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Mark 1 in Berne

Deep Purple’s official YouTube channel has posted a 90-second clip of Mark 1 performing Hush in Berne, Switzerland. Looks like the footage was silent and it was overlayed with an audio track from elsewhere. Nevertheless, any Mark 1 footage is a rare treat.
Update Feb 3:
Before you go all puffy, yes, the audio is indeed the original studio version of Hush with fake audience noise overdubbed. Apologies for not making that clear from the outset. But the real question remains, why such a colourful trick was felt necessary.

21 Comments to “Mark 1 in Berne”:

  1. 1
    Buttockss says:

    Lord those were the days , bring on the flower pot men for encore .

  2. 2
    Rajaseudun Rampe says:

    Wow, Paicey is playing with a leather jacket on! Cool! Must have been hot!

  3. 3
    IKEN says:

    An Audio track from elsewhere?????? Damn,it’s 2 soundtracks,one faked with audiens,and 1 from Purple’s first album………You guys…Don’t you know ”your” band??????? JEZZZUZ!!!! 🙂

  4. 4
    LRT says:

    Seems to be some mystery surrounding the audio, but shouldn’t be to any boot collector willing to look it up and compare it to the limited existing mkI live recordings of Hush. I have a very rare audio recording of it from The Merv Griffen TV show and I can say this is not taken from that. Anyone else care to have a crack at it? Not many 1968 sources to choose from.

  5. 5
    Peter Wolff says:

    Just come back from Journey & Deep Purple Friday Ist March, and what a concert from both legendary bands, this was the first time we had seen Journey and they were amazing, a greatest hits live package, and we all know i guess who stood out Neal Schon, breathtaking is the word i would use. An even bigger surprise when Deep Purple took the stage, the walls shook that much, was there anything louder no way?!! Talk about sheer power it would have woken the dead!!! 110 minutes of all time classics, opening with “Fireball” “Hard Lovin’ Man, Strange Kinda Woman, Maybe I’m A Leo, Into The Fire, you get the picture, every track they did went down a storm, the place obviously erupted with “Smoke” there were so many highlights, Ian’s voice was amazing too,and the rest of the band were absolutely outstanding, Ian Paice/Steve/Don/Roger, what a “black night”!!

  6. 6
    Nigel Young says:

    @LRT, the audio here is taken from the single with the audience overdubbed. The old bootleg including the Merv Griffin show isn’t what it claims to be – that’s from Playboy After Dark.

  7. 7
    Henrik says:

    – Idon´t think they play Hush.

  8. 8
    Scott says:

    MK2 is DEEP PURPLE and will always be DEEP PURPLE. In My Opinion MK1 contributed nothing to music. MK2 went further than MK1 ever could have.

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Scott @ 8 – very funny indeed, “MK1 contributed nothing to music”! Hmmmmmmm! The 2nd comment is correct though & that is why Blackmore wanted Gillan, a hard rock type of vocalist, to ‘go further’ with the music!

  10. 10
    Moreblack says:

    i want more

  11. 11
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Yes Scott and MK0 is MK0.

    “What the?!”


  12. 12
    T says:

    I agree that Mark II(a) is THE quintessential Deep Purple.

    However, it was the commercial success of Mark I that allowed subsequent incarnations of the band. Further, the embryonic Mark II shows consisted of several early numbers that served as vehicles for the band to develop its improvisational trademark. “Mandrake Root” in particular remained in the show for quite a while–as did “Wring That Neck”. There were also Mark II versions of “Hush,” “Kentucky Woman,” and even “The Bird Has Flown” with Gillan really giving the latter a workout. In short: No Mark I…no Mark II.

    This video’s soundtrack is the studio version over a silent black and white film. Choppy editing and audience noise were added to hide that.

    Although Mark I struggled to find an identity, “Mandrake Root,” “And the Address,” “Hey Joe,” “Wring That Neck,” “The Bird Has Flown,” “Emmaretta,” and wild organ and guitar (and some of Paice’s best drumming ever) hinted at what was to come. The first three albums lack direction and contain a lot of 60’s pop and experimentation–but the Purple Passages omnibus album distills what early Deep Purple really accomplished and is sonically not far removed from the direction that Mark II would take.

  13. 13
    Hans Borsje says:

    Whatever it is……its just a big peace of history of the greatest bamd of the world.

  14. 14
    tony lind says:

    Yeah, Melb. 1 march. Also just came back from that consert. Never did I think that those 4 musicians could be better that last I saw them, TX Steve, Don, Ian (little one) and Roger, SUPERP. Sadly big Ian seems to loose the voice, but after so many years, he is excused. Steve and Don just steal the show with their equilibrism. Having seen the first feeble notes in Denmark when they were “Roundabout”,(only little Ian is left of that crew), Just let me say, “Come back soon”, You made an old bloke happy again !!!

  15. 15
    LRT says:

    Hello, Nigel, long time… guess you didn’t compare them, but perhaps assumed Merv Griffen is Playboy. I compare them they don’t even have the same running time and are simply two different recordings altogether. In my case on this I did take time to make sure before expressing this. Now, mate, I’m not exactly sure what thi recording here is, nor can I be bothered to really care. Also, if that recording is not Merv Griffen, which very well could be the case, it does not match up at all to any other 1968 recording of Hush that is widely available to compare with. Having said that, you should still be the forerunner in knowing just what that professed Merv Griffen source actualluy is. Wanna dig a little deeper for me, please? I have no problem digging it up and passing it for positive identification, in case what I have is something you actualy can’t match up to with ything, BUT i assure you this is not Plyboy, nor any others from 1968 I’m aware of, yet could be a no brainer for you, even if it’s neither source we’re talking about. A light still could come on, adn surely I have always suspected the recording not to be Merv Griffen.That is just the information it carries, and either someones misguidence, or not, or some kind of joke like bootleggers often appear.

  16. 16
    LRT says:

    @Nigel, let me clarify that what I have is either split from said bootleg, or another thing altogether, but once again, this one is not Playboy. I might have something of interest, and who knows what it could be at this point.

  17. 17
    LRT says:

    Excuse the keyboard sensor aim in the swivel chair.

  18. 18
    Michiel says:

    BRILLIANT footage! Look at the way Nick Simper is rocking!

  19. 19
    cyclone says:

    @12 “The Shield” is one of my early favorites.

  20. 20
    Arthur says:


  21. 21
    Nigel Young says:

    For anyone reading 15 and 16:

    LRT: “guess you didn’t compare them, but perhaps assumed Merv Griffen is Playboy.”

    I compared them in the 1990s when the bootleg claiming it was from Merv Griffin’s show was released and yet again after you sent me a copy.

    LRT: “I compare them they don’t even have the same running time and are simply two different recordings altogether. In my case on this I did take time to make sure before expressing this.”

    The difference in running time is because the bootleg lacks the opening five chords. Other than that, the only difference is down to quality. As I wrote @6: The old bootleg including the Merv Griffin show isn’t what it claims to be – that’s from Playboy After Dark.

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