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Bullets flying …

Dear Friends,

It is a seemingly inevitable cycle of the internet, and open forums in particular, that once in a while a period of negative postings and opinions appear.

These soon develop further and very soon the original messages are forgotten, all that remains are some comments by the few that reflect badly on the many, closely followed by a reduction in the participation of those who have genuinely interesting things to say.

On more than one occasion recently we have been forced to close discussions due to such behaviour, and in writing this item now we are giving notice that such negativity will not be tolerated.

The Highway Star stands up for freedom of speech. We also stand for mutual respect. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. Alternatively use your passion positively and spread the word about the great music out there that is created by Deep Purple and it’s family.

Thank you,
The Highway Star Crew

122 Comments to “Bullets flying …”:

  1. 1
    Jim Murphy says:

    Well said, couldn’t agree more.

  2. 2
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “The Highway Star stands up for freedom of speech. We also stand for mutual respect. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. Alternatively use your passion positively and spread the word about the great music out there that is created by Deep Purple and it’s family.”

    Tried to point it out myself this evening a bit, but also engaged against an outside artist myself.
    Not proud of that.

    Post understood, every word.

  3. 3
    Sami says:

    At last. Thanks for that, moderators!!

  4. 4
    james jay says:


  5. 5
    Rascal says:

    Such bad behaviour……..Will not be tolerated!!

    Its all part of the ‘nanny society’…….

  6. 6
    George says:


    this is what you posted to me:
    “if we will have to choose between you being here and Tony Carey being here, guess who will win. consider this your last warning”

    So, choose TC, and ban me here, notwithstanding the fact, than TC don’t cares for DP, and notwithstanding the fact I’m truly one of the greatest Deep Purple fan since I was 7 years old and first listened to Child In Time, till now (I’m 20)…
    I thought ths.com WAS a site for fans, and not for DP family members who’s gonna fuck our wives just because we don’t like what he’s doing now…

    Great, Nick, congratulations… you managed to make me think once more that not-appropriate people make band’s name lower…

    Choose TC, and DP will loose about 60-70 fans who’re going to hire a bus and to travel 2 000 kilometers from Georgia, Tbilisi to Istanbul to see the band…

    YES, we, about 60-70 fans from Tbilisi are going to do that, and I’m organiser. we’re going to film the whole preparation for the event and the whole 2 days bus trip from Tbilisi to Istanbul, and then to film how we, DP fans are seeking for Turkcell Kurucesme Arena to see our alltime favourite band… It’ll be quite nice video-material and I thought to send it to the ths.com, but no way…. Choose TC to post here and ban me. It’s up to you…

    Very bad, I’ve been on ths.com for 4-5 years, I sent toooo much news an videos to personally you, Nick Soveiko which later appeared on the site’s news and blogs… But as I see, you gonna ban me just because I think all this OTR things are small machine to make more bucks… This is NOT “freedom of Speech”, this is neglecting the good DP fan on Dp’s fan site, and welcoming another commersant who tries make bucks by his past…
    Is that whole concept of the ths.com??? very sad, coz I WAS a truly lover of this “fan-site” and I viewed it 8-10 times a day…

    Thanks a lot…

    (btw, can’t wait for the Istanbul live, and be sure, the little documentary film which captures how 70 fans travel thousands kilometers to strange city to see their favourite band live, will be sent NOT to you but to another DP site.. As you all know, we’ve got lots of them, d-p.net, dp.com, d-p.com or whatever…

    I Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank Yooooouuuuuuuuu….


  7. 7
    Rascal says:

    Hey George……..At the end of the day the ‘Nanny Moderators’ repeatedly post these blogs to provoke a reaction…….

    If TC hadnt been involved I guess they would have let it run……….

    My question is, who is TC, and what does he have to do with a DP fansite?

    Sod ’em’

  8. 8
    Michael says:

    George, that’s the most pathetic post I’ve ever read. Get a life!

  9. 9
    Undead says:


    I’m fully agree with moderation. You have to say thanks to Mr.Soveiko for possibility to being here “4-5 years”. Personally you done nothing for any fan site including THS so dont be mistaken yourself about your
    personality. You are nobody from… er.. Georgia, exuse me. And anyway it’s not your business to rate TC as part of family on not.
    So, c’mon, go to any other site or start your own with your own point of view to speech freedom – I wish you well.

