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Morse to tour with G3

Steve Morse, Toronto, Feb 12 2012; photo © Nick Soveiko cc-by-nc-sa

This summer Steve Morse will play in Europe as a part of the G3 tour with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Five dates in late July/early August in Germany, Hungary and Russia have surfaced so far. Full details in our calendar.

30 Comments to “Morse to tour with G3”:

  1. 1
    Blackmorse says:

    Great stuff! Can´t wait. Two Purple guitarists!

  2. 2
    dale says:

    And there goes the time allocated for purple new album…Guys it’s not going to happen “Rapture” is DP last studio album…get over it…shame they could have ended it on a much higher note!!!!

  3. 3
    evillouie says:

    I really wish they would quit BS’ing to us and just tell us they won’t be recording already! Oh yeah, writing in May, recording in June and July. Really? When? Steve is on the road with G3 and Flying Colors for most of that time! Although I can’t blame him – at least he’ll be playing new stuff this summer, unlike with Purple’s endless greatest hits tours…

  4. 4
    George says:

    STOP panic!

    DP are going to write in May, record in June/July.
    The G3 tour is going on late July/August.

    It doesn’t confront with Purple’s recording plans. May/June/July – It’s so simple, it’s calendar bros!

  5. 5
    Roberto says:

    the Italian date is yet confirmed…

  6. 6
    mike says:

    i bet the cd’s done relax take your bra off

  7. 7
    HZ says:

    Guys, you’re all overreacting. DP is finished story, I mean that’s it.

    Steve has another 10 years to do something good, I hope that he’ll not lose it at touring on Blackmore’s riffs. I wouldn’t like to see another DP album, as they have identity problem since Blackmore left, they cope with it sometimes more and sometimes less successfully, still Morse showed us his amazing skills and talent in environment that isn’t completely natural for him, and that I appreciate.

    Therefore I can’t wait to see him with G3 on this tour, I’ll have that opportunity, also I hope that he’ll develop this FC story in all different ways.

  8. 8
    dale says:

    Thanks for the update and the reassurance George…We can’t wait for some new fresh stuff. I think IG is the man with the press button to start recording. Let’s hope they hit the zone. That’s the creative zone I mean.

  9. 9
    Martin says:

    Hmmm I’m not waiting for a new DP album because it’s pointless . They got now balls and courage to do it. The last really good album is Purpendicular. I’m waiting for good cover band playing old good DP songs, not only the greatest hits like DP guys. Something like The Austrlaina Pink Floyd Show, they play all PF songs and they do it grate.

  10. 10
    tom says:

    awesome news! hope they will come for show in israel!!!

  11. 11
    kraatzy says:

    … and I have a ticket … 🙂 🙂 🙂



  12. 12
    Victor says:

    Great for Steve. Always thought he deserved a place in G3.

  13. 13
    LRT says:

    @11 – so now you like him?

  14. 14
    LRT says:

    Not sure what looks worse, the postings or the comments here anymore. It seems to reflect the situation and vice versa. Much more concerned about that than the particulars involved in the tired topics.

  15. 15
    Alan says:

    I suspect a lot of the music has been written/jammed. and that a good deal is ready to go. What is missing is clearly Gillan’s lyrics and vocals and he seems to be the one who is holding things up.
    Steve seems a fairly organised player who has probably nailed his parts already. What more can he do? I don’t blame him for doing this while the rest of Purple (and Gillan in particular) get their acts together.

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Is there a problem?

    Or are Flying Colours indeed gigging in june already?

    If not, what is the obstacle for hammering it down in june/july?

    G3, wow, what a spectacle for shredders(…)

  17. 17
    MacGregor says:

    Martin, tribute bands are pretending to be something that they will never be! But in this pretentious money grabbing world, these tribute bands are simply cashing in on other peoples creativity! It shouldn’t be allowed, how on earth were the charade that is the so called Australian Pink Floyd Show, ever have been allowed to use the original name in their gimmick, is beyond me? They obviously cannot create their own music & also need to slime off the original name of one of rock music iconic bands! It’s a disgrace, this shallow pretence that so many are prepared to lower themselves to, for what? Oh that’s right I nearly forgot, they think their rock stars, Not! This is the only way they can ever pretend to be sort of famous for a second or three, lets pretend everybody! Charlatans!

  18. 18
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Long overdue regarding Steve Morse in G3. I got to see a G3 show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida back in the 90’s. Awesome!!! There have been many versions with many players over the years. This one will be a class act. It’s obvious there will be a Purple tune thrown in. I sure hope they tape one of these dates for DVD. The encore at the end with all 3 jamming together will be amazing for sure. As for this interfering with the upcoming Purple Album….NOT. It will happen. It will be the final one though for sure. They will do it, and tour it, and I look forward to it and want it…..Can’t wait!!!!


  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 18

    Playing another Smoke On The Water or ripping through Highway Star?

    I m glad Simon Robinson said the same about the shredders aspect of Blackmore as me.

  20. 20
    T says:

    There is a psychological viewpoint to consider regarding Steve Morse and his recent activities. When a person’s needs are not being met, he or she generally goes out in search of something to fill the void. From an artistic standpoint, one can only play the same thing year after year for so long before it becomes stale. I find it surprising that Morse has stayed in DP for as long as he has. Perhaps the position is too lucrative to let go.

