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Nick Simper Vienna09 by Ralph Grille 5Nick Simper has spoken to Rockpages.gr, which resulted in a quite interesting interview covering a lot of ground between his days in Purple, Warhorse, Fandango, Flying Fox and Quatermass, current projects with The Good Old Boys, and the recent release of The Deep Purple Mk1 Songbook with the Austrian band Nasty Habits.

Rockpages.gr: So, music is just a way of making a living?
Nick Simper: Well, I’ve been doing it for fifty years now, and now I just take what it comes. As I say to the guys in Nasty Habits, if people wanna come and see the show, fine. And if more people wanna see, we’ll do it, whenever anyone wants to hear it, we’ll do it. If people don’t want it, it will just disappear. Same as Fandango did. I’m more aged now, I don’t get too excited with the thought of touring too much or trying to sell records. That’s in the past. Through this, we met so many people all over Europe, made a lot of new friends. It’s very humbling to see so many people coming along with Warhorse albums, Fandango albums, Purple album. You know, people that are younger than my children are going out and buy them, that’s very humbling, very rewarding, that people still appreciate this stuff. Because, if you do some work and somebody says to you that “People will still appreciate what you have done fourty years from now”, you’d say “No, they won’t, nobody will even remember”.

Read the interview on Rockpages.gr. Really. Go read it. Rockpages have never been shy to publish controversial things, and this interview is no exception. There’s enough juicy bits in there.

Rockpages.gr: So, that was the problem in your case…
Nick Simper: Yeah, it was a problem. It was a problem, certain people didn’t agree, they didn’t like the fact that the guy that wrote the lyrics got as much money as the guy that writes the music. My point of view is the guy that writes the lyrics is the star of the show, because that’s the most important of the songs and I think Rod Evans was a genius. His lyrics were far better than anything, anything, has ever been written in other line ups, in Deep Purple. The guy was a great and if he had been allowed to develop at it, he would have been really good. There you go. That’s the way it is. That’s rock n roll. Once Warhorse started, we were able to do what I thought as more progressive stuff. But then again, it’s very difficult to play and maybe when you look in retrospect, a lot of it was clever for its own sake (laughs)… You know, you do something clever just because you can. I don’t think like that anymore. Now I like it just as simple to move you away, no clever stuff (laughs).

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits, Mk1 Songbook cover art; image courtesy of Wymer RecordsNick Simper and Nasty Habits’ The Deep Purple Mk1 Songbook together with the single Roadhouse Blues will be available from Amazon.co.uk on September 6, and from other Amazon stores on September 14.

The Deep Purple Mk1 Songbook:

Roadhouse Blues B/W Hush & The Painter:

Thanks to BraveWords for the info.

37 Comments to “Nick Simper on Rockpages”:

  1. 1
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Wonderful man and great bassplayer, Nick Simper.

    I wish someone would interview Rod like this.

    MK 1 os so damn underrated so often it infuriates me on a regular basis.

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    Nick, aside from Deep Purple, your “clever stuff” with Warhorse is the best you ever produced…and no, writing music (which include vocal lines) in rock & roll is not as important as writing lirycs but even more! deep purple were not a singer-song-writer…

  3. 3
    Bo says:

    To purplepriest1965
    You are so right.

  4. 4
    prem says:

    Any idea what happened to Rod evans? After being sued by DP for taking his version of DP on the road in the eighties, he disappeared completely unlike Nicky. Cant be still licking those wounds!! And i prefer the mk-1 songs to the present morse era as they had a spacy feeling to it and easier on the ears though i also like this line up too, the output is not consistent for all the talk that roger gives of the band gelling.

  5. 5
    Sami says:

    @ 1 I’m with you on that one 100 %, Priest!

  6. 6
    james jay says:

    Early DP had some some cool stuff, however the line up change was for the better. They advanced a notch in my opinion. That is RnR like it or not.

  7. 7
    dave_wallis says:

    A good read. Good luck, Nick!

  8. 8
    T says:

    I can smoke the pipe of a sweet and better life–and trust in the strength of the shield.

    Enough said.

  9. 9
    Moreblack says:

    Deep Purple is so special.The band of “and IF…?”
    And IF mkII haven’t disbanded in 73…and IF Tommy Bolin had recorded more two or three records with them…and IF mkI had remained toghether in 69 developed that style of music,would the succes be the same,or more durable,or whaterver…?
    And IF…?

