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Out Standing In Their Field

SMB Out Standing In Their Field cover art

The new Steve Morse Band album called Out Standing In Their Field will get its international release on September 25 (October 12 in France) on Edel Records.


  1. Name Dropping
  2. Brink of the Edge
  3. Here and Now and Then
  4. Relentless Encroachment
  5. John Deere Letter
  6. More to the Point
  7. Time Junction
  8. Unnamed Sources
  9. Flight of the Osprey
  10. Baroque ‘n Dreams
  11. Rising Power (Live)

All songs by Steve Morse, except “Time Junction”, which was written by Kevin Morse and Steve Morse.

Preorder the album from your nearest Amazon store:

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson and the Steve Morse fan site for the info.

54 Comments to “Out Standing In Their Field”:

  1. 1
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah – the Steve Morse Show goes on …

    I love his music


  2. 2
    Bo says:

    I’m sure it will be a great album, now where Steve is in his true world of music. I will for buy it, but I hope he will remember to ONLY play rock and NOT jazz when he is with Purple. To often there is to much jazz in his playing with Purple. They are – and should ALLWAYS be a rock band.

  3. 3
    kraatzy says:

    Hey Bo,

    I think, Steve is (the) one of the greatest guitarist in all kinds of music: Country, Jazz, RnR, (and cause he is in PURPLE) Rock ….
    If you every have had listen to his other Solo- and SMB- and Dixies Dregs-music, you will understand, what I mean.

    I am sure, it will be an other great album from the master of versatility !

    But in one kind, you´re right: PURPLE is ROCK (not JAZZ)



  4. 4
    Gerrit says:

    I’m looking very much forward to it. Steve, since I heard him the first time with Purple, is my guitar hero for all times. The funny thing is: In case he never joined Purple, I would have never bought all his records and all of the Dixie Dregs stuff – and I’d never know what I have missed. I like every single piece of his solo works – and I must admit that I’ve been listening more often to the Steve Morse solo things than to Deep Purple albums during the last years. Maybe it’s a matter of getting older, maybe it’s a matter of what you want to hear with your girlfriend … His music is beautiful AND complex at the same time. Indeed, it’s the most intelligent rockmusic that I’ve ever heard. Anyway: If the new album is only as half as good as Split Decision, I will be listening to it again … and again … and again …

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Great titles.

    I often wonder what would would have happened if he had gotten more room for influence

    Now Ian Gillan dictates everything…..

    Thats not how it should be…..

    Not meant sarcastic or pun intended…..

    Mind you!!!!

  6. 6
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    My Main Man Steve is a bonafide FREAK! Ain’t no way this is not going to blow any intelligent listener away…..! NEXT?

    Va Voom! There she went again….



  7. 7
    Crimson Ghost says:


    I say he rather doesn’t play enough jazz with Purple.
    It’s really what he does best bas far as I’m concerned, and by the way, what are you having in your tea when you insinuate that they should only play rock? You heard no jazz in them in the early days for instance? I beg to differ on that one.

    And when he plays more rock in Purple it’s too southern for many people’s taste, so the jazz stuff like he did on stuff like ‘SIFLS’ are more in his element and Purple adapt to it very well. I think they just find it to be work anymore and thats why they don’t write that way as much now.

    We can’t have everything, darn it!

  8. 8
    Rascal says:

    I often wonder what would have happened if Steve had joined DP earlier than he did…….

    In the days when Blackmore dictated the bands every move……….In the days when RB thought He was the band…….

    Steve Morse is an amazing player, and DP have been lucky to enjoy that talent………

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion…..

  10. 10
    TruthHurts says:

    @ 8
    …….yeah, just think about it – no signature riffs, no gut wrenching solos, probably even no songs that you’d want to hear a second time in your life….just perfect pointless boring muso perfection.
    Blackmore isn’t Purple? I wish ‘Deep Purple’ would actually prove that this is the case…..

  11. 11
    Soren says:

    @ 10
    A comment i totally agree with!