  10. 10
    HZ says:

    At last. To be a fan don’t mean to insult anybody – yes for argument based discussion about their music, but hopefully we’ll not be forced to read insults and bad words about anybody person. There are for sure other sites for swearing and personal insults. Great musical legacy of DP and related acts are quite enough of material to be discussed, but to insult any of they persons is nothing but weakness – as it restrains everybody who’d like to really exchange some of thoughts with other fans regarding what happened in and around DP.

  11. 11
    Stefan says:

    Let´s bomb Georgia…..Ohh sorry,the Ruskies already did!! I know….that´s not even funny!

    Dear George! We all can be somewhat foulmouthed from time to time….but the question is if you don´t take the cake! We all care passionately for DP and all things concerning their music and legacy,and therefore our emotions sometimes run riot! I thought I was bad alongside Tracy & Rascal among others….but you George…my man,please clean up your lingo! To offend somebodys wife or family is completely uncalled for!

    I´d hate to see you go,I´m sure you have plenty to share with us all! After all….We are all “Defenders of the faith” and swear to The “Audio Bible” of all time….”MADE IN JAPAN”!!! So let´s stick together instead of becoming “Hard Rock Talebans”….slaughtering all with opposing opinions!!

    Tounge firmly in cheek is one thing…..malicious,rude and downright evil bashing is something completely different ballgame! OK….?? ROCK ON!

  12. 12
    Crimson Ghost says:


  13. 13
    Cranberry says:

    Presumably these remarks to george also apply to tony carey? Or can semi-celebrities insult and use foul language? Maybe mr moderator is able to cater for that, or is he just dazzled and starstruck?

  14. 14
    Roberto says:

    “The Highway Star stands up for freedom of speech. We also stand for mutual respect”

    someone that I know should reflect on this….

    “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.”

    fear of negative comments? just them can let you think about yourself and make a more mature person…

    “freedom of speech” – “say nothing”…
    at least contradictory…this is absurd in my opinion…

  15. 15
    stephen says:

    Sorry George, you’re missing the point.
    We are not Deep Purple. We dont even formally represent them. We are just fans, like yourself.
    We are not saying don’t post your feelings.
    We are just asking that you think about what you and others say before making a post.
    In days gone by there was a chat room called Alt.Music.DeepPurple
    and we were all there, and one by one we left because there were people posting there who did not think first before posting.
    This is nothing to do with Tony Carey and everything to do with the worldwide community that this site represents.
    It is a valuable thing which we as a group of individuals have fought to keep for many years, at our own personal expense, and in our own personal time.
    Please think of that before you think that we are out to hound anyone out. That is not our style. Please don’t let it/ make it become our style.

  16. 16
    Dave says:


    Respecting other people’s opinions is not always easy but it will help you see a bigger picture sometimes. You are passionate about DP and that’s great news for us older guys who are getting a bit long in the tooth….I first saw the band in 85 and haven t missed a show since. That said, I have also had the opportunity to see other bands like Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and I can tell you that the musicians you seem to think don t deserve to be trying to make a living off of their former glory are top notch music professionals in every way. Sure JLT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but deal with it. At the very least, old Rainbow fans like me may get the chance to hear some of our favourite songs played again albeit by a different cast of characters than the originals….kind of like Deep Purple……..

  17. 17
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Roberto, be how negative you want. But don’t insult people while doing it.

    There’s a big difference between saying “I don’t like album XX because it’s full of what I consider to be bad songs” and “fuck the damn singer who was on album XX and ruined it and I am going to kill anyone who likes it because they are all idiots”.

    Is this really so hard to understand? Why do always people confuse freedom of speech with the freedom of being rude to other people? Why be rude here when one wouldn’t say the same things if we were all in the same room discussing DP related things?

  18. 18
    George says:

    I don’t care who thinks that my post was pathetic or not…
    It was REAL, and NOT pathetic. dear ths.com admins, take care of the real fans, than of the looser bastards who may post max 2-3 posts here and who’s going to fuck our family just because we don’t like what they’re doing…

    btw, why you blame me for calling them commersants, while you have the great headline on this blog regarding OTR: “Anything for Bucks”
    Why you blame me for calling them a tribute band while JLT tells us himself: “OTR is the tribute band to the Rainbow and to Ritchie Blackmore”
    Why you blame me for calling JLT looser, while you know quite well, he has done nothing important outside Rainbow (In comparison with IG’s Gillan, DC’s Whitesnake, RB’s Rainbow, JL’s Concertos, GH’s funk-boom)
    Why you blame me for calling JLT a commersant, while he says himself that his DREAM was NOT to be a real musician, but to be on world stage and to be famous.
    Why you blame me for calling JLT a Donna, after you watch the last interview where his gestures are just like an old donna.