  10. 10
    Jeff Summers says:

    @ 1 Priest, I saw the “Good old boys” down my local pub about 6 months ago…they were both brilliant and Entertaining and Nick is a quiet but very likeable man. He doesn’t seem to have much contact with Rod either 🙁

    @ 2 Roberto, It’s amazing that most people think that writing the lyrics include producing the Melody line also isn’t it? Rod actually wrote most of the melodies and words as did Gillan & Glover in Mk II. Therefore, according to publishing rights they are the sole writers of the songs. Of course the edges are blurred with hard rock as most of the inspiration comes from the guitarist who composes the riffs that are interpreted as part of the melody.

    However, it’s a bit strong of Nick to say that Rods lyrics were better than any of the other Mk’s of DP…!?!

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Concerning Rod Evans…..

    I suppose most of it already has been talked through somewhere, maybe on this site as well…..
    I dont know yet, and people like Tracy probably knows EVERYTHING but……

    I emailed an old friend of mine who once posted a summary of an old Rod Evans interview in Sounds, 1980.

    He sent me the link to but it failed.

    Must have been my non digital talents or something, I dunno….

    However, I googled on…..Rod Evans, sounds Interview 1980….. and came to read some fascinating stuff related to the Captain beyond website.
    I also recognised the interview from SOUNDS, which was, like I said, reported in The Rainbow FanClan Magazine in 1980.

    The piece which I find the most interesting for now is written by a certain Hartmut Kreckel, who I spresume for now, is one of the or THE editor of the website.
    He, IMHO, wrote a very good analysis of WHAT HAPPENED to Rod Evans concerning the so called BOGUS Deep Purple in 1980.

    It stresses my view that Rod Evans was damaged beyond repair due to extra proportional judgment and that the scumbags of managers got away with it all.

    It sheds a not too favourable light on the actions of old managers Coletta and Edwards.
    Even Jon Lord is quoted to see the things in a untrue way.

    Conclusion of Hartmut is that this could have been handled differently.
    Now Rod is the ONE AND ONLY who has to pay for life and due to that it did not make sense to perform or record again.

    It makes me very angry towards certain people and soooooooooooooo sad!!!!

    I m not very practical with copy and paste, how stupid …I know, but anyway…..

    If you cant find it it through what I wrote above…..


    The only THING which is missing is between the http and the / in the beginning.
    Somehow its missing on my board!!!!!
    I dont know what is called in English.
    Dubbele punt in Dutch…..

  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I tried to learn a bit……..guys.
    Sorry if I failed.

    Anyway, this should be it.
    I deleted and edited it a bit.
    For more go read and see yourself, please.



    Captain Beyond: Band Member Info on ROD EVANS
    Unofficial (european) Captain Beyond website: info on Rod Evans & “Deep Purple” 1980

    The NEW “Deep Purple” 1980 feat. Rod Evans
    The History of “Deep Purple 1980”
    Known Gigs performed by Rod Evans “Deep Purple”:

    Credit must go to “Stargazer” Magazine (England) Ish 23,………..I THINK THIS IS THE LATER DPAS…….PURPLEPRIEST1965
    Gerardo Liedo and Conecte Rock Magazine (Mexico) Brian O. (USA) and the anonymous member of the audience in Quebec (Canada).

    Amarillo, Civic Center 17.05.80 Debut performance.

    El Paso 18.05.80

    Laredo 06.80

    San Bernadino, Swing Auditorium 21.06.80

    Mexico City, Estadio INDE (Ciudad de los Deportes) 28.06.80

    The show lasted for about one hour and it rained out.
    Black Oak Arkansas was playing before DP.

    Set List:

    Highway Star-Mandrake Root-Hush-Space Truckin�-Hey Joe-Smoke On The Water.

    Gerardo Liedo, who attented the show, reports (with caps lock):






    Phoenix, Celebrity Theater 29.06.80

    Detroit 80
    Reportedly another riot gig…

    Somersett, Mass., Contessa Club 08.80

    Brian O., who attented that show, reports:

    “…there was about 300 people in the Contessa Club watching the show. As far as the security, yes I think they were afraid of people trying to hurt the band or get up there and shout swear words at them. These guys looked pretty mean-like they would’nt back down. Loads of people were there just to drink and gawk at what was happening. I did think that the guitarist (Tony Flynn) sounded good on *HARD ROAD-WRING THAT NECK*. Other songs were lacking in power… not a good PA system at all! ummm… I really think they played *BURN*.”

