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Purple in Canadian press

canadian-leaf-purple.jpgAs the Canadian tour approaches, musician’s profiles and interviews start appearing in local media.

Niagara This Week has Steve Morse’s profile titled The Morse Code.

London Free Press (that’s London, Ontario) has a rather interesting interview with Ian Paice where he does not mince his words:

I believe that we have another good record in us and I believe we’ll make it this year. A couple of years ago there were a couple of guys in the band who just didn’t see the point. And when it’s like that there’s no use trying to push it. But there’s been a change of heart.

Shouldn’t you be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Yes we should. But as it’s taken so long, I’ve a mind that if it ever comes up, I would probably refuse it. I think it would probably be insulting. That’s my personal view — I’m not speaking for the other guys in the band. But I’ve seen so many nonentities get into it that I’m not sure it’s that hallowed a place anymore.

Read more in London Free Press.

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Thanks to Richard Hutton for the info.

19 Comments to “Purple in Canadian press”:

  1. 1
    Tommy H. says:

    I like reading interviews with Ian Paice. He always offers his very honest opinion straight forward to the point about everything that comes up.

  2. 2
    deeperpurps says:

    Ian P. hit the nail right on the head re Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – its not a hallowed place at all. In fact its all very corporate, just like its cohorts R’stone mag and H’ Rock Cafs.

    If ever nominated, Deep Purple should shun the place.

  3. 3
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Paicey seems to be telling it like it is (or was). Just as I was told at the Meet and Greet in Chicago back in June. Some weren’t interested in doing a new record. I do believe the fans pushed the buttons.

    His not remembering doing the ‘Velvet Underground’ record ‘Squeeze’ is amazing. How do you not recollect doing a whole album? He says he heard a track from it and it “sounded like it could be him”. Yeah, I have the album, it’s him.

    As for his opinion regarding the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame….Perfect response. F That.

    The Morse interview was straight forward also. He made it clear that the setlist was Gillan’s choice. Some classic songs, some classic tunes from the classic era and some newer tunes. Seems about right based on the last few years’ shows.
    Nothing really revealing here except for the Paice view of R&RHOF and Velvet Underground. And at least he confirms the new album is a go…..


  4. 4
    Drdp says:

    Paicey is SO right with his assessment of the Hall Of Shame.

  5. 5
    Jim B. says:

    Well said Paicy, the RRHF has become a joke!!!!

  6. 6
    jim says:

    Ian’s completely right about the R/R/H/O/F

  7. 7
    stoffer says:

    Good for you Paicey, tell the R n R Hall Of Fame to shove it!!

  8. 8
    Rick Freeman says:

    Deep Purple belongs in the Music For The Ages HOF. RRHOF is a joke. Jann Werner of Rolling Stone magazine. Read this: http://www.notinhalloffame.com/articles.php?cat_id=2
    Sad Sad

  9. 9
    LRT says:

    The album format is a dying thing to say the least, and that alone is hard for them to swallow well enough to get excited about making one. I know they’re all happy making records outside of Purple though, but I think that just might be because they’re not Purple albums to begin with, it’s relatively easy to explain, as their demographic factor has been the closing-in issue over the last decade. It has to be hard rock, and lets be honest, it’s a hard genre to keep a hook on in this musical cyberscape. They have done it so many times that it has shown them you’re only as good as your last record, and their last three have been some of their worst in the lagacy, however good they are, when they do this in their sleep. As we know, it’s still better than most can acieve these days as well, old or new act. Robert Plant agrees with me.

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:

    In the meantime lots of artists make new albums :

    Neil Young
    AC/DC(as soon a not mentioned bandmember recovers)

    I forgot some(Yeah, getting old sucks)but am sure I saw more news of examples very recently

  11. 11
    T says:

    Hard rock is enjoying a renaissance of sorts as the fan base ages and many younger kids tire of hip-hop, rap, and groups that sound like garage bands. This is why country music also has become so popular in America, often with sounds closer to rock music than traditional country and western. Country never has been so popular in this country–mainly because it is the only alternative to fill the void left by the “classic rock” style.

