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São Paulo: Purple always a great experience

What can I say about a Purple concert? Well, it’s always a great experience, a great show, and a fantastic performance.

Sao Paulo 2009 by Pedro Abib Cristales 1

They started with Highway Star, and played a lot of classic songs like Strange Kind Of Woman, Perfect Strangers and Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming from the Steve Morse era. The set list was very similar to the past 3 concerts, I loved the songs, but I think they could play something different, like they did putting Into the Fire and Mary Long in the set list years ago.

It was incredible to see a lot of families and children singing and going crazy with the Purple experience. Thanks a lot for the great show, and we hope you back soon with new songs!

Sao Paulo 2009 by Pedro Abib Cristales 2

Now the set list:

Highway Star
Things I Never Said
Into The Fire
Strange Kind Of Woman
Rapture Of The Deep
Mary Long
Contact Lost
Well Dressed Guitar
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
The Battle Rages On
Wring That Neck
Don Airey Solo
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin’
Smoke On The Water


Hush with Ian Paice Solo
Roger Glover Intro
Black Night

14 Comments to “São Paulo: Purple always a great experience”:

  1. 1
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Thanks Pedro for the review and setlist….

    I agree with you here regarding some song changes….

    Just a simple swap-out and a couple of additions would go a long way…

    Remove Mary Long and put in something else from WDYTWA..(Smooth Dancer or Rat Bat Blue), plus add a couple. One from HOBL (maybe Strange Ways or Mad Dog), one from Abandon (Seventh Heaven or Evil Louie) and one from Bananas (Sun Goes Down). This would give representation from all Gillan era albums and one MK1 tune. An easy addition also would be the instrumental “Owed to G” from Come Taste the Band as a nice homage to Bolin, and Gillan doesn’t have to sing yet we get a MK3/4 tune as a bonus…..


  2. 2
    stefan says:

    I like the way you think Tracy! What about “Place in Line” while at it???? Don´t agree ´bout HOBL songs though…in my opinion the closest thing to crap ever with that line up!Apart from that…..Thumbs up,mate!!!!ROCK ON!

  3. 3
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I hold HOBL at the same level as TBRO actually. What I have found is that you can make one really good CD out of taking the best from both.
    Place in Line would be great for the WDYTWA tune. But I still would like to see a represented tune from all of the albums. We all know Gillan won’t do any Mk3,4, or 5 material, but the rest should be represented more evenly. I’d love to hear them do Hey Joe from MK1. A great way to do the CTTB instrumental would be to skip the Riff Parade before Smoke on the Water and replace it with a full out jam of ‘Owed to G’ then smashing straight into SOTW…..

    Tommy Bolin would smile down from the Heavens on Steve and the boys for sure….

    Equally as cool as that would be the instrumental ‘A’2000 from BURN. What a great jam tune that is, and it was never played live before, so how cool would that be. Again, a way to appease the fans wanting a MK3 tune without Gillan having to sing ‘Coverversion’…..


  4. 4
    andre sihotang says:

    #3 Tracy

    Ah, yes! A great idea if Steve Morse could do some tribute to the late Bolin (as they are Americans) in his solo performance. Gettin’ Tighter riff and solo might be good to be included. Or Owed to G is also great.
    But I do not agree about added MK3’s as Morse had did a lot of Blackmore’s songs for years.


  5. 5
    rik says:

    i’m bemused how dp seem to refuse to add more tracks to the set list. they have a huge catalogue of well known and loved songs yet keep to the predictable. surely themselves and the fans would appreciate a new/old song here and their, such as in the encore.

    i don’t think they are doing themselves justice.

    besides i would like to think in november i’m not going to see exactly the same set song for song or the same set as 2 years ago.

    having said that i always enjoy whatever they play but…


  6. 6
    ffitz says:

    I bet one of these days Ian sings a MKIII song just for the surprise factor. If it were me, I would love the chance to spring that one on the crowd. I’d really like to hear him sing Sail Away in his relaxed, low register voice.

  7. 7
    andre sihotang says:


    Well, if you want it happen, you should put a gun in Gillan’s chin one day before the concert, hehe..

    I prefer surprise from the last four albums, as everybody wants to


  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Andre

    It would be very wise and good if they did that indeed.
    Not that I ll lose sleep if they dont though…..
    As long as the setlist stays sort of like it is, I ll stay at home.

    Apart from my obvious reaction pattern when I hear a certain banjofiddler ofcourse, the same setlist …..well more or less that is…. THE reason to stay home and spend the money on something else.

    Btw, I ve been listening to WDTWA for 32 years now, have enjoyed it immensely
    I really missed that tension you were talking about.

    And I remember, maybe falsely, that DP did record seperately on more than one occassion BEFORE WDWTWA.On IN ROCK for example.
    I dont think its a critera if recording seperately. I think that does not mean the passion is lost.

    I m gonna play some more WDWTWA now.


  9. 9
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I have yet to see a Banjo or a Fiddle at any Purple gig……(I’d welcome it though. Would be a nice touch).
    But I have seen a Mandolin and some fiddles at your little Hero’s Live Fairy Tale sessions in the Forest. Hmmmmm, so here are our choices…. ‘Present Purple’ or ‘Present Fairy in Tights with Pointy Hat and Slippers’…..

    I’ll take Purple, with or without the Banjo…..


  10. 10
    stefan says:


  11. 11
    ormandy says:


    RE: And I remember, maybe falsely, that DP did record seperately on more than one occassion BEFORE WDWTWA.On IN ROCK for example.
    I dont think its a critera if recording seperately. I think that does not mean the passion is lost.


    By the way, the best way to hear WDWTWA is the Steve Hoffman mastered version. It also makes me wonder why Hoffman chose WDWTWA out of all the Purple albums. Hum, probably because he knows it’s an amazing album (considering the state of the band) with great sound quality to boot.

    One more thing, Hoffman’s next Deep Purple album is IN ROCK. I believe it’s coming out in June.

  12. 12
    david "coverdale" says:

    olá a migos, estava no show e tenho o dvd bootleg deste espetáculo, caso queirão efetuar trocas entre em contato no email : davidguedesalmeida@superig.com.br

  13. 13
    david "coverdale" says:

    dvd bootleg do show live in são paulo 06.03.2009 davidguedesalmeida@superig.com.br , somente para trocas!!!!!!

  14. 14
    Menotti says:

    I was in the front row in Sao Paulo at the two nights (Via Funchal, March 6th & 7th, 2009) and left the shows thinking: “Were these nights the end of my long Purple dream?”

    I am a real Purple-hearted fan (lucky enough to grow listening to Mk. II) but I must recognize that the band is now becoming a pale shadow of itself. The audience at Via Funchal was wild as ever, but Gillan (he’s my eternal idol, ok?) seems to be suffering from something and somehow can’t sing and be spontaneous as usual.

    The rest of the band is still in great shape, but can anyone (except Ritchie!) imagine Purple without Ian? How long will he stay as the front man? I’ve have seen all the Deep Purple performances in Brazil since the early 90’s but was these particular nights worried me a bit…

    In general, I did appreciate the shows and I want more and more! But the question is: will I have it? God bless Big Ian – and give Power to the Purple!!

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