    Quebec, Capitol Theatre 12.08.80

    One anonymous member of the audience remembers:

    “Deep Purple” played Quebec August 12th 1980 and after the 1st song (Highway Star) people started torealize, what was going on, i.e. who was in DP and who not…
    The audiencestarted to boe at them during the 2nd song (Might just take your life),which Rod Evans really introduced as “here�s one of OUR Burn album…” and throwthings on to the stage.
    They finished the song and Rod4s microphone wentdown.
    As it could not be helped, they did a instrumental (Wring that neck)with long solos from Tony Flynn and Geoff Emery, to give the crew time toget the microphone working again.
    The audience was getting more and moreimpatient, and boed the band off really loudly.
    Rod comes back “One, two…one, two,… here�s Space Truckin�…”
    While the band started to play thesong, more and more things being thrown on stage, and someone in the audience up on the balconys takes a chair and throws it on to the stage,just missing the drum kit.
    The audience boed. Rod left the stage and never reached the vocal cue to Space Truckining, the band played it instrumental.

    The audience kept on boeing and somebody else threw another chair on to the stage, this time hitting the drum kit and the audience gave this a big applause…
    The band stopped to play and left the stage as well.

    After the audience calmed down a bit, Tony Flynn returned to the stage and grabbed Rods microphone and yelled to the audience:

    “…Whoever wants to see the REAL Deep Purple is welcome to stay, the rest of you, f*** off!!!!”
    After moreboes and more things being thrown on to the stage, Tony gave up and they never returned…

    The DP(O) counter-advert to the Long Beach Arena gig.
    Note: “Glen” with one “n”! Maybe they should have added: “Next week we�re turning professional…”

    …and here’s a snippet of the story from “DEEP PURPLE: The Illustrated Biography” by Chris Charlesworth”:

    “The legal process was too slow to prevent the concert taking place.
    But the success of the fraud was partially scuttled by quick thinking on the part of John Coletta and Tony Edwards who placed an advertisment in the LA Times stating that Blackmore,Coverdale,Gillan, Glover, Hughes, Lord and Paice would *not* be appearing at the Long Beach concert.
    In due course the management team secured an injunction which prevented further concerts by the bogus band and, at the same time, recieved a considerable award in punitive damages.

    ‘It was a very expensive business’, says Tony Edwards. ‘And, of course,we’ll never be paid the damages. Rod Evans just doesn’t have the money. He no longer recieves the royalties from those first threealbums though. Silly boy.’

    “ROD EVANS: The Dark Side of the Music Industry” by Hartmut Kreckel

    Has anyone of you out there ever wondered of what happened to Captain Beyonds original lead-singer and founder member Rod Evans?

    Well, here follows a brief summary:

    After leaving Captain Beyond in late 73, just as he finished recording the “Sufficiently Breathless” album, Rod Evans changed his life and went to work in a hospital for a couple of years.

    Until he was approached by some unscrupulous management company, specialized in rip-off reformed bands with big names, who had just been taken to court by the owner of the name “Steppenwolf” (John Kay), for running a bogus band named “Steppenwolf”, with no original member (reportedly original member Goldy McJohn was initially in that band, but left the rest soon).

    To make a long story short, that “Bogus Steppenwolf” had a guitarist, named Tony Flynn and a keyboarder, named Geoff Emery, who were house musicians of that dodgy management company.
    However, as they got sued by John Kay, that rip-off management decided to go for another big name, to make a fast buck:

    Deep Purple.

    In order to find an excuse for using that name (Deep Purple) they tried to get Nick Simper involved, who wisely enough refused to get drawn into such a (ad)venture.

    And THEN they found Rod Evans.

    Looking for a change, and probably not as wise as his former mate Nick Simper, Rod Evans thought that this was his chance for a comeback and went for it.
    More than that, he got involved with some very bad people from that rip-off management, and was used as a tool by that company: making Rod Evans the only shareholder, and therefore sole risk-taker of that “Deep Purple 1980” venture.

    Rod Evans was the only person, who could be taken to court.

    It was not long before Rod Evans got sued, as he was the only person receiving booking fee royalties and all other band players and management were on the wages list.

    To set the record straight here, it was Tony Edwards and John Coletta who sued Rod Evans (reportedly Richard Blackmore and Bruce Payne were the driving forces…):

    They filed an action in Los Angeles Federal District Court in June 1980 seeking an injunction to prevent the band from using the name “Deep Purple” and asking damages under the provisions of the Lanham Act, a federal statute governing trademareks and trade names.
    Eventually the court decision was made that Rod Evans had to pay 672.000 US$ for damages caused by using the name “Deep Purple” without permission.

