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Lucky thirteen

Nashville studio, March 2016; image courtesy of RG

Roger Glover has posted the first studio report from the new album sessions:


We started the next album in Nashville on the 28th January. Thirteen days of pre-production and thirteen days recording in the studio. Lucky thirteen because we have thirteen tracks, all but finished except for vocals.

Coincidence or what? How many will end up on he album is hard to tell yet… maybe all of them, maybe not. I won’t even begin to describe the music––an impossible job in any case. Suffice to say I’ve been listening to the rough mixes and there’s a smile on my face.

Bob Ezrin and the team did their usual superb job. The next stage will be IG and I spending a week together, honing up on the lyrics before recording vocals in Toronto in April.

It was a real pleasure to meet up and jam with our Nashville friends. It’s a great city to be in, all kinds of nightlife, live music everywhere. It almost feels like being back in the 60s. Don and I went to see Diana Ross with the Nashville Philharmonic one night, the place was jumping, great band, she was exactly what is expected, voice, teeth and costume changes, etc. Jay and Dave of Rival Sons came to visit us in the studio when their tour hit town. We saw them do a fantastic gig that night, what a great band.

RG – March 2016

68 Comments to “Lucky thirteen”:

  1. 1
    Rikk Desgres says:

    Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. 2
    Angelo Pinna says:

    i hope in great sound like now what

  3. 3
    Mike says:

    Straight from RG: 13 tracks all but finished,vocals soon to follow.Now THAT is hopefully the news that will put the RRHOF/JLT/Rainbow refit into some perspective.

  4. 4
    Kjell Andersson says:

    Great ☺

  5. 5
    josh says:

    Fantastic news – thanks, Roger 🙂

  6. 6
    Stephen James Smith says:

    Deep Purple just getter better and better…

  7. 7
    Markus Lemberger says:

    Schaun wir mal, ob endlich wieder ein passendes Riff dabei ist…

  8. 8
    Rob Prior says:

    Ah, now Roger’s teasing us!

    How exciting… Purple’s 20th studio album!

    Is there a release date scheduled?

  9. 9
    Nick Brown says:

    Thank you for the update Roger!

  10. 10
    Nick Kyrgios says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait!

  11. 11
    Corey Douglas says:

    Can’t see how it’ll top Now What, but I look forward to it trying to

  12. 12
    dpdave says:

    Great news. Can’t wait for the new album.
    If it’s half as good as the last it will be

  13. 13
    Greg Furlong says:


  14. 14
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    I can imagine the (dare I say it?) ‘love’ that Tracey is feeling right about now for Roger & the anticipation & excitement we are all feeling for the release of the upcoming new album…..?!. Of course it’ll be quite a change of direction for the boys, as an album of electronica style rap covers of The Wurzels greatest hits might not be to everyone’s taste!. Hmmmm…. These prescription meds aren’t half bad. Sorry, it’s just that it’s so hard to take most of this stuff seriously. These musicians are seasoned professionals, they know what the fans want & what sells… I’m old and I’m patient & I know that The Purps won’t let us down. Now, Nashville you say?…, where did I put that old Dolly Parton single… “…in my Tennessee mountain home”…

  15. 15
    Brian says:

    I am glad the band is still making new music but I hope the music is different than the last several albums. The albums have become very interchangeable and monotone, IMHO. Here’s hoping that they offer us something fresh this time.

  16. 16
    Scoot says:

    I’m hopeful that this release will pick up where ?! left off…That one was great…this one needs to be flipping awesome…

  17. 17
    Eric Eisenstein says:

    I know it’s wrong and it’s a seperate issue, but HOF bullshit has taken the excitement away from this. The HoF without the bullshit would have made this new record more exciting for old and new fans alike

  18. 18
    Greg Furlong says:


  19. 19
    Adel says:

    I can’t understand this new way of writing songs from the current DP line up. Ian Gillan always makes the lyrics of songs with the guys as they jam. The only thing that could prevented that is Maybe and I am just gusseing that Gillan voice is not in shape or hot enough to record full songs. Which doesn’t make sense since thay had a long European tour at the end of last year and Gillan should have been on fire with his voice. My only concern if Gillan voice is added to recorded songs that will be a first and the final result would not sound like anything we heard before as they normally liked fresh live sound. Ian paice never liked over produced sound so maybe they trust the produce full heartily and blindly. Hip boots and lets loose they have nothing to lose!!!!

