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Glenn Hughes’ studio report


Glenn Hughes is working on a new studio album and has posted a studio report on his Myspace page.

Line up on the new album:
Chad Smith: drums
JJ Marsh/George Nastos/Luis Carlos Maldonado: guitars
Ed Roth/Anders Olinder: keys

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson and GHPG.net for the info.

25 Comments to “Glenn Hughes’ studio report”:

  1. 1
    PATRICK says:

    i love deep purple mark 3 and 4 but i dunno i just havent followed glenns solo career…. can anyone tell me if its worth buying ??? cheers 🙂

  2. 2
    PATRICK says:

    as long as he dont sing like stevie wonder i think i would like it

  3. 3
    Hucky says:

    hi Patrick.
    GH made some really good CDs during the last 15 years. my favourite one is called “Addiction”. it’s probably his heaviest solo album with a slightly dark mood. “From Now On…” is classic hard rock style, with some swedish influences (EUROPE, etc.). it features also the re-recorded “Burn”. since the late 90s, he seemed to have found his own style. i like almost all his releases eaqually. they all have their strong rock tracks, smooth soul ballads and even some unique sound experiments (try “Soul Mover”, feat. Chad Smith / RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS).
    maybe you should also check out the HUGES TURNER PROJECT and IOMMI HUGHES (“Fused”).
    have some fun. cheers.

  4. 4
    Tom says:

    Hi Patrick,

    You may also want to check out “Burning Japan Live”, and most definitely Black Sabbath “Seventh Star” which was the first of three collaborations with Tony Iommi—His vocals are superb and strong on that one. And the songs kick ass.

  5. 5
    Paul Richards says:

    If you want a Glenn Hughes KILLER album it would have to be
    the Hughes / Thrall album. Its 80s rock that just kicks ass !!
    A true classic !

  6. 6
    PATRICK says:

    ok thank you all !! i think ill check out addiction and then mabye burning japan i think i heard of those two 🙂 seventh star sounds awsome too ! hughs and iommi has got to be a classic

  7. 7
    Seven-47 says:


    In 1993 Glenn Hughes was featured on George Lynch’s “Sacred Groove”. He supplied the vocals on “Not Necessary Evil” and “Cry of the Brave”, both very good songs. All three of his collaborations with Tony Iommi are excellent as well.


  8. 8
    Rascal says:

    I believe Hughes also featured on Gary Moores ‘Run For Cover’ circa 1985.

    His voice is instantly recognisable. A rare talent.

  9. 9
    Roberto says:

    Hughes problem is the compositions: they are not so strong.
    The album I can suggest are:
    – TRAPEZE albums
    -hughes/turner project II
    – Building the machine
    – Burning japan live
    -1996 DEP session (T.IOMMI)

    In all his album he sing perfectly but these are the album that contains the best compositions.

  10. 10
    debbie says:

    I hadn’t heard of Glenn Hughes until a colleague who happened to grow up with him introduced me to a couple of albums. The first one I heard was Songs In The Key of Rock – and I was hooked.
    His album collaborations with Pat Thrall and Joe Lyn Turner are also well worth checking out

  11. 11
    AndreA says:

    after the little time with IOMMI in 7thSTARera,GH has made a lot of jobs..I think too much .
    For me the best he made was THE 7th STAR with T.Iommi and FACE THE TRUTH with John Norum. For me here in these 2 jobs he give us the best of him,absolutely,great voice but mainly grat music by 2 great guitarist.

  12. 12
    Sami says:

    Check out also Glenn’s tribute to the Late Great Tommy Bolin…

  13. 13
    Podzilla says:

    Songs in the Key of Rock and Soul Mover. Very strong albums. And of course the Trapeze stuff. “You’re the music, we’re just the band”. Great album. Cheers from Vienna.

