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Snakecharmer to release debut album

Snakecharmer album cover art; image courtesy of Frontier Records

Early Whitesnake stalwarts Micky Moody and Neil Murray have teamed up with Chris Ousey (Heartland), Laurie Wisefield (ex Wishbone Ash, Tina Turner), Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) and Harry James (Thunder) to form Snakecharmer. They are releasing a self-titled album of original material via Frontier Records, due on January 22nd in North America and January 25th in Europe.

Track list:

  1. My Angel
  2. Accident Prone
  3. To The Rescue
  4. Falling Leaves
  5. A Little Rock & Roll
  6. Turn Of The Screw
  7. Smoking Gun
  8. Stand Up
  9. Guilty As Charged
  10. Nothing To Lose
  11. Cover Me In You
  12. White Boy Blues

Chris Ousey – lead vocals
Micky Moody – guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Laurie Wisefield – guitar, vocals
Adam Wakeman – keyboards, vocals
Neil Murray – bass
Harry James – drums, vocals

8 Comments to “Snakecharmer to release debut album”:

  1. 1
    stoffer says:

    from what i can hear they sound pretty good, here’s hoping they last longer than BCC

  2. 2
    buttockss says:

    Interesting……will have to give a listen. I herd the album sounds a little like bad co. A good band that bernie mardson was in was back in the late 80’s called “alaska” you should check out.

  3. 3
    Bo says:

    This is what Coverdale should be doing. First class – now on tour – Summer tour in Europe 2013 YES!!!

  4. 4
    nupsi59 says:

    Very interesting! Micky Moody together with Laurie Wisefield, who did a great Job in Wishbone Ash (“There’s the Rub”-album).

  5. 5
    Roberto says:

    More or less the 4th band created by M&M based on Whitesnake…is there a meaning? No…the only good thing is they are making an album with new songs but stop puttin’ a snake in every project…and from what I can hear they sound like just another Whitesnake bad copy…I need something more peculiar and personal to listen to but most of the classic rock bands keep on copying themsleves to the end…I think you could have your own style and keep on writing diversify and, most of all, inspiered great songs…in the last 10 years this happen always less often…

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    Chris Ousey sounds a lot like Doggie White…

  7. 7
    Dave Smale says:

    Sounds good to me. Something to look forward to next year! I always preferred the 70s/early 80s Whitesnake anyway of all their line-ups & if Snakecharmer sound a little like that, then no problem!

  8. 8
    Nick says:

    Love the music, faultless. Much better than anything that Coverdale has done in years (sadly).

    Not keen on the vocal, though. There are enough rock vocalists already that sound as though they are straining with bowel problems. They need someone with a distinctive voice that is immediately identifiable when you switch the radio on (like Gillan, RJD, Ozzy, Jon Anderson etc.).

    Certainly will be checking out the album – the samples are great.

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