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Undulations of happiness and misery

Ian Gillan, Moscow, Oct 28, 2012; photo Serge Adamovich http://koncert-photo.livejournal.com/1780222.html

Dubai’s The National has a short but sweet interview with Ian Gillan. He talks about the benefits of being older, the new album, holding up cigarette lighters, the leapfrogging equipment, being snubbed, and factual accuracy of Spinal Tap.

On not showing any respect on the album

We’ve made a conscious effort to not show any respect any more as we’d been pressured to do over the years, for radio play, because they don’t bloody play the thing anyway. I was shocked to look back recently and found there were only seven tracks on Deep Purple in Rock, Fireball and Machine Head albums. And some of them were eight to nine minutes long. And that’s because the music has dynamics and texture and it was a new form of music, not confined to radio discipline. We’ve gone back to that, which gives a lot of freedom to the development of the songs, some of which are quite long.

Read more in The National.

14 Comments to “Undulations of happiness and misery”:

  1. 1
    Buttockss says:

    Sweet !!!!!!

  2. 2
    al says:

    the best sounding album !CANNOT WAIT !

  3. 3
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Big Ian, please do your next side project with Toni Iommi since you have such close memory of your ‘Born Again’ period. As old as you are, you will feel like a young tyke again. There is still another ‘Born Again’ in you. “Re-Born”.


  4. 4
    ivica says:

    Departure Ian Gillan / Roger same / from Deep Purple 1973
    One of the biggest mistake of the history of rock and roll
    Deep Purple mark two at the height Copyright and performance


    when it was necessary to cross the hall to the stadiums

    that Ian stayed another album ,and sang “Burn”, “Mistreated” ….. / course under a different name /

    DAMAGE !!!!

  5. 5
    MacGregor says:

    ivica @ 4 – Deep Purple were one of the biggest rock bands in the world back in the early 70’s, that is why they were asked to headline the California Jam massive outdoor gig! They just didn’t stay ‘biggest’ for as long as a few other bands, it doesn’t matter, they were & are still revered as one of the great Rock bands! If Gillan & Glover stayed with Purple, there is no way the tracks Burn & Mistreated & others from that great Burn album, would have been recorded by them! It was another formula that created those songs, a different energy from different people, although I have heard the Burn riff, Blackmore had for a while in his back pocket for later keeping.

  6. 6
    al says:

    I would have loved to see Paul Rodgers in the MK3 if he didn’t go to form Bad Company,That could have been some line-up!I know they made him an offer at the time aftr he left Free.

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Am I mistaken or delusional :

    Yesterday I heard the BURN riff accompagniing a Citroen ad on TV.

  8. 8
    ivica says:


    some speculate …. change history … oh !! virtual world hehe

    I just wanted to say .. Deep Purple / mark two / had no continuity
    I even think that Deep Purple Mark tree and four evening concerts held in front of more audiences, fared better

    Deep Purple mark two… of Burn until 1979 “Down to Earth” .. Rainbow Richie as an example because if not the main author, but certainly among the first, and of course with a different name and also songs with different musical arrangements ..
    therefore I do not wish to underestimate the great author and performer David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, Don Airey …..
    they were a decade together as their rivals Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, which has twice as many albums in continuity ..
    maybe missed one as DP Peter Grant?

    Probably because of the continuity of the DP is not yet in the rock and roll hall of fame?
    it is not that important
    how are deprived fans of this incredible band, for a few more rock classic, yet amazing studio album? .. or maybe a better live album than “Made in Japan”!?

    The seventies was a great rock year

  9. 9
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    McGregor brings to light another constant dilemma that haunts the Purple world of limited viewpoints. All of the factions such as Whitesnake, Black Country Communion, Rainbow, DIO, Tommy Bolin Band, Sabbath with Gillan and Hughes, Alcatrazz, etc. would not have existed if the various Purple Line-ups didn’t take place thus paving the way for these individual entities to gain separate notoriety which catapulted them to the forefront. Plus the fact that we got multiple variations of music Purple itself. Deep Purple officially died in 1976 when Tommy Bolin died just over a year after the departure of TMIB. But the music didn’t. And all the members went off in many different directions and produced tons of amazing music with tons of collaborators. The Purple Family Tree is more like a Forest and for that I am satisfied that I can actually spend the rest of my life playing Purple and Spin-off music forever- more and there is enough of it that I probably could do so and never repeat the same song twice.

    We are blessed with Deep Purple beyond MK2. It would have been very boring by now had these changes not taken place. Blackmore’s Night is proof…..


  10. 10
    al says:

    @ Tracy
    Great point and couldn’t have been stated better !

  11. 11
    Peter Wolff says:

    Tracey could not agree with you more, the other day just witnessed an amazing double bill of Journey/Deep Purple out here in Australia, as Deep Purple were renowned for being one of the loudest bands ever, although i can’t recall the exact time and place when and where it occurred. When it was time for Deep Purple to appear, i have never heard anything as powerful and loud in my whole concert life, literally the whole place shook,
    110 minutes of pure unadulterated hard rock heaven!!! Tracey as you are a huge fan, if you had a choice which is your fave era of D.P. era? What an hilarious comment the family tree is now like a forrest well said.

  12. 12
    MacGregor says:

    Purple were always a louder ‘live’ band than on the albums, or should I say heavier! Morse has a great ‘fat’ guitar sound & Glover knows a thing or two regarding the low end bass thunder! It is always a buzz to get blown away with a good band & great live loud sound, not distorted & clear to the ears! I have been to many great international mega band gigs over the decades.
    The most mind blowing for power & volume was in 2007 in Brisbane. Black Sabbath aka Heaven & Hell, 2nd row bang in front of Tony Iommi & ‘that’ stack of Marshall amps! Devastating was the force of that bands sound to my ears! Awesome! Looking forward to late April again for that Sabbath power!

  13. 13
    Peter Wolff says:

    Macgregor, could not agree more, Purple were amazingly loud and clear, only 8 rows from the front, with the original heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath due end of April, early May, looks as though i am going to see them twice in 3 days, saw them way back in 1974, this one will be amazing,

  14. 14
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Peter Wolff @ 11,

    Yes a huge fan since first hearing Hush in 1968. As for my fav line-up? If I was asked to pick one, I’d have to pick MK2. Yes, there you have it. I said it. But, I don’t have any fantasy nor looming desire for that line-up to come back (obviously impossible without Jon Lord). That’s another place and time and each line-up has served their time and purpose which has brought us to the present. No matter which line-up there was, it was Present Purple at that time and it was awesome each time. MK8 is what Purple is now, and as usual it’s awesome. Loving every moment I get to hear and see them. I haven’t been disappointed yet (except for the lack of albums). I am so looking forward to this new record and am hoping they tour and promote it heavily once it is released, along with adding some more MK7/8 tracks to the set….MK2 might be my favorite line-up, but MK8 is present Purple and they should load their set list up with MK8 tunes. I’d much prefer it that way. “Sun Goes Down” anyone????


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