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A Castle Full of Rascals, in hardcover

Cover of “A Castle Full Of Rascals” by Martin Popoff

Martin Popoff has a follow-up volume to his book Gettin’ Tighter. A Castle Full Of Rascals: Deep Purple ’83 – ’09 follows the tradition of Gettin’ Tighter and Rainbow: English Castle Magic by narrating the band’s history “in their own words”, through extensive original interviews. Which makes for a very entertaining reading, if maybe slightly less historically accurate (we all know how human memory works). The new book is promised (I haven’t seen it myself yet) to cover the history of the band from just before the reunion to present time, and have “bits about side-projects, the intro necessities about Gillan, Rainbow, Sabbath and Whitesnake, plus cool trivia from Nick Blagona, Tom Panunzio, Candice Night, Frank Morgan, and Stuart Smith”.

The book can be ordered directly from Martin’s website.

10 Comments to “A Castle Full of Rascals, in hardcover”:

  1. 1
    mike whiteley says:

    I’ve read both books and thoroughly enjoyed them.I believe Martin has crafted the definitive Purple history. It is certainly up to date, with some interviews for the Castle Full of Rascals book done just this past Spring.The magic lies in how the author weaves the interviews into an entertaining narrative.
    He is also not shy in offering his own informed opinions on the band’s high points and low ebbs.Album by album,song by song…it’s all here.
    Highly recommended.

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    martin popoff didn’t released some books about rare albums of ’70 hidden bands?

  3. 3
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 2

    I dont know

    You probably can look that up somewhere on the Net?

    Wink wink…..

    I do recall he wrote a book about Black Sabbath as well….

  4. 4
    scott says:

    #2 roberto,
    yes he has. they are called the “ye olde metal” and he is up to 3 or 4 volumes now. ‘captain beyond’ is in one of them. order from his website.

  5. 5
    Martin Popoff says:

    Thanks for posting info on the book guys. Couple quick things though. it’s NOT hardcover. And yes, I’ve done these five Ye Olde Metal books which have chapters on sorta 15 to 18 albums each, some obscure, many just sorta classic.
    Thanks again… hope y’all dig the Purple book. I don’t know about definitive, but yes, there’s not as many Deep Purple books out there as there should be.

  6. 6
    Woodruff P. Hoppinstopp says:

    Captain beyond wasn’t that Rod Evans and co.not bad actually

  7. 7
    Woodruff P. Hoppinstopp says:

    P.S listen learn read on.

  8. 8
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    @5 Martin, Love any, even somewhat close to the band, insight and direct quotes in painting a picture of what these masters are about. I will order your book, and learn that much more than I thought I knew as I type!



    P.S. Steve Morse remains The World’s Greatest Banjo Player!


  9. 9
    Martin Popoff says:

    OK, well, weirdly now there IS a hardcover version, only… it’s in German! Ted, not sure what you’re askin’?

  10. 10
    Tom Wallace says:

    Hey Martin,

    I didn’t know there was a hard cover. That’s cool.

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