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Blackmore’s Night stay close to home

Blackmores Night 20240622 concert flyer

Meanwhile in the castle… US tour dates have appeared for Blackmore’s Night without much fanfare. The band of minstrels will play neighbouring states over the three weekends in late June and early July 2024. Tickets are already on sale, full details in our calendar.

7 Comments to “Blackmore’s Night stay close to home”:

  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    “Music for all ages.” 😉


  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    Careful careful Uwe. One day a photo may appear with you visible in the audience. Now that would be interesting especially if you relented & finally decided to don the garb. I would pay a substantial sum for a ‘genuine’ image. It has to be genuine, no AI or photoshop etc. Any other takers out there? Cheers.

  3. 3
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I’m old, no one would notice me being there!

    The day you won’t see me at a Ritchie gig is the day I’m dead. So fascinating how he, uhum, “can’t improvise”. I’ve been to ten Blackmore’s Night gigs at least, likely more (15?). You’ll never see me in garb though because I find the late Middle Ages/early Renaissance period rather silly, even more so when cosplayed by largely Americans. I’m not a credible cowboy or Native American either. Who would think that Ritchie, while his pension fund is accruing, would return to his show biz roots of yore?


    And for the record: No Blackmore’s Night performance I’ve seen ever came close to the nadir that was Reunbow’s first gig at Lorelei, when I died a hundred cringe deaths out of shame for what was going on (or not going on) on stage.

    I poke fun at Candice all the time here, but she is a more giving, disciplined and focused performer than her husband ever was. She has that “Jewish-Polish-American Princess” work ethic that only doing something with dedication will get you anywhere down pat. For that I respect her.

  4. 4
    Albania says:

    This is good news. Happy to read about Ritchie touring again.
    The District Theater (formerly the Wall Street Theater) in Norwalk, CT, is not far and it is a charming, little venue. I saw Glenn Hughes there on Apr 24, 2019, Yngwie Malmsteen on May 6, 2022, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band on May 19, 2022. All excellent shows and great acoustics. Other nice acts like Buddy Guy, etc. also played there not too long ago.
    I would have likely gone to see Blackmore’s Night on June 23, 2024, but at that time we will be traveling throughout Germany for UEFA EURO 2024.
    Except for the debacle at Sony Hall in New York, NY on October 30, 2022, where Ritchie walked off stage and did not finish the show due to what the band later described as technical issues, the other Blackmore’s Night shows that I have attended were fun and entertaining.
    I hope there will be another tour as I do not want the unfinished show of October 30, 2022, to be the last live event that I have attended of my all-time favorite guitar player. Keep on playing, Ritchie.

  5. 5
    Max says:

    Ah the garb! The town I live in celebrates an annual festival where lots of us dress that way anyway for a couple of days. So when BN came to our area my boys went along with me all dressed up like in the 16th century… The set up on stage always bemuses me and so does Ritchie’s outfit. But while I find the records a bit kitsch most of the time I enjoy the shows very much. Especially the solos Ritchie does, some of which carry him away … and I will gladly follow. And Candice … I often wondered if anyone can really be that friendly. I guess she can. She even exchanged her paper cup with my boy. It’s all escapism but then again that’s what art is about a lot of times. I enjoyed every single show I attended big time and hope that they will make it to our castles again… And I agree: The last chapter of Rainbow should have remained unwritten.

  6. 6
    Frater Amorifer says:

    Just for once, why can’t they play in California? Blackmore, your east-coast arrogance is showing big-time.

  7. 7
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I‘d recommend the Hearst Castle as a suitable venue!

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