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Paicey on Little Hard Blues

Ranfa - Little Hard Blues (cover)

Ian Paice appears as a special guest of the first album by Italian singer from Florence Andrea ‘Ranfa’ Ranfagni. The album is called Little Hard Blues and was released on December 24, 2007. Other guests appearing on the album are Bernie Marsden, Tracy G (Dio), James Christian (House of Lords) and Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth). You can listen to clips from the album at Ranfa’s myspace page. Order the album by emailing ranfamv@libero.it.

Track list:

1. Everybody knows (with Bernie Marsden)
2. Mars
3. Forget my boogie (with Ian Paice)
4. Just got paid (ZZ Top cover)
5. It will be not this blues (with Roberto Tiranti)
6. Who needs them?
7. May Day (with Bernie Marsden)
8. New baby (with Bernie Marsden)
9. Mrs. Hope
10. Little hard blues (with James Christian )
11. I learned my lesson well (with Tracy G)
12. Easy woman (with Bernie Marsden)

Thanks to Francesco from www.deep-purple.it for the info.

23 Comments to “Paicey on Little Hard Blues”:

  1. 1
    ffitz says:

    Nice job by Paicey! Ranfa’s vocals aren’t my cup of tea though.

  2. 2
    Count Mean says:

    WTF? Is that a Italian woman in a gay mans body??? Get me a bucket someone…quick!!

  3. 3
    Joanna says:

    Thanks. I like blues so much!

  4. 4
    Ted says:

    haha! The cover is hilarious!

  5. 5
    dpprpl says:

    that guy should be rushed to the hospital with a swollen spleen. it’s gonna burst anytime!

  6. 6
    denis cusumano says:

    what’s the way i love paicey’ drumming. speed , inventive , swinging like a big band job , never heavy and the feeling of flying over the tempo. thanks for being there all these years !!!

  7. 7
    sixtynine says:

    I wish Paicey chose his side projects more carefully… after Mario Fasciano, Tolo Marton now we have another 3rd class/4th league semi-amateur Italian “artist”… hmmm…

  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    If Paice loves plays with a 3rd class/4th league semi-amateur Italian “artist” it means that he has not anyproblem instead of you dear “69”…what’s a problem? have you heard this work before to write? most of you people lkike to judge before to listen..so please shut up.have respect for the people loves music like Paice,Fasciano and all semi-amateur Italians “artist”…
    of course you understand I’m italian..ehehehe..gggrrrr!! 😛

  9. 9
    AndreA says:

    sixtynine…and remember that a lot of great rock musicians has Italian origin,mainly americans; do you wish to know some names? Satriani,Jon Bon Jovi,Ronnie james Dio (do you know why he uses the nick Dio?),Patitucci,Madonna,joh Petrucci,Rudy Sarzo,bob rondinelli: Have I to continue? all this not for sayng we are the best,but at least the respect
    I do not want to boast, swear to god, but sometimes hate people with the stench under the nose .. when everything is clean…perhaps are you stopped
    at the proverb “pizza and mandolin”?

  10. 10
    AndreA says:

    In Italy there are so much talent, maybe the country is at a level ignorant, certainly, for many things like music and the people here if you want to do a certain type of career must go abroad … Moreover, the metal was born in England and the HARD ROCK in England and USA ..

  11. 11
    sixtynine says:

    No offence Andre, but to me Italians are wonderful in arts in general, especially in the 16th c. scuplture and painting but not so much in music.
    From the names you mentioned I only consider Dio a talented chap (although I think he lost his chance by singing only metal music).
    Satriani is a skilful musician as well, but a poor composer.
    I still think Paicey should’ve been more careful anyway.
    And to make you feel more comfortable, I’m only British, and we never had good painters or classical music composers. All we had was Bond and The Beatles, well, and of course Purple and Zeps 🙂

  12. 12
    AndreA says:

