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David and his bluebirds

David Coverdale recently spoke to US radio station Z93. Amidst other things, the conversation was steered to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction, and he presented his version of the events:

It was a complete and utter honor. But I was only concerned about Glenn Hughes; the rest of ’em I haven’t got time for. They prevented Ritchie Blackmore from coming in to be honored as a Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer.

So, ex-colleagues, I’m happy they’ll remain ex-colleagues. hey just don’t figure in my life in any way, shape or form. [They have] an entirely different philosophy, ideology and you name it — it couldn’t be more different.

Listen to the chat below.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

23 Comments to “David and his bluebirds”:

  1. 1
    Peter says:

    So Gillan, Glover & Paice prevented Blackmore from attending the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame induction… eeh, don’t think so.

  2. 2
    Arthur Smith says:

    He’s right, DP needed to be more accommodating re Ritchie at HoF, he and Jon is why they were all there.

  3. 3
    uwe hornung says:

    I guess it’s a grey area. Big Ian didn’t bend over backwards to have Blackmore participate and perhaps Blackmore would have liked exactly that commitment or at least in a personal call maybe? – a sincere “I’m happy to see you again and stand on that stage with you, we did good stuff together”. The Purple invite was labored, the work of a committee and riddled with “buts”.

    I’m 100% sure that neither Steve, nor Don, nor Roger or Little Ian would have had an issue if Ritchie had performed two or three songs with them – and Ritchie would have been gentlemanly enough to not ask for Steve’s absence (they are so different as guitarists, there is room for both of them). Other bands – think of the Eagles – have mixed old and new line ups at the RRHF before. But that didn’t happen – for whatever reason, perhaps only Big Ian’s do (he has become a hard man with a long memory) or for (added) management influence.

    And if I had been Ian Gillan, I would have asked both David and Glenn to perform together on an Mk III song and happily banged away at my congas while they performed it or sung Hush with them together (as a neither Mk II nor Mk III song). I don’t think that would have diminished Ian’s standing as THE Deep Purple singer, I believe it would have elevated it, think of Steve Perry of Journey lauding his successor Arnel Pineda in his speech at the RRHF. That David and Glenn were relegated to performing with Cheap Trick at the end was naff and hardly a fitting testament to Purple’s legacy through all line-ups. It could have been a healing event for the fans if for no one else.

    For a band of their stature, they basically ruined it. I’d shoot myself if I was their PR manager.

    Glenn’s suit was great. There I said it.

  4. 4
    stoffer says:

    WHATEVER!!! I doubt too many fans really care what DC thinks about the living breathing Deep Purple…OLD NEWS

  5. 5
    Scott says:

    Gillan said when they were being interviewed back stage that he asked Ritchie to come and that no one prevented him from coming. David’s just being a shit disturber. If it wasn’t for the incredible hard work of MK2 there would never have been an MK3. Burn was a good album but it doesn’t hold a candle to IN ROCK, FIREBALL, MACHINE HEAD, MADE IN JAPAN, WDWTWA or any other Blackmore Gillan Glover Lord and Paice album.

    F U Coverdale

  6. 6
    maybeleo says:

    Coverdale loves that “any way, shape or form” – just listen to ’74-76 live recordings 🙂 But seriously – why bring that RHOF thing up again? And… was thinking of him a bit better in this regards – he was much more deliberated back then, comparing to Glenn.

  7. 7
    Mike Whiteley says:

    I don’t understand why David is slinging mud at his true ex-colleague,Ian Paice.The rest of the current Purps,David had nothing to do with. That RRHOF thing is over and done.Let it go.

  8. 8
    Hollywood Joe says:

    Listen up, I love Ritchie, without him there never would have been a Deep Purple ! but he walked out on Deep Purple not once, but TWICE ! AND, he was quoted over the last few years when asked about the R&RHOF they he would never show up ! And yes, Gillan said that night that he DID ask Ritchie to play ! So Ritchie is no victim, and as far as Coverdale & Hughes go, they should quit bad mouthing the guys in Purple, Deep Purple made them ! they were two nobodies when asked to replace Gillan & Glover. I would have loved to have seen Ritchie show up that night, no question, he deserved to be there, but Don & Steve deserved to play with the current band not two guys who left 43 years ago !

  9. 9
    Wiktor says:

    Scott.Your so right!!! Viva MK 2!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Antonio says:

    Paice’s fault.

