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Steve Morse at the NAMM

Steve Morse

Steve Morse will appear at the NAMM show to do a signing session at the Engl booth on Saturday, January 19th at 1 pm. 2008 NAMM show will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California and Engl will be in Hall E, Booth 1454.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

7 Comments to “Steve Morse at the NAMM”:

  1. 1
    purplepriest1965 says:



    Could not help myself………….

    It’s late…………..

    And tomorrow I m probably gonna fetch myself some extra cheap RUM.
    Anyone familiair with the barnd POTT?


    Ritchie, come and sit around the table, my friend!


  2. 2
    Sami says:

    Priest, Rum…uhmmm, not bad, but treat yourself with some vintage Jameson,
    that’s the real thing 🙂

    Nothing to do with Morse’s NAMM appearance, though. so what.

    Have a good weekend everybody.

  3. 3
    Rascal says:

    Jameson……………….please……..Irish whiskey…………….paint stripper!!

    Lets hold up our glasses (courvosier) to Mr Supremo Morse!!

  4. 4
    Seven-47 says:

    Myself; I’ll go with a shot of Sammy Hagar’s “Reposado Tequilla” (Blue Bottle)!

  5. 5
    BruceM says:

    Excuse me, but what do you folks think you are accomplishing by emailing drunken banter in response to Steve’s appearance announcement for the NAMM show? Notwithstanding his incredible talent, he is without a doubt the most decent, well-spoken, and humble musician around and makes himself available to as many of his fans as possible. At every concert I’ve ever seen of his with the Dregs, SMB, or Deep Purple, he would always make himself available afterward to his fans for autographs, pictures, and general conversation. He even responded to three questions I had via email, one of which took up almost an entire printed page. Steve cares! So please, don’t be so disrespectful as to use this forum for drunken “conversation”. Now if we could only get Steve to come back to New Haven….

  6. 6
    Rascal says:

    I’ll drink to that !!

  7. 7
    guitarman23 says:

    BruceM said it! and i have something to say to every one else, you people are really a big disappointment, just because steve joins deep purple people just start bashing him, not because of his playing but because your all crying little kids that want the socall ritchie blackmore back in the band to whipe your tears away, and your so obsessed about you don’t realize what the heck your saying. learn some respect or your just nothing to music, just shame!

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