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Blackmore’s Night on German TV

Blackmore’s Night have appeared today, July 16 in Bayerischer Fernsehen programme Abendschau.

Warning: these are high resolution videos, you can select lower resolution by viewing directly from BR.de here and here.

Interview with Ritchie and Candice (complete with a facepalm moment of showing footage of Tommy Bolin while introducing the “legendary songwriter and guitar player”):
[video src="http://cdn-storage.br.de/mir-live/MUJIuUOVBwQIb71S/uXOHb7Z1iwOD/_2rc_H1S/_-0S/_2865-4P/b51b1e73-5215-4df1-a424-a245cedf4945_C.mp4" /]

Miming to Dancer and the Moon in the studio:
[video src="http://cdn-storage.br.de/mir-live/MUJIuUOVBwQIb71S/uXOHb7Z1iwOD/_2rc_H1S/_-0S/_2865-FP/89855bef-3f3c-4ede-b75b-19584eb1a3f7_C.mp4" /]

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for the info.

23 Comments to “Blackmore’s Night on German TV”:

  1. 1
    Steve Clowes says:

    Talking about Blackers while showing Tommy Boilin.. Oh dear :-/

  2. 2
    nupsi59 says:

    Showing Mark IV with Tommy Bolin: The new young generation of TV-makers have no idea, what Deep Purple is all about. Learn your lessons! It’s a shame!
    (“Mr. Gillian & Mr. Grover”, “MTV”)

  3. 3
    Ricrae says:

    Avoided B’s Night for obvious reasons but checked this out.


  4. 4
    errol arias says:

    Tommy Bolin video to introduce Ritchie Blackmore ?? Jajaja And I thought such things only happened in my country ! Jajaja

  5. 5
    AndreA says:

    ridicolous to see him,her with this wear.
    very sad 🙁 he is a clown

  6. 6
    al says:

    your wife got you wrapped around her finger Ritchie,just a session player that’s all you are these days! It is so annoying listening to the same interviews over and over and non sense about ghost and fairies.

  7. 7
    Hornoxe says:

    Remember Ritchie talked about ghosts as early as the Fireball recording sessions in that ‘haunted’ house…

  8. 8
    john says:

    a1 I don’t know if you have seen Blackmores Night live but session player my arse,superb with strat even better acoustic, Ive followed Blackmore for nigh on 40 years and his acoustic solo on Fires at Midnight in recent gig where rest of band left the stage was the best I had seen whether this band,Rainbow or Purple. Deep Gillan is a parody or tribute band because without Ritchie or dear old Jon it aint Purple. Ritchie has moved on playing different music but still as brilliant as ever, Purple should have ceased to be the moment Jon Lord left the stage after his last gig at Ipswich

  9. 9
    al says:

    @ John
    But you get my point,no doubt he is a great player,but for Christ sake,his music sucks dude,he is been recycling others people music and his previous bands(Deep Purple and Rainbow ) and that’s it about it.As far as Deep Purple goes,we all have our reservation about the band,I’d rather have this incarnation of line up,play some rock,than this clown with his shades and his cheesy ,yes she is so cheessyyy and unbearable wife and her singing is the same tune They are still a class act and a great band,but we all have different opinions about it so let’s leave it at that (deep purple ).You know better than me,that is not music but commercial garbage,and the dude sold out to his Mommy in law and his wife career!Medieval, Renaissance my arse! Pop,Euro Vision crap ! I heard better pop music in the most commercial Eastern European music than his stupid so called albums! the guys is becoming a parody!

  10. 10
    Scoot says:

    Wow…Seems strange seeing Ritchie acting as front man and spokes person. He was always the one in the back….
    At least he was gentlemanly enough to not mention the Tommy footage during the intro. He seems contented, and easy going…seems in a good place.

  11. 11
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Really john????

    You are going to state here that BN music stands up to DP music? Especially with NOW WHAT? Just as Ritchie is doing something different, Purple are different. But, I sure do play a lot more MK7-8 music than I do any BN music. Hell, I’ve listened to Now What more times in the last couple of months since its release than I have listened to all of the BN albums combined over the last 10 years. “It’s Beeeeeaauuutifullllll”.


  12. 12
    john says:


    Its different style of music ,Ritchie has moved on and I for one prefer to listen to Blackmore. Deep Purple was/is about the brilliant interplay of Ritchie and Jon underpinned by little Ian. Now we have an exceptional guitarist in Morse and Don Airey who I cannot tolerate, they cannot replicate the brilliance of Ritchie and Jon , I voted with my feet a couple of tours back.


    Candice is a decent singer but she is very clichéd in way she communicates with audience I will give you that. The over 2 hour set I witnessed a couple of weeks ago was excellent , its obviously not your cup of tea, but he aint going to change and I suppose at 68 he probably doesn’t care if we like it or not,he does !!!! I do yearn for a Rainbow Rising type of album but Ive accepted it will never happen.

  13. 13
    Kidd Purple says:

    Deep Purple is Deep Purple!They should not hang it up . Hope there is more to come. Now What!? is awesome. BN is well BN.

  14. 14
    Kidd Purple says:

    Deep Purple LIVE AT THE OLYMPIA .Not Deep Purple.Are you kidding ?NOW WHAT!? Not Deep Purple?This album kicks! I have seen them seven times and they never disappoint! You can trust them to put on a show! BN one album and you pretty much have them all and I do.

  15. 15
    Anthony says:

    As we all seem to be slagging Ritchie off these days and the irony is that when he leaves us and goes elsewhere the very people who have been slagging him will be the first people who will no doubt praise the guy!!! sad but true!!!