  20. 20
    Nick says:

    Let’s hope the album name is a tad more apt than Now What or Bananas.

  21. 21
    Kidd Purple says:


  22. 22
    Bennie says:

    Great news. As much songs as possible on the album, please 😉
    Can’t wait to hear it.

  23. 23
    LRT says:

    I just come here for the comments. Anyone else with one?

  24. 24
    Heepfan says:

    Do I get excited about that ? Yes, because this is a band I really like. But I would be 1000 happier if Ritchie announced a new album with Rainbow.

  25. 25
    Anothermartin says:

    Smile on my face too…. And it will be long until I get to hear the tracks.

  26. 26
    Rob says:

    Always the best place to put the drummer. Next door.

  27. 27
    John says:


  28. 28
    henrik says:

    What are rhe sales nunbers of this current line-up of DP?

  29. 29
    Nik says:

    Nice to hear that! Hope to catch some new stuff live already this summer. (Album won’t be released so quick I suppose..

  30. 30
    Moe says:

    Great news, and nice to see Paice’s kit without the larger hanging toms on his left since he admits to never using them and their purpose is just to round out the looks of the kit.

  31. 31
    Scott says:

    MAN You have to love Roger. Loves to keep the fans in the loop. Great to hear the new album is almost complete. If it’s anything like NOW WHAT than it was well worth the wait.

  32. 32
    Kim Peters says:

    Excellent news. Stay well everyone.

  33. 33
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    13 just happens to be my LUCKY NUMBER. Even married my soul mate on Friday the 13th. Most significant things in my life revolved around the number 13 somehow. Looks like that hasn’t changed. A new Purple Album coming out soon is great news for sure. Still enjoying the last one.

    Thanks Roger for the update and the “Great Vibes you are sending”. Can’t wait for the release and tour.


  34. 34
    Tommy H. says:

    That’s very interesting news. I’m looking forward to the album and wish the guys all the inspiration they need.

    Meanwhile, for those of you, who didn’t hear about it: They only Hammond/keyboard hero next to Jon Lord who I was looking up to died on thursday morning – Keith Emerson (age 71 – same as Jon). I’m still shocked by this huge loss, it’s just terrible. My sincere condolences go out this family and friends who are going through a very tough time right now. He truly was a GIANT and GENIUS in many ways.

  35. 35
    IKEN says:

    Well,this is great news!! Bu no one seems to bother???? Maybe taking the piss out of Joolene and Glenn is more important??

  36. 36
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @19 Adel, don’t worry about it, this way of recording is perfectly normal. The lyrics & vocals have already been worked out & are generally the last piece of the jigsaw to be added.
    A vocalist may decide to make little changes to his lyrics, or in the way he sings them, in the time between the band jams & the actual recording of the vocals. So suitable studio times have to be arranged & booked, meanwhile the continuance of daily life carries on for the singer until then. Rome wasn’t built in a single day you know!.

  37. 37
    Mike Whiteley says:

    THS is a great source for Purple news,but I also enjoy a lot of the comments the news items generate.Sure,we can sometimes get a tad silly with which Mark or banjo player is best,how good or bad an album is,etc.By and large,though,most comments/opinions found here seem informed and respectful.
    Given how many of us stop by here on a regular basis,there must be something that draws us back time and time again.

  38. 38
    MacGregor says:

    Tommy H @ 34- Yes indeed re; Keith Emerson. What a musician he was, the most incredible keyboard player! The most into it player I have seen & heard & that is saying something when we think of Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman & others. RIP.

  39. 39
    Adel says:

    It’s a publicity act and I urge people not to get very excited about a DP album released soon. Maybe by next year. I can’t see the point of doing a new album if it’s going to sound anything like Now What!? The songs are very weak and the only good thing about it is how the producer made something out of poor material. Uncommon man is the only shinning song and Steve Morse is behind it. Get real everyone Perpenduclar is the Machine Head of the Steve Morse era and the rest are fillers. Put ur hip boots on and get real.

  40. 40
    yance says:

    Great to hear , still difficult to believe the amount of work the guys get through, when many of a similar age are no longer with us, let alone touring and creating new music. Feel very privileged to have been along for the ride so many years. keep rockin guys!!!