    (But thank GOD Blackmore left the band when he did. I mean, otherwise we wouldn´t have all the great “classics” the band recorded on Bananas, Abandon, Rapture… You know, all those brilliant songs even the band themselves got tired of after a week of promoting them on tour, and decided to promote Machine Head instead…)

  12. 12
    Rascal says:

    @10 I guess I must be fortunate. I give SM’s riffs, and solos considerably more repeated speaker time than I do RB’s.

  13. 13
    HZ says:

    Right to the point and KO! Thank you Truth, thank you.. Though I love Morse, Dixie Dregs is great, also Steve Morse band; he’s good at what he’s good – Purple is Blackmore’s work, and that’s it. Well in my opinion, and I see what are the tunes that are played night after night.

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 11
    I wish they had pursued their solo activities with proably the same songs, DP sound lacking but their own and °I feel more authentic
    Relesing them under the name of ¨Deep Purple has to do more with money than anything else

    @ 12

    Nothing to add , I would say……
    Just trying to be a old provocative punker again?

  15. 15
    Rascal says:


    Just telling it like it is.

    Its your issue if you find it provocative. Same old, same old.

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    After all those years of trying to give the man a chance I d say it s not having a moment of great wits.

  17. 17
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I was a Steve Morse fan way prior to him joining Purple. I was a Purple fan way prior to Steve Morse ever putting out a record. When Blackmore left, the band continued on, as they have whenever one or more musicians left, or were replaced. Nothing new. The band formed in ’68 and fired and hired 2 of it’s players the following year. Hence MK2. It has happened over and over again since and many types of music has been spawned from each line-up. Each line-up has it’s place and many fans are divided on their favorite one or even their favorite song or album from each. I remember being totally crushed when MK2 ended and I first heard Coverdale and Hughes at the helm. I didn’t work for me at all at the time. But, eventually, any Purple was better than No Purple and it finally sunk in and I let it go. There are high points and low points to every line-up. The Morse era is the longest lasting line-up and that being said, those whom are the Obvious Blackmore Preferred Fans are becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of Blackmore influence in the Present State of Purple. Luckily for the Majority of the Purple Followers such as myself, we are not feeling the loss you MIB worshippers are harping about. We see and accept the direction they have taken and are able to always listen to any Line-up of Purple in our huge catalogue of Studio and Bootleg Live albums and CDs.

    I’d say that Steve Morse has been very influential to this band. As I stated, I’ve been a fan of his since he first was introduced and have all of his records. I can here HIS SOUND in every Purple track that he has been a part of. Just as I can pick out Blackmore in his efforts. I’d say he is just as influential as Blackmore. He doesn’t show a glimmer of trying to emulate Blackmore. On the contrary. Aside from certain signature parts of songs as with the long speedy solo riff in Highway Star when playing live, he plays it HIS WAY. What it all boils down to is that it’s about personal taste and also the maturity of facing facts and getting past things that you are not in control of. If it was up to some, Purple would be gone just because Blackmore isn’t there. But believe me. Had that happened back in ’94 when he left. Any Purple would be fine today if after 15 years they were gone. It’s what happens when one is spoiled. They always want what they can’t have.


  18. 18
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I might be spoiled in certain ways…..
    I prefer to call it, like someone else here, sticking to what is GOOD.

    Saying that anything is better than nothing is , IMHO, very weak.
    I hope you dont apply that way of thinking to other areas in your personal life.
    I d rather die than compromise……

    Saying that RB fans are becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of his influence in the Present State of DP …..

    1 Yes, WE miss his Royal Blackness, the main composer and drive behind everything at their peak.
    The magic IS gone.
    Its just a working circus, nothing more.

    2 No, we are ANNOYED

    Because present DP keeps on being influenced too much by his signature compositions in a live setting by reverting back to the old era songs too much.

    Because at the same time claiming that THEY CAN DO WITHOUT HIM while its his shadow keeps looming over everything.

