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Putting the band back together

Black Country Communion in 2012; © Christie Goodwin, photo courtesy of Noble PR

Blabbermouth has some quotes from Glenn Hughes’ appearance on the Trunk Nation radio show aired on SiriusXM on August 8. He spoke about the state of Black Country Communion, their new album and prospects for touring.

I was in the studio last week completing vocals. And Joe was there with me last Wednesday before I had to leave to go to somewhere up north. I finished the last vocal track last Friday afternoon at three o’clock. Now the album is in the hands of [producer] Kevin Shirley to — he’ll probably go back to Australia after Joe does the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow, and then the mixing process will start. I would imagine that the album will be out in the first quarter of next year.

It sounds like BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION. There’s not too many left turns, there’s nothing happening that’s weirdly different. We followed a vibe of the first four albums, so it it’s an extension, but it’s really a progression, if you can call it a progression. Everybody’s playing out of their skin. The vibe in the camp has never been so friendly and fun. It’s a really, really great vibe in the band. And we had a great time at Sunset Sound [studios] in Hollywood. And I can’t wait for you to hear it.

If you go back 10 years when I wanted to… well, we all wanted to play more shows. And Joe has been very busy from the get-go of his career. What I want you to know, and I want everybody to know, that, of course, we want to play with BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNITY, but Joe’s schedule is crazy busy, and we all get it. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. So my priority is playing my own music with my own band and doing what I need to do to have fun on my own.

Would I like to play some shows with Joe, Derek and Jason? Of course I would. I think everybody would like that. But what I can’t do is say we’re gonna do this, this, and that… I’ve done it before and it didn’t happen, so I won’t… I’m glad Joe has [said in a recent interview] he wants to do something like that, because I think we all wanna set some time out to do that, and we’re hoping that we can play in North America next year.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the transcription.

3 Comments to “Putting the band back together”:

  1. 1
    Fernando Azevedo says:

    I hope they put more emphasis on Derek’s keyboards on this new album.

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Indeed – that’s my main bone with BCC too, he sounds like some sessioneer, relegated to the background on all previous albums. I hate (nearly) inaudible keyboard players; hey, I grew up with Jon Lord!

  3. 3
    Fernando Azevedo says:

    Uwe Hornung

    thanks for the feedback

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