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This sums up how I feel about the new album. Photo © 2006 John Allspaw CC-BY-NC-2.0

It looks like “smoke and mirrors” is the theme of the record company promotion campaign for the new Deep Purple album. After unveiling the new mysterious web site about a month ago, we were left with (literally) a big question mark for the album title. In what might possibly be the biggest prank in Purple history, one online retailer now lists the album titled simply as ?. Or it could quite possibly be the actual title of the album. Smoke and mirrors, man. Smoke and mirrors…

The only thing known more or less for sure right now are the release dates as confirmed by the label:

  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Spain: April 26
  • UK, France, Benelux, Poland, Czech, Norway, Denmark: April 29
  • USA, Italy: April 30
  • Sweden: May 1

According to the very preliminary information from Soyuz Music, which will be releasing the album in Russia, 3 release formats are being planned:

  • Standard Edition: 11 Songs on 1 CD
  • Deluxe Edition: 13 songs + c.a. 30 min. EPK on 1 CD + 1 DVD (digipak)
  • Vinyl: 1LP

Thanks to Andrey Gusenkov for the format info.

26 Comments to “?”:

  1. 1
    heycisco says:

    They should learn from Chickenfoot on how to promote a new album these days. Black Sabbath is doing it as well.

  2. 2
    Apollo says:

    G/S/A : Germany/Switzerland/Austria !

  3. 3
    CARLOS RUBIO S. says:

    Cuando llegara a México?

  4. 4
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    There should be NO QUESTION! They should go on all of the TV shows that enjoy musical acts and ANNOUNCE THE UPCOMING RELEASE! Bob Ezrin produced one of the best KISS albums. KISS goes on all the major networks and PLAYS A SONG FRM THEIR NEW ALBUM ‘Monster’. I’m pretty sure KISS knows how to promote their stuff. Click the link below…that’s promotion.


    Purple could use a little schooling from these guys. Of course, KISS takes charge and is in complete control of their Brand. As is Alice Cooper. Another blast from the past whom is still ‘known to be alive and well’ and a Bob Ezrin ‘child’…..


  5. 5
    dave_wallis says:


  6. 6
    Per S. says:

    GSA is Germany/Switzerland/Austria, I guess.
    Any info about the 2 extra tracks?

  7. 7
    Chip says:

    If Deep Purple actually had effective marketing I would be surprised. This muddled mess of a plan is a joke. I am optimistic about the music on the CD but as always…..the management fails to promote them effectively.

  8. 8
    Micalonues says:

    I like that it’s still a mystery, especially in this day and age.

    Now that’s what I call cool, my friend.

  9. 9
    Simon says:

    G/S/A = Germany / Suisse / Austria

  10. 10
    Nick Soveiko says:

    Apollo, Per & Simon: thanks!

  11. 11
    Buttockss says:

    Who’s the geek?……….seth green.

  12. 12
    Bo says:

    This is the same old story. No marketing no new ideas. Why put an album out if they dont want to promte it BIG time. This is 2013 not 1971. Take controle and go for it!

  13. 13
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    I hope Ezrin makes a difference. With 20/20 hindsight, I’m not a big fan of Mike Bradford’s mixing.

  14. 14
    Rascal says:

    Advertising this album as a mystery does nothing to promote interest in the band or in the album.

    Im surprised that the band members havent more control over how they are promoted. Or maybe thay have and think its a good idea.

    Its becoming boring.

  15. 15
    Roberto says:


    you still won’t accept they don’t care about promotion…they are not interested of being pop stars…they are an underground band…


    I hate Kiss, their music and what they represent…

  16. 16
    Rasmus H says:

    11 songs + 13 songs. Wow, that’s 24 songs total!
    This really is incredible!
    Deep Purple never released so many new songs on one album before.

  17. 17
    Matt Love says:

    I would imagine they’ve done the question mark and the big ‘hush hush’ on the title to avoid the music leaking and being searchable on torrents etc before the official release date… But once it is released…

  18. 18
    Errol Arias says:

    Ian Gillan about why not playing any new material until the album release :

    “The idea is we don’t be doing any stuff from the new record because it’s impossible these days, because of YouTube. Within five minutes, the whole world will have a tinny, emaciated version and it will be a complete waste of time. So until the new record is out we’re not doing any new stuff. but all the songs are ‘new’ every night anyway.”

    Published: 14:28 February 20, 2013

    Source : http://gulfnews.com/arts-entertainment/celebrity/deep-purple-chat-ahead-of-dubai-jazz-festival-show-1.1148581

    I still Can’t understand such position !! Is 2013 not 1971 as #12 said above…

    Can someone explain to me -in a childish way- what is the real problem of playing any new song ? Every artist play 1 or 2 songs before the album release in order to raise the enthusiasm and the expectations about the new record.. Only DP management has so strange behaviour !

