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More Simper in Classic Rock

Nick Simper with Nasty Habits, Vienna, Austria, Sept 21 2012; image courtesy of Christian Shoen

Another teaspoonful of the Nick Simper interview in Classic Rock. He talks about his dismissal from Deep Purple and still sounds more than a bit bitter about the whole affair:

It was definitely a body blow. It was a turnaround, when you consider I’d recommended Ian [Gillan] in the first place. He had the chance but rejected it. We auditioned about 200 people before we found Rod Evans – I bet Ian was thrilled to get that second chance in 1969.

When he did come on board, he made it very clear he wasn’t joining without Roger. I was definitely peeved.

I feel subsequent Deep Purple lineups have diluted what we created. They had success, you can’t deny that, but I’ve lost interest in it – it doesn’t do a lot for me musically.

About his stint with the Nasty Habits:

When I was asked to play with Nasty Habits and do Mark I stuff, I said ‘no way.’ But eventually I realised people still love those songs, and they haven’t had the chance to hear them live for a long time.

I was amazed at how packed the shows were, so we kept going. Now I’m getting ready to record bass for our first album of all-original songs.

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

11 Comments to “More Simper in Classic Rock”:

  1. 1
    Cameron Jones says:

    Always loved his bass made early Deep Purple

  2. 2
    Kim Peters says:

    Sorry Nicky, but Roger Glover turned out to be essential. Gillan was correct.

  3. 3
    Carl Hardwick says:

    He was perfect in MK I, but even Jon said he was an old school bass player and would not have been able to handle the new direction Ritchie wanted for the band.

  4. 4
    Bruce Weldin says:

    great bass player

  5. 5
    Scott says:

    “I feel subsequent Deep Purple lineups have diluted what we created. They had success, you can’t deny that, but I’ve lost interest in it – it doesn’t do a lot for me musically” Nick Simper.

    That’s probably the same attitude that got him kicked out.

    Diluted what we Created. Give me a break. If Rod and Nick hadn’t been fired and Gillan and Glover brought in. Deep Purple would have fizzled in a year and become a foot note in the history of Rock. The definitely wouldn’t have become 1 of the 3 most influencial Hard Rock bands in history ie. THE BIG 3.

  6. 6
    byron says:

    Sad but Warhorse and Red sea were killers albums.Cult LP’s

  7. 7
    SF says:

    I am waiting forward to hear this new album.

    @Kim: I liked the way Nick played, but Roger did well to and contributed to the worldwide success of Mk.II, however if Ian joined at the beginning, Nick might have been in a band longer.

  8. 8
    stoffer says:

    I like Nick Simper and think he is a class act, I’d probably be peeved too but I don’t think the MKI lineup would have ever achieved what MKII did. Those three early LP’s contain some really classic cuts also they were way ahead of their time. It is good to hear that he is still out their playing those tunes. Good luck with the new LP………………………………….cheers

  9. 9
    MacGregor says:

    Scott @5- your comments regarding Gillan & Glover joining, are hypothetical in regards to Deep Purple ‘fizzling in a year’! On your hypothesis, Blackmore, Lord & Paice would have failed in any attempt with any other musicians in moving forward & attaining any success with Purple??????? Bizarre! Also, what Simper says regarding the diluted comment is true, for him it would a ‘dilution’ of what was before! That is his opinion on what he feels happened post MK1! Cheers!

  10. 10
    Les Hedger says:

    An excellent bass player. His bass line on Mandrake Root certainly stood the test of time, turning up in their live shows and even on the NW album. I wonder if he knows that Roger was fired just like he was, and, later on, Gillan.

  11. 11
    Ken McGregor says:

    I went to London several months ago, coming from Australia I timed my visit to see Nick Simper play a small pub gig. It was absolutely brilliant and he even found time to talk to people who were interested in his music. He is a very charming and humble person, and I agree with Byron, his albums with Warhorse were excellent. We will obviously never know what might of happened if he had of continued to play with Purple, but having said that, what Gillan has done with Purple can never be matched.

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