    I wanted mean that sometime we should listen before to judge,only this. Sometime it happen that you find a cd with I wrote befunknown and insignificant musicians but that could give a nice sourprise
    Before upthere I wrote with smiling not with irritation….anyway…i think you are no right if for example you have a lot of famous bands like The Black Crowes (wow),Rory Gallagher(RIP),THIN LIZZY (wow),black widow,J.tull,the who,..a lot of you have…yes after 90’s the bands are decreased…I think that the best has stopped in beggining of 90’s even if we can always find good bands on over the world,from blues to metal through hard rock…
    peace 🙂

  13. 13
    fra says:

    anyway, i don’t think lil ian doesn’t “choose” his side projects.
    i know paicey is a friend of ranfa, as he played many times with ‘purple sucker’ (ranfa’s deep purple cover band) in italy, back in the last 5 years.
    that’s why maybe he accepted to record a (cool) track for his album 😉

  14. 14
    sixtynine says:

    Nevertheless I will of course listen to the album and as I love the blues, who knows, maybe Ranfa would suprise me. I truly hope so. The last time I heard good blues played by a young musician was few years back when Kenny Wayne Shepherd released his first CD.
    Andrea, let’s bury the hatchet… although don’t forget that Gallagher, Lynott and Anderson of J-Tull were/are Scottish, by many a supreme nation to the English :)))) Bottoms up!

  15. 15
    AndreA says:

    I never toke the hatchet 🙂 ,only a little stick :-X and you wrote you are “only” British,not scottish..I thought that Gallagher was from North Ireland…bit Scottish are not British? for me exist only one nation:the world..

  16. 16
    sixtynine says:

    Hehe, one world is not enough… to quote another famous musican. Are you a flower-power kid? 😉 Good luck with you faith! Best

  17. 17
    Cranberry says:

    Britain is the fore-runner of rock music, the rest of the world just copied and followed in the wake.

  18. 18
    Stefan says:

    Ahh…Andrea…bella ragazza!! Of course I will listen to the album before I pass any judgement, but……Judging by the cover and the clips…well, how do I put it nicely….? I think “Ranfa” would do better in an X-rated flick he could maybe even outdo, or outhump another great Italian “actor”….”Rocco”!! Just my opinion….sorry Andrea!!!!

  19. 19
    AndreA says:

    eh eh Stefan..Humorist! you make me smiling 🙂 Indeed the copetina is not beautiful, but also the DP lately don’t make beautiful artwork: what do you think? Just one minute ago bne my friend called me by phone…what a coincidence: his name is Rocco But is not one who you think,he is my football coach (always I remember when Gillan struck the ball with his head in PERFECT STRANGERS video..)
    cheers friends

  20. 20
    Matthew says:

    Hi guys,

    do you usually judge a book by its cover ? I don’t think.
    So listen to this album wich, for me, is a good and honest rock blues
    album made with passion.
    I’m a friend of Ranfa and I can assure you that he’s one of the most
    amazing LIVE singer that I’ve ever heard, this album have really been
    made with the heart and I guess you can feel it from the songs.
    Also Paice and Marsden, when they toured with him, were amazed from his skill,
    voice and frontmanship.

    I don’t think this is a 4th class album, all I can say is just….buy it and give
    it a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

    this guy is not gay, his sons kids can prove it 😉

  21. 21
    AndreA says:

    Dear sixtynine,I believe to be not a flower-power kid…I think that nowdays the world is too broken, too divided and that only only the music brings us closer, unites us even to discuss how we here. I have read several interviews made to Gillan about his views on world’s politics and in him I see me often..I’m not anarchic or flower-power,I think only to be afraid because in my life (40) I have never seen a situation worse than this that we have been living…only music give me hope even though it is perhaps too little…

  22. 22
    Roberto says:

    I think that this album is nothing special.The compositions are nothing special and vocals are nothing special(and I am italian) while the playing is great (Paice,as always, is super,very swing).I’ve listened the cd but I will never buy it.The cover is horrible. I think Paice has done his appereance due the fact he is very often in our country(really don’t know why) and He has many friends here.(I have known him)

  23. 23
    Andrea Ranfa says:

    I think anyway I have to thank you for listening to at least the song with Paice … I could have done better … and I’ll be back soon. Ranfa. PS. Purple forever

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