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David Coverdale with Whitesnake in Shizuoka, October 10, 2016; photo © Kei Ono cc-by-nc-sa

David Coverdale spoke to eonmusic about various remixes, remasters and other embellishments of his back catalogue, prospects of Coveradle/Page reissue, and many other things.

You wanted Rory [Gallagher] for Deep Purple, didn’t you, when Ritchie Blackmore left?
I loved him so much that when Ritchie said he was leaving [in 1975], the first guitar player I had on the list was Jeff Beck – who I’m still enamoured with entirely – there was Rory, god rest his soul, and then Tommy Bolin. So, yeah, Rory, I thought would have been something, I did. But Rory did really, really well. When he was making ‘Calling Card’ [1976] in Munich, I spent a lot of time there because that was like my second home. I’d often go down there, and there was just books all over, on Catholicism! [laughing!]

Have you had any albums during your career that for you, have fallen short?
The only frustrating albums I had was ‘Lovehunter’ [1979], because the manager refused to put Ian Paice, once Paicey had joined, I just felt Paicey – and no disrespect to the original drummer [Dave Dowle] – but Paicey is fucking Ian Paice! Him and Neil Murray, dear god, they nailed it, as you can hear on ‘Ready an’ Willing’ [1980], and ‘Come an’ Get It’ [1981], and that is sad to me, because I thought ‘Lovehunter’ had great songs that would have benefitted greatly by having Ian Paice on. The other one was ‘Restless Heart’, because it wasn’t supposed to be a Whitesnake album. So, I don’t really have any regrets.

Read more in eonmusic. There’s supposed to be part 2 of the interview published on November 2.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

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