    Actually, TC had no answer to my question regarding the difference between Russian Provinces Tour and World Tour, it was great that he couldn’t answer me…

    and I don’t want your answers, as you all know nothing is new and surprising what I said about JLT…

    So people, go to see OTR and say to TC that the show was the best you’ve ever seen. If you don’t do so, TC will come and will fuck your wives, he has already warned me about it 😀 😀



  19. 19
    George says:


    Sorry but I’m not going to answer you, as your “Let’s go bomb Georgia” was quite Non PC Joke. I think you’re Russian? i don’t know. there was a user on dp.com forum who was blaming Saakashvili, who was blaming me just because I’m Georgian, the user talked a lot of bastards about Russian-Georgian war… and when I got fed up, I said: “Hey man, damn, we’re on Deep Purple’s forum, discussing DP’s music and enjoying theirselves, music is music, and politics are politics. fuck politics while we all love music”… and there was another Russian user on the forum, even during Russian-Georgian war we had quite nice converastions about Dp, music and other things, we sent some usefull links to each other… and it was quite nice, to have the feeling that Russia bombs Georgia, but Georgian and Russian music fans love each other…. So, Stefan, Don’t even try to post something like that: “Let’s bomb Georgia” anu further…


    D’you think that ANY real professional musician can say to the fan: “I’ll fuck your wife coz you don’t like us” ???
    Guess, TC told this to me 😉
    I’m sure you can’t call such musician a professional…

  20. 20
    AndreA says:

    I don’t like reading personal slurs..to fans or singers, allusions to sexual tastes…

    nothing more

    Love Me and I’ll love you all

  21. 21
    Michael says:

    George, we know you don’t like Over The Rainbow. You’ve made your point. Move on!

    If JLT acts like a “donna” then it’s his problem isn’t it? If you don’t like him -fine. You don’t have to. But keep the personal attacks away please. This has nothing to do with “freedom of speech”. If you want to whine and spread negativity go and find another place. It’s one thing to be critical and have suggestions how things can change for the better, and another to spread hate and attack people on a personal level.

    If you don’t like the band or it’s members, then don’t post about them. Post about stuff you like!

  22. 22
    Svante Axbacke says:

    This blog post has nothing to do with OTR, JLT or TC. Try to stay on topic. People behaving badly in our forums is an old problem. Both in these blogs and in our old forums, chat rooms and guest books. All of which had to be shut down because we couldn’t handle the abuse anymore.

    I also want to emphasize what Stephen wrote before, we are also fans. We have nothing to do with the band or it’s management, in case someone thought it was ok to behave badly on a coporate site. We don’t get paid for doing this. I am writing this to you right now during some slow hours at my real work. You all who comment here are fellow fans visiting our site. We would like us and everyone visiting here to have a good time around the topic of their favorite band.

    As this is our site that we finance ourselves and we decide all about ourselves, we could start deleting comments left and right without even having to excuse or explain ourselves. We can do whatever we want on our site. We can shut down forums or the entire site anytime we choose to do so. But we still want to invite everyone to a interesting and entertaining discussion. So far we haven’t even deleted many of the ugly comments, even though they reflect badly on the reputation of this site.

  23. 23
    George says:


    I’ve not attacked ANY fans here, I was talking/attacking about commersants, who’s gonna fuck our family, but they want our bucks before it… 😀

    here’s the review from d-p net:

    “some songs were evidently a bit unrehearsed (the first show, remember?), and except for a terrible glitch in Tony Carey’s ‘Stargazer’ solo. Joe Lynn Turner, although often treated the least diverse singer Rainbow ever had, went through the whole set with a ‘take no prisoners’ approach, failing only occasionally (just leave ‘Stargazer’ to Dio, man). Oh yes, Blackmore-the-junior! Looking (and dressed!) very much like his father and also moving across the stage very much like Ritchie used to do, he created a déjà-vu appearance. But wait a minute! We must have respect for anybody facing the unfair task of filling THE ultimate guitar legend’s shoes, even his father’s. Okay, Tommy Bolin and Steve Morse did it before, but both with a price of changing bands’ faces, while J.R. had to follow the original lick by lick. Did the band trust in him? I don’t know. There were too much keyboards, and Tony was stealing the show from J.R. every time he could”

    review: Dmitri Shulga

  24. 24
    George says:

    Svante Axbacke,

    I understand you quite well, but it was TC who made me too angry by his absurd comments…

  25. 25
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Music is something that’s made for our pleasure. Save the bad blood for soccer stadiums, where you can actually hit someone, and even SEE HIM BLEED (how kewl is that?) just because his favorite team scored a goal over your favorite team. That’s a real adult reaction, where consequences are involved.