  11. 11
    Adel Faragalla says:

    He can always invite Ritchie when WS gets inducted in RARHOF.
    DC is a S**t stirrer for sure. Ritchie was never going to come nor play with IG on stage. The fact that they having a go at IG is just unfair. Mind you I am sure IG is listing and laughing at all this fuss.
    One thing I would say to DC. Mk2 is what made DP immortal but we still love him and GH for MK3 material. Peace and love to you Mr Coverdale

  12. 12
    Charlie says:

    I don´t think Gillan is an angel in this case. He didn’t pay the Gillanmembers more than pocket money 78-82, the reason why Bernie Tormé (rip) suddenly quit 1981. John McCoy was frustrated as well, he even wrote a song about it, “Because you lied”. I’m a Gillanfan, but he could be an asshole too, not only Ritchie.
    David did pay his Whitesnakemembers, at least more than pocket money. Bernie Marsden for example, made a good living for the share he got from “Here I go again”.
    Davids contribution to Burn is outstanding, Gillan is great but his voice wouldn’t suit Mistreated, and David could never sing Child in time.

  13. 13
    juan s says:

    All current members and all ex-living members must have been present. Everyone should have been given an opportunity to attend and play a song. Someone manipulated the situation.

  14. 14
    JKape says:

    Unfortunataly, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes would outshine Gillan vocally. He couldn´t take it. Pathetic for sure.

  15. 15
    uwe hornung says:

    OH my, the Gillan Mafia! ; – ) Yes, (Big) Ian is a saint, Blackmore is Lord Vader and DC should keep his mouth shut, that talentless twat/”unknown boutique salesman from Redcar”.

    I’m happy for you to have your views all set. Wish life would be as simple too.

  16. 16
    Wiktor says:

    I rather listen to “Who do we think we are” anytime…any day..than Burn or Stormbringer…

  17. 17
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    DC is sucking up to RB.

  18. 18
    MacGregor says:

    In regards to the R&RHOF induction ceremony, who really knows what transpired???
    Ego, pride, bitterness, resentment etc, etc. These human traits always come to the surface at various times. Even if Blackmore had agreed to perform if that scenario was EVER going to occur, on the day would he have turned up at all??? It is a shame, but it is 3 years in the past & ole Coverdale is grinding an axe it seems. The progressive rock band Yes put personalities differences behind them to perform the ‘classic’ lineup at their induction in 2017. Mind you, that doesn’t wrangle as ‘DEEP’ as the Purple one it seems. I didn’t have a problem with Coverdale & Hughes not performing at all, why should they? How would that have worked out? Weren’t we told Hughes wasn’t invited up to sing & or play bass at the encore ‘jam’ at Jon Lord’s tribute gig a few years ago. Does it matter at all these days? Cheers.
    One thing we do know that was a travesty & deliberate for some reason from whoever, was Nick Simper’s exclusion in the induction. We don’t know why, did any past or current members bring that up with the ‘Hall’ hierarchy?? That was unbelievable & would not have happened if Jon Lord was still around me thinks! Cheers.

  19. 19
    Tommy H. says:

    I don’t think that the RRHOF induction was easy to handle. What was going between the band and Ritchie – we will never know for sure, despite the official statements. Also, I don’t think that Ian is best friends with David and Glenn. Ian’s refusal of the Mark III line-up is well-known. Nobody seems to know why this is. After all, he quit in June 1973, he wasn’t replaced and kicked out in the process like Rod in 1969.

  20. 20
    TheoM says:

    After all these years I don’t understand what’s the use to bring this up again.
    One thing is sure DP has the worst management ever, always had.
    Even in the 70s they were force to record / tour / record, which led to Gillan leaving.
    For such a great band it is unbelievable that there are so few videos made.
    How many bad mistakes have been made, including the RRHOF.

    I know if someone like Peter Grant had been their manager they would have been much bigger, including their legacy.

  21. 21
    Buttockss says:

    @16 Burn is one of Deep Purples strongest albums. “Who do we think we are” is one of their weakest.

  22. 22
    NWO says:

    @21 – Burn?? That’s a matter of taste. Not everyone enjoys the sound of Mk III or IV. Not to mention Mk VI…

    @14 – When was the last time you saw DC live? His pipes have been going for a few years now…As for Glenn – I would like to see an arena or stadium show before I would say anything about his singing or if I could ever see DP at a 1000 seater or smaller Concert Hall (That would be beyond awesome!!). Then I could compare the vocalists..

    And for the rest of this post – Who shives a git!! The ramblings of an old man.. GET OFF MY LAWN!!

  23. 23
    RB says:

    Hang on a minute David. The band didn’t prevent Ritchie from coming, Gillan had been in touch with him and was hoping he’d show. Ian even rang David about the situation concerning Steve and Don not being inducted and who was going to be playing on the night. He said they’d play some tracks and then at the end it’d be great if Ritchie, Glenn and David got up with them to play smoke. If there was any negativity towards Ritchie it came from Purple’s management, who also used to manage Ritchie, so there’s probably some history there. I reckon Ritchie might have been stirring things somewhat and David has bought it, got hold of the wrong end of the stick. I’ve always found the Purple chaps to be very easygoing.

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