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From the Swiss vaults

This deserves promotion to a separate post. Some historical TV footage have appeared on YouTube.

Montreux, April 1971, live and interview:

More Montreux ’71 and some Mk1 live in Bern, 1968:

Thanks to TRambo55 for the upload and to ormandy for pointing it out.

84 Comments to “From the Swiss vaults”:

  1. 1
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I have to agree with Ian and those who agreed with him… take away that main element *fun* and you have a labor of hate on your hands.

  2. 2
    George says:

    Swiss time was running out? 🙂

  3. 3
    George says:

    But Deep Purple’s time hasn’t run out yet 😀

  4. 4
    Leszek says:

    Tylko Deep Purple.

  5. 5
    Roberto says:

    ahahaahh wonderful!

  6. 6
    Jeffs says:

    This rare footage is such a wonderful find…Love the yodelling at the beginning of Speed King. Ian’s voice was pure gold in those days!

  7. 7
    HZ says:

    This band was orbed with magic in those days. You could say they’ll do something big just after runing the eye over them. Gillan was great and Ritchie was all charisma 🙂 and looking in his eyes, you could easilly see how confident he was, just knowing what will he do. I think that Lord was allways “mature” amongst them 🙂

  8. 8
    AndreA says:

    oh! ridicolous..that girl ask to them if DP write political song..ahahahahah..oh it is so strange mainly to listen a guy (a girl in this case) from one of the most closed european country: Switzerland is out from the politacal contest in europe and in the world..what she is serarching for with that question?

    very curious…



  9. 9
    anonymman says:

    Great find

  10. 10
    Bo says:

    MORE MORE MORE – I just cant get enough of this Mrk II – part one. This was the time that build Deep Purple. I whis I could turn back time. And the voice of Gillan – a voice from an other planet.
    Out on DVD now – please!

  11. 11
    Bo says:

    And the I spend hours to find more, just like this wonderfull one:

  12. 12
    Botzy says:

    Really supurb footage indeed.

    My geuss that this, amongst other rare stuff, will be on the next DVD-archive collection of Deep Purple.

    Why do I think that?
    Everytime something like this leaks onto the internet, in the last years, on turns up on a DVD.
    This is been the case with the Hofstra 1973 footage and with the long lost “Lay down, stay down” track from the CJ DVD.

    I certainly hope so this is again the case.

    gr. Botzy

  13. 13
    Rob says:

    Anyone know where the version of Mandrake Root, on the beginning of the Bern video, is from ?

    These are superb by the way, why haven’t they been released officially.


  14. 14
    Crimson Ghost says:

    They will be…

  15. 15
    Al Cornish says:

    I clicked on this link and all I got was Gordon Ramsay screaming at me for burning the Risotto.

  16. 16
    andre sihotang says:

    Bo #10

    I grew up listening to Deep Purple mostly from 80’s-00’s live material and studio recording. And I heard their original recording in the 70’s from the greatest hits. I love them because of those materials, yet to know and hear their old live recordings.

    But what’s like a thunder and amazing things came to my head when listening to Deep Purple, is from their live performances in the 70’s. I never heard them before for almost 5 years since the first time I love Deep Purple (what a pity, isn’t it). And they are bloody hell amazing!! Apart from Made in Japan (coz’ no videos from it), I saw their video recording of Speed King and Child in Time from Germany TV recording (you must be know that), and ooh, they were like monsters came from another planet. And another videos were bombastic as there was World War on the stage. Everybody in the band tried to be the loudest and the craziest. Saw Ritchie shook and destroyed his guitar and Jon’s fingers dancing and shaking on the keyboard, and Gillan’s scream that sharper than the lightning and thunder, I said why people love Zeppelin and Sabbath?

    What I miss is a video of Speed king live perfrmnce (full video). Of course with the others.

    Yes Bo, I want more..more..more..


  17. 17
    George says:

    Led Zeppelin was more popular than DP, coz Zepps had the better management, better promoters and they DO what would make more popular and what would sell more records.

    Deep Purple had and HAVE one of the worst management and promoters maybe. but their bombastic musicinship, amazing music, naturality and DOING WHAT THEY (MUSICIANS) WANT was the factors what made Deep Purple so big name in rock history and still maintain popularity by this factors. If DP had the management & promoters like Zepp, DP would become maybe the biggest name in music history after Beatles.

    What about Black Sabbath, DP was always more popular then Sabbaths, it’sd true. you know popularity is count by sales. BS has sold 60 million records, DP – more than 100. and Sabbaths had never had such an earth-shuttering tour like Perfect Strangers Tour.

    If we count by popularity, DP comes second in this Great Triumvirat: LZ, DP, BS…
    But if we count by musicianship, DP comes first with no doubt. MkII consisted of 5 Best Of The Best musicians, so, who cares about record sales? 🙂

  18. 18
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Zeppelin may have sold more records, but they didn’t live to sell anywhere near as many concert tickets as DP. So with Purple’s longevity, comes a figure neither Zep nor Sabbath will ever touch.