    (Okay, the punch may come back, but at least it’s a REAL fight.)

    One must be quite silly to insist on fighting strangers from behind a keyboard over things they were not involved in making. Me, for one? If I don’t have pleasure with it, I might as well ignore it.

    The web is huge, and if a posting on The Highway Star doesn’t please you, you can always switch to some healthy porn website to release some energy.

  26. 26
    George says:

    Marcelo Soares

    switch to some healthy porn website to release some energy?? Sense of humour – 0.

    Who said that i don’t like ths.com? I love this site much more than any other Dp related sites… But today I saw that the whole concept of ths.com is wrong, as they ban band’s real fans, and welcome to the bastards…

    Actually, why didn’t you, Nick Soveiko warn TC for swearing about me???

  27. 27
    Dave says:


    Stop trying to turn the tables and blame TC for your juvenile actions and stupid disrespectful comments. A few quotes from you:

    So, Joe, you really have to take care of Jurgen, if you wanna have another bucks to buy better lipsticks and vibrators

    Little sad persons? i think this better describes JLT than me
    GREAT JOKE, Tony Carey (with JLT) poor enough to reading&posting here?

    You’re a great man, really, as you ruined yourself much more than any others could fu%$ your name

    Pretty sad in my opinion………….

  28. 28
    George says:

    Don’t you think that the man like TC deserves such comments after his swearing?

  29. 29
    Michael says:

    No! (Why do you think TC responded in such a way?)

  30. 30
    George says:

    Beucause all REAL musicians know that someone may love them, someone may hate them. So, they’re not posting on fan sites and swearing fans, as they know NOBODY can to something that everybody will like it…
    But TC maybe has complexes of himself, so he gets extremely angry when someone says “I don’t like this”… what a poor man…
    BIG musicians and BIG names never got angry because of that 😉

  31. 31
    james jay says:

    #7 T- C is on the DP family tree. If you look at rock history—you would be surprised who connects with DP.
    To Mr. Carey and OTR–much luck–the rest of us here just play “Air” instruments—air-guitar, air-bass etc—except “T”
    I personally know he plays Most stringed instruments and keyboards–plus writes music—not to mention a “guest appearence” with IIIaaaan GILLlaann yeeeooahhh!

  32. 32
    Michael says:

    I think you need to read the posts again. It wasn’t just “I don’t like this”…it was personal attacks and many moronic statements. I’m sure TC isn’t proud of his posts, but that’s no excuse for writing back with such nonsense like you did. You would never say such things to him face to face so why do you think it’s OK to write insults? I’m quite sure that EVERY single BIG name would react the same. On a couple of occasions, even Blackmore has stopped playing because of some idiot yelling things at his gigs. Do you have similar feelings of him?

  33. 33
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Here’s a devil’s advocate point of view.

    Yes, TC did lose his temper – and was out of line – but he acknowledged as much in the end, so I believe there should be room for forgive and forget – also for George.

    Regardless what you think of the current project involving Carey, he was once part of something that a lot of us hold very dear, and we haven’t seen too much of him since then, so I believe he deserves respect for coming out now.

    At the end of the day, if you don’t like someone else’s work, simply walk away – ignore posts about it here, don’t listen to the CDs, don’t go to the shows – but don’t ruin everybody else’s experience.

    Negative criticism is very welcome in THS forums (go try it in other ex-DP member’s forums and see what happens!), but you must be respectful to your fellow fan.

  34. 34
    Rascal says:

    I presume from these postings that everyone is happy about TC’s language, and insults?

    Or is it just George thats in the firing line?

    Has TC been threatened with a ‘ban’?

    Or is it a case of ‘lets jump on the band wagon’……….

    “But we still want to invite everyone to a interesting and entertaining discussion”

    What you like to do (in this instance) Mr Moderators is provoke a reaction…………

    “We can do whatever we want on our site. We can shut down forums or the entire site anytime we choose to do so”…….the gods have spoken….lol

    Obviously the threat of ‘boning’ someones wife is acceptable to the ‘gods’…….I guess you can be a ‘censor’ and ‘turn a blind eye’ with whom you choose……….