  41. 41
    Adel says:

    Blackwood Richmore @36
    Thanks for the insight of how an album is recorded. I refer to the way the band has always recorded songs according to interviews with the band members. There is no denying that this is a new way of completing songs. Roger has clearly said that the songs are finished and recoded without vocals. Now if the vocals are added later this will bring us back to the days of the Battle rages on album when the songs was recoded for a different artist and Gillan voice was added on. Either way it’s how good the songs are that is more important than how it’s recorded. Please listen to Now What !? With an open wide ears and break down the songs to see that they are very weak but the producer made an amazing job to polish them very well. Having said that the band as a live band is still at the top of their game. Cheers

  42. 42
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    @39 Adel,

    You, like every other poster on this site, are entitled to opinions. There is no right, wrong, or indifferent.

    And now it’s time I listen to a veritable masterpiece, Now What?!.

    Now Then?!


  43. 43
    NWO says:

    @Adel – Wow! You must be a REAL Insider! Tell me how those jam sessions in Nashville were? How was the mood of the band. Did you get a sampler mp3? Since you are so close and know the music before they release ANYTHING!
    Thanks for the review of Now What?! I will file it under G.
    I also enjoyed your comment about the “New way of recording vocals” LMAO! Tells me you do not know much about studios, recording and mixes. Just to be clear a band will go out of their way to tell you they recorded an album “Live” in the studio. Even then vocals are added and mixes redone. Also to comment on how they write! Wow you’re also a lyricist with Pulitzer qualities. See you at the Grammys! LOL……….

  44. 44
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 38, MacGregor:

    Yeah, I’m still shocked about it (like many, many others, I suppose). It’s really terrible. I heard that he was suffering from a heart disease, got very depressive over his injured right hand, amplified by alcohol intake, and shot himself. No musician should feel that he can’t please an audience anymore. I think that Keith needed stronger support from his fans. He was to the very end a true keyboard hero. What he did is absolutely unique.

    @ 39, Adele:

    How would you feel if people came up to you publicly and told you that your efforts of the past 20 years are (almost) complete shit? I bet, at least it will make you sad, angry or both. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion of course. A few opinions however are expandable on a fan website.

  45. 45
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 41:

    … “expendable”, not “expandable” … sorry for the typo.

  46. 46
    Adel says:

    Tommy H @44
    I have never used the word shit to describe DP albums of the last 20 years I have all the albums and I do listen to them.
    Now What!? Sold a lot of copies in comparison to the last few albums and that’s is due to the amount of build up to the release of the album and the releasing it after a massive successful tour.
    But the success and the appointment of a world class producer doesn’t hide the fact that the material of the songs are weak but not shit. Every song has a class act guitar or organ or drum or vocal part that I do enjoy but collectively they are not anywhere near as good as Perpendicular.


    I agree I know nothing about professional recording of songs but I am referring to comments by current DP members especially Ian Paice about how they record their songs live and fresh without the excessive over production so please read what Roger posted and you will know it’s not the norm.

    As for my comments about not to get excited about having a new album soon that was from previous time scale from when the band announces a new album till the album really hits the shops.a and history will support my comments.
    But as I said I don’t care how they record or produce the album I care more about strong songs. Hip boots they have a lot to prove…cheers

  47. 47
    Adel says:

    Ted the mechanic@42
    I always respect other opinion and it’s nice that we share freedom of speech without hurting feelings

    Now what !? Is diverse I agree but the when you refer to it as a masterpiece then I would say they are all master musicians but lack inspiration. Every song has great part of brilliance but collectively the core material of the songs is very weak. The producer has done an amazing job to get the best out of ordinary material.
    Now I am playing Perpendicular and raising a glass or two to good health. Cheers Ted

  48. 48
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 41 Adel. You can never please your critics. I have no problems with any of the Steve Morse Purple albums, so I’ve got a little poem for you, it reads thus: Roses are red like blood, violets are blue like bruises, I ain’t got no brain damage, so lets all have a banana!. Hope you liked it. You gotta accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, an’ latch on to the affirmative, don’t mess with Mr In-between. Keep Burning- Adel(e).

  49. 49
    Adel says:

    Blackwood Richmaore @48
    Your black hood is only made of wood and I f you think your are rich there is more to be said so be subjective and relate to reality as facts will never lies. You burn in your house of pain and your are haunted living with a stormbringer.
    Cheers for the poem.
    There are no such thing as negative when it comes to music as it’s a matter of taste. Please try chocolate with steak and come and taste the band.