    Nothing wrong with Purple’s managemet compared to in the 70’s when they were treated like machines and taken advantage of, in fact they could have used Payne and CO back then. The idea is to treat people like human beings first, then you have something to work together with. These aren’t indestructable kids, they’re old men and have to work more carefully these days.

  19. 19
    AndreA says:


    about me I “hate” LZ…they were most popular than DP? yes,because they were born for radioFM tunes..DP for rockers..

    I hate R.Plant the Kitchen..yes I don’t tollerate this group..

    The all Jimmy Page’s solos are S**T…he is a normal blues guitarist…J.Bonham was great but paice is Jazzly,rock,blues and all you wish..Glover has nothing to envy to Jones and about vocalist I prefer to stop…

    LZ has been always a commercial band…you could find their picture on all over tha magazine (pop music,rock music,fashion…).

    Nowdays there is not comparison between LZ and DP….
    DP is a real band,LZ did one show..RP is a clown of himself with his long dyed blond hair and his chicken voice taken by the neck..

    I am sorry for bursting but really really I can’t hear and reading about LZ,I have always find them a real hypocritical band..a false band.

    You could ask me why,I answer “I don’t know”..it is a feeling that is created in my body.

    I prefer the band FREE instead of LZ,that is sure,the sound of blues rock tends to be similar,Rodgers better than Plant,Kosshof was full of feeling with is guitar,very original style and the drummer usually played on drums with just only one tom,but is was a wild great musician…so..LZ: who are? they were a normal band.

    Listen the studio version of IMMIGRANT SONG,the voice is pathetic (through the mix was changed hue to make it feel more acute, it is artificial,not natural sound).


  20. 20
    HZ says:


    How true CG, management totally destroyed DP in 70s. Even Blackmore stated that he left not only because of “funk”, but for pure reason that they’ve been forced by management to record 2 albums each year beside mad touring. DP is better then LZ colectivelly and personally 😛

  21. 21
    soulmover says:

    All this is crap. Ñed Zeppelin were huge becuase thay performed amazingly good. That Page is an average guitar pplayer is pure shit. Instead of throwing shit to LZ, just say I like Deep Purple most and that is all. Rubbishing LZ is an insult to a major rock band.

  22. 22
    AndreA says:

    LZ are craps,sorry but simply it is my opinion about their music: I’m criticizing their music and you can not share with me of course,but I’m not criticizing the LZ fans.

    why I could not compare Plant to a Chicken?

    You say page is a great guitarist? OK.
    My opinion is that he plays like the average of many other gibsons…my opinion is that STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN musically is a heavy asleeping narcotic….very boring..

    every person has its own tastes and opinions..

    sorry for my impetus.

  23. 23
    soulmover says:

    wow you must be either stupid or deaf

  24. 24
    Zeiffelin says:

    My god, those are some pretty stupid questions!

  25. 25
    Peter Elliott says:

    Ah yes, the age old Purple vs Sabbath vs Zeppelin debate. Each band had very different approaches. Zeppelin had the heavy Blues and Folk influences. Sabbath meshed Blues with Jazz whilst Purple meshed Blues, Jazz and Classical.

    I loved all three in my teens. Now, in my mid 30’s I find Zeppelin unbearable to listen to. Too pompous for my tastes. I also have issues with Jimmy Page, but I’m not gonna slag him off or rip Zeppelin to pieces because they were great at what they did whether it is to my taste or not.

    Of the three, I find the Purple catalogue from 1968 to 1975 by and far the most rewarding. I love every one of those albums. I cannot say that about Ozzy and Dio era Sabbath or Zeppelin. Just a question of taste I guess.

    I find Ritchie Blackmore’s playing infinitely more interesting and rewarding that Page and Iommi’s. The combination of Blackers, Lord and Paice for me was the true Deep Purple. I never tire of listening to them. I do like what Tommy Bolin brought to Purple but by then, it was a rather different band who did turn out a great album in CTTB.

    I guess it’s what you like. I like the way Purple fused their influences. Yes there is a blues influence there but it’s not as strong as what Zeppelin and Sabbath had and I guess I’m not too thrilled by the Blues. Purple then, had that unique edge that greatly appeals to me. I can understand why Zep and Sabb fans may not like Purple and vice versa. Each band had it’s own character, chemistry and identity. No. I don’t like Zep anymore but I can genuinely understand and appreciate why they were as big as they were.

    I will admit now, I’m not overly thrilled by the Morse era Purple BUT in it’s defence, at least Purple do still sound like Purple judging from recent examples. Gillan’s voice shows much wear and tear but at least he can still sing in the same keys as old. I did listen to the Zep reunion gig from a couple of years ago and hated it… virtually every song had to be in lower keys so Plant could sing them and it totally altered the character of every song to less than stellar effect. As for Sabb… Ozzy was never a great live singer and today is very poor whereas Heaven and Hell with Dio sound much more convincing.

    For me, Purple are my choice of the big three for various reasons I have hinted at. But each of them have their place and contributed enormously to rock history. It is irrelevant who is better than whom. They’re all living legends and all have gained immortality that in each case is well deserved.