    Scarey stuff…………

    And who is ‘Toney Carey’ anyway?

  35. 35
    Dave says:

    Wake up George…real musicians are people too. You come across as the equivalent of a troll…that is someone who makes inflammatory remarks all the time in an attempt to piss off other people. Don t be a troll…

  36. 36
    OleM says:

    Absolutely right,Rasmus!
    Ole M

  37. 37
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Rascal, please read my post carefully.

    I’m an editor too, and we’re certainly not gods. But like Svante wrote, we do intend to offer a healthy, informative and open-minded website for you and other DP fans to get and share information.

  38. 38
    Rascal says:

    And doesnt it seem strange that TC was spending time on THS posting insults instead of ‘lapping up’ OTR rave reviews on JLT’s site?

    I guess maybe he’s a quick reader.

  39. 39
    George says:

    Rasmus Heide,

    Great post, you told us another reason why we can’t put TC in the list of real musicians. After the Rainbow he did NOTHING!!!
    That’s why I don’t like OTR, it combines former Rainbow musicians who didn’t manage to do ANYTHING outside Rainbow. after the band split they were left like weak baby without parent. And the parent for them was RB, without whom they did NOTHING…

    So, now the loosers from Rainbow “reunited” to do SOMETHING, maybe they fed up with sitting in home and they are all jealous because of other musicians’ success…
    So, OTR is their last chance… and just because I told them: “this chance isn’t going to work”, TC felt the feeling of fear… coz he knows better that OTR isn’t going to work…. That’s why he went wild, haha….

    and you, people, Deep Purple fans: how many times do I have to repeat: THEY TITLED RUSSIAN PROVINCES TOUR AS THE WORLD TOUR, Do I have to add something more to prove that they’re poor loosers???

  40. 40
    Rascal says:

    I understand Mr Rasmus………

    TC’s reality check of a ‘lost temper’ is taken as an apology, ‘forgiven and forgotten’

    Well…….thats cleared it up for me.

  41. 41
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Unbelievable. The Highway Star Crew post a great message. And what happens? The back and forth negative blogs run rampant forward of the first few…. I stopped reading after said first few and scrollllllllllllllllllllllllllllled down to slot 35, which is only a shade shy of 4 hours, to plead for some sanity….

    “How many words I’ve wasted you don’t want to here

    Why not sit in silence, while the muddy walls clear

    Why not take a moment to unwind

    Inside your mind.”



  42. 42
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Ah, how fast did 35 turn into 39?! Or will it be 40 when I hit post?

    Va Voom! There she went again!



  43. 43
    AndreA says:

    Ted The Mechanic

    here some bolt has lost..

    hey Guys,stop this escalation..

    have you noticed that we have lost some friends?

    that have got boring here maybe? so long?

    Someone miss purplepriest,I miss Annemie… 8-?

    we have to thank to this site and let us do good to go


  44. 44
    David says:

    Greattttttttttttttttt George, haha, I appreciate your post!
    great one and couldn’t have told it better!!!

  45. 45
    George says:


    actually, YES!
    I got bored with talking about what isn’t going to work properly…

    So, let OTR have another “tour” in Uganda and call this not world, but the “Whole Universe Tour 2009″….
    the best wishes for the poor loosers 😀


  46. 46
    Michael says:

    Call them “loosers” (looser than what?) as much as you wish …they are still out there playing some great songs for lots of fans.
    As far as I know they so far have dates booked in Russia, Ukraine and Japan. Does that qualify as a “world tour” for you? Not that it matters, but I’m just interested in how you define it.

  47. 47
    Stefan says:


    I´m Swedish! I just pointed to the fact that “F**KING” somebodys wife is not funny……The same goes for my “Let´s bomb Georgia”, just an attempt to make you realise not to involve anyones family members in this “Battle of Insults”!!ROCK ON!

  48. 48
    George says:


    Right??? It wasn’t me who involved someone’s wife into the discussion, It was TC who sweared about wife… so say “let’s go bomb georgia” things NOT to me, but to TC..


    being a fan of Deep Purple you think that Russian tour + 2 dates in Ukraine and 3 dates in Japan is the world tour???and you ask em the definition? have a lookt at the ANY Deep Purple tours, Purpendicular Tour, A Band On Tour, Bananas Tour, Rapture Tour, Perfect Strangers (Reunion) Tour and ANY DP tour – they cover all continents and almost 50-60 countries with hundreds of dates for each tour. they played 5 continents, 500 shows and more than 60 countries during Rapture of the Deep World Tour!!! THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF WORLD TOUR!

