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Family men talking network latencies

Here’s another of Roger Glover’s interviews with classic rock radio stations, and this time it’s actually quite interesting. Roger gives status update on his memoir, talks about jamming in the pandemic, his domestic habits, shoving something up somebody’s arse, icing on the cake, and of course, the new album.

Thanks to Steve King for the interview and to Nigel Young for bringing it to your attention.

2 Comments to “Family men talking network latencies”:

  1. 1
    KC1961 says:

    “founding member, Roger Glover” hmmmmm.

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    I know, but to 90% of the rock hearing world that is not busy with DP trainspotting like we are, Mk II is the “original Deep Purple”. Most people with a fleeting knowledge of DP assume In Rock to be their debut. And in many ways it actually was – new image, new sound, no more covers, no more frilly shirts, stripped down production, falsetto vocals take over (Rod Evans was a baritone), Ritchie begins switching to the Strat … etc. Most People don’t even realize that Hush – quite audibly so – was not sung by Ian Gillan.

    It goes on, even people acquainted with DP’s 70-73 golden era very often have no idea that Burn is not sung by Ian either – that Coverdale’s and Hughes’ voices alternate in most Mk III songs is often not even recognized by ardent DP fans, they only noticed when they saw Glenn suddenly stand at the mike during live shows. Most Yanks never make the connection between glam Whitesnake and DP either.

    And the fact that Tommy Bolin played with Purple is nowadays mostly forgotten as well and only remembered by truest DP fans. That’s an old test question: “What connects the Eagles to DP (other than that Jon Lord was a fan und that they both played at the California Jam)?” Answer: “Joe Walsh!” ; – )

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