  50. 50
    Rob says:

    Clearly quite amused that some comments question the quality of ?! Songs, suggesting that Ezrin (Gawd blessim) saved them. Melodic, interesting chord sequences, unusual structures, unpredictable… I love the songs! Once, I loved a simple song. I still do. Weird? I stan by my opinions. Uncommon? Man, get real… Sometimes getting positive opinions on the purple people is like getting blood from a …

  51. 51
    Tommy says:

    I would have to agree that Purpendicular is one of the best DP studio albums of all time. It is fun to listen to and remains one of my favorites to this day. Now What is very good, but for me it does not have the staying power of Purpendicular. I rarely listen to Now What these days, but keep going back to studio classics like Purpendicular, Perfect Strangers, and Fireball.

  52. 52
    errolarias says:

    I agree with Brian (#15): “The albums have become very interchangeable and monotone, IMHO. Here’s hoping that they offer us something fresh this time.”

    I see difficult they find a change of direction now.. Gillan cannot sing something different, besides, he is so stuborn to accept a change, Morse won’t change his style, and the rest of the band just seems to follow the flow…

    I don’t think I’ll buy this album… Maybe, I will listen some copy I find on the web and if i really like it , maybe , just maybe, I will buy it…

    I’m beggining to feel tired of this “new sound” of the band in the Morse era… Of course you listen to the new album and there is a “happy sensation” because of the name of “Deep Purple” and all what it implies.. but after 4 or 5 plays you begin to feel tired of the sound .. there is something boring on it, a few tracks can be the exception.. But there is a lack of emotion in the new sound of Deep Purple…

    Of course , all IMHO

  53. 53
    Steve nixon says:

    Don’t often post here but thought I’d add my two penny’s worth.
    Would t it be great if this potential last album is a cracker?
    So… Cut down from 13 songs to 8-9 unless they are all belters. No filler thanks. Then go back to the studio and jam some out with some really exciting instrumental passages. No generic ballads please. Lastly a decent album cover and name.
    Finish thIs the same way this all started… Deep Purple IN ROCK

  54. 54
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 49 Adel; I generally take a bow to anyone that can create something worthwhile, even if it’s not necessarily to my taste. One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Are you able, to your way of thinking, define what elements make a strong tune or song?, or define what makes a weak one?. Usually I look for what makes a song good rather than look for what makes it weak. By the way, chocolate & steak are excellent, but I prefer them separately, not together!. You’re a good sport Adel, be happy!.

  55. 55
    MacGregor says:

    The real ‘test’ for Bob Ezrin, will be whether this new album sounds different or similar to the last one! That is the big one for a producer & he should be up for that no doubt! Time will tell. Cheers.

  56. 56
    Adel says:

    Blackwood Richmore @54
    The answer to your question is very simple
    Let Bob Ezrin reproduce Bannans ( the album) and you will hear the difference. Bananas is a great album full of great material and rich and diverse but it sounds awful and I blame the rushed production or the producer I think.
    Let Bob Ezrin reproduce Rapture of the deep the album and only Rapture of the deep tittle track will only shine out as the rest are very ordinary songs.
    Every DP song has all or some elements which are brilliant because the are great musicians when they play but sadly when the songs are weak you can only enjoy the name of DP more than what is actually playing.
    Baileys and lager are great separate but if u mix them you get rubbish.
    Now What?! Has great elements and Don and Steve are shining in every song but you listen to Hell to pay or Vincent Price played live and let the audience be the judge.

  57. 57
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    The new album will sound much the same as all the other Morse era albums. If you don’t like those, then you won’t like the new one. Don Airey is, I think, a little more progressive than Jon was in the Purps & so advances the musical landscape a little bit further. Sales of the last album Now What?! indicate the strength of that, it’s a superior album in comparison with both Bananas & Rapture Of The Deep. Dreams & wishes about the way you would hope it will be are be all well & good, but in the end, reality bites. Smiles to ya’all!.

  58. 58
    Adel says:

    errolarias @54
    Steve Nicson @53
    Tommy @51
    I couldn’t agree more with you guys that’s why Ritchie always got tired working with the same guys and he always was looking for new blood.
    Now What?! Was a very big commercial success in comparison to the last few ones but nostalgia has to be a great factor as the name DP is big enough and it’s still growing and bound to get bigger after the RARHOF induction. Still we can always live in hope that they will crack it this time.