  49. 49
    Michael says:

    Yes DP tours a lot, but that was not what I asked. I asked YOUR definition of a world tour.
    Not all bands tour as much as DP (in fact I can only think of few artists who tours as much so I don’t think it’s fair to use them as a model to judge after.) and I’ve seen many bands do just a few dates who call it a world tour (or even a North American tour, when they just do a handful of dates in the States not even touring the entire USA). So I don’t think it’s strange that OTR calls it a World Tour (and in all honesty there are more dates in more countries to be booked so who knows where it ends…)

  50. 50
    Rasmus Heide says:

    George, you seem to be going out of your way to insult people. Why?

    I have seen Tony Carey play his own music in recent years. It was a great evening and I took home a great CD of his solo material, which I actually play quite a lot. So you’re wrong, he has done something, but yes, it probably didn’t reach very many people.

    With Russian, Japanese and upcoming German dates, OTR might just end up covering enough ground to call their tour a world tour – but who’s to say who put that name to their tour? Local Russian promoters or the band?

  51. 51
    HZ says:

    Guys, I think that THS has point – this is DP fan site, it’s OK to discuss music but no to insult anyone from DP or associated acts. As Stefan nicely said, freedom of speech isn’t to swear or say: “Let’s bomb Georgia”,that’s just insult, and should be banned on this site. I’m fully in support of The Highway Star Crew on this, to hide behind “freedom of speech” and insult people is to be against any kind of freedom. Maybe some of DP “relatives” didn’t do much in someones opinion, but no one of us ever played with Ritchie or anybody else who influenced so many of great musicians of our time and contributed anything to rock or music at all – so even our critic is nothing more than matter of taste, not very relevant. But I’m sad to see so much of negative energy where it shouldn’t be at all. DP, Rainbow, Gillan, Whitesnake and all other related band gave me so much of musical enjoyment, that It’s “clearly quite absurd” to have all this negative comments here. Me myself would like to see OTR if they come somewhere more west, why not? Who doesn’t like or see that annoying, just don’t go, but do not insult anyone – I haven’t heard that any of LedZepp fans insulted Plant because he’s singing with that girl instead of reuniting with LZ, but when we come to Ritchie or someone from DP family I’d find a lot of swearing, insulting and bad things. There is no reason for that on DP fan site – just that simple.

  52. 52
    George says:


    sure, fans don’t swear at Plant, as he is not swearing them… But some of the DP relatives come here and ‘fuck our wives’, so why shall we respect such “musicians” ???

  53. 53
    rik says:

    forums arn’t a place for hate. they are a place to discuss.

    …where different opinions can be expressed freely and without nastiness.

    if you feel the urge to leave an abusive post, my advice is to walk away and have a think, let any anger dissipate or simply count to ten 🙂

    tea anyone?

  54. 54
    james jay says:

    #45 they call it THE WORLD SERIES in baseball yet one USA City plays another. Playing on two different continents would equal a World Tour in my opinion.

  55. 55
    Brent says:

    I completely agree with your stance on negative messages. Negative and hurtful comments should be kept OFF the public boards. If you have a problem, take it up privately with the individual in question, but please don’t spread the poison here.

    On my own site, I’ve had people complain that my policy of NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS, no bashing of artists, staff, or members, and no flame wars is an affront to their “freedom of speech”. The fact is that THS and other forums are privately owned and are perfectly within their rights to set the parameters of what will and will not be tolerated on their site. Since that is the case, your “freedom of speech” only extends to the limits set by the forum admins. If you are so desparate to vent your negative opinions and express your “free speech”, then open your own forum, write an op ed in your local paper, or stand on a soap box on your local street corner and rant until you pass out! But don’t bring it here.

    I know a few people will remember the glory days of alt.music.deep-purple and how the unrestrained negativity and flame wars completely destroyed it. With that in mind, the owners of THS and other forums such as myself have every right to protect their sites and their good members from the impact that these negative complainers and flamers have.

    I absolutely support you guys at THS in your efforts!!!



  56. 56
    Crimson Ghost says:

    The “escalation” factor is the poisonous element here.

