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Sunny side up

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night were interviewed for the Q105.7 radio station broadcasting out of Albany, NY. This was done in anticipation of a couple of Blackmore’s Night upstate gigs this past weekend.

A review of the Albany show was posted on the radio station website:

Blackmore’s Night’s show in Albany on Friday, October 27, 2023 was an event.

The Egg was sold out and completely full of people ready to enjoy an evening of great music with a twist of fantasy. Seeing people dressed in their best renaissance garb making their way to the theatre must have been rather confusing for onlookers hanging around downtown. That is all part of the fun. Joining in with the fantasy and the mood of the band and show was a blast and the only way to see them in my opinion.

Ritchie Blackmore would hate that I say this, but a Blackmore’s Night show is a joyous occasion. There is so much to smile about. The crowd comes to have a great time. Candice Night is a wonderful host in addition to being an incredibly soulful singer. She made it feel like we were all friends getting together to share music and stories. Ritchie shaking hands and handing out beer also lent to the very welcoming feel of the evening.

Read more on q1057.com.

Couple of videos from the October 28the show in Homer, NY:

Thanks to John Hyde for the interview, the review, and the video clips.

14 Comments to “Sunny side up”:

  1. 1
    Wiktor says:

    Maybe not my cup of tea (the music) but it make me so happy to see the man in black looking so relaxed and happy with himself and his life here and now. That wasnt always the case… or maybe never the case.. in Purple and Rainbow, there was always tensions, he always looked like “hmm who can I punch today..who can I fire today”.. not so today and for the past 20 years. And he´s got nothing to prove to anyone, those who scream “come back Ritchie and write one more great Rock&roll song for us” just dont get it… he´s written more timeless rock songs than Jimmy Page and Erik Clapton together and all the other guitar so called gods.. Go Ritchie and just enjoy these autumn years of your life… you deserve it so well.

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The two have great chemistry, no denying that Candice should have long been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for getting along so well with the old badger.

    Candice’s voice is noticeably losing highs, but becoming huskier at the same time, I really like that.

    To quench Herr MacGregor’s curiosity which spilled over in another thread: No, I have never worn medieval garb at the many Blackmore’s Night gigs I’ve been to though for some reason I was even sitting in the front row once (I had access to Ritchie’s free beers too, but I prefer red wine, snob I am). Ritchie’s lifelong penchant for cultural and historical appropriation is well-known


    but I tend to refrain from such mimicry. Given the long hours I used to work at my law firm, I was more often the type seen at Judas Priest gigs upfront still wearing his two piece suit and a tie from work. I never forgot how I was once approached by other fans (in a friendly, curiosity-filled way) asking whether I was part of Judas Priest’s management wishing to gain a fan’s view of them by standing in the audience. :mrgreen: Alas!, if I had been quicker thinking on my feet and somewhat opportunistic, I should have said “Bring me your girl friends and I’ll introduce you to the band backstage!” Except, of course, that most Judas Priest fans don’t really have girl friends, at least not ones they could bring to the concerts and barter there!

  3. 3
    MacGregor says:

    @ 2- Ha ha ha, I do remember somewhere that you said you didn’t don the garb at BN gigs. And i also remember your comment about attending a heavy metal (or Priest) gig after work & having certain comments directed your way. Have to laugh & as far as Judas priests fans having girlfriends? I am not sure, maybe they (the fans) are to intimidated at ‘coming out’. Cheers.

  4. 4
    Georgivs says:


    I can relate to that. I have a tradition of wearing clothing items one last glorious time before I retire them forever. When the time was up for my ultra-formal black striped suit, I wanted to put it on for a Napalm Death concert. I missed that one, though, and put it on for a local punk band concert. A white shirt and a yellow Italian tie completed the look. A guy in the street told be that I was not my real self in that suit, but I was like, sorry, dude, that’s the way I am.

  5. 5
    James Steven Gemmell says:

    The way Ritchie pronounces vitamin with a short vowel sound in the first syllable I’ve never heard before. We pronounce it with a long vowel sound in America.

  6. 6
    Uwe Hornung says:

    James, how shall I put this … but someone has to break it to you: Former colonies, once they break away from their mother nation irresponsibly about little things like the moderate taxation of botanic ingredients to hot water-based beverages, often see a deplorable decrease in language capabilities!


    In sports too: gentleman’s game of Rugby —> abomination called American Football or Cricket to Baseball …

    You may now hit me, I deserve it! :mrgreen:

    Or make me watch The Patriot with Mel Gibson over and over … wait for it, I prefer being hit!

  7. 7
    francis.lavaud says:

    bonjour c’est le seul artiste qui à su se renouveler…..dommage qu’il n’y ai plus de concerts en europe!

  8. 8
    Uwe Hornung says:

    That was French, n‘est-ce pas?

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Aluminium indeed! Cricket by crikey, that is a ‘gentleman’s’ game if ever there was one. Core blimey Uwe. Now for your penance you can watch both ‘the Patriot’ with the Mighty ‘Ozzy’ Mel Gibson & ‘Braveheart’. As you well know, some of us live in ‘Straya’ or Stralia or Oz. Better still better get back to the live cricket, Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy, Oi Oi Oi. PS, who would have ever thought there would be so many Ozzy O$bourne fans at the cricket. I am still baffled by that! Cheers mate!

  10. 10
    MacGregor says:

    It is quite ironic Uwe that Mel Gibson played the English professor in that 2019 movie, The Professor & the Madman. About the English language & the first edition of the Oxford dictionary. Gibson playing the part of James Murray the professor & Sean Penn the ‘madman’ Dr William Chester Minor. I enjoyed that movie. The only decent performance I have witnessed from Gibson in a movie. Well apart from watching as a youngster the original Mad Max of course. Although that is from my very distant memory & what would I think about that movie these days? Cheers.

  11. 11
    Uwe Hornung says:

    For the record: I actually like Baseball. Never understood the rules with American Football (and all the stops and starts) and Basketball ist just too darn fast and hectic for me.

  12. 12
    Elprupdeep says:

    Hello all.

    At 7 & 8. Francis and Uwe.

    Francis is saying that Ritchie is the only artist who “renew himself” (in other words created something different that what he used to do). And he continue by saying… It is a pity that there is no more concert in europe.
    Voila… Uwe hope my translation helps.
    Now I am trying to explain to Francis in french why there is no more concert in europe. Cheers.
    Francis… Ritchie et Candice vivent en Amérique. Long island. Ritchie a bientot 80 piges et les voyages ça n’a jamais été vraiment ça tasse de thé.
    J’ai fait la traduction en anglais de ton message 7. A plus.
    Long live DP family.

  13. 13
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Danke, I could kick myself to this day that I didn’t learn French better when I had the chance to.

    It’s been a while since Candice and Ritchie have been over here, pandemic and all. Sure, I’d go see them again.

    Am I mistaken or is the current Blackmore’s Night line-up the most stable and longest lasting band line-up in Ritchie’s music career EVER? That bassist, keyboarder and drummer have been with him for ages.

  14. 14
    timmi bottoms says:

    So cute! 😍

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