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2009-03-31 – Ian Gillan – One Eye To Morocco

Ian Gillan - One Eye To Morocco
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
20:00 - - All Ages
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3 Comments to “2009-03-31 – Ian Gillan – One Eye To Morocco”:

  1. 1
    sanfrancisco50 says:

    well well too bad that the interview re IG’s new album in the US’ rockline radio didnt happen, so sorry ….

    the radio played some DP old songs and replayed their interview with IG on Gillan’s Inn, which is kinda nice.

    we are waiting to see DP HERE IN THE BAY AREA!!!

  2. 2
    gustavo marcolongo says:

    Here,from Argentina: Yesterday I’ve heard this new work of Ian. Nice record. Very nice.

  3. 3
    James Gemmell says:

    The thing that distinguishes the Ian Gillan and Deep Purple catalogues from many other rock stars is the pure variety of music. If you don’t like one song, you’re sure to like another. “One Eye” is all over the board, in terms of drifting from hard rock to soft blues, and contains everything from organ to saxophone to harmonica.

    I like the title track, ‘One Eye to Morocco’, ‘Change My Ways’ (which has a great beat and a superb ending), and ‘Girl Goes to Show.’ I wasn’t wild about ‘The Ultimate Groove’.

    A very high-quality album, although not in the same class as the epic, “Gillan’s Inn” from three years ago. That album was one for the ages, with a stock of name musicians participating, including the late, great Jeff Healey, Tony Iommi, Joe Satriani, et al. But this album is every bit as professional. It’s just that I would prefer a few more hard rockers. But I’m sure we’ll be getting that on next year’s new Deep Purple album.

    One thing that I can’t understand is why Purple doesn’t put out new music once a year, at least, through some of the Internet channels, such as YouTube, iPOD, this type of thing. Five years in between albums is too long to expect fan interest not to wane among all but the hard-core fans. If exclusivity clauses in record-company contracts are the hold-up, then Purple needs to end relations with those companies at the end of the contracts.

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