    Guys, as an Admimistrator of the DP Hub since it went up, and now with nearly 10,000 subscribers, we have been successful in keeping this type of thing at a minimum all along with very little problem whatsoever.

    The reason is because we simply do not allow it in the first place, and some people cry and complain but they crawl back under their rocks very quickly and are gone and never come back because they can’t handle not being able to trash talk whenever and whatever they please. Or they stay and don’t say anything at all but ‘thank you’ when it is required, so rules are never fun, but they’re usually better in the long run than not.

    So this ‘freedom of speech’ thing has a double edge sword and we feel it only goes so far before this privilege is revoked and people are shown the door if needed.
    I have been around since the beginning on the internet, and watched Alt turn into a dead zone because of mainly one person, Mr.Wereo.
    Anyone who likes to spread negative vibes just because they can’t handle positive ones, is in need of a good talking to or just shouldn’t be posting, and that goes for the person who mentioned me without mentioning me above, yeah, you now who you are, you want respect, bloody earn it pal, yet I don’t become that way in the process of exchange with you, you’re just so much on the defense that you think it’s all about you and your tone in the first place, says it all, you know who you are. Don’t throw stones at glass houses man, just face reality and grow up. @13, no matter who you’ll say after this, who you were talking about, no one here is an idiot, so don’t go there.

    George, you don’t deserve to be responded to positively concerning your remarks, but it doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself, just display some maturity, otherwise you aren’t going to be obliged at all, people who do not display maturity leave themselves wide open for a lesson and get nowhere with those who do. It shows a serious lack of independent thinking and speaking and can easily stop communication before it has a chance to start, contrary to what you may think, it’s people like that which jails are full of because they don’t have the tools to guard their own personal freedom and safety. So systems have a place for them and you’re put there because of your own doing sooner or later… it’s not abiding and that is all there is to it.

    Back to my conversation with Bernie Torme and appointment setting with the Real John McCoy for extensive background interviewing. Much better to do than defending the good faith here, it seems they can’t even run a thread about their concern for our activity that they’re compassionate enough to host.

    These guys are leading examples for us, and should be the least to be shown disrespect here, come on…. that draws the line, thickly!

    Rock and roll, not pin the tail on the donkey!

  57. 57
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Ah, I see my boy Brent beat me to the post, what a fine coincidence! We speak the same language because we’re from the same cloth and always will be.

    Cheers brother!

  58. 58
    HZ says:

    That’s never happened, George, but if you refer to the fact that Blackmore is moody – that guy is just genius (I’ve never heard those riffs in any other band), and he’s sensitive in term of creating and delivering the music, sometimes he does act strangely :-), which is naturally when you creating such fine music, but never in term that you’ve mentioned. Infact, if I’d like form more than essence, I’d listen to some glam-metal guitarist who’s most important attainment is that he broke up with his girlfriend. If you don’t like him, just don’t listen to DP, Rainbow or BN music. And if you don’t like JLT, or TC, it’s OK, but don’t insult them on this site – this is DP fan site, and I think that main object here is DP and DP related music, not their persons. Just drop that cause, George, and move on – because there’s nothing in it.

  59. 59
    John Bartone says:

    To the Highway Star: I love this site and visit it regularly.. Is there any way you can block george’s posts? It’s always a few bad apples that spoil the bunch.. Long live the Morse Era 🙂

  60. 60
    james jay says:

    @55 nice–exactly– I think we all got caught up in the moment like a monsoon..yes?

  61. 61
    Barfly Gypsy says:

    http://www.truebeliever.de/e/disco.php Tony Careys Discography, The man been more productive than Ritchie! like it or not. Someone sad he has done nothing. That aint quite true.

  62. 62
    Purps69 says:

    Takes me back to the heady days of alt.music.deep-purple
    Does this really need to be public. I personally think the comments section on this post needs to go..

  63. 63
    HZ says:

    Exactly James Jay. So much of great music to comment, to discuss, to disagree on in DP family – why not?… But insults and swearing isn’t something I’d like to see here on THS..

  64. 64
    Crimson Ghost says:


    That’s what I’m talking about, and all great stuff as well, brilliant in my book.
    I think when Rasmus mentioned it though, George didn’t understand he meant ‘away from any sort of heavy rock’ most likely.

  65. 65
    HZ says:

    Agreed Barfly Gypsy.

    Let us be honest: All people Ritchie choose to cooperate with are extremely talented musically, and he put out the best of them with his unique style and approach.

