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Communication through horse’s eyes

Paul Mann was interviewed by a Hammond aficionado Nick Foley. In this lengthy chat, they’ve talked about his work with Jon Lord, the Concerto revival and continuing performances, speaking English in Romania, among many, many other things. We highly recommend listening to the whole thing (it is an hour and a quarter long). The man was quite literally born into the Purple family, and the stories he has to tell…

Thanks to George ‘in Ohio’ Bixler for the info.

2 Comments to “Communication through horse’s eyes”:

  1. 1
    Ivica says:

    Still listen attentively to” Concerto” and my blood still freezes in my veins
    The original version under the direction of Sir Malcolm Arnold also with Paul Mann from 1999.
    I read somewhere that Jon composed in just 3 months, which is incredible!
    A fucking masterpiece.
    I’m impatiently waiting for the concert in Zagreb

  2. 2
    George in Ohio says:

    Trust me, Ivica – as great as the Concerto is on recording, you are in for a special treat to hear it live in Zagreb. I heard Paul Mann/Bruce Dickinson do it in Quebec City in 2019, and, as I’ve said before several times, hearing it live is a spiritual experience. Paul of course knows it better than anyone else, and you will not be disappointed. I know I sure wasn’t.

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