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The Other Side of Blackmore

A track called The Other Side from upcoming new Blackmore’s Night album All Our Yesterdays:

The album is due to be released on September 18th.

Thanks to Blabbermouth and Nigel Young for the info.

29 Comments to “The Other Side of Blackmore”:

  1. 1
    Andy Thompson says:

    Give me a shout when he breaks the mould#heynonnynonny

  2. 2
    Kevin Roberts says:

    I find it ironic that having become bored with ‘rock’ music this sounds no different to countless other BN songs written over recent years. Personally I think this has run its course but I do appreciate its what he loves and will probably continue to do.

  3. 3
    al says:

    God,how much longer he will play this mediocre God Awful so called music!

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    al @ 3 – don’t listen to it, why even bother? I don’t listen to it, a zillion others also, it doesn’t matter! People do what they do, life rolls on! Cheers.

  5. 5
    Andrew says:

    Do not see and hear any differences among the songs from the first and last albums Lyrics a little bit different but all songs alike Curious about the fact; how many records he sold?

  6. 6
    Errol Arias says:

    Sixteen boring years doing the same boring music.. If you listen “under the violet moon” (1999) and listen this **new** song you cannot tell the diference, you don’t listen any kind of evolution, you cannot appreciate a change or a progression in the music.. Is incredible that a musician like this , that always claimed for changes in DP’s music, is now always playing the same lousy tunes… Take for example any other group with DP’s influences .. Riverside (Poland), Nemo(France), Beardfish (Sweden).. every album is different, you can feel evolution and wishes to enhance the music ..Those groups make their best effort to get better in every new release, even groups that have been working fot more than 40 years (Uriah Heep is a case) evolve or try to evolve to better tunes… But Blackmore’s Night is always the same.. the same voice, the same tune, the violin, the same notes.. Is one of the most boring groups I’ve ever known.. Sorry , but this “other side” made me sick…

  7. 7
    byron says:

    What a shame,it’s still the same song,again and again.Quite boring.

  8. 8
    Anthony says:

    Blackmore’s Night have a successful musical formula and indeed stick to it…why wouldn’t they? I will be buying their new cd as you can never get tired of listening to Ritchie no matter what genre of music he plays. 🙂

  9. 9
    Paul Hine says:

    Quite like it myself.

  10. 10
    Ray Burrell says:

    Where oh where did that inspirational trailblazing banjo player from Deep Purple and Rainbow go cause he sure ain’t performing on this insepid pile of shit, same old chord progression, same arpeggios runs over the top, nothing new in it whatsoever, total crap.

  11. 11
    KlausVonScribe says:

    As much as I appreciate Blackmore, I just cannot buy another BN cd. I’m certain tunes on this cd can be found – similarly – on a host of the band’s previous cd’s. How tragic Blackmore has become irrelevant.

  12. 12
    MacGregor says:

    Certain ‘fans’ commenting here in regards to Blackmore’s latest release leave me bemused, to say the least! If it makes you angry, pissed off or whatever other thoughts I have not mentioned, why do you bother to listen to it?????? Still searching I suppose, hoping against hope that there may be something magical, mesmerising & different? Blackmore himself called it ‘all the same old crap’, or something like that, didn’t he?
    I know I will not like it, so I don’t bother with it, simple really! I could hear a similarity back in the early 200o’s after the first 2 albums, I ceased listening to it, it doesn’t bother me ! He has delivered, but to some ‘fans’ they expect more & more & more of something from the glory days! It will not happen chaps, get over it & move on! Perhaps these ‘fans’ need to let go of the fantasy that Blackmore is going to come along once more, as he has over the past decades & provide some form of magic for them, to make them feel better! All rock musicians from the glory days are past it, the glory days are over, it will never occur again! Some of those musicians are still creating music, but is any of it relevant or is it irrelevant? No musician is capable of producing the ‘magic’ that they stumbled upon decades ago, when young & creative & full of adrenalin! It happens, it is fact, it is all over bar the shouting. I hear the fat lady singing again! Well in fact, she hasn’t actually stopped singing! Use it or lose it is the saying, isn’t it? Cheers.

  13. 13
    Chip says:

    Ritchie was pretty much reworking the same stuff for the last few DP albums (as well as SIUA). Why is anyone surprised that he is now just recycling the same formulaic BN songs? I have always taken a live and let live attitude with my adolescent idols diversion into the sad ridiculous musical endeavor. But it really has gotten to the point where Ritchie seems to need an intervention.