    In recent years, Purple could not be considered a creative band, and Morse is a creative guy. His straying is symptomatic of a musician’s need to create. Deep Purple pays the bills–but the fun and creativity may lie elsewhere. Unfortunately, the easy fix of simply becoming creative once again is not the current environment. I sincerely hope that is about to change–but after so many years and rumors and rumors of rumors, it is too difficult to take these reports of studio work at face value.

    As for G3, I have a few albums because of the DP connection and the fact I was a Satriani fan before he was in Deep Purple, but generally speaking I do not care for more than one guitarist in a band.

    I am an organ-guitar kind of guy. Usually, one guitar does the trick–especially when it comes in the form of single coils.

  21. 21
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Come on Priest…

    These ‘Shredders’ all are incredible in their OWN right. Each of these 3 has paved their own way with their own style and their own ALBUMS. Many albums from each. What we get with this particular G3 ensemble is a total Purple connection. Vai was with Whitesnake for a brief period, Satriani stepped in to save the day when Blackmore jumped ship and finished the already booked tour in 1994. Steve took the helm when Satch himself had to leave and is still and will most likely stay on board till the demise. So, YEAH…most likely they will do one of the ‘standards’. They actually did that already when they hooked up with Malmsteen. I’d love to hear them do ‘Hey Joe’ or ‘Lazy’ or BOTH. Perfect tunes for some back and forth interplay. I am truly looking forward to this. There have been 3 official DVD’s put out from prior tours. This one needs the same treatment for sure.


  22. 22
    MIKJOE says:

    ¡¡¡ QUEREMOS EL G3 CON STEVE MORSE EN MEXICO, LO PEDIMOS A GRITOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Read today in Dutch Heavyrock magazine AARDSCHOK :

    High ratings for the Flying Colors album.
    And…..an interview with Mike Portnoy in which he says to be aiming for 9 or 10 months a year touring with FC.
    Does that mean Steve will be replaced when doing the rounds for DP or can we expext a certain break up of the latter very soon?

    Btw, I can appreciate people like Vai, Satriani and Morse in their own rights but they just pale icw the man in Black.

    Loved the album Vai did with Alcatrazz, not so much the Whitesnake album Slip Of The Tongue of which I m waiting for a release of the demo’s with Adje vandenberg.
    Satriani is cool to listen to, for about 30 minutes and then I think……Ok, next thing.
    Same goes for |Malmsteen.I dont get it , he must be able to do so much more.

  24. 24
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Good point regarding the creative aspect. Seems 4 out of 5 of the band have wanted to do an album for quite some time, but they don’t seem to have the cojones to take a stand and make it happen. Instead, they stray away and seek other ventures. Sad really.

    As for your G3 statement….it doesn’t jive. It isn’t a band of the 3 guitarists. They each do a separate performance of their own stuff, and then at the end there is a joint jam encore for a closing. It’s basically a 3 concert show. Satch, Vai and Morse will each perform alone. Then comes the jam fest ending. Sometimes they even have a special guest show up also. The show I saw in Ft. Lauderdale was Satch, Vai and Petruce, plus special guest Robert Fripp. Fripp did a short set alone and then jammed with the gang at the end. Hard to beat a gig like G3 if you like hard guitar rock at its finest.


  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Correction to #23 on my G3 experience….it was Kenny Wayne Shepard, not Petrucci at the show I saw. I was confused with the 2005 DVD- ‘Live in Tokyo’. The show I saw was in 1997 at the Sunrise Musical Theater. The same venue where the Purple DVD ‘Perihellion’ was shot and I also witnessed live.


  26. 26
    T says:

    Re: #24

    I stand corrected, Tracy… I have a couple of these albums but I only listened to them once or twice. I should have stated that I just don’t care for numbers in which several guitar players play in a song–as in the finale of the show–or when twelve guitar players play “Smoke on the Water” together.

    Apologies for the ambiguity.

    (Go UK Wildcats!)

  27. 27
    BrianH says:

    I went to a G3 concert last night with Steve Lukather. He was good, but the chance to see Steve Morse with Dave LaRue would be FANTASTIC!!!! If you get to see it, enjoy it for me.

  28. 28
    kraatzy says:

    @ 13:

    I have never said that I don´t like anyone of these 3 guys….

    I like Steve Morse, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai very much but I prefer Ritchie Blackmore, because I love his specially guitar playing. Only HE is (for me) the MAN ON THE SILVER MOUNTAIN (the banjo man in Deep Purple).



  29. 29
    Hornoxe says:

    @ 9 (Martin):
    A bit late response, but sure look out for “Demon’s Eye”, DP Tribute act from Germany. They play Blackmore-DP style including heavy improvising like it should be, not only trying to recreate the Made In Japan versions etc.
    Lately they played a lot of shows with Doogie White and recorded an album with new self written songs with him! Everyone who is a DP fan but doesn’t like the idea of a new album with Morse should at least try this one out, it’s called “The Stranger Within”.
    When they play with Doogie, they also play some Rainbow, and the guitarist is the nearest to rock-Blackmore I’ve ever heard! Jon Lord even invited him to play on his Concerto, after he played it with the whole band in Germany!
    Just look on youtube, should find them searching for “Demon’s Eye Doogie White”

    These Guys and the Australian Pink Floyd both are my heros, since I will never see these two original bands 🙁 btw look out, the band BritFloyd is like half of the musicians of aussiefloyd in a new band, they are both equally great! (but thats offtopic here^^)

  30. 30
    Guillermo - Heavyrock says:

    And now in South America there is the G3 with Satriani, Petrucci and Morse! My two big guitar players, and of course with one of my favorites, Satriani…

    Very nice!!!!

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