  26. 26
    andre sihotang says:


    Oh, dear… watch your words. You can’t count on someone like that refer to their post. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE HIGHWAY STAR MODERATOR HAD TAKEN ITS COURSE SERIOUSLY ABOUT PEOPLE SAYING SOMETHING TO OTHER ONE IN THIS FORUM? Live in peace..

    Well, I caught your post in #21 and #23 just like you were absolutely not agree with the opinion about ‘overrated’ Zeppelin, Mr. Robert ‘folk/bluegrass’ Plant, Stairway to Paradise, and Jimmy ‘average’ Page.
    I guess you are a Zeppelin fanatic. Here I told you that many friends here are DP truly lovers, apart from the fact if they like Zeppelin or not(I also love Zep).
    I’ll ask you, did you attend their 02 concert? Or did you joined to apply for one of the 16000 seats in O2 London last November?

    About Zeppelin (Coz’ I’ve put this Zep/Sabbath topic in the first place on this particular topic), from what I tried to analyze as far as I know, they got no wonder one of the best manager in this world that lied in the name of one and the only PETER GRANT. And they also got one of the best management in Atlantic Recordings that was controlled by the late Ahmed Ertegun. Did you ever hear Grant attack and confronted America media alone for their unresponsible behaviour while Zeppelin on the road? The one that could stand in a level with Grant are Brian Epstein of The Beatles. And Beatles were smoothly came to an end after Epstein founded death.

    In the other hands, while Zeppelin was still climbing a stairway to heaven, Deep Purple was what looked to me like a bloody machine for a factory without a button to switch it off!! Even in 1970 a song named ‘Bloodsucker’ was born as a real indication of how the band truly ‘hated’ their management at the time. THe last product of that machine when it became worse was the horrible ‘Who Do You Think …” And I really never know (oh, tell me if this is really important!) who’s DP manager at the time????

    The major reason why Ian Gillan left was because of the management. And that’s the end of the stairway to heaven for Deep Purple (of course, talking about popularity)


    You were absolutely true, George!
    But, there’s another major reason why Zeppelin could sell more albums and more popular than our Deep Purple.

    You know Zeppelin was Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonham from the beginning to the end. That fact REALLY took its toll in their musicianship, friendship, and on the top of that..songwriting. The products were some of the best classic rock songs in history. In my opinion, Led Zep seldom made average songs except maybe some from ‘Led Zep I’, “Houses..Holy” and ‘In Through Out The Door’.

    Deep Purple wrote its best classic/popular song at the time when Ritchie and Gillan (w/ Glover) could sit and stand together for most time of the days. We can count the days. Who Do We Think We Are was the real proof of that. Coverdale/Page wrote wonderful songs, but only just for them I think. And Mk7/8, sadly, lived in a period like this nowadays. Purpendicular, Bananas, and Rapture were absolutely briliant, while Abandon for me was an abandon due to the fact that Morse tried to be like Blackmore.



  27. 27
    andre sihotang says:

    About Stairway to Heaven..

    Here’s my list of top epic songs ever
    1. Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
    2. Child In Time (Deep Purple)
    3. Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
    4. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2 (Pink Floyd)
    5. I’m Your Captain – Closer To Home (Grand Funk Railroad)

    Ahh, back to topic.

  28. 28
    soulmover says:

    ºI´m sorry if I offended someone. But this person could avoid some ugly commentaries about zepp too. It is only a matter of opinion. I love both DP AND LZfor equal. Who is this guy to say page is an average guitarist? django reinhardt? please…
    The main problem within Purple were EGOS, not the management! How can a band last if the guitarist thinks it is HIS band?
    Even Glenn Ughes said that LZ was number 1 at the time and were untouchable.

  29. 29
    soulmover says:

    Glenn Hughes

  30. 30
    andre sihotang says:

    #28 Soulmover

    Now I got your words.
    May I say Blackmore is better than Page? But both of them are killer well said.

    BTW Back to topic

    From the first sight, that was the worst journalist I’ve ever seen in my life. Wrong questions, to the wrong band, maybe at the wrong time. She should ask those fuckin’ silly stupid questions to Rage Against The Machine now!!


  31. 31
    Jeffs says:

    Can’t believe the anti Zeppelin rants here…They were a fantastic band in the beginning. Watch the Zeppelin live shows DVD released a year or 2 back with live footage from 1968. Robert Plant was 19 years old and completely extraordinary. Ritchie and Ian have stated that LZ helped Purple find there sound…Ritchie wanted a singer like Plant to give the band a harder more progressive edge. Purple are my favourite band of all time, but give respect where it’s due to LZ. They were the very first hard rock band and many would say also the very best.

  32. 32
    AndreA says:

    hey people,
    I like reading your post but it is wrong with me or get angry with those who do not like the LZ…

    I wrote approximately before,roughly I admit,but just for my amusement but believer me,even if I admit the importance of LZ in the history of music I say that I enjoyied only 2 first lp…soon after I got to be involved into DP IN ROCK,made in japan,LIVE IN LONDON,DP in CONCERT and so on..simply because it’s more hard rock, because blacmore was (as now) a poet with his guitar, because jon lord is the greatest keyboard player of rock, from classical to noise in the jam session of space truckin ‘,you fool no one, in the intro live to Lazy. .

