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Purple gets recognition from Rhino

Purple family will be featured in the upcoming 4CD compilation The Heavy Metal Box planned for release on Rhino. The compilation spans history of the heavy metal from 1968 to 1991.

While normally a yet another Deep Purple compilation would not deserve mentioning it in THS news, it’s good to see acknowledgment of Purple and Rainbow’s influence on the the genre, particularly as it comes from an American record label.

Track Listing

Disc 1

1. “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” — Iron Butterfly
2. “Summertime Blues” — Blue Cheer
3. “Easy Livin” — Uriah Heep
4. “Highway Star” — Deep Purple
5. “Billion Dollar Babies” — Alice Cooper
6. “Lost Johnny” — Hawkwind
7. “Bad Motor Scooter” — Montrose
8. “Working Man” — Rush
9. “Man On The Silver Mountain” — Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
10. “Detroit Rock City” — Kiss
11. “The Ripper” — Judas Priest
12. “Cat Scratch Fever” — Ted Nugent
13. “Lights Out” — UFO
14. “Godzilla” — Blue Oyster Cult
15. “Demolition Boys” — Girlschool
16. “White Witch” — Angel Witch
17. “The Phantom Of The Opera” — Iron Maiden
18. “Neon Knights” — Black Sabbath

Disc 2

1. “Ace Of Spades” — Motorhead
2. “Am I Evil?” — Diamond Head
3. “Nice Boys” — Rose Tattoo
4. “Attack Of The Mad Axeman” — Michael Schenker Group
5. “Denim And Leather” — Saxon
6. “Blitzkrieg” — Blitzkrieg
7. “Gangland” — Tygers Of Pan Tang
8. “Witching Hour” — Venom
9. “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” — Judas Priest
10. “The Number Of The Beast” — Iron Maiden
11. “Star War” — Raven
12. “Say What You Will” — Fastway
13. “Black Funeral” — Mercyful Fate
14. “Animal (F**k Like A Beast)” — W.A.S.P.
15. “Mean Streak” — Y&T
16. “Holy Diver” — Dio
17. “Queen Of The Reich” — Queensryche
18. “Whiplash” — Metallica

Disc 3

1. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” — Scorpions
2. “Metal Health” — Quiet Riot
3. “Into The Fire” — Dokken
4. “Balls To The Wall” — Accept
5. “Round And Round” — Ratt
6. “I Wanna Rock” — Twisted Sister
7. “The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” — Hanoi Rocks
8. “Big Bottom” — Spinal Tap
9. “Midnite Maniac” — Krokus
10. “I’ll See The Light, Tonight” — Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force
11. “Crazy Nights” — Loudness
12. “Shake Me” — Cinderella
13. “Watch The Children Pray” — Metal Church
14. “To Hell With The Devil” — Stryper
15. “A Little Time” — Helloween
16. “Wrecking Crew” — Overkill
17. “Caught In A Mosh” — Anthrax
18. “Peace Sells” — Megadeth

Disc 4

1. “Still Of The Night” — Whitesnake
2. “Rock Me” — Great White
3. “Talk Dirty To Me” — Poison
4. “Bathroom Wall” — Faster Pussycat
5. “Hall Of The Mountain King” — Savatage
6. “Kiss Me Deadly” — Lita Ford
7. “Hail And Kill” — Manowar
8. “Trial By Fire” — Testament
9. “Welcome Home” — King Diamond
10. “South Of Heaven” — Slayer
11. “One” — Metallica
12. “Cult Of Personality” — Living Colour
13. “Youth Gone Wild” — Skid Row
14. “Cowboys From Hell” — Pantera
15. “Beg To Differ” — Prong
16. “Dead Embryonic Cells” — Sepultura

The 4CD set will be also offered in limited edition packing — the faux-amp box featuring an authentic, turn-able Marshall knob that one can turn it up to 11.

Thanks to Arbell Camron for the info.

5 Comments to “Purple gets recognition from Rhino”:

  1. 1
    tomekdp says:

    OMG – what an “acknowledgement”. THS, MOTSM and STONight. Nothing really to brag about, there are hundreds of such compilations around. Or maybe Rhino Rec. have donated a little something for the benefit of the THS website in reward for this nice advertisement ;)?

  2. 2
    GTM says:

    What a great songlist, especially disc1.

  3. 3
    ormandy says:

    Perhaps CLASSIC ROCK Magazine is right to excluded DEEP PURPLE from their recent HEAVY METAL special issue. Seeing Highway Star on that list, the song is too good, or too classy or is it too progressive…for the company it keeps.

    Of course CLASSIC ROCK Magazine excluded DEEP PURPLE from the PROG issue as well.

  4. 4
    stoffer says:

    This is not a bad 4 disc set, although 1 song apiece from DP and Rainbow hardly deserves mentioning on THS. Interesting no Led Zep or Sabbath with Ozzy???, anyway I like the idea of Easy Livin’ and Highway Star “back to back”. (wonder how Easy Livin’ would sound if played by DP)

  5. 5
    alf+ says:

    there is absecences: grand funk railroad,journey,boston,van halen,queen,ac/dc,motley crüe,soundgarden,stratovarius,dream theater, guns & roses, ozzy osbourne,kreator,etc..
    and there is remains: hawkind,girlschool,rose tatou,tigers of pan tang,hanoi rocks,fasters pussycat.
    long live R&R from México.

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