  14. 14
    Solaic says:

    Tend to agree with many here. To me, first album was a fresh air, a change of direction, intriguing and innovative. Thats the only CD one needs to have. If you listened to it – you listened to all more or less. …..already second paled in comparison 10 times….starting from third one it became an endless self-repetition. Yes, from “second” 7 or 8 albums you could make a selection for one more CD of decent tunes. Generally BN formula is primitive and consists of 5 main unchangable ingridients: 1) “a pseudo-medeival-classic-instrumental” 2) a cover from a famous artist 3) a cheesy ballad making people sick with sugar-sugar singing 4) an upbeat “jolly” song which RB/CN consider “Russian” which has no connotation to Russian music of course….normally it is more East-European/Jewish, 5) re-working of a DP/Rainbow old tune. It is unlistenable, non innovative, predictable and boring…..BUT RB found his safe comfort harbor and lives as he wants and no one has a right to blame him. I attended BNs concert in 2013 and you know what I tell you – he and her were a completely happy pair in love enjoying what they do, body language said it all. BUT I still can not listen to it……(((((((

  15. 15
    byron says:

    It’s a shame cos his playing is better than ever when he takes the strat…I’m not against the medieval/folk direction but he should try and work with different people,writers,producers..I just can’t stand all those non distinctive singalong tracks..same chords,same rythm,same old arrangement..

  16. 16
    John says:

    Quite honestly, the only Blackmore’s Night CD I can tell apart from the rest is their Christmas CD, for obvious reasons. This new one is proving that it will be no different!

  17. 17
    Nigel Young says:

    All Our Yesterdays
    The Other Side plus interview

  18. 18
    al says:

    @ 12
    I see your point dude,but you always have a tendency to do this: kind of reviewing everything that we have to say or express regarding the topic! We have our opinions and we like to talk about it.We cannot all be so “fair” as yourself McGregor. lol.

  19. 19
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Okay. Where is the guitar?

  20. 20
    MacGregor says:

    al@18 – I certainly don’t review ‘everything’ that ‘fans’ have to say! I only read what may interest me in regards to the topic. I am not not any different to many of the ‘fans’ here, we all have our say or opinions in regards to whatever the flavour of the month is! In regards to BN & certain comments, i find it amusing that people already know what is going to be dished out, therefore why all the criticism when they hear i! If it is predictable, the music, which it would be no doubt, I don’t even think it is worth commenting on. BN is what it is, some people want Blackmore to return to rock, when he doesn’t, I see comments in the ‘negative’ to this also, when it really shouldn’t matter at all! Cheers.

  21. 21
    Anthony says:

    @19 That’s one of Ritchie’s musical characteristics—knowing when not to play haha 🙂

  22. 22
    Niki says:

    Sorry, but Blackmore’s Night started to go off the boil around the release of Autumn Sky. This song it a parody of Faerie Dance and Peasant’s Promise. Sadly I have to agree, I think Blackmore’s Night has run it’s course. Maybe things are too comfortable for Ritchie now. I’d love him to go back to the loud guitars again, but not Deep Purple or Rainbow. Maybe a blues/rock/soul thing with new musicians, like Joss Stone or someone. Before I get slated for this, think Joss singing “When A Nlind Man Cries”. Thats where I’m coming from.

  23. 23
    byron says:

    The title track is even worst.Sure I won’t buy this album.

  24. 24
    Anthony says:

    @20 I agree with you…Blackmore’s Night are what they are….repetition will always come into a band’s music when they have been playing a long time and within a tight musical genre ie…renaissance folk. Dont’ U2 sound the same and repetitive as they did in the early 80s…Geez don’t Black Sabbath sound repetitive..I could go on but you get my point. I really don’t understand all the negative comments directed at Ritchie from so-called ‘fans’. He departed from rock music a long time ago so get over it. Oh and as far as his actual playing ability…the guy can still nail it by a mile and that’s on an acoustic guitar! It is what it is 🙂

  25. 25
    al says:

