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That was then and this is now

On July 21 Blackmore’s Night has appeared on German TV miming to two tracks from the upcoming new album All Our Yesterdays:

Promo video for the title track was also posted on YouTube by the record company:

In related news, The Guardian has published an opinion piece by Tim Hall highlighting 10 Blackmore’s songs from th early part of his career:

Deep Purple – Speed King
Although it was their fifth album, In Rock was the record that established Deep Purple as one of the genre-defining hard rock bands. The early albums by what became known as the mark I version of the band, featuring Rod Evans on vocals, had been a mixture of late-60s psychedelia and pop with few hints of what the band would later become. All that changed with the arrival of Ian Gillan and Roger Glover to form Deep Purple mark II. The album’s opening number begins with an ear-splitting wall of shredding guitar, before Blackmore unleashes that raw and dirty riff while Gillan cut-and-pastes fragments of well-known rock’n’roll lyrics. For the instrumental break it changes tack, with a call-and-response between Blackmore’s very bluesy licks and Jon Lord’s organ. There are strong echoes of the rock’n’roll that Blackmore paid his dues playing at end-of-the-pier shows in the 60s, but this was rock’n’roll turned up to 11.

Continue reading in The Guardian.

Thanks to Nigel Young, BraveWords, and Hein Bierman for the info.

13 Comments to “That was then and this is now”:

  1. 1
    MacGregor says:

    A superb article indeed! Nice to see some decent recognition for classic rock with Purple & Rainbow! Blackmore really is second to none, it is that simple! A great list & there are many wonderful comments from fans of TMIB! Nice to see Weiss Heim also included! There are so many, there could be a top 30 easily! For 30 years or so, the late 60’s to the late 90’s, Blackmore has worked with some of the greatest musicians in rock, creating brilliant music to say the least! Critics who waffle on about him being too ‘all over the place’, in regards to forever changing line ups, don’t get it! The cream rises to the top doesn’t it? He has always had a keen idea as to what was the best, who was the best & so on! I have to agree also with Eyes Of The World, is is the only great song from DTE, there are a few other good songs, but that one certainly does have a classic Rainbow feel to it! All together now, repeating infinitely, ‘Long Live The King, Long Live The King etc, etc,etc! Cheers.

  2. 2
    yance says:

    Fair play to Ritchie, he really is a rare talent , but I just can’t listen to that stuff!

  3. 3
    Steve Spooner says:

    Oompa, oompa, stick it up your joompa. What a horrific pile of shite.

  4. 4
    stoffer says:

    I dont hate it..but really nothing NEW here!!

  5. 5
    byron says:

    The “No No No” take is awesome.Rirchie at its best.Why doesn’t he record a blues album??

  6. 6
    henrik says:

    I wouldn’t know what state of mind should inhabit my body in order to appreciate Candice Night’ s singing.
    It’s a strange mix of a young girly voice trying to be frivolous in a way she doesn’t quite understand.

    But Blackmore started to appreciate that kind of deliverance w/ his hiring of Joe Lynn Turner.

    Blackmore’s finest hour as a composer is

    Soldier of Fortune
    Gates of Babylon
    Ghost of a Rose

  7. 7
    Alan says:

    Gotta love Ritchie’s shades… like he’d be wearing a pair in Renaissance woodland… And then it gets even better – the fade in of Stonehenge…

  8. 8
    Niki says:

    Better music than the dross in the other post, but it still doesn’t hide the fact that every time I see her sing I cringe. Sorry, but she’s awful.

  9. 9
    Anthony says:

    Great to see this in the UK press but we could fit at least 30 top songs in here that all showcase Ritchie’s tremendous talent. Yep they did forget ( or opted to ignore ) Blackmore’s Night and Ritchie’s sublime medieval acoustic playing and composing. ‘Gypsy’s Kiss’ is a strange inclusion though great guitar solo…I would probably have put ‘Wasted Sunset’ in here for Ritchie’s thunderous sound and vibrato

  10. 10
    George Martin says:

    Doesn’t the beginning of this song sound like Home Again? Ritchie I think is starting to repeat himself a little. I have most of Blackmore’s Nights albums and quite frankly if you own 3 or 4 of them them you really don’t need the rest. I can see why he might want to rock again a little just for a change of pace. Will see what happens next year.

  11. 11
    al says:

    @ 3

    funny,well put.

    @5 Ritchie has not been that keen on Blues,don’t get me wrong he played some great blues in Purple album,but he said that he finds blues music very limited.I wish he could have played some and get away from this repetitive poppy bubblegum so called renaissance crap! I think all the interviews and saying he might go and play some rock live,is all Ritchie playing with the rock fans and teasing them!he is been playing Joe Lynn Turner the same way! typical Blackmore.

  12. 12
    Anthony says:

    I love it when Ritchie says he is over 300 years old…classic lol 🙂

  13. 13
    Purple Tickler says:

    Please make it stop, I promise to be good from now on !

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