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Purple instructional DVDs

To celebrate the 65th birthday of Ritchie Blackmore, Lick Library is promoting four instructional DVDs from its library of titles, all featuring Ritchie’s style of playing. All these lessons are taught by Danny Gill, who himself studied from Joe Satriani.

All Lick Library guitar DVD lessons are filmed in high definition and include double screen so you can see what both hands are doing at the same time.

Jam With Deep Purple

Catalog number: RDR0313
Media: CD and 2 DVDs (PAL, Region 0)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Jam with Deep Purple DVD cover; image courtesy of Lick LibraryJam with Deep Purple is a double DVD set with an accompanying CD of tracks without the guitar so you can jam along as you learn. In the two hours of guitar lessons, Danny Gill walks you thorough seven classic Purple tracks — Woman From Tokyo, Lazy, Black Night, Smoke on the Water, Strange Kind Of Woman, Burn, and Highway Star. The backing tracks are featured on the “jam along” CD recoded with full professional backing band including drums, bass, keyboards and rhythm guitar.

Learn To Play Deep Purple

Catalog number: RDR0072
Media: DVD (PAL, Region 0)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
Learn To Play Deep Purple DVD cover; image courtesy of Lick LibraryLearn to play Deep Purple tracks note for note. It is a two-hour DVD lesson which takes you through note for note through five timeless Deep Purple tracks. In this DVD, Danny take a more in depth look at these tracks covering techniques such as bending, picking, and key changes. He also discusses open-string licks, use of the tremolo bar and how Ritchie plays those staccato notes. Tracks include: Smoke On The Water, Burn, Highway Star, Lazy, Black Night

Learn to play Ritchie Blackmore — The Solos

Canalog number: RDR0285
Media: DVD & CD Set (PAL, Region 0)
Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced
Learn to play Ritchie Blackmore - The Solos DVD cover; image courtesy of Lick LibraryRitchie Blackmore — The Solos has Danny taking you through the solos of Since You’ve Been Gone, Smoke On The Water, Man On The Silver Mountain, Highway Star and Burn. Each solo is played up to tempo, at a slow tempo and then at a medium tempo. The CD has fifteen backing tracks, one at each tempo for each solos featured on in the guitar DVD lessons. You can learn at your own pace and build up to full speed.

Quick Licks Richie Blackmore

Canalog number: RDR0236
Media: DVD (PAL + NTSC, Region 0)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Quick Licks Richie Blackmore DVD cover; image courtesy of Lick LibraryQuick Licks in the Style of Ritchie Blackmore features more than 30 licks reminiscent of Deep Purple’s “Burn”. As Danny looks at each Blackmore-flavored lick he explains why the idea works at that particular point in the backing track. Danny also takes time for a more in-depth look at scales and rhythm and use of a slide.

Thanks to BraveWords for thew info.

5 Comments to “Purple instructional DVDs”:

  1. 1
    HZ says:

    Great! Will end in my collection of Purple stuff!

  2. 2
    Eddie6String says:

    So, Here’s the dilemma –
    Over many years I have featured DP Songs in one band or another always staying faithful to the SPIRIT of the tracks (After all, on stage, DP have a healthy variant within their own interpretation of their material), but on a very personal level I find once the songs are musical dissected – analysed & reproduced umpteen times – some of the Mystique that surrounds the music is lost & when listening to DP tracks from their original source – I don’t hear the awesome spine tingling performances as I once did – I just see finger positions & frets.

    That’s why I refuse to learn some tunes that are too precious to me – maybe I’m too Lazy!

    Shame really

  3. 3
    T says:

    At times, these analyses are amusing due to the fact that the authors try to “dissect” Blackmore solos into easily identifiable modes and scales in the traditional sense. Sometimes, Blackmore plays a note here–and another one there–and yet another down yonder. His work does not always fit conventionalal musical theory. He breaks rules. That’s sometimes what gives him “the sound”.

    Eddie6String (#2) makes a good point that applies to all music. Ignorance, as they say, is bliss–and a little knowledge does ruin things at times. I find it difficult to go along with the crowd that reveres this or that guitarist when I know the guitarist is simply not that great from the technical point of view.

    In Blackmore’s case, however, I am still in awe–from his abuse of the instrument to wring out sounds to his writing ability.

  4. 4
    HZ says:

    Yes, but people will always try to “put down on paper” everything that has any importance to them. Maybe it lose some magic, but that’s the human nature.

  5. 5
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Many guitarists have shared Instructional material. Vai, Moore, Morse, Malmteen, etc. They also for the most part do ‘Clinics’. As for Blackmore, the only chance you will have to be instructed on his playing is in this way. Somebody else will have to go through the hassle of compiling and dissecting his talent in order to offer it up for those wishing to learn. TMIB surly won’t be bothered with it. So, to Danny Gill. There are some guitarists out there whom have probably been clamoring for something like this from Blackmore and hopefully you compiled it good and proper. Did you get The Man in Tights blessing with this?????


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