  19. 19
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Robert @15:

    Yes actually I have accepted their discount of promotion. Where I stand on it is why Ian expressed what he did in the interview you supplied here. He has maintained over the years his dismay in the fact that all they are known as is a ‘Classic Rock Band’, unknown for their current material. Hence, the song MTV on ROTD. It’s as though he is in denial at this point due to the fact that they are at the end of their recording career and now he accepts the sad fact that they are ‘underground’ as though that was the plan…. Come on. Just as with (if you will remember) his interviews during the ‘Bananas’ period where he continually expressed how the majority of people in the audiences were 18 years of age or so, obviously hoping that would gain the interest of the younger crowd. Sorry but I have attended many Purple shows and have yet to see a majority of younger folks in the audience. Being proud of the fact that you are virtually unknown in a business that thrives on exposure to have success is ludicrous. Also, if he is fine with their lack of promotion and not concerned with record sales, then why on earth is he so hell bent on being so concerned about not playing any new songs live due to the fact that it might affect the sales of said new record?
    As for liking or disliking KISS, that wasn’t the point. The point was the fact that KISS and Alice Cooper (love’m or hate’m) both have used Bob Ezrin. Both have been around for 40 years. Both promote. Both are in the media spotlight and known for Still Being Around doing Present Material. Both play their NEW MUSIC Live. Both have tons of PRESENT STUFF popping up on YOUTUBE. Both are positively rewarded from the exposure from it. Purple has dropped the ball and is justifying it by a ‘twist in the tale’ of the reality….

    Rasmus H @16,

    13 songs TOTAL is the true number. You are misreading the post (unfortunately). The Standard Edition has 11 songs. The Deluxe Edition has 2 bonus tracks….


  20. 20
    grystal says:

    i see jon lord and ian gillan faces in smoke…….??????

  21. 21
    cyclone says:

    I give KISS a lot of credit. They can sell just about anything good or not. As for me…..not a fan….over cooked bacon.

  22. 22
    Mike Whiteley says:

    Well,promotion,or not,seems the forthcoming album is garnering a lot of attention here,based on sketchy interview quotes and 2 largely frustrating audio clips.
    What’s the album title ?? Does it matter ?? Purple have run the gamut. There’ve been fiery names,self-titles, one after a guitar tuning peg and a fruity one..literally.
    The fact is,most of us who gather here will buy the album ASAP after it’s release,no matter what it’s finally christened.
    Twitter and Facebook accounts are wasted on me as well as “countdown” webpages. ( I’m over 50 and couldn’t care less about social media )
    I look forward to the new album and only hope for 2 things:
    1: That it’s a lot better than Rapture of the Deep and
    2: That all versions come out at once. ( No Tour Editions 6 months down the road,please)

  23. 23
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    They should do a ‘Classic Rock Magazine Special Release”. Promote, promote, promote. I am convinced that as usual, it won’t even show up in the ‘New Release’ sales ads at the various electronic stores. Unless one reads this site or thumbs through a Hard Rock magazine, it will be virtually unknown to exist when it comes out. This I guarantee….


  24. 24
    LRT says:

    It is not the job of a management or producer to promote. It is a promoters job and the label’s duty to promote. When the promoters just want the easy buck, and the labels don’t do jack to back, what’s left? Good luck sorting it out, but don’t stop to wonder why Do It Yourselfers with their own publishing and labels have the best of what worlds are left, and don’t need to be obligated to the bottom feeders labels can be, with their refusal to promote what they’re supposed to, once they sign you. Talk about politicians. And this band needs no publicist… yeah right. FUBAR! If it turns out to look like they even knew what they were doing by the time this nut factory closes, I’ll be surprised, because it’s not shaping up too well. Perhaps the video piece will put all of this disjointed campaign into perspective, but we won’t know until we buy. Hhmm… double edge indeed. These days people like a better idea of what it is they will buy, and the other half just take. That makes for a nice warm pool full of nothing but pee. I know I wouldn’t go this far over an average product, so either they’re just senile or this is a dam good album that will last.

  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:


    We are still taking certain persons wayyyyyyyyyyy to serious.
    Wasnt it Glenn Hughes that around 1994 he said he would like to pursue something that would make him Geoge Michael II?!

    We all know how negative that ssociation later on became but still…..

    Every time an album is presented Gillan says it is the best/the best produced /etc….

    He had it in his mind that Bananas would become their Sgt Pepper!!! He was serious about that, I think.

    It is not just Gillan, many musicians sell crap verbally.

    What about us? : )

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Not to be confused with Foobar.

    For other uses, see FUBAR (disambiguation).

    You are still educating me, one way or the other. : )

    I did not know what you meant but appearantly it is Military Slang :

    ” FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition/any repair/all reason), like SNAFU and SUSFU, dates from World War II.

    The Oxford English Dictionary lists Yank, the Army Weekly magazine (1944, 7 Jan. p. 8) as its earliest citation: “The FUBAR squadron. ‥ FUBAR? It means ‘Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition.”[7]

    ” Military slang is colloquial language used by and associated with members of various military forces. This page lists slang words or phrases that originate with military forces, are used exclusively by military personnel, or are strongly associated with military organizations.”

    Always knew you had it in you : )

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