    LZ are a good band but their sound has never deviated from the usual,from blues,guitar arpeggios..DP had maken always LPs,all different to each other,they were and they are more experimental..

    just DAZED AND CONFUSED give some different approach to listening,I like the first 2 lp, LZ3 (for me the best) and Houses of the Holy…

    my favouristest songs are Good Times, Bad Times Your Time Is Gonna Come Celebration Day Gallows Pole Tangerine Black Dog Misty Mountain Hop Going to California The Rain Song No Quarter Achille last stand…

    but at the end as I can appreciate them I like emphasize that the same level (IMHO) there are many other groups that I have enjoied in the same way if not more like TRIUMPH,GRAND FUNK,STEPPEnWOLF,BLACK WIDOW,FREE&BAD COMPANY,MOUNTAIN,PHIL LYNOTT with his THIN LIZZY(!!)….

    so.. I find more charismatic DP musicians than others,RP was good,yes charismatic,but Gillan conquesred me at the 1st moment,like the other of his band.

    dp I have never bored ME (except for SLAVES AND MASTERS)

    I am not an anti LZ, I just wanted to say that they do I do not find anything special, I appreciated some work done, nothing more.

    the world is already full of wars, would it be nice to make one for the music ..?

    DON’T get ANGRY!!


  33. 33
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Can’t say I agree that Zep looks very entertaining compared to Purp anyway, when it comes to watching them on DVD… that Zep DVD is garbage imo! Must be too hippy and folksy for my tatste to watch. But listening to them is another story. They made up for that DVD set, with it’s sound option lies and other horrible factors, by releasing “HTWWW.” Now that is good stuff!

    Nothing wrong with Zeppelin, it’s just that their hardcore fans have denied all along that they had serious comp!!!!!!!!!! That’s f’ing annoying to this day! (still won’t ever touch them in ticket sales, ha!)

  34. 34
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Btw, I was at the Zep Seattle concert in 77 and witnessed their whole ritual first hand with some 60 or 70 thousand freaks… can’t say it wasn’t memorable, but the show was pretty bad.

  35. 35
    ormandy says:


    RE: THe last product of that machine when it became worse was the horrible ‘Who Do You Think …”

    WDWTWA is horrible?! WDWTWA was still better than Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath’s best works. There’s not a song to skip on WDWTWA, but the other two bands best albums always have a song or two I must skip.

    In a world where DVD’s RULE now, I hope this means some more amazing stuff will surface soon.

  36. 36
    ormandy says:


    RE: Btw, I was at the Zep Seattle concert in 77 and witnessed their whole ritual first hand with some 60 or 70 thousand freaks… can’t say it wasn’t memorable, but the show was pretty bad.

    I remember back in the 70’s hearing things in the press like Led Zeppelin had a clunky rhythm section; and from all the bootlegs I’ve heard (on the radio) I can’t say they were wrong.

    I believe Zeppelin is popular now, because they (Jimmy Page) made some good sounding recordings, but get that band out on the road and the truth could be heard.

    As I’ve been known to say:

    Led Zeppelin were a good band, that made great recordings…

    while Deep Purple were a great band, that made good recordings.

  37. 37
    soulmover says:

    Oh my god…what a bunch of nonsense!!!
    If it hadn´t been for Zepp, DP would have died after thefirst 3 records. The music that Zepp started to play in late 68 was the kind pf Music Blackmore wanted to follow. Whatch Richie talk on the Machine Head classic album dvd!!!
    77 Zepp tour was their worse ever…would you judge DP for the english 76 tour?
    many people are missing the point here.

  38. 38
    soulmover says:

    My god Zepp having a clunky rithm section??? Are this people ill?? We are talking about Bonzo and Jonesy here!
    Take your medicine people!

  39. 39
    soulmover says:

    WDWTWA better than anything Zepp did?
    hahhaha people you are insane?
    I`m not sayng that WDWTWA is abad album, but Zepp IV is at the same level as Machine Head for me.
    And Zepp had more varied influences and played more varied styles. Tell me an accoustic DP song…
    DP were never too bluesy except for the Burn album while it was Zepps mayor influence ever. DP never introduced eastern music. But played more funkand soul.

  40. 40
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Yes I would have, if I had the opportunity to see them in 76.
    You’re only as good as your last tour, unfortunately… I was giving a perspective from having been there to see Zep, and I got the bootleg a few years later and could not believe it was the same event at all. I certainly remember it being better than that, but only a couple of years of Purple crate robbing, I literally regreted seeing Zep. All these years later I don’t, but lets just say I was in a fimiar Purple funk for many yeers. The video bootleg of that Zep concert brought back more recall, at least you can see along with what sounded so horrible.

    It would be better to stay on others posting about Zep, at least I attended one of their shows and aren’t saying they’re crap. But that DVD set is still garbagio! Let’s face it, they weren’t made for video, they’re a pain to watch. Somehow Purple only had that problem in two line ups, IV and V, the rest are fascinating to watch play music.