    Because the mainman keeps on destroying any subtlety with horrible sounds.

    Because THE CHANCE is missed for many moons now to make a REAL NEW MARK after PURPENDICULAR.

    I ve said again and again that they should have pursued in a way that mainly Morse songs are being played live.
    Even ME would have had more respect and some pleasure if they had done that.

    It still would not have been REAL DP for me but at least there would have been some honesty, integrity and adventure in the experience.

    After the point of the setlist mainly and for many years now consisting mainly of the old era songs the several hopeless arguments keep being repeated….

    That its not their fault but the audience who persist on the same old again and again for example.
    I think that that is for a big part underating the flexibility and willingness of their fans.

    Now and then people like you defend their choices by luring in financial arguments and so on.
    If thats the case, JUST SAY SO, and stop debating it.
    Just conclude its a financial thing.

    We re talking in circles…..

    And I m part to blame.

    I keep reacting to the evident NONSENSE….

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Btw, why dont you blame DP , instead of me, for staying in the BOX?!

    Leaving the comfortzone can be very frigfhtfull and disheartening due to dissappointment but at least ONE should have tried.

    They did during PURPENDICULAR.

    Are the facts really that the new classics, sic, were less popular under the audience?

    Whats the real story?
    Sometimes I read old news that that tour and the reviews on the albums were less favourable than I seem to remember.

  20. 20
    Rascal says:

    DP shouldnt disguise the fact that RB was a contributor to some of their most famous compositions just because his ‘Blackness’ decided to leave the real world.

    The 1970’s was a successful decade for many rock bands, could RB emulate that success by rejoining DP today? NO, the moment has passed. The 1980’s reunion couldnt emulate it, neither could the JLT abortion reach those heights. Those days are gone.

    I certainly dont want to be included in the ‘WE’ that misses RB, cos I dont.

    And what the hell is a ‘REAL DP’?

  21. 21
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    The set list doesn’t stay exactly the same. There are tons of variations over the years. The statement that they play Blackmore tunes is another misnomer. They are Purple Tunes, and 3 of the 5 present members where a part of Purple during the Blackmore days. They are just as much theirs as Blackmore’s. Actually at this time, they are more Theirs. THEY ARE IN DEEP PURPLE. HE IS NOT. They do tunes from almost ALL eras of Purple except for the MK3,4,and 5 days. The songs belong to PURPLE. What songs PURPLE plays is up to PURPLE. But regarding the repeated setlists. The Blackmore days were the worst for that. Always the same old tunes once they got to a certain point. These guys have just been around for longer. It’s a fact jack…

    Better than nothing? I don’t feel that way about Purple. My point was that after I gave the MK3 line-up a true listen and got over the shock of the new sound, and realized it was permanent and that was that, I found that I actually liked them and accepted them and it’s the same for the present version of Purple. I have progressed through the many changes and accept the fact that their evolution through the years has produced a huge amount of variety and great music throughout….

    I find myself playing Come Taste the Band more than ever before these days. I loved the change then, and I still think it’s one of the best Purple Albums out there. I would love to hear this present band play my favorite track from that…”Comin’ Home”. A fantastic Rock Jam, and probably the only Coverdale tune I actually could see Gillan pulling off decently…


  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Everyone already agreed upon the fact that Ritchie was the main composer behind those popular live staples-

    Always the same setlist and worse for that is DEFINITELY not an opinion but a TOTAL LIE.
    What are you drinking?

    RB and DP certainly did emulate a very high degree of succes after the reunion.
    During the Perfect Strabngers stout they were the 2nd best selling live act in the USA.
    Not bad I d say……You?
    Although the quality was something of a shadow compared to the 70s, they often had this kind of magic they lost after HE left
    Espescially during the TBRO tour it was very clear that all of the band, well except for Mister Zero unfortunately were very close and often on a par, with their former peaks.

    Coming Home is the only NON RB album which really stands the test of time
    PURPENDICULAR which was kinda refreshing and really not bad, except for shit like The Aviator, comes 2nd IMHO.

