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Porgy & Bess & Lucifer Sam

Ian Paice is featured on the new Arthur Brown album Monster’s Ball. He is among the guest musicians on the album and contributed drums to the opening track Lucifer Sam.

The album can be ordered via Arthur Brown’s Bandcamp page.

In other Paicey news, his performance with Purpendicular on December 5 will be streamed live. The show itself is sold out, but you can book your streaming privileges via the venue. It is pay-as-you-wish affair with €5 minimum. Streaming is strictly live and will not be available afterwards. The show starts at 20:30 CET on December 5. About 20-30 minutes before that, there should be a link ‘Zum Livestream’ (‘Now Live’ in English version) on the venue website that will open a live stream window. Viewing the stream is free, but you are encouraged to use the pay as you wish page to make a contribution.

Ex-Whitesnake man Neil Murray is once again listed as the bass player for the band. We are being told that Nick Fyffe will play bass on all November and December 2022 Paicey + Purpendicular dates.

Thanks to Reinhard Lackner on both occasions.

13 Comments to “Porgy & Bess & Lucifer Sam”:

  1. 1
    MacGregor says:

    A nice tribute for Nik Turner ex Hawkwind founder & aka ‘The Veteran Cosmic Rocker’ who passed from this cosmos into the next a few days ago. Buckets of Blood the track Turner guests on. I seem to recall the Floyd Barrett classic Lucifer Sam a while ago. Cheers.

  2. 2
    Adel faragalla says:

    I used to live in Toronto when I was married to my ex. And I wish that track was released back in my time there as it would have definitely saved my marriage.
    Peace ✌️

  3. 3
    Ivica says:

    This song is a rocker, Ian is there like a fish in the sea ,great job ,Arthur too, but this song is betteroved Syd Barret’s psychedelic style

  4. 4
    Ondok Patrik says:

    Deep Purple will be on tour next month, until Xmas. Where is the dates? I can’t find any. Are they playing private shows?

  5. 5
    Rock Voorne says:

    Syd Barret?
    Why does something remind me of the Who?

  6. 6
    Dr. Bob says:

    #4 I am not sure where you got that information. Gillan is touring Spain with an orchestra through the end of November and Paice is touring with Purpendicular until a week before Deep Purples cruise gigs in mid-February.

  7. 7
    stoffer says:

    a few USA tour dates in February have popped up before the cruise! looks to be along the east coast (New Jersey & PA) and sadly not a full blown US tour….but ya never know??

  8. 8
    Uwe Hornung says:

    “Why does something remind me of the Who?”

    Well, they didn’t ask Paicey to audition with them in the fall of 1978, after Keith Moon’s overdose, for nothing. But Pete Townshend wanted Kenny Jones, whom he knew better and longer way back from the 60ies; Little Ian was a serious contender though and John Entwistle would have actually preferred him. And he was perhaps right as his bass playing and Kenny Jones’ more foundational drumming never really gelled, ccertainly no musical sparks flew as they had done with Moonie.

    Paicey had to look for another job and eventually found one with Whitesnake in the year after – after having had an offer from a fledgling Gillan line-up (already with Tormé), but not accepting it.

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Pete Townshend wanting Kenny Jones may have also had something to do with his songwriting style at that period in his career. Jones is much more a ‘straight ahead’ drummer for want of a better description. Paice being more ‘flamboyant’ & ‘progressive’ particularly at that period in his career probably wouldn’t have work out. Although Townshend was using Simon Phillips as one of his drummers at that time also. I forget the name of the other drummer at this moment, Mark Brzezicki that is him. He was wonderful but much more ‘straight ahead ‘ also. I would have loved to hear how it went with Ian Paice though. Ian Paice on the drums with The Who. YEEESSSSSS!. Cheers.

  10. 10
    Gregster says:

    @8 Yo,

    Should Ian Paice have joined the Who, we may never have had the DP reunion. “Face Dances” & “It’s Hard” are actually quite good albums, though perhaps production & song-order could have been better, as the sound is too soft for the Who imo. ( The deluxe CD editions have live material attached, & as usual, that’s where the material shines brightly. Kenny was / is capable drummer, though too controlled imo in his playing, with no outrageous outbursts of emotion, as these live gems suggest ). RIP Moon-the-loon, dearly missed by many !

    All that said, the deluxe “Endless Wire” CD features a “Live at Lyon” bonus Disc which is quite a show. It’s not “Live at Leeds” ( deluxe edition with near-full-show ), but displays the band in solid form. Roger has an amazing voice, Pete I thought was always improving in all aspects of musicianship, especially guitar, & they put an excellent band together, though not having Keith & John in there is sad.

    Peace !

  11. 11
    Ivica says:

    According to guitarist Bernie Torme” Little Ian struggled after playing “The Secret of the Dance” because he only had one lung and was a little out of practice. He played great but had to lie on the floor for five minutes afterward. He didn’t wanted to join because of our fast tracks, he said he didn’t want to play that kind of stuff anymore.

  12. 12
    Uwe Hornung says:

    That “only one lung” is an overstatement by Bernie! Paicey has both lungs, but one is missing a little bit from a childhood operation.

    It’s true that Townshend’s songwriting developed more and more into a direction where Moon’s and Entwistle’s originality was seen as getting in the way – lamentably so – as early as The Who By Numbers actually. The unorthodox playing of the two was a major part of The Who’s charm.

    I don’t believe that Ian would have ever become a true partner/shareholder in The Who, but they would have paid him well and it would have boosted his career in the late 70ies and early 80ies. A Purple reunion with him would have still been in the cards, even if The Who had continued – Purple (where Ian was/is a shareholder) was the financially and creatively more interesting proposition to him.

  13. 13
    MacGregor says:

    I quite liked Face Dances as an album, Don’t Let Go The Coat & You Better You Bet are good songs & there are a few others. It’s Hard was a weaker album from my memory of 40 years ago. Mainly because Townshend was writing those superb ‘Chinese Eyes’ songs around that time, what a great record that is. Ian Paice if he joined would have fitted in for those few years that that version of The Who lasted. Then the DP reunion would have happened. Then again we wouldn’t have had him in The Snake & with Gary Moore briefly. Simon Phillips was a good choice for the later 80’s for The Who, then of course Zak Starkey was just right in many regards & still is. I have them on the dvd live concert from the 90’s performing Quadrophenia, excellent it is. Cheers.

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