    The outcome seems that the sole rights to the name “Deep Purple” reside with the original managers.
    It seems that the agreement requires 4 original members (whoever these may be?) to use the name…

    Jon Lord (in March 98 via e-mail):

    “AFAIK Rod had enough of the Music Business, and became a paramedic.
    Of course he was not that naive – he thought he d try it to see what happened, but try to imagine what would *you* have said when it all went wrong?

    I only blame Rod for being silly.

    He should ve known it was going to be difficult to get away with a fake DP. After all – he was doing it in public.”

    Ian Paice commented (after the DP show in Halle an der Saale 18.03.96):
    “We didn�t make that money, it went all to the lawyers involved…
    The only chance to stop that band was the sue Rod, as he was the only one receiving money, all others were on wages…
    Surely Rod did get involved with some very bad people!”

    Hartmut Kreckel says…..

    However, as much I agree that Rod Evans did something wrong by using the name “Deep Purple” without permission, there should have been another way to clear that matter.
    Needless to say Rod Evans doesnt have that money and will probably in debt for ever.

    Therefore he also will never be able to perform again, as DP(O) would be able to grab any money that Rod Evans would make in the music industry.
    This leaves the DP(O)in a bad light, thats for sure.
    Even greed is no justification for acting like this.

    There should have been another way, thats for sure and AFAIK all those white collar gangsters, who used Rod Evans as a tool to feed their cash mashines are doing quite well these days.

    Jon Lord onto this in April 98:

    “It was not just Rod who was sued – it was the organisation that was behind the fake Deep Purple who were most responsible and it was they who were hit with the greatest part of that “very large sum of money.”

    In respect of that money – what price would *you* place on your reputation and on the right of the public not to be sold something under false pretences? And also you should be aware that these people were informed on several occasions that they were breaking the law, and yet they continued to do it.
    Sueing them was the last option there was to try to stop them. I did not enjoy having to appear incourt against a guy I’d once worked with – but *he who steals my purse steals trash; he who steals my good name takes everything I have*.”

    Hartmut Kreckel says…..

    Yes Jon, but it seems that at the end of the day, only Rod Evans had to pay the price and all the puppeteers are rehabilitated…

    Brian O. reports in Feb. 99:

    “The Bogus Purple were managed by Steve G., a slick rip-off promoter, who ultimately got in a lot of trouble.
    He was mentioned in the John Kay (Steppenwolf) autobiography…

    Today I called Steve G., the unscruptioulous agent of old Bogus Steppenwolf and also Bogus Deep Purple, which he denied… the talk we had by phone was fairly tense… he didnt seem to want to talk about the old days, said it was “a long time ago”, and that John Kay is a nice guy, a good singer… but why is anyone interested in what happened so long ago.

    He did admit that they won the right to the name “Steppenwolf”, yet said Goldy and Nick never got a dime.

    Hartmut Kreckel says…..

    I still dont know if he means royalties… or got paid when they played the bars between 77-80.

    At any rate, Steve G. behaved like a dickhead to me…

    When I brought up Deep Purple 1980 w/Rod Evans he really got pissed off… did not want to talk about that.

    He made everything sound like it was water under the bridge, and old shit, was trying to make me feel like a fool for asking about it… he is rude.

    He did not want to make the connection between Tony Flynn in the Bogus Deep Purple and the Bogus Steppenwolf… finally he said that John Kays book is full of lies!!!”

    It seems that nobody, who should know the facts behind the curtain on the Rod Evans and Deep Purple 1980 case, wants to talk about this really, so you make it out yourself, who are the guilty parties…

    This website however, presents the story of Rod Evans and “Deep Purple” 1980 trying to shed some light into “what really happened…”, while a lot of other websites simply try to ignore it.

    It seems that this band never got much press coverage, probably also due to the fact that DP(O) was doing pressure on the press, so you get the idea of how they looked on stage here for the very first time by looking at the on stage fotos.

    Over the years I have heard various stories about Rod Evans, like working in a gasoline station or in a dog-breeding farm.

    Whatever may be true or not:

    It is a shame that a great vocalist like Rod Evans had to end that way.
    Remembering him singing “Starglow Energy” or “Lalena” (to name a few only), Rod Evans will always be a hero to a lot of people, no matter what else he did!