  59. 59
    Adel says:

    Blackwood Richmore @57

    Ian Gillan summed up Now What?! in the first track lyrics of a Simple Song

    Once you sang
    A simple song
    Got confused
    Went on too long!!!!

    Now What ?! With the exception of uncommon man is just a massive combination of jamming ideas that is put together and produced very well but sadly everyone in the band was jamming in a different room. The songs has no harmony and the final result leaves you very confused!!!!

  60. 60
    al says:

    I don’t understand the mean spirited comments on ADEL comments about recording and such……he is just giving his opinion and insights about something that is not science fiction or some kind of “big secret”! Every one is entitled to their opinion as long as they have a reasonable explanation behind it,and not just plain:”I hate it and it sucks!!

    @ 56 Adel

    I feel the same about the Bananas and Rapture…..If Ezrin would have been involved in the the production/mixing and ideas,the final product would have been much more complete and better,the ideas are there and unfortunately,the albums are rushed and relied on someone that is not the perfect guy for Purple sound.Rapture ….especially,as much as I used to listen to that album(not anymore) could not stand that awful sound and mixing,especially when you tried to “blast” the record.Ezrin pushed and challenged this guys and got the best out of them with the last record Now What?!.Masterpiece?! I don’t know about that,but it is damn good record with some great enjoyable songs in it.I hope,Ezrin captured the same feel and sound in the last one,and pushed the band even more with the ideas.Cannot wait to hear it!!

  61. 61
    Jeff Summers says:

    Gillan does a masterful job finding interesting melodic structures and lyrical ideas to pieces of music that are already completed and formulated. As most songwriters will know, this is an unusual way to write a complete album, let alone 19 of them!! Isn’t it time they took a different writing approach? This would produce a completely different Deep Purple album ?

  62. 62
    Ratbat says:

    Shit I don’t know ?People calling purpendicular a classic??? Not for me!Now what ?was the real deal from the purps,driving,harder edged,the real deal.
    I don’t think there has really been a bad album from them but bananas was the closest to being crap (in my opinion)
    If the new album is half as good as now what farken booooooooh yeaaaaah!

  63. 63
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Check out Roger Glover and Don Airey Jamming with the band “Rock Residency” at the ‘The Harp and Fiddle” Irish Pub in Nashville while they were there during their work on the New Album….

    Don Airey sits in on 2 songs here: Suicide Solution and Mr.Crowley

    Roger Glover joins in for 2 more songs: Bloodsucker and Highway Star


  64. 64
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    You may want to give my above entry @63 it’s own main section. Pretty neat event that Roger and Don deserve credit for. Post it as a subject…..


  65. 65
    Mike Whiteley says:

    It seems the promise of a new album has caused some mixed recollections of Now What.
    To me,it stands up quite well.I always play it from start to finish.I still don’t like All The Time….and I’ll never understand why It’ll Be Me was included as a “bonus” track.I think First Sign Of Madness should’ve made the record in it’s place.I hope,if all 13 tracks make the final cut,they are all released on 1 disc. With Gillan & Glover headed toward 71,this is quite likely to be the final Deep Purple studio work.
    Please,no Special/Tour/Gold/Limited Edition record company cash grabs this time.

  66. 66
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    @ 64 Tracy, thanks for posting those youtube addresses, I thoroughly enjoyed those videos. However, I felt that the guitarists & the singer were a bit rough & not in Don & Roger’s league, but the drummer was O.K.!.
    @ 65 Mike Whiteley, when someone finds a successful formula, they generally stick with it until it no longer sells. So, I think we will just have to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of album (product) variations that are going to be marketed to us. Oh wow!, how to spend one’s money, eh?!. Hmmm, do we get fries with that?.

  67. 67
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    @ 66: Hard too criticize from a YOUTUBE vid with pour sound quality, plus the singers aren’t OZZY or GILLAN tribute singers. He has good voice overall and can cover many areas. As for the Guitarists? Again, jumping up and diving into songs off the cuff and probably not thoroughly well versed or rehearsed in, is quite a challenge and I think they pulled the tunes off pretty well. As for Roger and Don? Yeah, they did a pretty good job with those tunes… LOL. 😉


  68. 68
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Is it just me or does anybody else notice how quiet it is on the Purple Front regarding the upcoming album compared to the “Now What” chatter when it was in this stage of production…… I’m getting quite ramped up in anticipation of this one. The beauty of “Now What” surely opened up my pallet and desire for MORE!!! Still playing the hell out of it.


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