    Gillan will never sing a DC tune, he ll only match him by other outragous behaviour with women in the dressingroom.

    Why should I care that someone like you, an punker!!!!!, does not want to be connected with the WE that still prefer superior musicianship above terrible shit?!

  23. 23
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    All great commentary as per your usual. Great shtuff!


    Are you off of your med’s at the moment pray tell? :>

    Outstanding in every field…. Grip the reality…



  24. 24
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I tend to get a boost through coffee, I think.

    I dont think the painkillers for my lower back ache makes me entering other mental spheres than usual, hehehe

    We just DIS agree Mainman Fan

    Cheers, Mister MF


  25. 25
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    You know I had to have fun with you re: the meds posts dating back a bit.

    Best of luck with the back. I had a weak back about a week back. But seriously, I am off to see the chiropractor later in the day. And it is a back thang…..

    And dig this. It is Vinyl Saturday tomorrow and Rising will be hitting the turntable.

    Finally, check out Dream Theater’s cover of Stargazer. They done a great job on that and the other covers including My Mainman and the Dregs…



  26. 26
    Rascal says:

    You can only grip reality when you live in it…..

  27. 27
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I dont like taking meds
    Since I started doing sports, eating healthy, trying to adopt a way of life so to speak….I had this anti feelings against it.

    But sometimes you have to surrender….

    I ve heard the DT version a while ago and it has been discussed here thoroughly, I remember.
    I think in the thread Deep Purple is the best band or something like that…..


    Although I ve been told I do resemble La Brie in appearance I just cant fall in love with the voice of my so called brother.

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 26

    Whose reality?


    Not in a philosphical mood at all but…..
    I think there as many realities as there are human beings.

    Dont start again……

    You dont have to translate your intentions.

  29. 29
    elprupdeep says:

    in the 70 it was a band call DP. but we were in the 70.
    40 years later is another band with 3 members from the 70 and its called DP BUT AFTER 40 YEARS OF COURSE ITS NOT THE SAME ,WHAT YOU EXPECTED GUYS
    you think they’re going to do another IN ROCK or MADE IN JAPAN.
    No, it won’t happen again they will do something like Rapture and it is (VERY)good to me, because we are in 2010 and not the 70.
    And, with this band we have now and since the last 15 years, Monsieur Blackmore doesn’t have any place, not at all.
    He proved it, watch the last concerts he did with DP .
    the best things happen to DP is Ritchie departure he didn’t fit anymore and DP will be dead a long time ago if he didn’t go.
    DP IS 5 MUSICIANS and musicianship.
    not 4 guys whom are rule by 1.
    long live DP AND Ritchie.

  30. 30
    purplepriest1965 says:

    He proved it, watch the last concerts he did with DP????!!!!!

    I think you are referring to the NEC DVD~?

    Appearantly the argument to slag off him again and again…..

    Did YOU see shows during the TBRO tour?
    More than one?

    Missed out on all those YouTubes and bootlegrecordings which are abundant???!!!!

    Do you live in a cave with only THAT DVD~?
    Maybe you should dismiss Gillan for sounding horrible on the Paris 1985 dvd one too?
    Both are just one show and just an indication how things go go amiss .

    And if you open your ears RB is still way superior to anything after and compared to bad performances of OUR HERO before ANF after.

  31. 31
    Rascal says:

    I didnt release you dished out any philosophy.

    I must have missed it.

    I think you should join the RB appreciation society. Surely it would suit you better. Rather than post your dislike for the cuurent DP (15 years) you can bathe in the light and comfort of your ‘Man In Black’.

  32. 32
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Rascal, It continues to be a positive that you get it. No myopia on your part. It would be nice if other buggers, er, uh, bloggers got it…

    I still can’t figure this out, with all due respect to each musician’s talents at the end of the day. What is the big deal, with respect to individual preferences, to the fact that the current banjo player in the Purple Machine could both objectively along with subjectively be superior to so many other banjo players? It just doesn’t matter, all of them, for the most part bring their own styles and personalities to the spectrum….