  41. 41
    soulmover says:

    what has happened to the complete pop deux footage on youtube?? gone???

  42. 42
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Hhhmm… it’s copyrighted by Canal Jimmy’s TV producers and I believe HEC Enterprises, and sooner or later youtube will be pretty cleaned up on that stuff. It’s just taking a while… but I’m pretty sure they’re being helped with watchful eyes with nothing better to do than report official material, as well. So it’s only a matter of time before most of it is gone. Not that it won’t pop back up again, but… and some artists and movie companies are against stuff being posted there too, I heard Prince wants to take Google on over it, and he is using this website already, but I hear he wants to class action Google for millions. http://copyrightsheriff.com/

    That website doesn’t screw around, I wouldn’t mess with them.(there are others too) But DP is not concerned much about this stuff on the net, it’s the Pirates with wearhouses full of multiple copied items being sold, that they’re not happy about.

    So it’s all been very conflicting since the great invention of YT.

  43. 43
    HZ says:

    LZ was first band that started with somehow hard rock image, and made it popular, like new hype, though I think that Purple’s work – Blackmore’s work to be precise – was in the beginning influenced with Hendrix and his style (which was prime of hard rock). Ritchie told that LZ broke up with hard sound, but also he told that it was what he wanted to do, Lord also told it, since before “Concerto”. I think that DP in that time was going very different way – Ritchie’s sophisticated solo with classical influences, Lord’s roaring Hammond, fast but very progressive and compact band in which everyone was master of his work,extremely good individually, opposite of LZ that was more “classic bluesy rock”, hard rock yes, but not to far away of what was already done. LZ was good band, eventually much popular than DP, today even Sabbath is much popular than DP – but in my humble opinion music has nothing to do with that. I think that DP was much colorful than LZ or BS, much more “to the point”, Ritchie is by far much more creative than Page or Iommy, and by far better guitar player.. So what happened is that bad atmosphere created in DP for several reasons, very bad management “bloodsucker management”, and fact that Blackmore never suited in music business as “hard rock image boy” but as stubborn, moody and creative artist, killed their image through the media. There is another very important thing – they were trully genius band in their prime time, but to bee to good is never very helpful in career, average is better… Smoke on The Water is perfect hard rock tune – the best, everyone knows it, to the point that all bored of how original and recognizable is (so were they prime albums with slight variations) – and what happened is that the media started to ask with every new record, even after reunion: when will we have new Smoke, oh but that’s not like Smoke and those first things, oh there is slight flection in what they doing now it’s not like In Rock etc. LZ were never asked these questions, they were just supported by the media, because they have great management that have protected them – even though that they’ve changed style, went to soft and sometimes realy average and less than average musical work. When I was younger I never understood why are they so celebrated and DP so critisised, I’ve even completed classical education in guitar, and it was so obvious to me that Blackmore is by far better and more creative and versatile than Page or Iommy (my humble opinion and taste), but when I grew and started to work in business, not music business to be honest, I understood why is that as it is. Even though I think that LZ is good band (not my pair of shoes – even Rainbow is better in my opinion), also Black Sabbath, I listen to their tunes, there is a lot of good stuff, but DP is – from my “musical point of view” – by far better and more to the point.

  44. 44
    HZ says:

    Let me illustrate: If Plant is doing some project with Alison Krauss, even if it’s nothing great, nothing new, nothing that’ll change some of our perspective towards music – then it’s just fine, because that’s Plant, and he’s legend, and even if everything is average and soft, it has to be great (so media says – I say bravo LZ-Plant management, from the start in sixties you are doing right thing, and you have good results). But, if Blackmore in his sixties wants to do something different, that will change some of our perspective to the music and what’s possible to be done, and that will show his ability to play guitar and compose tunes in classical manner, and we’ll be able to enjoy it, even if it’s not necessarily pair of shoes for everyone, then it’s oh why? it’s not like when he was in 70s? why he doesn’t take his strat again? and insults and so on. But in the end it’s just taste and perception that you have about music – what is real quality and what’s hype. The bad about music today is that it’s just business, no art, no quality…

  45. 45
    Roberto says:

    why you compare deep purple to led zeppelin?that is offtopic…

  46. 46
    AndreA says:

    because at #16…

  47. 47
    andre sihotang says:

    #43 & #44 HZ

  48. 48
    andre sihotang says:

    You are absolutely right, my friend!

    As I had posted before, they got the best manager ever, Peter Grant. He and the management had done their very best to maintain and control Led Zeppelin canvas, so even the pictures getting wet or worse, the paint would still looked the same. I’ve seen a video when Grant got angry and almost attacked the reporters and American concert promotors in New York, coz they distribute LZ merchandise and tickets without their knowledge, and also put some negative and offended news about LZ (I’m sure ’bout groupies and drugs).

    I think Deep Purple was very very unfortunately got a bad management at the time. Look at the interview above, the stupid and looked amateur reporters with her fuckin’ stupid questions. If she asked those things to Led Zeppelin, I’m very sure Peter Grant will be the first to answer, bark, then throw her out by his feet!!


