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Before going back to being Glenn again

Glenn Hughes seems to be in full promotion mode, and here’s another interview. This one touches upon his current tour, where he is playing Marks 3 & 4 Purple material.

MGM: It must be an exciting opportunity for you to re-visit some of the songs again for this tour, especially as you might not have played some of them in a while.

GH: I haven’t. I’ve been playing ‘Gettin’ tighter’ off of ‘Come Taste the Band’. But I love doing ‘Sail Away’ and stuff like that. And I put my spin on ‘Mistreated’. In general, people are loving the show and we’ve done a couple of runs this year already and it’s been a great success. I’m bringing it to the UK (my homeland), and I think all these shows are going to pretty much sell out.

MGM: You’ve played ‘Burn’ and ‘Mistreated’ over the years with some of your other projects including Black Country Communion, and some fans will remember you playing those songs at the Childline Rocks shows with Iain Paice one year, and the following year with Jon Lord. On this forthcoming tour, are you going to try and stay faithful to the versions on the original album or will you experiment?

GH: Well, over the last few years, I’ve been listening to ‘Made in Europe’ and ‘Cal Jam’ of course, and other recordings like ‘Live in Paris’ to take some of those arrangements from that. I don’t really do the album versions. I do the long live versions with Ian and Jon and Ritchie. So, it’s more inclined to be that route, more of a more musical endeavour. I’m not doing ‘A 200’, that’s the instrumental. We played ‘What’s going on here’ in Europe, but I’m not doing the whole album; I’m basically doing cuts from the album because they’re quite long. I’ve chosen the songs which I think will resonate with fans. I believe what I’ve done, is get the right material for this tour.

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3 Comments to “Before going back to being Glenn again”:

  1. 1
    Fernando Azevedo says:

    I would love to watch Glenn Hughes tour Stormbringer and Come Taste the Band playing Hold On, Love Don’t Mean Thing, The Gypsy, Comin’ Home, Dealer, Love Child… But unfortunately these songs rarely (and some, never) were played live

  2. 2
    Rock Voorne says:

    @ 1 In the past one would expect to see him do that But FEEL, his other funkgem he did not expose totally live and I think those tracks were not stayers.

    Probably BURN was and has always been a bigger favourite amongst fans.And CTTB was/is rater higher among rockfans as well, I think.

    I didnt like funk very much when in highschool. Wading my long way through DP history(It was 1977-1980)I was puzzled by people who didnt like my classic rock modus in an era it was something to despise, but some of them mentioned STORMBRINGER as a positive one.

    I shrugged my shoulders.

    The same peoplelooking at me as an ancient relic from the past mentioning my first ever show which was RAINBOW.
    At the local youthclub some guys who were a bit older dismaying me saying Blackmore lost it after losing the DIO line ups.Damn, I met people who said to be highly doped during these DIO fronted shows. WTF?! I did miss out and these morons were there but dont remember what happened?!

    The album STORMBRINGER and other funkier leanings by GLENN solo became an aquired taste
    I guess he decided along the way HEAVYROCK was something he could not escape.

    But I ve seen him perform the FUNK KITCHEN, or what was its name , in a sold out venue.
    That being said, I cannot recall tours in which he skipped DP songs.

    In the beginning, around 1994-1998 It was still fantastic to see him do these classics but yeah, something else would have been wonderful as well.

    Do not totally appreciate calling it a BURN anniversarytour while skipping A 200, Coronarias Redig,Lay Down Stay down,Whats Going on here and as far as I understood the great extra long 2018 version of You Fool No One.

    Not that it matters much at the moment because, as far as i know he doesnt show up this year overhere.

    I do understand he spreads his gigs all over the place. Overhere he came very often though I m not sure he did after 2018.
    Maybe DEAD DAISIES at a Belgian Open Air Festival? Dont remember(sic)

  3. 3
    Fernando Azevedo says:

    Rock Voorne

    thanks for the feedback !

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