  16. 16
    Anthony says:

    @10 Ritchie was always the frontman both in Deep Purple, Rainbow and now his current band. That’s why Gillan didn’t get on with him because Ritchie stole the limelight from him and was the instigator to so many great songs and albums…Of course Gillan is the frontman now in Purple because Ritchie isn’t there…I listened to a recent radio interview with Gillan and he really does hate Ritchie…He forgot to mention that Ritchie provided him with a ‘platform’ to showcase his vocal talents and he also forgot to mention how dreadful his singing had become during the reunion due to his heavy drinking..Its all very easy to blame Ritchie these days it seems.

  17. 17
    cyclone says:

    The natives are pissed because one guy made a decision to do what he wants. As much as I would like to see this guy hammer out the metal.. it’s his choice. You all can listen..not listen..or bitch….he ain’t coming back. As for the man’s wife..sings as good as any I’ve ever heard. As for the current DP….they came through with a nice album this time out..I am a proud fan. The more I listen to it…. the more I like it.

  18. 18
    al says:

    @ 16 no doubt that Gillan is too blame as much as Ritchie back in those days.I don’t like the band slagging at Ritchie anytime they can,he is what he is character wise,different from other band members and acting odd and being a jerk back in those days.I don’t think he(Gillan) hates Ritchie for the spotlights and such,even though that might subconsciously be one a reason as well.but I think it is much more complex than what you re claiming. they were both strong characters and We can stay here for years discussing who’s fault is,but we never going to agree and come with a definitive answer.Some people “moved on ” and accept this line-up.That doesn’t mean that I accept every song and album,but personally I like rock and good or bad I can live with that.Do I yearn for Blackmore-Lord,or some old Rainbow at least ? of course I do,but it will never happened again,Like I’m almost sure that Ritchie won’t play rock music anymore,at least with a band,and I cannot stand his last albums.I loved the first one and I though it was fresh and new for Ritchie,and maybe even the the second release and I thought he might go back to his rock or blues roots at some point ,like Jon did,but he kept doing the same old thing and playing the and recycling the same tunes. Sure the man is happy and whether we like or not,bitch or praise, he is peace with himself,and all we can do talk and debate about it. Cheers

  19. 19
    al says:

    in a interview Ritchie talks about Lady in Black,he heard that in a radio and didn’t know it was Uriah Heep’s song! Thank God somebody told him who sang it,so he wouldn’t take credit for that one lol ( ok that is a low blow) but the best song out that album is Carry on Jon …and that’s because of his playing,the rest of the album is weak and boring! Thank God for the old stuff Ritchie!

  20. 20
    nick says:

    I’ve been a fan of Ritchie Blackmore for over forty years. To me and a lot of older fans Ritchie leaving Purple killed that band’s identity musically and they are no longer the genuine article. Now What?! is a great album and makes up for some pretty forgettable albums from the band since RB left, but it’s still not essentially “Deep Purple”. It’s like having The Who without Peter Townsend or Yes without John Anderson and Chris Squire, it’s just too different without him. Perhaps the previous contributor is right when he describes them as ‘Deep Gillan’ – they should certainly be calling themselves something different and stop despoiling the proud name of Deep Purple.
    To me Blackmore’s Night, like Rainbow, is another shade of Deep Purple although its music and culture is not easy for many to understand which is why they lay into him here. Many have not even had the decency to really listen and understand. In doing so they are missing out on a hugely entertaining live act that is musically head and shoulders above anything else out there right now. It’s not really my sort of music and lyrical thing either but…I was hugely impressed by the band at the Guildford gig recently. Only Rainbow has ever exceeded them in my humble opinion as a live act.
    As a highly skilled rock guitarist of 40 years myself, I was amazed by Blackmore’s playing on acoustic and electric. Just a few moments of hearing that is worth 10 shows by the current Deep Purple line up for me. It had talent, technique, taste and was above all, musical and lyrical – it made emotional contact in a way most bands cannot – certainly not the current Purple. OK, Candice Night is not a great singer but to see how she has made Ritchie happy and creative again is wonderful for us fans. It’s a very sharp contrast to Ian Gillan who seems to just want to put a knife in Ritchie’s back. I was horrified by Gillan’s recent comments on Blackmore – what an ungrateful, arrogant so and so he has become. Paice and Glover would do well to head elsewhere and leave this grumpy old man to his vitriol.

  21. 21
    al says:

    @20 out of curiosity,what did he say ? Gillan ? I mean they been taking jabs for years at Ritchie,but he ain’t exactly a saint right? is he ? I agree that Gillan-Glover has taken the reign of this band,and I haven’t been really happy with the latest albums,Now what?! though is good album and Ritchie is happy and moved on long time ago,his music is not my cup of team,but hey to each its own.

  22. 22
    al says:

    cup of tea lol

  23. 23
    al says:

    @21 nick what is there to understand ? the albums sounds the same,and it is the same boring theme,commercial and poppy,they should take the renaissance name out of it ! Granted,every one’s opinion is different,some love it some hate it,we listened trust me,really hard and try to “understand” it as you say and like it,but it is a bore.It is covers from other s people bands and his old band.I know you re speaking from a “live” experience and we love the player,but we don’t like what he is been playing over and over and over again…..and don’t get me started with the singer please! You say and think,Candice has made Ritchie happy and creative,but some other people and fans thinks differently.Should the actual line-up of Deep Purple stop playing,cause you don’t consider them the real Deep Purple ?

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