    Long live Deep Purple

  49. 49
    andre sihotang says:


    Why not???

    Those videos made in 1971. At the time/period where two (or three??) best hard rock bands reached their peaks musically and comercially!

    I’m just said why people loved Zep and Sabbath, when Deep Purple always did thunderous shows night after night in 1970-1973?
    Then somebody put a comment, then somebody took a place, then..then.., then the old story went on again. It’s just natural feeling and situation. Look at those posts above, long, narrative, subjective and objective, and make sense. Why you feel those are offtopic?? As long as these stories concern with Deep Purple, I think nothing goes wrong. This is a Deep Purple forum.


  50. 50
    Crimson Ghost says:

    What was so special about Mr.Grant? Oh yeah…. just a way more clever crook than Edwards/Colletta put together. He was rather “smooth” if you will, but “honest” Nope!

  51. 51
    AndreA says:

    It is normal to speak and make comparisons between these groups…It is normal though probably wrong, because often you talk to subjectivity, intuition, because the music really takes just instinct, his character is his power.
    if we want a rational discourse of those who are more talented or less between DP and LZ we neever find a point of arrival.

    the music we like at first conquered the soul, body, blood … you get into involved , it free our mind, so it is impossible to analyze in an objective.

    some people feel more involved with LZ and others with DP.

    Of course I am into Purple,so no one can tell me that the LZ are better than the DP and viceversa I to him,
    but I am free to think that the DP is the top for me while the LZ just a good group that does not thrill me over..

  52. 52
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Sorry, but I highly disagree with that, if you were to ask Roger for instance, he’d tell you there would be no DP without Themes. They aren’t fixing what they don’t feel is broken, good enough for them.
    (who are they supposed to be after all these years, the next teen fad or something? Can you imagine that workload at their age?)

  53. 53
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ah, I see you were talking about the former management, which I have to strongly agree… oops, sorry again, lol!

  54. 54
    soulmover says:

    Stop saying LZ was bigger because of management..it is RIDICULOUS!
    Avoiding people to sell unauthorized merchandise…well that would do any manager!
    LZ were not very simpathetic to the press all the same but managed to gather the biggest crouds in history of music.
    Blackmore is a master but page has a tremendous songwritting gift.
    Two bands are different. Enjoy both then!

  55. 55
    AndreA says:

    sure that the bands are different

  56. 56
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, I can certainly enjoy tea, coffee, icecream, Baileys, wine, water from the tap, beer, milk, …….

    I dont like black coffee and soccer though, so what that makes me?

  57. 57
    HardRockPete says:

    I don’t understand why some Purple fans seem to hate Led Zeppelin???? It’s possible to like both, as I do, since both bands created some amazing music (one is still very creative). It seems like some Purple fans envy LZ their fame, and that’s just very childish. You seem to forget that there were a lot of great bands in the late 60s and during the 70s. It wasn’t just Purple who were amazingly good. Broaden your horizon:-)

  58. 58
    soulmover says:

    Well said hardrock pete!!!

  59. 59
    Crimson Ghost says:

    As usual.

  60. 60
    stoffer says:

    I do not hate LZ I’m just just tired of their “overplay” on the FM Rock Radio. They had some OUTSTANDING songs over the years, but they (imo) were not one bit better than DP, in fact DP were and are a more talented group of musicians than LZ. Hateful?, no way, jealous?, perhaps, confused about popularity?, absolutely, but “it is what it is”.

  61. 61
    andre sihotang says:

    I do love Zeppelin(even I’m more to DP’s music). Misty Mountain Hop(one strange lyric), Pysical Graff.(adventureous),solo guitar on Celebration Day,Trampled Underfoot(funky),Hot Dog(Americana!),Kashmir(epic!),Over The Hills, etc. Also their friendship was way way better than Deep Purple EXCEPT (of course) DP Mk7 & Mk8.

    But since this is DP forum, there’s not much to be talked here. I just want to point out, refer to the videos above, DP’s live was more bombastic and thunderous. And the interview, what a stupid journalist asked such silly questions. Even they were black and white videos, I can FEEL frustration in Gillan and Blackmore’s head when asked about politic songs and other stupid questions, while Jon Lord calmly aswered those to save the day. I bet she never heard any DP’s songs before. Speed King,Fireball,No No NO,Hush, Lucille,Black Night,Child In Time; politic songs? Oh come on, who on earth think those songs were talked ’bout politic.

    Management and promotion not only key factors for LZ success, but there were many things. Yes, I’m jealous. But the point that made me want to dig the history was, and I said again, IF DP’S MANAGEMENT DID COOPERATIVE AND COMFORTLY WITH DEEP PURPLE IN 1970-1973, THERE WILL BE NO FRUSTRATION, NO GILLAN -BLACKMORE BATTLE, NO GILLAN’S QUIT, NO WDWTWA (I only like Woman From Tokyo, the rest I didn’t even want to hear or know). Blackmore would never had such behaviours (with other mates had, maybe?) if the machnine was operated by pressed the normal button, not the high one! And I believe we could watch live videos like above and other 70-73’s era, from 1974 to now on coz’ Mk2 should be alive to this day!!

