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7 and 7 Is

The first single from the upcoming new Deep Purple album has landed today, October 6. It is the opening track of the album 7 and 7 Is, written by Arthur Lee in 1966 and originally performed by his band Love.

Thanks to AndreA for the heads up.

37 Comments to “7 and 7 Is”:

  1. 1
    AndreA says:

    Great sound, powerful Gillan. I love it.
    Because I’ve never heard this song before I feel to listen a dp’ single.

  2. 2
    Artemis says:

    A song full of energy…i like it

  3. 3
    Dave says:

    I just listened to this song. HOLY CRAP! I thought it was that good. Short but good. The guitar and the drums STAND OUT. The lyrics are very Gillanish. If I didnt know better I would’ve thought he wrote it. I think the family of Arthur Lee are going to get very rich off this song cuz it’s going to be a monster.

  4. 4
    Steve Feedback says:

    Quite nice, I should say. More vital than the last recordings. I’m supprised.

  5. 5
    Peter says:

    For this old Guys……… really POWERFUL !!!

  6. 6
    Attila says:

    Positively surprised (yes, including the singer)

  7. 7
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    This is quite unbelievable! Fun, and full of energy. I hope I am that way when I ‘m 75. Time spent in the studio not wasted. Thank you.

  8. 8
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    This must be the second shortest track DP have put on a record. Fault Line in 1969 was less than two minutes. This clocks 2:28.

  9. 9
    Grg says:

    Sincerely, I was extremely skeptical towards the idea of DP releasing a covers album, I even thought that they were done, but WOW! Excitement grows since I’ve listened to this new single for the 10th time already, I hope (and I’m sure) the best is yet to come on the full album. LOOKING FORWARD! Love

  10. 10
    DeeperPurps says:

    Not bad! Better that I expected. Will be an interesting project to listen to when the full album is released.

  11. 11
    Roland Switzerland says:

    I’m excited!

  12. 12
    Tony says:

    Operator, this is the call of the wild !!!!!

  13. 13
    Wiktor says:

    The drumming is awsome!!! And by the way…so is Gillans voice!!

  14. 14
    Mike Nagoda says:

    I take back all my skepticism

    This sounds great!!! So much energy!!! The fire is back in the band and Gillan’s voice- and yeah, he can’t scream anymore, but man, he brings it here- there’ so much grit and gusto to his voice- it’s rock and roll again!!! The band is back- I hope they can transfer this energy to the next originals project!!!

  15. 15
    Pieter van der Velde wzn says:

    I already like the original version by Love. This one by the Purps makes me want to heart the rest of the album. I’m not confused nor dazed, just curious

  16. 16
    stoffer says:

    “video not available” to me but, the trailer on YouTube is very cool! Can’t wait……………

  17. 17
    Artemis says:

    When the solos begin Paice Glover start drum bass improvisation like Space trucking in Japan

  18. 18
    Peter J says:

    Waoww great solo by Don and Paice is as good as ever… But GILLAN ! Can’t believe how powerful he sounds and how much energy he can put out. Isn’t he supposed to be 76? Incredible singer and that band sounds fantastic.

    Very excited about the album.

  19. 19
    kraatzy says:

    surprising good



  20. 20
    john says:

    Extremely good, but I’m not surprised, DP are unbeatable. I guess this record will be full of energy, as this first song is, very different -obviosly- than the last three, but I won’t compare, I think it’s pointless to do it.

    All they are great here, specially (IMO) Paice, incredible, and Airey. The final duel Morse-Airey reminds me of Bananas.

    23th album, amazing… (23th, by the way, not 22th)

  21. 21
    Nick Soveiko says:

    john @20:

    it is 22nd studio album. way, way more if you include live ones. by no math it is 23rd.

  22. 22
    Rock Voorne says:

    Not unpleasant at all! Though I think longer versions Is something they totally forgot about?

  23. 23
    Neill says:

    Powerful, rocking, and impressive in the energy and drive.

