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State of the union

Roger Glover, Quebec City, June 4, 2011; Photo © Nick Soveiko CC-BY-NC-SA

In anticipation of the kickoff of the world tour (as festival appearance in India has been cancelled) TimeOut Dubai publishes an interview with Roger Glover, where he displays quite a bit of humility:

I don’t believe we sold 100 million records. People make things up because it goes down well with the press. I’m a musician, not an accountant. But I can’t imagine we’ve sold anywhere near 100 million.

I was talking to a taxi driver and he said “Deep Purple? Are they still around?” We get a lot of that. People think we’re dead and buried. I don’t care. It’s not their fault.

Yet this bit of journalism raised some eyebrows in our headquarters as there was a strong feeling that Roger was the one pressing for making another album:

The public’s lack of awareness isn’t helped by the fact Deep Purple have all but given up as recording artists. Their last album, Rapture of the Deep, was released in 2005; instead the band have morphed into a touring tribute to their glory days. ‘There was a discussion about whether we should release more albums – something I opposed,’ says Glover. The band are currently putting the finishing touches on a new LP, and the bassist admits it’s likely to be the last. ‘We’re all in our mid-60s,’ he adds. ‘You never know which will be a last album.’

We took the liberty of getting in touch with our favourite bass player and he sets the record straight:

The journalist has the wrong end of the stick. There was a discussion some years ago as to when, where, with whom, or even whether to record the next album but I never said that I was against recording an album – quite the opposite. We’re an ‘album band’, whether it’s out of favour or a losing proposition or whatever – I believe we should be who we are. An album is a state-of-the-union statement and for a band like us, that’s important, if only to me. :-]

I’m annoyed, though not entirely surprised, that the journalist got it wrong. I also never said that this will be our last album.

Thanks to Rich Shailor for the info and to Roger for clarification.

19 Comments to “State of the union”:

  1. 1
    Buttockss says:


  2. 2
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    Glad that was cleared up. Good job!

    That being said, it’s obvious (by the way the article is written) the reporter isn’t exactly gunning for a Public Service award.

  3. 3
    tony lind says:

    Roger. I fully expect to see you all there recording in your mid eighties (Steve in his mid sixties) ! What would be wrong with that ? Just get on with it !

  4. 4
    HardRockPete says:

    Don’t you ever trust a journalist!!!! They will NEVER get it right, and they will NEVER get the point!!!

    To Rog, good luck with the new album!!! May you continue to (hard)rock the world for years to come:-)

  5. 5
    funkilius says:

    Wow…….a lot of knobs on that bass……..does rodger use them all?

  6. 6
    victor says:

    Just saw Ian Hunter (3 times) during his tour in California. Played seven (7) songs from his latest album, “When I’m President” released in 2012. Most of his material played was from his last four albums. Fantastic! He’s 73 years old.

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This looks like old news.

  8. 8
    Eddie6string says:

    Maybe they should write a song about ‘Things they Never Said’ – Doh!
    Most of what Journalists comit to print ain’t worthy of wrapping my Fish ‘n’ Chips in & I’ve eaten them off some ………… places!

    First time I heard ‘Ted the Mechanic’ I ripped my heart out Stamped on it with Tree Climbing Spikes (Blunt) & swore I’d never see the band Live again – Now TtM is among my fave Tooons & I’ve seen them several times since – My Spikes are ready for the next Album & my heart ready to be won over again!


    Oh the scars of caring!

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Oh irony.

    When I first listened to Purpendicular, in a shop, I kinda felt relieved hearing Ted The Mechanic.

    I still like it, though it has become kinda stale for me now.

    But that happened with SOTW as well, so……

  10. 10
    Tommy H. says:

    As far as I know, Roger is the only guy in the band who has stated over and over again that they are a recording band. It’s seems that nobody else supports him in this point. I’m happy that they actually made it and did another album. But somehow I get the feeling that Roger had to convince Ian (Gillan) to do it because he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it at all. I guess for Ian it’s just another record to calm down all the voices who demanded this album and the other guys joined in when he finally agreed to do it. That situation might be the reason for whole album title thing. The question mark maybe stands for the many people who asked the same question over and over again and the exclamation mark feels like “There you go and shut up!”.

  11. 11
    Chip says:

    I refused to listen to Purpendicular (as a devoted Blackmore fan) until Blackmore Night happened. After making it through 4 songs on the first BN CD…I would have destroyed the CD if I had those tree climbing spikes handy. I was quite sad. In a fit of anger I went back and tried Purpendicular and was frankly shocked how good it was. And then I got Abandon and while that isn’t as good…I was back with the band. I was in 7th Heaven….

    I then realized that there was Purple life without Ritchie. I then went back and listened to CTTB for the first time. While the Bolin stuff isn’t my cup of tea…CTTB is really a pretty good LP. I also had a much more critical look at Stranger In Us All and while there are some good moments there….it really is a lot of retreaded throwaway material….much like most Blackmore/DP records after PS.

    I guess the bottom line is that is pays to keep an open mind. I missed out on years of listening to good music based on my Blackmore bias.

  12. 12
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    AMEN Chip!!!


  13. 13
    Joe says:

    still waiting for Deep Purple to return to South Florida ! c’mon down guys , the weather is fine !!!

  14. 14
    Boswell's Johnson says:

    Tommy H.

    I like your theory! We, the fans, should immediately start pressuring them for yet another album!

  15. 15
    cyclone says:

    Yep–when asked who are my favorite bands….I reply DP, Rainbow, and Gillan Band. Their response……who?

  16. 16
    MacGregor says:

    Sorry if this gets sent more than once, not sure what happened there if it does!
    Chip @ 11 – While I agree in some way to the retreaded throw away material, Stranger In Us All is a wonderful album, very strong songs & great playing. I have commented before about any artist that has been around for decades, that they just simply run out of ideas after a while!
    It happens to them all & no individual is spared from this circle! If you think that Gillan & Glover haven’t run out of ideas since the 90’s, well, enough said really! They are the same as all the others, retreaded throw away material! It all sounds very familiar! I can still hear the fat lady singing!
    Why would Blackmore’s Night make you sad or angry? It is another realm of music, that is all! What did you expect from it!
    Blackmore has played all the riffs he can, not to mention excessively loud rock music for decades, so he moved on! All the guitarist have run out of ideas riff wise! Not to mention other songwriters, of which some I already have! It is nothing to worry about!

  17. 17
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Amen cyclone. That is a sad fact that is quite a shame for sure. There is no excuse for their ‘underground’ existence. I’m just happy to be a part of the few who know. I spread the word as much as I can, but due to there being so many years gone by that people haven’t heard from them, they don’t even seem to care either way. Too much water under the bridge makes for a weak foundation and a flood of alternative choices. Too little too late. They are not willing to do what it takes to acquire the present day recognition they deserve, therefore let us rejoice in accepting the fact we belong to an elite club of a few informed members of an exclusive club….


  18. 18
    LRT says:

    I’m laughing at this whole thing. Engaging in semi-journalism yourselves by publishing here. I can dismantle just about everything Roger says here. It’s also funny how when a supportive journalist gets a go at him, they’re even more crazy? Alright, okay….

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Please enlighten me to who you are referring, I dont get your post.

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