  14. 14
    Jer says:

    The absolute high point of Hughes’ career along with Burn and Come Taste the Band is You Are the Music…We’re Just the Band by Trapeze. It’s raw, funky, heavy, soulful and full of great songs like the title track, Way Back to the Bone, Loser, Coast to Coast and many others. It’s one of the great lost treasures of the ’70s. I wish Hughes would play more of it in his solo shows and live albums. Medusa by Trapeze is also a great album, with Black Cloud being the standout track.

  15. 15
    Albertino says:

    Glenn Hughes ( the Voice of Rock) has a great solo career, many good albuns, now hi’s the most productive member of Purple Family, thanks Glenn for your bring us with your talent!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    T says:

    No one mentioned the LA Blues Authority album or VooDoo Hill.

    For the unfamiliar fan, the most accessible albums are “Addiction” and “Burning Japan Live”. The Iommi collaboration “Fused” will also not disappoint. I can guarantee no “Stevie Wonder” vocals on those albums.

    Enjoy! Come back and tell us what you think!

  17. 17
    AndreA says:

    Musically “FUSED” is not a high point GH’s work (I think,it is my opinion);the music is foward a bad new metal sound,there is not any short line of blues sound in guitar and,so,in GH vocals). is impossible to compare FUSED to THE 7th STAR,for example:here the voice follow IOMMI’s melody….this work is full of passion,the heart is full of soul and blues,all this always in a real hard rock sound. When I bought FUSED,I remained disappointed since the first listening…even if after I tried to change my opinion about it.

  18. 18
    Steve says:

    I know people these days have insanely short memories and are only interested the most recent thing an artist has done but go check out Music For The Devine. I’ve been a fan of Glenn for years but MFTD is his best as far as I am concerned.

  19. 19
    DP says:

    I must mention the first Phenomena-album with Hughes. That is one of the highlights of his career, and the songs are so good. Most of the songs is written by Tom Galley (Mel Galleys older brother). Some of the other musicians involved in the project are Mel Galley, Cozy Powell and Neil Murray.
    Go out and buy it!

  20. 20
    stoffer says:

    Jer, I agree with you that Trapeze music is really outstanding! I think GH is an awesome musician but apparently I am an “unfamiliar fan”.

  21. 21
    AndreA says:

    Steve,it is not good to say “I know people these days have insanely short memories and are only interested the most recent thing “….about me I possess 2 old LP (not CD) of Trapezee,phenomena1,DP mark 3 and 4 (of course) and other stuff from 90’ies with GH. But is not my fault if my favourite are the recent thing and anyway for me the best (I repeat 🙂 ) are THE 7th STAR and FACE THE TRUTH…”sorry” eh?

    wishing well to you all

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Glenn made great music by the shitloads during the last 15 year…………

    I could not make a choice…….

    But, indeed, the so hated “screeching/screaming/whatever it’s called……..)he still does that………
    I always “sail away” around that…………Do not want to miss the sheer greatness of the rest of his majestic voice………

  23. 23
    T says:

    I agree with Andrea that Seventh Star is a fantastic album and is also very accessable to a new listener. It can be difficult to find (in America), however. Thank goodness for the internet.

  24. 24
    AndreA says:

    for T,me too I have “LA Blues Authority album or VooDoo Hill”…but it is long time that I have not been listening it…I don’t find it a top working,simple good.

  25. 25
    Bela Drake says:

    Glenn Hughes is multi-talented singer &
    songwriter. All is albums are a combination
    of rock, funk, blues & slow material & are
    well crafted & perform brilliant. Music like his doesn’t exist too much anymore.
    I would recommend Soul Mover then the Deep
    Purple albums. Then Burning Japan Live for
    the harder melodic fan. Then Blue Authority
    & any of his solo efforts of the 90’s are
    worth a listen. I’m now collecting videos
    & are hard to find but there are some great
    collectors who have shared so thanks to all
    of them. Anyway just listen to his music &
    you’ll be hooked like I was the first time
    I heart Burn! my favorite album. My fav
    song is You Keep on Moving! Rock on Glenn!

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