    I’m sure after Burn tour, the management pushed them for follow-up album immediately while I guess Blackmore, Lord, and Paice still very tired (what do you think about 1970-1974 nonstop touring all over the world with 5 albums in a row? I might be death after all). Then that open road became Glenn’s golden chance to rule the music in the kitchen with Dave as the cook assistant, so there we got Stormbringer by the end of 1974.

    That’s all..I only could regret the history.
    Sorry if maybe I did not know much info as you were.

  62. 62
    HZ says:


    I agree with you. Somehow we went to the “old discussion”, and I wanted to express my opinion regarding what stoffer just said about unjustified musical favorization of LZ on DP – my opinion was in short: music hasn’t nothing to do with that, it’s all about image and management that succeeded to keep them together and happy.

  63. 63
    alf+ says:

    hey guys there is a song named taurus played by SPIRIT in 1968,sounds to starway t. h. … the first 2 LZ albums are fulls of plagiary from american blues (brendon, dixon, howlin’ wolf,johnson..) even in the new cd editions by law appear like co-authors this american blues musicians.

    and #17 black sabbath has sold “120” million records, not “60”, the double. and more than DP

  64. 64
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I think Page also threw in a heavy influence of Peter Green by the fourth album. He sounded and played just like him.

  65. 65
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I do follow and empathize your passionate writings, well now and then…..


    Only Woman From Tokyo worthwhile on WDWTWA???????

    I loved that song but as with Smoke…..I got fed up with it.Even Mary Long which I loved dearly got me bored after they played it with Morse. Why would that be?

    Place in line, Rat bat blue, smooth dancer, supertrouper and so on not worthy the listen?
    Even OUR LADY is very beautiful……

    Strange man you are…..

  66. 66
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I might be suffering from some kind of dementia but…..

    I do remember that the REMASTER of WDWTWA not only emissed Jon Lord gems and the remix of MARY LONG which later occurred on the Listen….BOX, but….

    The VINYL was not even found worthwhile to release?!

    When the remasters started in the 90 s I hoped them ALL to be released in PURPLE VINYL as well…..

    Unfortunately they stopped half heartedly this lovingly approach and left me frustrated with a sloppy serie of releases…..

    Yeah, I know……

    I should get a life….

    Better face the mirror first when judging me in contempt.

  67. 67
    andre sihotang says:


    I don’t care too much about what you said.

    Blackmore and Gillan, the two were very responsible for all DP’s classics that made Deep Purple the best. For WDWTWA, they never or seldom together in one room since the battle had rages on! Gee, even I wasn’t there, why on earth I could feel that tension? So for me, Perfect Strangers, HOBL, and TBRO had my interest more than this album, coz Blackmore and Gillan made the music together.

    I really hate my favourite band’s album that made when the band were in such bad tensions or not made together by all the members in one room or studio at a time. Do you ever know Pink FLoyd’s The Final Cut or Eagles’s Live(1980)?? I’m a big fan of both these bands, but those two albums I never heard more than once in my life.

    Smooth Dancer? One part of its lyric
    ” Black……..don’t waste your time on me! don’t bring me your misery!” made things very clear about how Gillan was very frustrated with this Man In Black. Sooo, the lyric is more important to me than the music.

    Maybe one day I would hear that, hope will enjoy it altough it seems hard. But since the price of original CD is very high, I prefer spending my money for something else worthwhile. I hope You Tube get all WDWTWA’s songs so I could stream those for once. Just enough.

  68. 68
    james jay says:

    I would take OTR over Zep. JLT did a nice job on some of Dio’s tunes.

  69. 69
    Gillan89 says:

    To purplepriest1965
    Who do we think we are did sell out from UK as well.
    In Seriba was almost big hit as the Machine Head was
    Here’s for you all, who wants MKII rare footage, straight from youtube :).

  70. 70
    stoffer says:

    to HZ @ #62…..Good Point!

  71. 71
    andre sihotang says:


  72. 72
    purplepriest1965 says:


  73. 73
    AndreA says:



    are you sure about you wrote of SMOOTH DANCER lyrics?

    Black suede, don’t mean you’re good for me
    Black suede, just brings your mystery

    however the meaning transpires from the text the that there’s diatribe between G&B: these words have a double meaning as I read.

  74. 74
    ormandy says:

    Back in ’73, I thought this amazing rocker had Gillan singing about a black woman in leather.


  75. 75
    Jeffs says:

    WDWTWA This is a great album and the song structures are some of the best in Purples portfolio. Blackmore had lost interest by this time (very few solos on this album), but his riffing is sublime. Rat Bat Blue is IMO one of his best ever riffs and Gillans voice is fantastic on this album. Listen tio the way he screams the word “High!” on WFT and syncopates his vibrato with Paiceys bass drum…Outstanding stuff!! Also Jons piano work is some of his best, the speed solo on RBB is unbeleiveable and no, it isn’t sped up.

