited & produced top-caliber performers that had success both with and without DP.

  63. 63
    AndreA says:

    mu favouritest drummers are


  64. 64
    Annemie says:

    To AndreA
    I’m so glad to read you named Ward, I love him! Paicey and Powell are also my favorites, but although I torture myself frequently to decide which of the two to put on the first place…I fail…perhaps while watching…Powell 😀
    I like also very much Bordin and Rondinelli!
    I’m much more glad that I found xxx for me…love and kisses back and of course stout and rolled cigarettes and —————————- ;D

  65. 65
    Annemie says:

    ohh…and I forgot Underwood! cheers 8)

  66. 66
    AndreA says:

    Oh Annemie! you make me always astonished because you rememberme always my stout (tonite 3 pint of guinness) and my rolled cigaretts (I have to stop it just a little because I go to prepare for boxing in september 🙂 yeaaahh).

    Powell: you are right,Mike Bordin is another big drummer,you make me remember this,Underwood was good but that sound in that era.Gillan did not make me satesfied! Ward:he never did care to techincal drumming (Powell is the top of) but his drumming ride into his veins: I have always loved him since I’ve been listened his approach for the first time! great Bill!

    Dear Annemie:good night and take it (Super DP with Super Smoked Gillan http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=CTfLrNC0uWI )

    so..Best wishes to you and have good time!
    Wishing Well Fairy!


  67. 67
    Annemie says:

    Oh AndreA 8)

    I agree, feel the same vibes !

    3 Guinness….I’m a baby compared with you, although I was more tipsy this mondaynight then on the other days 🙂

    Boxing in september…o.m.g. amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!

    Love under the gun,and especially the dress-outfit of IG during this recording … aha!!!

    All love and best wishes xx Annemieke xx

  68. 68
    AndreA says:


    Another drummer I love is BRIAN DOWNEY (Thin Lizzy)…

    certainly one of the most underrated drummers in the history of rock.

  69. 69
    Crimson Ghost says:

    One of the best!
    Cheers to BD.

  70. 70
    AndreA says:

    cheers to BD!

  71. 71
    AndreA says:

    I know also that Brian Downey is back on music for the first time after Thin Lizzy split [that means after the Lynott’s dead (r.i.p.)] .

    He appears on the drums for the first time now 2008 on the new Gary Moore’s work..

    I should take it..


  72. 72
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Would love Moore to put out another Rock Album……definately one of the greats!!!


  73. 73
    AndreA says:

    I’d like this Tracy..
    he has been playng BLUES since too long time..uuufff!!!!! :-O

  74. 74
    Tracy Heyder says:


    I didn’t know he had something new out….What is the name of his latest? the last thing I got from him was “Close as it Gets”…..


  75. 75
    AndreA says:

    New album due for release September 2008

    Gary’s latest album “BAD FOR YOU BABY ” is scheduled for release in the UK & Europe, late September 2008, on Eagle Records (EAGCD379).
    The 11 track CD features the following line up; Pete Rees:bass, Vic Martin:keyboards, Sam Kelly:drums. Special guest appearance: Otis & Cassie Taylor. This album also features Gary on harmonica, on one track!!. The Japanese and on-line/download version of the album will feature an extra track. An acoustic version of the Lightnin’ Hopkins tune, ” Picture on the wall”.

    The forthcoming album features the following track list:

    1. Bad for you baby (Moore)
    2. Down the Line (Moore)
    3. Umbrella Man (Moore)
    4. Holding On (Moore)
    5. Walkin’ Thru the Park (Morganfield)
    6. I Love you more than you’ll ever know (Kooper)
    7. Mojo Boogie (Lenoir)
    8. Someday baby (Morganfield)
    9. Did you ever feel lonely? (Moore)
    10. Preacher Man Blues (Moore)
    11. Trouble ain’t far behind (Moore)

    Worldwide Release Schedule
    UK & Europe: September 2008
    USA: September 2008
    Japan: November 2008 (tbc)
    Produced by Gary Moore

    Dear Tracy,I am sorry because as you read there is not Brian Downey on the drums. You have to know that time ago I read on some website the return of BD on music.
    Just know I write to you I have descovered that the drummer is another musician.

    so I ask sorry for my “old” wrong information


    ciao from

  76. 76
    stefan says:

    Tracy & Andrea!

    In my opinion Gary Moore can´t play the blues….period!Another thing….he should hand over the microphone to someone who actually CAN sing!Except for “Still got the blues” that made it big,much to do with novelty and lack of competition(anything sounded great compared to that grunge shit!),Mr.Moore hasn´t done anything decent in ages!It came to the point of “please no Moore”!If he persists on abusing the blues he should come to grips with the term “less is more”,or otherwise stick to what he does best….HARD ROCK LIZZY STYLE!!!

