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DeepPurple.org rolls out their Fan Experience program

Fan Experience Packages at DeepPurple.org

The new Deep Purple fan site has unveiled their Deep Purple Fan Experience packages, being offered for many of the upcoming European tour stops coming this November. Here’s the official announcement:

Deep Purple Fan Experience Packages NOW AVAILABLE on DeepPurple.org!

Have tickets to an upcoming Deep Purple show? Want to have the ultimate concert experience? DeepPurple.org is now offering VIP Fan Experience Packages that include Meet & Greets with the band, Backstage Tours, and Exclusive Merchandise. Deep Purple’s Rapture of the Deep tour hits Europe on October 31st and continues all the way through November. If you are planning to go to any of these shows, be sure to visit DeepPurple.org to find out more about getting the full Deep Purple experience.

Go to DeepPurple.org to learn more.

14 Comments to “DeepPurple.org rolls out their Fan Experience program”:

  1. 1
    Andy says:

    they should of done this in the states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Otis says:

    Rapture of The Deep-Tour!? Shouldn’t that be Oldies but Goodies-Tour
    again and again and again…

  3. 3
    purplesky says:

    blood suckers!!!! GRRRR!!!!!

  4. 4
    Cranberry says:

    ‘The Full Deep Purple Experience’………………..WOW

  5. 5
    George Martin says:

    I love when people complain about things like this Fan Experience program and Gillans Inn Deluxe Edition thinking that they are all about taking in as much money from the public as possible. Let me tell you one thing, in about 7 years from now when there is no more Deep Purple you will all be begging for any live release cd or dvd that you can get your hands on. Enjoy everthing while it lasts and be grateful for it! Stop being stupid!

  6. 6
    Cranberry says:

    No doubt for the next 30+ years time record companies will still be releasing ‘never heard ‘ material from their vast vaults……………….

    So i wont be doing any begging

  7. 7
    Chris Sigman says:

    I gotta say, this pretty much sucks. I have been fortunate in the past to have met the guys, and it still makes me smile to think that I shook hands and chatted over a beer with Ian Gillan. With that said, I would have been #1 in line for this if it had been available at their New England shows.

  8. 8
    George Martin says:

    Never heard material? Every album from Shades to Burn has already been remastered with every bonus track that was recorded from that session with Stormbringer soon to follow. Only the Morse era would possibily have some recorded unused tracks. With the exception of some un-released live material I don’t think there’s going to be much left.

  9. 9
    James Gemmell says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion on either side of the coin, but the members of the band are not responsible for the promotional ideas. It is a reality that the music business – especially rock – is on life support in many nations. The album/tour cycle is a vicious one. On the one hand, Purple has to tour and promote an album like ‘Rapture of the Deep’ for more than two years (!) just to raise enough funds to make it financially feasible to go into the studio and record another one. In turn, that incredibly long gap between new studio albums – 3 years, probably – kills fan enthusiasm. While Purple’s been on the other side of the planet touring for two years, fans are supposed to keep enthused listening to Rapture of the Deep?! I really believe Purple would be better off putting out an album once a year, even if it’s only available on YouTube or some Internet (free) site. In other words, Purple could forgo the large marketing expense of going through a record company (the middle man) to manufacture the physical product, and simply record the music in a home studio and put it out there on the Internet. There would still be substantial expense involved, but this would be a better way to market the band….by giving the fans what they want: fresh (new) music more than once every three years.

  10. 10
    Michael Edwards says:

    Look at Radiohead and Madonna. Anymore, the money is not in the sale of a recording. In order to pay the bills, you have to merchandise the band anyway that you can. I’m with you on this one, James. Music business is on life support in EVERY nation.

  11. 11
    Cranberry says:

    Im sure the vast vaults of DP hold much un-released material. Plenty for the next few decades to release, re-release, and remaster.

    How sad to think that bands today struggle to make great wealth.

    Welcome to the real world……………….my heart bleeds

  12. 12
    Georg Lücker says:

    It’s allways a really great pleasure to see and hear DP wherever!!!,but the Rapture of The Deep-Tour!? Shouldn’t that be Oldies but Goodies-Tour, as Otis said that before. I totally agree with him, in case there sooo much exellent songs on the album for the stage. DP is and have ever been a band from the times in which they are living.

  13. 13
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Waiting for 3 years for a new album is not the problem, the quality is…………..

  14. 14
    Cranberry says:

    Dont wait then…………………………………..no problem!

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