  76. 76
    Gillan89 says:

    I agree with all of you.
    I also adore WDWTWA album, and for me in some fragments it was much better than Fireball (i repeat in some fragments).
    Two of my big time favourites from WDWTWA (i like the whole album of course) were Super Trouper and Place In Line!
    Place in Line was a real anthem for WDWTWA album, just like
    Child In Time was for In Rock,
    Fools for Fireball, and
    Lazy for Machine Head.
    It was just thrilling bluesy/rock song with fantastic dark riffs (just like on M.Head), fantastic lyrics by Gillan (real Blues inspiration) and fabulous atmosphere.
    Also one of the interesting tracks from the album was the only survived outtake, Painted Horse. Which by my opinion was almost similar to Smoke on the water. Because it had also that very simple riff that smoke had, but the lyric was weaker but it had some outstanding harmonica solos by Gillan.
    To make a conclusion.
    All of the DP albums from 1968-1974, were fabulous expect the complete failure and a complete disgrace made by horrible Come Taste the Band.
    For me that album does not exist, and i hope that someone is going to agree with in some segments.

  77. 77
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Hard to understand Adoring WDWTWA and totally hating CTTB. But then, to each his own. Both are totally different that’s for sure, but CTTB is a Landmark Album. The first Purple album without Ritchie and even though the Touring of this was shabby most of the time, the Album stands alone in it’s style and direction. I was pleased to see the Funk reduced here. I truly can’t say Any Purple album is Horrible. Each has some incredible playing in one form or another……

    As far as the Videos above…..the MK1 shots from Bern are great. Too bad there isn’t a full show of that gig. Great footage. Much better than the Inglewood Footage….


  78. 78
    Gillan89 says:

    I agree the Bern footage are great.
    I just said, that for me Come taste.. is horrible because (and i’m saying in the name of plenty people) it wasn’t a DP album! Yes it wasn’t band funk/rock album:P
    They shouldn’t called the band Deep Purple. It was more likely a early type of David Coverdale’s Whitesnake album.
    And that’s the maiin reason i don’t like that album.
    Everybody knows that the Man In Black is the soul of the band. I am a huge fan of Gillan, but even i say that Ritchie was a driving force of the band, no matter who was the singer (Evans, Gillan, Coverdale, JLT) it was Ritchie who gave that distinct sound and feeling.
    And of course Gillan’s voice (back then) filled in perfectly with Ritchie’s magic and Lord’s intelligence.
    The Gillan/Blackmore connection (musicaly i mean :))
    it was almost the same as Dio’s and Ritchie’s.

  79. 79
    andre sihotang says:

    #77 Gillan89

    Aah, Gillan-Blackmore was way way better than Dio-Blackmore.
    Compare them with David Gilmour-Roger Waters, both couples were at the same height I think musically (sadly, not personally).

    All DP’s classics were produced when Gillan and Blackmore could discuss and jam together, except ‘Burn’,’Soldier of Fortune’,’Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming’ and ‘Rapture of The Deep’ which in my opinion were non-Mk2 classics.


  80. 80
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Nice to see this topic is NOT closed.

    I m in for a Who Do We Think We Are Re Apprassail Society.

    If STORMBRINGER as a much criticised album deserved the treatment, which I fully approve of btw, why on earthy not a special treatment for WDWTA???!!!

    Ofcourse there has been the remaster cd which I kinda, ermmm, like….
    Maybe it stems from the chaotic , so I ve been told, Im not a manager….., organisation behind the band that a lot of steps are not made to cement the band even better into history?

    I still think that the series of remasters should have taken an UNIFORM CHARACTRE like every vinyl edition in PURPLE COLOUR, every album should have EVERYTHING from the vaults and so on.

    Maybe a certain wise man amongst us can give us HIS ANALYSIS on this one?

    Gotta go and fetch a train now and buy some apple pie before its too late…..

  81. 81
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ Gillan89

    Thanx for the reply and all those YouTubes

    Unfortunately I already saw all of those
    I really enjoyed them and repeatedly, I must say…..

    For a moment I hoped you had something which I did NOT know, but….

    Well, in time there will be plenty more of those….

    Compared to others I did not dig very deep into the bootlegs of DP and offspring due to financial reasons
    I always found that very frustrating because in my perception they would have add a big chunck of pleasure and knowledge on my favourite rockband.

    So now it happens, being a fan for 32 years now, that I keep getting surprised by unofficial material on which they excel in improvisation, passion, PERFECT SINGING and so on.

    Apart from moments, songs and shows they have NOT been able to match the standards they left us a benchmark around 1973, I think.

    So, when seeing and hearing for example the 1971 stuff, is truly an orgasm for the ears to experience.

    On the other hand, I used words a like after witnessing the good show of the 2 nights in AHOY 87……

    Kinda ironic and funny, your nickname, hehehe

  82. 82
    Gillan89 says:

    Thanks purplepriest1965
    I’m glad that you agree with my coments
    And i’m also glad that we can bouth understand, as true DP fans

  83. 83
    Scott says:

    What happen at 1:29. Did the power go out.

  84. 84
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This thread still works, hehehe

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