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A wonderful blend of slight madness

Jon Lord: 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012A rather interesting interview with Jon Lord (which needs some proofreading, badly). This one was conducted in 2009 and published now after Jon’s death:

Hush was the first single wasn’t it?

Yeah. And just an instant hit. Well again Nick Simper had said when we started rehearsing and said what should we do? You know to do it slowly (Yeah) that was my idea I just thought it was a great song. But Hush I think was Nick Simper’s idea. He had heard it around the clubs, I think it was a Joe South song and a guy called Billy Joel Royal had recorded it . It had this slight ‘Bo Diddlyish’ samba sort of beat thing going (yeah) which we translated into a more rocky thing and off we went. We did it just because it seemed like fun but the American record company leapt on it and said It’s a hit and indeed it was.

Read more in The Classic Post.

Thanks to Yvonne Osthausen for the info and investigative work.

P.S. The author of Hush, Joe South, has passed away on September 5 this year.

5 Comments to “A wonderful blend of slight madness”:

  1. 1
    Wiktor says:

    Yes an interesting interview with Jon Lord, and as I been saying here on Highway star several times, Jon Lords organ made all the different to the sound of Deep Purple. But one thing stands out in the interview as maybe not so close to the truth than to a wishthinking… Jon says Roger Glover left Purple in 1973 because he was a great friend of Gillan, and when Gillan left, he left. But thats not what history and Jon Lord himself has said on many occations, Roger didnt want to leave Purple when Gillan left, it was Blackmore who wanted him out, and he got Lord and Paice on his side, and Jon has said it more than once that he regrets it to this day that they went along with Ritchie to kick Roger out of the band. Just imagine, Purple with Glover and Ritchie in it, together with Lord and Paice, to make sure Its all about Rock´roll and then Coverdales bluesy voice, well, they could have gone on for years making good hard rock albums instead of that silly soul stuff they ended up doing…

  2. 2
    Deep Purple Tour Page says:

    RIP Jon … thanks for that very informative interview.

  3. 3
    buttockss says:

    is this the very same interview in classic rock magazine ? …the one with skynard on cover, that was very touching.

  4. 4
    Innerspace says:

    I recognize that! That’s a (rather poor…) transcript of an interwiev Rick Wakeman did with Jon for his “Face to face” series. It’s a great one; allmost an hour long and it covers a bit more than what comes through in the transcript linked above. Here’s the real deal, off of Youtube…


  5. 5
    purrfect stranger says:

    Ritchie was a very domineering band leader to make both Gillan and Glover leave. Saw them on tour in both 72 and 73 they pretty much wiped the floor with Mark 3 although Mark 3 had many great songs you had to pick and choose witch ones to play and witch ones not to play.

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