    @ 20
    Mc Gregor I’m just busting you dude( think of us,as a having a couple of beers and arguing and talking about music)while listening to our favorites band and music.It is true not worth talking about it,It is what it is,my reaction was emotional and based on the concert and my live experience with Blackmore’s Night in Paris,on July 8th at the famous Theater of Olympia.The set was really boring,too much talking and some bad stand up comedy by the keyboard player.I guess for them(Ritchie) doesn’t matter about the venue,they were having fun,as they were playing in restaurant or bar for their close entourage and friends.Blackmore set the stage on fire for like 10 minutes,and I thought he would be going for more uptempo old tunes from his time with Rainbow and Deep Purple,Instead,he just put us all to sleep,not only with his repertoire(which is not my cup of tea,cause it is very repetitive and it is all sound the same) but also because of long pauses of awkward pauses between Ritchie and his wife,trying to get him to say something in the Microphone….Blackmore going back and forth in the backstage and sipping in his own vine.Overall,I spoke with some of his most ardent fans,that they been following his new outfit and music,and even for them it was really a bore and the concerts got really short on music and long in yapping and sharing the same old stories from RITCHIE’S past.Oh well.it is what it is,and clearly the disappointment and bore and frustration of myself and my brother and “old school” friends to listen some more rock tunes got bigger and bigger for each passing song.I guess, its is a problem of expectations and I got less than I hoped for from my childhood hero.At least I know if I go to a rock concert,i know more or less what to expect.that night I got less and like my brother said,this was big miss for us!(moneywise as well,I wont be lying to you).Oh and his wife is a good singer,but sings every song in teh same way,i guess that’s her style and Ritchie loves her voice.It is funny back in time,in a interview of 1995 ,when Ritchie with Rainbow,was asked about Ronnie James Dio,he said,he got bored with Ronnie singing all the songs in teh same way,or something like that.I got what he was saying,referring to the “epic” style of the great Dio,and his topics of Dungeons and witches and heaven and hell,but his wife sounds the same in every song and album,so that was part of my bore too! lol Meantime,life is good and Deep Purple are still playing rock music and touring the world!

    cheers Al

    Cheers to y’all Al

  26. 26
    MacGregor says:

    Hello al @ 25 – I did read of your concert experience in Paris & I was going to mention that in my last message. I was feeling for you in regards of that ‘downer’ at that concert. I know how it is to leave a gig thinking, ‘why did I go’, but the opportunity of seeing Blackmore in action is, in most scenarios, worth it, hopefully! But as we know, he can be unpredictable at times, & that can affect his performance. I understand your comment about her vocals, that is one of the reasons I couldn’t listen anymore after the early albums, too much of the same. In regards to all the banter going on, I would be annoyed with that also, we go to music concerts to hear & watch music being performed. Certain artists can tell a good story or two at a gig & it does break the concert up a little & possibly provide a touch of comedy. But that depends on who is telling the story & if it is worth hearing. The front person of a band has to have charisma & personality for me. When I went to a Heaven & Hell gig back in 2007, R J Dio was awesome at that, not to mention his vocals also of course. Such a dynamic presence he was & a great story teller indeed! Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull is another one for that special stage presence, & his humour is second to none! I hope you can get an opportunity to see TMIB in a rock concert, possibly next year if anything is to be believed from these latest media stories. Cheers.

  27. 27
    MacGregor says:

    Anthony @ 24- yes, good comment. The only way I can see an artist ‘changing’ these days, is to get different members in, get a decent producer as current Purple did with Ezrin & take an extended break as well! Too many albums too quickly, the same band members, resting on ones laurels even, tends to be repetitive! Most artist’s these days tend to be very much the same. Unless Blackmore does something different (again)? Obviously he is in his ‘comfort’ zone, so he continues to play the game. We have so much from the past, so it doesn’t matter either way to me! Mind you, if he decides to ‘rock’ on again, I will be there with bells on! Cheers.

  28. 28
    gene rossi says:

    To all the critical negative comments about Ritchie and Blackmores Night, you all need to get over yourselves. I’ve been following Ritchies\’s music for 40 yrs. and the music he’s doing with Blackmores Night is the BEST ever.I met him in person and told him this and he said it ‘s more than 2 or 3 chords and it’s more layered. He is an innovator and has combined medieval melodies with rock and created a whole new musical form much like he did in Rainbow which was a medieval hard rock band. You all don’t know good music when you hear it. There are many key changes within many of the songs as well as timing changes. As far as Candice Nights singing she has a beautiful voice which fits perfectly with the melodies Ritchie plays. Without Candice there wouldn’t be a band. It’s both of them together as well as the talented musicians over the years. As for Ritchie’s playing it’s better than ever and has always improved with the music he is playing at the moment. His instrumentals in BN are amazing. I’ve seem BN live 9 times and they never disappoint,always a great show. For those who are disgruntled that Ritchie isn’t doing rock, come on the guy id 70yrs old. What do you expect,him to run around the stage doing what he did when he was 25. Ritchie loves this music and has total musical freedom to do what he wants and is not under the thumb of the corporate music industry. He has earn the right to do his own thing for all the years of great music he has given. This is his time and he’s doing what he loves. All the more power to him.

  29. 29
    ltia says:

    In truth, he was repeating himself with the rock stuff, too.

    I’m a big fan of Blackmore’s Night, being a progger I don’t need ‘rock’ necessarily, but I have to honest – the last great album was Ghost of a Rose. I hope this next one is good.

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