  77. 77
    AndreA says:

    yes Stefan..

    I have STILL GOT THE BLUES,perhaps the last I got,he on vocals is not really what I like…I miss the time he played hard rock (do you remember ROCKIN’EVERY NIGHT live with Ian Paice on the drums? Run For Cover,Wild frontiers: these I like)..

    to be honest I have never been his great fan even if I appreciate some his stuff that I bought;like you Stefan the best of him I think is with Grat Thin Lizzy.


  78. 78
    deep lavender says:

    I thought “Wild Frontier” was an excellent Gary Moore rock album. “The Loner” is a great instrumental. The only drawback to that album was no live drummer; it was all done by a drum machine. But still sounded good considering.

  79. 79
    AndreA says:

    Great deep lavender! I forgot this fact about drum machine..yes!


  80. 80
    Sami says:

    Well, I think that ‘Moore’s blues’ is just great &

    authentic, with awesome feel & drive of course(in playing as in singing)!!!

    Got the old vhs-tape from Wild Frontier-tour in Stockholm(1987),

    and what a powerhouse band it was…Bob Daisley, Eric Singer, Neil Carter. Got to agree with Tracy on this one, Gary ‘needs’ to get back to his Hard Rock roots, ‘ala Lizzy, Run for Cover, Victims of The Future etc.

    The blues-thing gets tiresome at some point, inevitably…yep.

  81. 81
    AndreA says:

    Run For Cover-
    I find very wonderfull MILITARY MAN with Phil Lynott on Bass and Vocals:great! And remember of Glenn Hughes that sings on one track (Empty Rooms?).

  82. 82
    stefan says:


    I think you´re wrong….As far as I now Glenn sang lead on two tracks only:”Reach for the sky” and “All messed up”!!Do you remember the slandering of Glenn in those cocaine and booze fueled days,the gossip and name callings?Glenn was named “Glenn Huge” beacuse his size and abuse of Mars bars,alcohol and substances!I´m thankful he beat the demons and is still with us,making beautiful music…bless him!! CIAO!!

  83. 83
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I have to disagree regarding Gary’s Blues. He is probably the finest bluesman of our time. Though I do agree with tiring a little of it, when I wish to hear the Blues, his is the stuff I put on. If you haven’t seen it, you must check out the Live Video of his first Blues concert, where he plays with BB King and Albert Collins. They both are interviewed and basically praise his ability to the degree that they surrender to him.

    Also, if you haven’t heard it….you must check out his collaboration with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker on the album “BBM”. As much as I liked ‘Cream’, this by far shows that “BBM” creamed “Cream”. One of my favorite records of all time.

    In an interview I read a while back, Gary stated that he was hangin up his “hard Rock” guitar because he felt silly being his age and cranking out heavy Rock stuff, and it just didn’t feel natural anymore.

    At least he didn’t dawn a pointy hat and tights so that he could frolic in the forest, strumming pixie tunes…..

    Glenn Hughes sang and played bass on 4 songs, “Reach for the Sky”, “Out of My System”, “Nothing to Lose”, and “All Messed Up”. He also played bass on “Run for Cover.


  84. 84
    AndreA says:

    Tracy Heyder

    I have got BBM when it got on sale..I love it,it is sunny for me,great music,great rock (it is not a real blues..it is a mixture)


  85. 85
    dpprpl says:

    talk about drummers and no CARL PALMER? BILL BRUFORD? people what the hell do you listen to.

    Peart and Palmer at the very top.
    Paice, the best timekeeper ever.
    Powell, Bruford, Bonham.

    the rest can take lessons from these.

  86. 86
    Sami says:

    Peart & Palmer…YES!!!

    …but the best timekeeper award goes to…

    Phil Rudd of AC/DC!!


  87. 87
    Tracy Heyder says:


    You know me. I just hate to disagree….

    Phil Rudd? From the band that has made a fortune and career out of 3 cord songs that have no changes throughout? Not that it is a bad thing. They do have many a tune that I tap my feet to, but once you find the beat, it ain’t much different than Rap. Not the music itself….the repetitive constant beat and rhythm.

    AC/DC is a Great Band though. Some of the most well known songs come from the simplest structure……’Smoke on the Water’ comes to mind.


  88. 88
    Marty says:

    I don’t want to sound too sacreligious here, but I think that guy just out-blackmored the Blackmore. I’ve been listening to Blackmore for so long that I can normally tell when he’s playing. However, if you play that to me and I didn’t know it wasn’t Blackmore I would have no reason to think it wasn’t.

    Well Done guys and keep going.

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