    If anyone out there reading this article knows about Rod Evans, reportedly he is living in the San Fransisco area, please let me know and let him know that there are still some people out there, whom I know well, who still remember him and would like to hear from him.

    No matter what he is up to now, he will not be forgotten, thats for sure.

    (C) by Hartmut Kreckel 1998

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I know Hartmut, he doesn’t get involved in these area’s on the net much anymore because of the constant bickering and arguing between the fans, feuled by those who dwell on the negative. He is a fine musician and has a recording band called ‘Yellowhouse’, for anyone interested. Rod Evans does not reside in the state of California, contrary to popular belief, so people need to get off that one and direct their searches north. That is all I will say, if Hartmut see’s this and wants to add any details, he will… but do not count on it. Rods whearabouts are known to very few of his fans and it’s kept a tight lid on, out of respect for his privacy. He just doesn’t want to be bothered with it all, so it really is a lost cause I’m afraid, sadly. Even if no mention of Purple he has nothing to say in public, as he is no longer a public figure. I have seen one recent picture of him and he looks rather good, but those in the know say he’s been on the drink for a long time.

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Yesterday I posted the above comments.
    After googling it on the net, that is.

    After it was posted I went on GOOGLING.

    CCR must have made a lot of name by inventing that name or it was that damn Saul Zantz????
    Must be remembering something not exactly complete, maybe it was something else…..

    I cant find the album right now.
    Keep on choogling or googling or something like that it was…..

    This morning I woke up and thought it was thursday. But I ve been told it s friday.

    I already knew most of the artickel by Kreckel was already partially or completely known on this board.
    But last night I saw that it has been in the ARCHIVES of THS for many years already.

    No good excuse for dragging up an old turd or digging in the dirt except….


    In 1998 I sometimes visited the NET in a cafe or something.
    I did not own anything at home.
    Well, a dysfunctional one probably.


    Dont recall seeing the page before.

    Anyway, must be my memory or that I just did not see it.
    Shame on me!

    On another thread we ve been shitting about some old fart article and now this!!!


    I still feel the subject deserves attention and respect.

    The technical and juridical aspects of this subject might have been discussed on this board ages ago.
    Very probably by those who seem to know a lot of this side of the buisness.

    Appearantly it did not change a damn thing!!!

    IMHO its very weak and low to hide behind some law or conviction once spoken in this case.

    I know theoretically Rod and Nick seperataly lost all rights or acces to the royalties of the albums they worked on.
    By unwise choice or by that so called blasphemy in 1980.
    They have been hurt materially and mentally for life.

    I think EVERYONE should by now feel thats disproportional!

    More and more, yes I m a bit naive so to speak, I m beginning to feel that the one I had so much respect for since my 12th, are doing dirty buisness too often.

    IMHO, this shit must be resolved or corrected in another way.
    I dont think it already has been done.

    I suppose in the past on boards like these it has been explained why these things happen and unrepairable.

    I always say…..

    People have a free will and can make choices.
    Are people like DP and the organisation behind it NOT able?!

    I also feel that THEY should show some humanity and do something about this.
    Show compassion and loyalty towards those who have helped build their foundation.

    Everyone makes mistakes.

    When lord is talking, in 1998 that is, about the morality behind it all, I wonder…..

    Is he always that flawless?

    It is possible that I missed out on a lot of important debate regarding this issue.
    Feel free to add information, please.

    I think that at least the royalties should be given to those 2 ORIGINAL MEMBERS now.

    I almost vomit thinking everyone benefits from those 3 albums but not them!!!

    Dont hide behind things like…

    Thats how the buisness/world works.

    Have a nice weekend, people.

    And to those it may concern…..
    Scratch your head, look in your heart, please.


  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A nice rendition of the old CCR classic


  16. 16
    prem says:


    Even Nicky lost royalties on the 1st 3 DP albums? But he didn’t front or was involved in any bogus DP band in 1980. So why was he affected? This is news. If this is true,then Yeah purplepriest, they should get royalties now atleast. I am sure they need it and it will definitely help them in some way. Not when they are dead, like a one line statement in each of the surviving band members’ website about how much they will be missed.( This is a dig about a certain MIB on the passing of the great RJD). Wouldn’t do Rod n Nicky one bit of good at all.

    Yeah Guys, show you have some regard for the original members of DP after all they helped define your sound.

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Again,more than ever I m fully aware that I do NOT know all and everything.

    That for others its digging up old debates and so on.