    All of the group are sounding strong, with Gillan’s voice sounding particularly strong, and Paicey driving the tune forward. Some very memorable musical interplay too.

    I am now looking forward to the new album, and hopefully DP can also produce a new double album of all new songs in 2022 with this renewed energy, drive, and commitment and with Bob Ezrin again at the helm.

    The world’s greatest rock band is back!

  24. 24
    Adel Faragalla says:

    It’s should get double the radio air time since it’s under 3 min.
    I have to listen to it on CD as I don’t trust streaming quality.
    It’s fun and It’s purple as Steve said 🙂
    Can’t wait for the whole album.
    Well done to the guys and maybe Ezrin will be the six member for sure

  25. 25
    stoffer says:

    @24…glad you’re on board!! It should be fun as it was intended😎

  26. 26
    Victor XL says:

    Neill @23, I like the idea of Purple doing a double album because for me I want that in my collection and they haven’t done that before.

  27. 27
    tim says:

    Not sure about this so many people have covered this track over the years and the original of course is still very much the best version, of the others Rush did a very good version as well https://youtu.be/EhVJEKb_xG8 maybe it’s one that will grow

  28. 28
    Black Sheep says:

    @24 Adel Faragalla, you’ve said some awful (and borderline libellous) things on other threads about this album after the first news leaks.

    At least have the good grace to show some humility when performing a complete about turn.

  29. 29
    john says:

    Nick Soveiko @ 21

    It’s 23th. Concerto for a group and orchestra IS a DP album, always has been.

  30. 30
    Ivica says:

    Big Ian is better than Robert Plant …


  31. 31
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Baa Baa Black Sheep: Everybody is allowed to be wrong some of the time and/or change their mind, even several times over!

  32. 32
    MacGregor says:

    Ivica @ 30 – no point in comparing a live band sound to a studio band sound. Also no point comparing a different band to a different band, although we often do that at times. Plant & SS keep the avant-garde approach to the song nicely. The DP studio version is much more straight ahead, if you know what I mean. Lets see how Gillan sounds in a live setting singing those songs, we know how difficult it can be for lead vocalists as they are always up against it when singing live all the time. And aging lead vocalist even more so. Respect. Cheers.

  33. 33
    MacGregor says:

    I have just listened to Alice Coopers version & Rush also. They both keep that rough sort of feel to the song, studio versions of course. The Bangles version is live & fine to my ears. The Ramones version is also studio & as we know them even more hyper & aggressive in a way. The studio DP version is good, smoother still, keyboard & guitar more to the front in solo’s, maybe too smooth. Is is that Ezrin man again? Comparing apples to oranges again are we? Cheers.

  34. 34
    Dietmar Paul says:

    Mit Robert Plant gibt es auch eine sehr gute Live Version aber dp spielen es schneller und geschwungener… wir dürfen uns aufs neue Album freuen – es spricht doch nix gegen Coverversionen zumal sie ja wirklich überwiegend verstaubtes Zeug ausgegraben haben, dass so wieder zum Vorschein kommt und obgleich sie verdammt viele richtig gute eigene Songs haben ist auch nicht jede Eigenkomposition ein Geniestreich – so können sie spielen was ihnen Spass macht und kommen im positiven Sinne auch ein wenig vom Hardrock weg…

  35. 35
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Himmel, Krauts are hijacking the site!!!

    Aber Du hast recht, Dietmar, nicht jede DP Eigenkomposition ist ein Geniestreich.

    (For our German-challenged readers: You’re right, Dietmar, not every DP own composition is a stroke of genius.)

    Dietmar wrote that it is nice to see DP stretch their wings a little, attempting other people’s material. Writing their own stuff is really their comfort zone/default setting.

  36. 36
    mike whiteley says:

    ‘Tho’ I am decidedly unenthused about the track listing of this covers album, 7&7 Is…..very good !! It would have fit better on inFinite than Roadhouse Blues ( which I skip every time).

  37. 37
    Ketwiezel says:

    Why isn’t this song just called 14?!

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