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Purple in Canadian press pt. 2

Steve Morse, Ottawa, February 8, 2012; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SAThe Hamilton Spectator has Steve Morse’s profile and interview mostly revolving around the story behind Contact Lost:

I’m a big fan of what NASA has done. People don’t realize the research and development strides that have been made, all that technology. We’re recipients of all of that eventually.

Read more in The Hamilton Spectator.

Ian Gillan, Kingston, Canada, Feb 9 2012; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SASaskatoon’s The StarPhoenix similarly featured Ian Gillan, who in his seemingly habitual manner denied that any progres has been made on the new album:

We haven’t actually gotten any material at the moment. I read that too but it’s rubbish.

Read more in The StarPhoenix.

11 Comments to “Purple in Canadian press pt. 2”:

  1. 1
    Rick Freeman says:

    So Ian Gillan is once more saying that a new album is rubbish? I can not help but think IG is not excited about recording a new album. He has been the only member who has from the start down played recording. The other 4 are always talking about it. How many songs did he said he has written? Yet, no album….then, this is Ian. Ask him tomorrow and you will get a different response. If, a new album happens I will be happy. If, not…well we still have the live shows! At least they are still touring.

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Good old Gillan. Still stirring the pot. Come on Mr. Universe, stop coming off like the wet noodle in the outfit. Step up and act more like the positive constructive frontman Purple needs. This constant negative destructive attitude is getting old. Might be time to add ‘Bad Attitude’ to the live setlist…..


  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This is becoming a freaking soap opera.

  4. 4
    Scott W. says:

    Sounds like Gillan is burnt out from the constant touring. After a nice break i’m sure he will sound more enthusiastic about recording the new album. I hope….

  5. 5
    purpdawg says:

    I remember an old interview from the 90’s in which Gillan admitted most of the problems with Ritchie were his fault. I am starting to believe it. He apparently has become so detached that he is forgetting who put him where he is. You’re right Tracy, the attitude is getting old. Bad Attitude was a great track from a great album, but I think it’s time for Ian to have “One Eye To Morrocon Roll”.

  6. 6
    Tommy H. says:

    @ 1, 2:

    Come on guys, be fair. From what I read he just denied the fact that there had been any recent progress in songwriting. He should be allowed to set some rumors straight.

    You have to let them get there. They are still touring. I’m sure if anythink actually moves in direction of a new album then it won’t be a long kept secret. I’m waiting too but good things need their time and spirit!

  7. 7
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:


    Look, fair is as fair does. I’m probably the first here to be lenient on the record front. Yeah wouldn’t it be great if there was a Purple album each year as in days gone by? Of course. But at this stage in the game we are very lucky to even get what we have gotten. Could have been over long ago. That being said though, there comes a certain amount of responsibility when you are the ‘spokesperson’ or Frontman of such a band as Deep Purple. What you say is actually kind of important when your whole reason for living and your ability to do so is reliant on Fans such as us whom enjoy paying for concert tickets and buying the records and DVDs produced and want more. The kind of attitude exuded from Mr. Universe from time to time in my opinion sometimes crosses the lines of snide and almost cutting. Not something very worthy from one whom should be doing just the opposite. Yes, he probably is somewhat annoyed at the industry and the business for the place Purple seems to be regarding their present ‘status’. But to take it out on the fans is uncalled for, and maybe he doesn’t do it purposefully, but it sure comes across like he has a bone to pick. Purple would be a lot better off if there was a little more ‘positive’ outgoingness than all of this reclusive, snide secretive crap. This is actually a good example of why Purple probably hasn’t been considered for the R&RHOF. They’ve been pissing people off for years. Yes it’s great that they don’t ‘sell out’ and don’t play the game, but they go so far out of their way in the opposite direction that it’s actually kind of understandable. Especially today in this ‘suck ass’ world of ass kissing PC police. Just a little pull back on the ‘isolation’ reigns would and would have gone a long way toward a more robust acknowledgement in the public eye.


  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Also, I have been checking out the vids on YOUTUBE from the Canadian Tour, and noticed that when Gillan introduces ‘Rapture of the Deep’, he makes reference to the fact that they have a New Album in the works but nothing far along enough to play from it as of yet. So at least he is actually staking claim publicly that the record is gonna happen. I just wish he was more the positive, motivated spokesperson. It would go a long way toward putting the naysayers at ease. But then, he is who he is. Like Popeye the Sailor used to say…”I yam what I yam”.


  9. 9
    Ljubisa says:

    Only rubbish I see in article from Jeanette Stewart (Saskatoon’s The StarPhoenix)
    is her whole style of writing.

    I bet she copy/pasted most of it from diferent sorces as whole article is mix of broken chains of “facts”. I bet she never heard any song from DP.

    And to check further on her, as I see her as a very strange person doing something (being reporter) and lacking the needed skills to be one I found this on her:


    BTW, shame on you bashing Ian Gillan.

    If you want “smooth talker” and who “know” what to talk to make you fill good go and turn your TV and watch your faworite politicians. For God Sake!

  10. 10
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Yes Ljubisa:

    I similarly agree with you regarding the writing style of the author, but if you are aiming your statement at me regarding ‘bashing’ Gillan, you are off your rocker. I constantly defend him regarding the ‘bashers’ here that complain about his loss of voice. But, whether or not this interview was correct or not, the statements are compatible with his latest and past demeanor regarding his negative attitude. ‘Smooth Talker’? No, that’s not what I am looking for. Positive representative at the front of the greatest rock band ever? YES, by GOD. That would be Win Win for fans and band alike….


  11. 11
    Ljubisa says:

    @ 10

    Sorry if I unintentionaly disturbed you mate Tracy…
    YES, for me too DP is the greatest rock band ever. So let’s we nourish this fact untill beter season comes, meaning some rest after long tours and after it whatever be.
    And, regarding all recent “gossips” arround next album, I simply strongly believe it will be…
    Hopefully not only one…

    best regards to you Tracy, to DP and all of their fans arround the globe from Serbia.

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