    I can understand that it seems bewildering that a person like me, so present on the board, well in the last 3 years or so that is, says that.
    I suppose its very reasonable to say NOTHING when one feels not to know everything.
    Appearantly I m one the many who feels the passion to participate anyway.

    On the other hand, so called unknowing people like me and even more so the NEWBIES, are very eager I think, to hear the TRUTH behind stories like this.

    I MY memory it was like this….

    When Rod and Nick got the cold shoulder when they chose Gillan and Glover they had the CHOICE.
    The choice to take the royalties for years to come, or a certain amount of money, ONCE.

    I think it was Nick who picked the quick buck option, I remember something like 30.000 Pound.
    That seems strange to me still, because he reportedly was the one to deal buisnesstalks during MK 1. Because the others did not have a clue, yet.

    Rod, maybe I switched the stories around?????, chose the ROALTIES for years to come.

    When everything was settled in court, meaning the DP organisation handled by Coletta and Edwards, but maybe Blackmore and Payne had a big part in it as well?????, Rod Evans was supposed to pay a very large sum.
    Practically it meant, he did not have that kind of money, he was STUCK for life.

    If I m wrong, please correct me on this one.
    If something HAS been arranged to solve this inhumane out of proportion punishment for Rod, I d like to know!!!!

    If so, I apologise.
    But in the meantime I feel a big injustice has been done.

    Yes, I know Rod was wrong.
    But, again, suing and destroying him for life?!

    Btw, I dont know about the financial side between Dio and Blackmore.

    Ronnie seemed very friendly towards his former bamdmate, or is it BOSS???in later years.

    But I also remember that he told Kees Baars in Oor Magazine around 1980 in double interview with Dio and OZZY btw, in Holland that BOTH he and Cozy felt shortchanged and confronted the MIB with that.

    And appearantly his answer was not satisfying and Rainbow went down hill due to that.

    Only recently I understood/read Ritchie had a clash or fall out with Wendy Dio at the time as well.
    I dont know if Wendy already handled Ronnies buisness affairs or interests.
    But I read it deteriorated the relation between RB and RJ.

    I m only only a fan and so to speak, a worm in their universe, but still…….

    I d like to know.
    I d like to feel that certain people like the EX Gillan members and Rod and Nick are treated with JUSTICE.

    Dont bs me with…..

    Thats the buisness.
    Thats Rock And Roll.

    @ T

    Intriguing comment you made.
    IMHO its open to more than 1 interpretation.
    WHAT did you imply?

    Thanx, Mark

  18. 18
    hotblack says:

    @ prem:

    Nick didn’t lose royalties for any involvement in that infamous bogus band.
    After he got kicked out of the band in 1969, he went for the payment of a (for those times) considerable sum of cash instead of royalties. If MkII had floundered, he’d have been lucky, but, as we all know, his decision was wrong.
    But it was HIS choice, as far as I know.

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 16

    We all know that people make choices and are held responsible for them.
    Its just that some of us think……..
    Isnt that a bit too harsh to get stuck for life on a bad judgment?

  20. 20
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I seem to remember the large amount of money they sued for included a judgement against Rod’s royalties, therefore cutting him out, which is better than having one’s bank account seized. But if that’s true I sure hope it hasn’t exceeded what would be his take in royalties by now. It has been 30 years after all. I must say it’s a curious subject at this point, because if it’s been exceeded by now they might owe him something, depending on the terms of the settlement.lol Just thinkin’

    (still have my ticket for the 1980 show in Portland, I’m sure one hell of a lot of people saved them as souvenir’s and didn’t bother getting refunds)

  21. 21
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 20

    Maybe you could enlighten us some more with a review on that Portland show?

  22. 22
    mike & joe says:

    ¡¡¡ gran debate por todo esto de rod evans, eso quiere decir que muchos fans de deep purple no lo hemos olvidado y ni lo olvidaremos, pero hay que reconocer que rod evans fue la voz que inicio deep purple y merece meritos por ser un engrane en inicial en la banda, en lo personal las primeras canciones que escuche de los purple fueron con rod evans y por mencionar algunas canciones no muy escuchadas por el publico, i`m so glad, chasing shadows, help, hey joe, shield, river deep mountain high, we can work it out, lalena, bird has flown, april, yo pienso que estas canciones son muy importantes en la historia de deep purple, con los covers hechos a su estilo de purple y cantadas acon el estilo de rod evans, rod evans siempre sera sombra en deep purple con una sola cancion, HUSH, por lo que me doy cuenta es que ha sido mas famosa con deep purple y nada mas y nada menos que con rod evans, sinceramente me dio gusto saber tantas cosas de rod evans alas que era ciego, y ojala se pudiera hacer algo para rescatar algo de este personaje importante en la historia de DEEP PURPLE.