    The LP–that is, the long play album–always has been the format of hard and progressive rock. It is this medium that launched the genre as the transition was made from AM pop to “album rock” FM stations. The “classic rock” bands do not generally release a single song for download but continue to operate in the context of a ‘slice of time’ that is best represented by the long-playing album. This is where Deep Purple shines.

    While Deep Purple historically has produced albums with a limited number of songs–sometimes as few as three songs on a side (In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head)–the numbers tended to be longer in order to fully develop the musical idea (“Child in Time”, “Fools,” “Lazy”).

    Purple has become artistically stagnant due to the large amount of time between albums. Live performances–another hallmark of the band–has become the comfort zone. An infusion of new material–even if new numbers might not remain long in the setlist–could do the group a lot of good and create a great deal of enthusiasm among long-time fans. Such a disc would create the kind of PR that simply cannot be generated through any other means.

    I can think of numerous reasons to record a new album. I can think of very few not to.

  12. 12
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    They are long time Professional Musicians that have a right to make as few or many albums as they want. Or none even and call it a day. It’s their band, their profession, their life, their choice. They have the right to base their decisions on money, time, effort, desire, pretty much anything they choose. It’s their business. What drives one musician or band, doesn’t drive another. To each his own. Yes, absolutely I personally wish they desired to make more records. Yes, personally it disappoints me because I want MORE. But we don’t dictate that any more than we dictate TMIB strapping back on his STRAT. We get what we get. They do what they do. And they have been doing it a looooooong time.

    GOD bless them and what they have done. WE are truly blessed to have taken part. A few more years of it and it will seem as though they’ve been doing it since ‘before time began’.


  13. 13
    James says:

    So, Ian G is responsible for the setlist. In the old days it was Ritichie. How about a little democracy. The guys might want to play other songs.

  14. 14
    Bill Major says:

    As much as I love the Purps and as grateful as I am for their longevity it does gnaw at me a little to hear the attitude that has been displayed for years about new albums. I also understand that sales of albums are a thing of the past. As soon as something comes out you can get it for nothing. But in a way that helps. There was no video to speak of until fairly recently and now we obviously have a wealth of DVDs to choose from. They can be spit out as often as you like. I personally buy all the video available like most of us, so new material can only help that endeavor. Now, the part that might piss off certain band members. Should there not be at least a minimal level of, God forbid, loyalty to those of us who support this band through garbage and greatness? They are in their 45th year [minus the post Bolin years] for a reason. Obviously DP continues to deliver in a big way but they are still relevant because we are out here making them so. They have always shown great appreciation for the fans publicly [with a few Ritchie exceptions] but new material should probably be looked at as responsibility. Musicians always tell you that you have to grow as a group or you will get stale. [Sounds like Hollywoodspeak doesn’t it?] Paicey says a couple of the band members said what’s the point. The point is us. There would be no DP or Highway Star website or this discussion without all of us knuckleheads. Ok, let me get down off this soap box before I bust my ass. One last rant. Paicey is right about R&RHOF. Just look at the Grammy awards. Laughable.

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 12

    I think you’d be more frustrated than me if they would NOT release anything new.

    Did you already go for the vacancy of drummer in Sabbath?

  16. 16
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    What vacancy???? Ward is out? I hadn’t heard about that. Now if they’d replace OZZY I’b be happier….

    Hell we could make Sabbath a 3piece band. TONI, click on my name. There is my audition. Call me!!!!


  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 16

    So it is true!!!!
    You are living in a cave : )

    How on earth did it happen that you missed out on all the stuff going on around the Sabs lately?!

    My ticket I bought for Rotterdam is useless now.
    More important is ofcourse Iommi’s health.

  18. 18
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Over the last month I’ve been pretty busy only finding time for This Purple site for my music nostalgia. Here in the US news like what’s going along with Iommi and Co. isn’t public. I don’t frequent the Sabbath sites either. I’m not in a cave, just enjoying the tons of other facets of life…..


  19. 19
    Ken sease says:

    I totally see paiceys point about the Rock and Roll Hall of fame being a hallowed place, almost as if they let anyone in there these days. On the other hand it would be pretty cool to see them in there. They certainly deserve it and have for a long time. I’ve been a musician for 40 years and I can say that they are some of the best musicians I’ve ever heard. very underrated. they have also managed to endure very strongly for so many years. just my humble opinion. 🙂

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