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Is it your first time?

It struck me the other day that we at THS have seen Deep Purple an awful lot of times throughout the years, but at each concert there are people there seeing the band for the very first time.
Have you just been to see Purple for the first time? We’d like to hear about your experience, so head on over to the reviews form and let us know how it was!

7 Comments to “Is it your first time?”:

  1. 1
    Fritz Walther says:

    Well it is an interesting approach to the meaning of Fan. I wonder sometimes how a Band like the purps feel about having the same front row at every show? How do they feel about the same people at meet and greet? How do they feel about strange characters like the german girl who is at every show? My guess is, they actually hate it!
    Normal people don’t go to every show. They see different Bands and appreciate a Band for their Talent. Then they go home and tell their friends. They might come back a year later for the new album or a different kind of show, but they don’t come back every night. The people on these Websites go to 10 shows in a row and then complain about the Playlist. All that shows is that have not understood a concert tour! How many of these crazy Fans are out there? My guess is not enough to even justify a small change in a Playlist.
    And now my guess is that first timers don’t come here. just my 2 Pfennig.

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    To a degree you are very correct. But regarding this site and this particular subject, there are many Purple Fans whom haven’t gotten to see their heroes Live. For many, either the band hasn’t come close enough to their domain or scheduling, finances or whatever might have interfered with their ability to attend. I think this is a good approach for a point of reference from a First Timer’s perspective, some of which are Long Time Fans whom are now lucky enough to finally see this great band.

    Kudos to this ‘Subject’.


  3. 3
    james jay says:

    @1 right on Fritz. That is like riding a fast roller coaster 20 times in a row and then say it is too slow.

  4. 4
    Elinor Bostock says:

    Sorry I cannot add a first-timer perspective as I have been to a great many Purple gigs and hope to continue to do so. I was not able to see them the first time round as I did not have the money etc. Now I enjoy seeing several shows on a tour. Comparing the differences, however small, is fascinating and watching from different places in the audience too. For me it is also a way to meet friends I might not otherwise be able to see.
    Oh and I am not the person in the centre at the front every gig. She drives me mad too 🙂
    Mostly, I believe the band are happy to see familiar faces as well as many new ones.
    Nor do I complain about the set list. I am just glad they are still playing.

  5. 5
    Sami says:

    First of all my heart goes out to Norwegian people in this time of senseless tragedy, what happened is beyond words!!

    @ 1 @ 2 Well put from both of you, even you Tracy, arf arf. Seriously, december will be the first DP-gig for my wife & son, my sister and my godson as well who’s coming along too…it’ll be interesting to

    see/hear their reactions ’bout this band their husband/dad/brother/godfather has been raving about(somewhat)/blasting through the sound system for many years(strongly inc. related bands etc. of course, Rainbow anyone!?)

    If I’m not gone senile then that’ll be the tenth time I have attended a Purple gig, eight of ’em in Finland of course, but one in Sweden & one in Denmark as well…countless related of course: Rainbow, Blackmores Night, I. Gillan, G. Hughes, JLT, Graham Bonnet, Whitesnake, and Boney M…

    Well, had a few beers so got carried away a bit, be well everyone

  6. 6
    stephen says:

    Actually I just thought it was a simple request.
    There are still many people out there who have never seen Deep Purple, but are perhaps about to. It would be interesting to me, and with that hopefully to you, to find out what they thought of the experience.
    I don’t recall anywhere in that statement anything about setlist, band line up or such like. We would just like to hear from people who are enthusiastic about their experiences, and wish to share that in a positive way. (something which seems to have been forgotten in general by a few of our commenters. Please remember the last time, when we had to close comments all together)

    For the record I have only once had an issue with a setlist. In Newcastle, GB, on the last tour. For weeks before hand the set had been a great mix, with good tempo. In Newcastle the promoter had decided it was a Machine Head setlist, and to me the tempo was all wrong.
    The next night the setlist was back to the previous excellent set, so I guess I wasn’t the only one.

    I look forward to hearing everyones experiences, good or otherwise, since I only get to a show once or twice a year these days…..

  7. 7
    Larry R. Toering says:


    It’s just too bad the people you’re on about like to complain and use this site to do so, even though they still attend the shows and buy or steal the records. This I can’t understand and don’t try too, I just like to introduce them and the rest of the general whiners to their reflections a bit. 🙂 But better things to do… everyone has, and wouldn’t have to care if it weren’t for such nonsense.

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