  23. 23
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Now is now, past is past….

    Sign on the dotted line. Once you sign, it’s Your Ass. Nobody else is to blame and nobody should bail out the dumb ass. Learn from it all and do what you can to make up for your own loss. 40 years ago, and some here are worried about whether or not somebody got screwed? That’s why Govt. has the power it has. Dumb asses falling for the old sympathy nerve. Come on, Simper and Evens both had the ability to strive forward after Purple and do something big. ‘Captain Beyond’ was on the cusp of becoming something hude when Evens left and then it imploded. Simper did ‘Warhorse’ and quit before it took off. Quitters never finish Winners. They just keep going back to where they were when they were something…..but exude that sorrow of failure.


  24. 24
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    These guys need to stop their ‘Nasty Habit’ of living in the past and strive forward with their trumped up talent….


  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Blackmore releasing a rockalbum is not exactly striving to go forward, isnt it?

    Over the past few years I always held it for pssible that even people with whom I disagreed had a heart, positive sides as well.

    I m a bit naive.

    But I DO remember.

    Its hopeless, and in a way forbidden,to talk politics on here but…….

    I definitively am convinced we are not on the same page.

    I just watched a good movie called John Q.

    Call me naive, whatever…..

    I have made my choice.

    John and people like that are the good guys.

    Fill in who are not…..

  26. 26
    T says:

    Re: #17

    I was merely quoting one of my favorite DP lines from the early line-up.

    I agree that the Mark-I line up had some of the more profound lyrics, among them, “Chasing Shadows,” “The Sheild,” “Listen, Learn, Read On,” “Blind” and “April.” When the band wasn’t trying to be a groovy 60’s pop group, they were a class rock act with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, they had trouble finding their identity until it was too late.

    Rod Evans had a fabulous voice, and if it was his hand in the making of those early classics, he certainly deserves more than he got. Certainly, Mark-I was the platform from which subsequent line ups lifted off and must be credited for being the foundation of what was to come.

    Even so, that embryonic version of the band, despite the somewhat schizophrenic identity, produced classics than can stand on their own: “Hard Road,” “Hush,” “Kentucky Woman,” “And the Address,” “April,” “The Bird Has Flown,” “Chasing Shadows”…and my personal favorite, “Mandrake Root.” Had the changes never come, I believe that Purple would have continued to make stronger and stronger records–perhaps not to the stratospheric heights of Mark II–but it would be difficult to argue against the progression shown across the three albums.

    Perhaps Rod should have known better when approached to form “Deep Purple” in 1980. On the other hand, no member at the time was using that name, and the reunion was years away. Evans beat them to the punch and that caused some bad feelings and maybe even some envy. It even could be argued that it was this incident that helped prompt a proper reunion to solidify the Deep Purple name.

    As for the requirement of “four original members,” that would be quite difficult, wouldn’t it? With Evans out, that would mean Lord, Simper, Blackmore and Paice. Of course they are referring to the Mark II members, but then again, Glover and Gillan aren’t “original”–giving at least *some* credence to Evans’ attempt at resurrecting the name Deep Purple.

    The bottom line is that this fan is a great admirer of Rod Evans the singer, the writer, and the Deep Purple Mark-I member. I do not believe his actions at the time were overly dishonest or malicious as much as they were perhaps naïve and I do not believe he deserved the treatment he received.

    It is unfortunate that this all prevented and continues to prevent Rod Evans from participating in his own heritage.

    Absolutely no hard feelings at all from me.

  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Very well , eloquently and lovingly beautiful said, T!!!

  28. 28
    Sami says:

    @ 26 Very well put, T(and a pleasure to read), agree with you 100 % regarding Mk I/Rod Evans…or maybe it’s just my eclectic (bad) taste, you people know I like Mk V also 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone, Kippis

  29. 29
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    As with all jobs when you are not the Boss, the owner of the business, or TMIC..(the man in charge). Folks are hired and fired every day. It’s the way of life. Whether it’s with Wal-Mart or Purple, what you sign on with is what you get. Watch ‘Behind the Music’. There are tons of sad stories regarding musicians not receiving ‘Their Due’ due to bad contracts. Just as with the Old Professional Football and Baseball players and Boxers. Management always has the upper hand and it’s every man for himself. It’s up to individual to watch out for himself and not point the finger of blame when it goes sour due to stupid decisions on the part of the individual. ‘Read the fineprint’. Contracts are Contracts. Too stupid to read it, or to rushed???? That’s your fault. Nobody’s Perfect, and Nobody is exempt from personal responsibility. “Read, Listen and Learn”……