    And The Black Guy stated that Eric Clapton can’t play guitar….. ?!

    Oh well, tunnel vision is an innocent shortcoming. Again, at the end of the day, it’s one man or woman’s opinion.

    Sometimes I do feel like screaming. But one just has to chuckle at all of the collective absurdities…..

    Va Voom! I just buried the 8 ball for victory and another pint that did not have to be paid out of my bill fold!



  33. 33
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 31

    Ofcourse you missed.

  34. 34
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 31

    Bathing in light and comfort and so on…….

    Was that not a Gillan reference he often used after he rejoined DP and deciding the band would be his FINANCIAL backbone to get old?

    And ofcourse the sun came out after RB left and so on…..


    You KNOW by now I m not really pleased with the longevity of Ritchies choice for a what I did on my vacation…….

    The man puzzles me too

    He might be having a good time, I dunno


    I still have his efforts from over 40 years on my daily diet when I need to feel inspired, exited, warmed, moved, kicked in the butt when I m lazy or depressed.

    The other one is just a bore, a repetitive machine, a bad composer, a fake…..

    The does not give me something of the above.

    He annoys the hell out of me, gets big time on my nerves and utterly depresses me when massacring Ritchies solos.

    As long as I can still play his GREAT WORKS , from the past or not, he has still got a lot to offer
    Espescially as an alternative instead of that fraud who got rejected many times while applying before some stupidos of a guitarmagazine decided he was worthy.

    Why do I keep on posting my opinion you dont like?!

    1 I have the right
    2 Spoiling your momentuous ILLUSSIONS of greatnes and joy is not an argument to keep calm. And sometimes I have the sheer joy you get annoyed, yes.
    3 I m not calm because I m a passionate man who cant stand things that say they are TRUE while they evidently are not.

  35. 35
    Rascal says:

    And you still cant see

  36. 36
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    And the Battle Rages On. Except that the actual Players have moved on and are where they want to be, while the mainstay griping MIB Worshippers live in the past and can’t quite come to grips with the reality. Philosophy? About what? Music? That’s about ears and heart.

    BTW, back on subject…..I look forward to this release. I have a feeling it will be his best solo effort yet. Hard to compete with his earlier classics, but I bet this will please the less narrow minded…


  37. 37
    Rascal says:


    You post away Priest………..you certainly have the right to do so.

    Do I get annoyed? No……I take great amusement from your stance………….and I like to play the part.

    My passion is with life, music isnt my reason for living, I can enjoy music without having to ‘live it’……..

    My view…….and when it comes down to it, a guitarist is someone who plays a multi stringed piece of wood. RB has talent for it, so does SM, and countless others……..Do YOU think my ‘passion’ and ‘life’ depends on these people, and their music?

    I hardly think so…………….

    A whole world exists out there………why not try it?

  38. 38
    purplepriest1965 says:

    No, we see things differently
    More important…WE have different EARS.

  39. 39
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    But, where is the Heart?????

  40. 40
    Rascal says:

    His heart belongs to RB.

  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Just keep trying guys.

    Comparing Rembrandts with a colourbooks , why not?

  42. 42
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Not too many posters are comparing like you and a few others on this site. And I will say, Black is an interesting colour……

    By the by, did you know that Michelangelo was also Out Standing in His Field?



  43. 43
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 42

    Please read my suggestion on the Purple Rose in Boskoop.

  44. 44
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    ?? Need a little more clarity as to your suggestion.



  45. 45
    DeepOz says:

    And the topic is…

    Out Standing In Their Field.

    Nice little play on words. Be interested in having a listen.

  46. 46
    T says:

    Interesting how various members find time for solo work while it’s been four years (and counting) since the last Deep Purple studio album.

