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It’s been fifteen months…

Roger Glover; photo © Jim Rakete; image courtesy of Kayos ProductionsA message from Roger Glover:

It’s fifteen months since that day in the studio when we heard the bad news about Jon. Strangely enough, although he left the band eleven years ago, his presence in the band has deepened since last year. Apart from the fact that his spirit seemed to pervade the recording sessions and that Now What?! is dedicated to him, these days an interview never goes by without one or all of us talking about him. Above And Beyond, a paean to Jon, is being released as a single and every time I hear it or play it, my mind is full of great memories.

From an inspired idea by Steve, it grew into a most unusual song, unlike anything we’ve done before. Writing about the death of a friend can be a minefield of cliché or maudlin sentiment, but I’m proud of what we accomplished with the song.

Now looking forward to the British dates and the rest of the tour around Europe and on.

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

22 Comments to “It’s been fifteen months…”:

  1. 1
    Mike Eriksson says:

    “Above And Beyond” is a Deep Purple classic! So glad it is a single. MIKE

  2. 2
    Oleg Majewski says:

    Ти до речі, придбав квитки на шоу 12 листопада?

  3. 3
    Martin says:

    Yes, Above And Beyond – the best song on this wonderful record. Thanks again, boys.

  4. 4
    Louie Villanueva says:

    May Jon R I P

  5. 5
    cyclone says:

    “Above and Beyond” is a very nice tribute to JL by the band. Nice job guys.

  6. 6
    Kim Peters says:

    A beautiful composition. Definitely a Purple classic!

  7. 7
    gustavo says:

    fine song for a fine man…

  8. 8
    Ken S. Lusk says:


  9. 9
    Ken S. Lusk says:

    Light turn the candle
    I spark one for me
    Let it float on the water
    Right down to the sea
    You draw back your curtain
    A wavy goodbye
    Lift up your arms
    And look up to the sky
    To the sky!

    Stop me a candle
    And keep it in the light
    Thought it pairing window
    And I come back tonight
    You touch me in the darkness
    I send you a sign
    A give me your loving
    And I’ll give you mine

    I’m maybe leaving
    But I won’t be gone
    I’ll be there when you want me
    Above and beyond

    You’re fading like I tell you
    It’s all up to you
    I’ll be there if you’ll need me
    If I get it through
    Reached on your settlers
    And tomorrow you’ll find
    Your souls had been touched
    Are forever entwined

    I’m maybe leaving
    But I won’t be gone
    I’ll be there when you want me
    Above and beyond

    (Chorus 2)
    Yes I’m maybe leaving
    But not for too long
    I’ll be there when you want me
    Above and beyond

  10. 10
    Juliano de Castro says:

    your ‘re Roger a Great man tanks to say the thru the fact just think about Jon from Jon Lord

  11. 11
    Frank Beltran says:

    Lyrics above are wrong. The correct ones are much better. Beautiful song… great tribute.

  12. 12
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    A true testament of dedicated friendship and respect. A true Friend and yet another example of Roger’s genuine persona. This is Roger Glover all the time. The many times I have been able to converse with him at Purple gigs, he is without a doubt one of the warmest and yet off the cuff people I have been in contact with. Absolutely the most humble. Being able to meet and speak to Jon Lord was incredible as was the rest of the band, but Roger has the gift of making Meet and Greets a very personal experience. Still begging for a US Tour so I can hopefully chat with the boyz at least one more time. Come on Roger, push for Nashville where the greatest Purple album in over 20 years was conceived.


  13. 13
    al says:

    @ Tracy

    amen to that, cannot wait for the North American dates next year !

  14. 14
    Drdp says:

    Souls Having Touched!

  15. 15
    Lugnor Wind van Mort says:

    Ken i think Above and Beyond is just beautiful.

  16. 16
    Bob W says:

    Ace tune and so glad its a single and in the current live set. I love so many tunes from the Now What album and would love to hear Apres Vous.

    The into to this tune is so amazing and full of energy, such a classic DP tune and i think it would be ace to hear it live.

    Anyone else agree??

    Cant wait to see them next week in Manchester

    Bob 🙂

  17. 17
    Louis says:

    One beautiful song from a great Deep Purple album!

  18. 18
    Scott says:

    I new the lyrics were wrong. Everywhere I look none of them match up to what Gillan is singing.

    First Verse Isn’t it:

    Spark one for me
    Let it float on the water
    Right down to the sea.
    You draw back your curtain
    Lift up your arms
    And look up to the Sky

    Too The Sky.

    Second Verse:

    And Keep It In The Light
    And I’ll Come Back tonight or LIFE (Not sure which one)
    You touch me in the darkness
    I’ll send you a sign
    Give me your lovin’
    And I’ll give you mine

    Chorus Is Correct:

    I’m maybe leaving
    But I won’t be gone
    I’ll be there when you want me
    Above and beyond

    Third Verse:

    It’s all up to you
    I’ll be there if you need me
    Am I gettin’ Through
    Tomorrow You’ll Find
    That Souls Having Touched
    Are for ever entwined.

    I’m maybe leaving
    But I won’t be gone
    I’ll be there when you want me
    Above and beyond

    (Chorus 2)
    Yes I’m maybe leaving
    But not for too long
    I’ll be there when you want me
    Above and beyond

    Is this the right lyrics????

  19. 19
    Scott says:

    Not to change to subject but I’ve seen wrong lyrics for UNCOMMON MAN which is also about Jon.

    Forgive me But Is this what they are.

    First Verse:

    Days (or OUR DAYS) Fall Together In Time
    Who said (or SAYS) you can’t have it all.
    The Breast in the ROOM, I have that kind of feeling
    It’s got to be 20 foot tall.

    And the Man.
    OHH, OHH, OHH,
    It’s Good to Be King.

    Second Verse:

    Standing together again
    Everyone’s Starting to Sway
    OH! It’s a fabulous day.

    And The Man.
    It’s Good To Be King.


    Bow Your Head
    Your Carriage Is Waiting
    To Take You Away.

    Bridge: Not 100% sure but This is what I hear.

    Something, Something Waiting, Drifts Away
    I don’t know what those first couple lyrics are.

    So how close am I. Correct me If there are mistakes.

  20. 20
    purrfect stranger says:

    When I think of Jon Lord I think of April, No No No and that incredible solo on Rat Bat Blue. He will always be the greatest rock keyboard player ever and although I never met the man, he most certainly is missed. It was a shock to have heard of his passing even so his presence will still be long lasting.

  21. 21
    Richard legris says:

    Uncommun man ( is good to be king) its also a top song in NW.

    Love to hear this one live too.

    Long live DP.


  22. 22
    Bart Hekkelman says:

    As Deep Purple fan from 1968 when I heard this incredible LP ‘In Rock’ at a schoolclass meeting at the age of 12 or 13, and followed them ever since, i love this message from Roger. Because it states again what a fine man Jon was and how much he contributed to people’s lives with his fine music. Think I will polish my old Gemini Suite, Windows and Sarabande albums again and have a new listen. Of course all YouTube vids of the band have already been watched in recent years …. And let’s not forget Ronnie James Dio, Tommy Bolin and Cozy Powell and all other fine musicians who died far too young.

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