    As far as Evens and the Bogus Purple thing in 1980…I think he got slammed beyond justification. Mainly due to he not getting proper representation in the court battle. He probably didn’t fight it too hard and the Big Guns railroaded him through and through. Purple had been ‘officially gone’ for over 4 years by the time he pulled that stunt (of course with today’s 5 year plus lack of a record, he should try it again maybe??), and I believe had he taken the right path and hired the right attorney, he would have come out ahead rather than being smacked in the ‘mandrake root’ as hard as he was….

    For you bleeding hearts whom think he and the rest were punished forever by not getting enough royalties or whatever, they were accomplished, talented musicians whom fell into the right place at the right time. Their future in Purple just wasn’t to be and rest is history. They should have taken the proper steps afterwards to secure a future based on their ability and their accomplishments. They didn’t. BOO FRIGGIN’ HOO.


  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Sami

    Bad taste?!

    I m gonna make myself a MARK 1 sampler today and am gonna play it all weekend!!!!!

    Cheers, Mark

  31. 31
    Sami says:

    Mark: just my sarcastic (sort of) take on the subject…love Mk I too, enjoy your sampler, fellow music-lover.

    Take care, until next time, Sami

  32. 32
    Sami says:

    ..and comparing to Tracy’s post, my ‘sarcasm’ is very mild 🙂

  33. 33
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Uh, don’t ya think I’d have shared that one by now if they weren’t stopped before they got to Portland? It’s not a ticket stub, it’s the un-torn full ticket. I remember really speculating who would be showing up because I had no expectations to see Blackmore becuse I was up to date on his activities in Rainbow at the time. So when I got word it cancleled I wasn’t too surprised. Saw Rainbow with Pat Travers less than a year later so I got mine, JLT slapping his own ass and all! So Priest, why not just ask Tracy about his experience seeing Captain Beyond???? I’m sure that’s better to tell.

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 33

    I never was on THS or something else forever.

    And maybe I just dont know the right links to old stuff.

    Chronologically you must be right, but I am not an all knowing data bank.
    I dont know so many things right on asking.

    I m not one of those that knows every DP related data.
    I still dont remember a lot.

    I m not the one to win prizes in contests in which they ask, for example, on what date Ritchie played his last MK 3 gig?

    Most of the time I m not sure when my mother was born!!!
    And I really should know that one!!!

    Tracy and Captain Beyond?!

    Oh man, you kill me…..

  35. 35
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Talking about Tracy……

    He must me occupied again.

    Cant be work or something. He s living on former earned expenses I understood.

    I think he is out hunting.

    Hey Trace ….Dont forget that box full of juicy steaks for me, please!!!!!

    Cheers, Mark

  36. 36
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Actually Mark, you aren’t too far off. I have been doing a little Deer Hunting with my Bow and Arrow. No luck yet so you will have to wait on the steaks..

    As far as the Captain Beyond thing mentioned above, I already wrote many moons ago of my seeing them in Miami in 1972. That gig is one of the Few that is being distributed around as live Bootleg. I was THERE MAN. They opened up for Wishbone Ash along with REO Speedwagon promoting their debut album. One of the best concerts I have attended to date. So I guess this means you are already dead since you have requested Crimson Ghost to do so….


  37. 37
    Gambler says:

    On the topic of royalties, Blackmore and lets face it, they were flung out cause Blackmore wanted them out, I seam to remmember an interview with Blackmore around the time the rematstered mk 1 albums came out in 99 and the minstrel himself made comments about it being a little unfair that Rod and Nicky would not getting royalties from these albums, it wasnt Blackmore that shafted them financially, it was the management, who got them to sign away futture royalty rights for a one off payment of was it £10k, a bucket load in 69, but peanuts to what they would have earned over the years. Seam to remmember JL in the BBC2 programme bout purple in 96 saying something about the mk1 catalogue being worth around 10k a year to him, nothing compared to MK11 and also that he reckoneded he’d earned about half a million over the years from the mk 1 catalogue, so they did get well and truly shafted and its hard not to be bitter about that one. Nicks clearly dealt with it far better than Rod.

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