    Although I thought the Major Impacts series was brilliant, I’ve never been much of a solo Steve Morse fan and at the time thought he was an odd choice for Deep Purple. Morse is a musician’s musician and certainly more than capable–his extra-Purple material just not my kind of music.

    Having said that, however, he has given Purple a new dimension in much the same way Bolin did. I enjoy Morse in Purple and the progression he brought along and feel it would be a great improvement to allow him more freedom of expression. It was he who suggested a return to ‘The Beast’ sound and a more raw presentation. Currently, Purple are too polished.

    Gillan has a lot of control, and the last couple of albums were closer to Gillan than to Purple.

  47. 47
    MEGO says:

    Big numbers of posts about Steve is due to the love that Purple fans feel for THEIR Guitarist (with the Big G)
    Probably his solo CDs are the best in within the Purps members solo CDs. Sadly.

    I only got pain that Steve, one of this days, could be full to play Smoke and Battle rages on… and left Purple shoes…
    Please let Purps play more Steve era stuff: there’s a lot of platinum songs!!!

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 46

    Although I agree very often with what you write and really appreciate HOW you write I certainly cant follow the Morse vs Bolin comparison.
    I m not a Bolin fan but I m convinced HIS playing was very versatile and his solo albums I could relate too as well.

  49. 49
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Priest, ‘T’ didn’t do a Morse vs. Bolin comparison. He compared the fact that they both brought a new dimension to Purple, which obviously would have been the case no matter what Guitarist came in. Different sound, different approach, different dimension. ‘TV’S did a great job of simplifying the state Purple are in and how Morse could use a little more leeway in his influence and playing. ‘T’ I think you are correct in your analogy of Gillan being the main influence at present. Somebody usually is. Forever it was Blackmore. Now instead it is the Singer whom is running the show. Yet, another Dimension to the bands main influence, and I happen to like Purple these days. But, I wouldn’t mind if Morse and Airey would be a little more forceful with their influence and contributions. But, hey they are a band, a happy band, and overall, I truly can’t complain. Though it actually could have all ended in 1994, instead 4 Great Purple albums were recorded after Blackmore left with yet another on the way hopefully. To the Nay Sayers…..”PURPLE STILL RULES TODAY AND IS A WORLDWIDE CLASS ACT”.


  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Sorry….’T’, not ‘TV’S.

    Working my tired little ‘finger to the bone’.

  51. 51
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    By the by, boardsters. SMB is not the first musical entity to have a play on words with a picture (first on vinyl)of the band standing in a field with, yep, Outstanding in their field on said back cover. It’s in my collection, thought it was a great play when I bought that album years ago. Hopefully someone doesn’t have to rely on the googling to provide the answer. And no life lines allowed!

    Name that entity…..



  52. 52
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Great album as was to be expected. Saw the trio at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park this past Friday night. As per usual, collective jaws on the floor both those who have never seen Steve and the other guys, and those of us who have seen him dozens and dozens of times…..




  53. 53
    Almost Human says:


    You guys make me angry every time I read these writings… If RB would still be in DP, it would have turned into Rainbow! And Gillan would have left a long time ago… Would you like to listen to Joe Lynn Turner… get real!

    And why do they play those old tunes? I guess because they like them as well as the audience! But don´t imagine that they are the only good tunes of DP. Highest point of the gig for me is when “Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming” starts…

    With all respects, let´s all face the fact that RB has left the band and don´t come back. Let´s move on and enjoy the great music. And if you think it´s not great anymore, by no means, listen to something else.

    And back to the actual topic: SMB´s new album is great! I made a preorder and have been listening to it for a month several times every day. It´s great! When “Name Dropping” comes roaring out I always get the same feeling… life isn´t so bad after all. Steve is amazing! He´s guitar heals my acing soul…

  54. 54
    Bert says:

    I knew that had to come up Blackmores name sooner or later. Oh please…give me a break with that endless and pointless x vs y stuff! This new post is about the new album of STEVE MORSE! It would a wonderful thing of you could just stuck on the topic for one time.
    Its unbearable at times.

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