  66. 66
    james jay says:

    did JLT and G. Hughes make an album? I know there was a Hughes/Thralls Band. Any takers on this one?

  67. 67
    stephen says:

    on behalf of the team I’d like to say thankyou to all the positive posters, glad you’re all out there!
    Does anyone remember a previous troller…:

    and finally, perhaps we should all actually thank Nick, because over the last few years he has done an enourmous amount of work to keep this place going!

  68. 68
    DW says:

    Barfly gypsy, so true so true. These guys have been able to keep making music ever since they left Rainbow. Some of them might not have gotten much exposure but calling them losers is just ridiculous.

  69. 69
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Hughes/Turner Project

    CD’s one and two, and I believe a live one too, but I didn’t pick it up.

  70. 70
    adel says:

    Why do you post negative comments on the site like for example RB not doing an encore for a gig recently. These comments even though are a fact do make DP fans have a go at RB about his temperment and unsteady mode and link this behaviour to his old days with DP. Do not blame the neagtive comments of the true fans who like to have a say and who they pay a lot of money to go and see live gigs of the DP family tree.

  71. 71
    james jay says:

    #64 thanks–I remember hearing what sounded like them on the radio couple years back. I know JLT did some vocals on commercials. OK–I was 50/50 on that–thanks again.

  72. 72
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Hey Nick,

    Maybe it’s time to post that Article I sent you for a change of pace. You guys have bombarded this site with JLT issues and they always stir up controversy. Sometimes the best Offence is a good Defense. In other words, maybe it’s time to cut back on the Purple Related Subjects and center more on Actual Purple Subjects for a while. The JLT Topics seem to make folks ‘Slap Happy and Irate.

    At least my offering is Direct Deep Purple related for a change.

    What do you say?

    Also, though George’s response was obviously ‘OTT’….(over the top), I would have to push more blame on TC (I doubt that was Tony Carey though) for actually starting the whole thing. If it truly was Tony Carey, then I even hold him more accountable. His lashing out in this Fan Based Blog Site as he did with the threats and language is totally unprofessional. Though this is a Deep Purple and Deep Purple Related Fan Site, not all Deep Purple Fans like All Things Purple, past and present. Hell, Steve Morse should have pounced on the ‘Blackmore Worshipers’ years ago. Nobody has been verbally assaulted more than him, and for as long. Anyway, reading this blog inspired me to go back and see how this unfolded. Basically a Fan was Tongue lashed by a musician whom wishes to sell concert tickets to fans. Not a good recipe for a following…….He seems to have short fuse and little tolerance. Isn’t that why he left Rainbow to begin with? He couldn’t handle Ritchie’s pranks?
    Also, there are many here whom have a hard time expressing themselves in English, and a lot gets lost in the translation. I empathize with them, because I myself have a hard time with it also and am an English speaker. Probably more of a ‘Cunning Linguist than a communicator’. Anyway, as with the ‘Freedom of Speech’ issue. Abuse of a freedom can shut down said freedom. To be Free does not mean to be irresponsible………So, let’s all take a deep breath and re-evaluate how far we take things. I am not exempt by any shape or form. I know I have crossed the line many times myself. Though I do so usually due to trying to be funny or sarcastic, I am aware after the fact sometimes that it is probably mis-interpreted and thereby negatively received. Sometimes because of the language barrier, and other times because many just don’t get my BS……

    Just My Stupid Opinion……

    Now, how about that Article, Huh Nick?


  73. 73
    Rascal says:

    Just say and think happy thoughts……

    Even if the truth is considered negative……better to tell a happy lie…..

    Remember…..watch what you type…….It may offend/upset, or be considered negative by somebody somewhere…….

    “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”…..damn that George Orwell!

  74. 74
    Crimson Ghost says:


    That’s him, as I mentioned above in namesake, Mr.Wereo himself, the biggest DP troll to ever surf the net, an E warfare sociopath that even a few other so called DP fans became so obsessed with that they thought they should extend his existence through themselves,”mkIIforever aka Reborn Again, aka Richard Feldman” and a guy called “MC HAMMER” are two of them.

    These two started everything that infected DP related boards to this day, the Gillan guestbook, THS forum, etc… they seemed to be aiding his cause big time, and they are the sole reason THS forums went down, if you ever followed closely enough, their paths of destruction.

  75. 75
    Crimson Ghost says:


    You drive a good point here, yes, how about that article?

    But it’s still their website and they mean well to all of us, and I’ve sent in comments worthy of display here too that have never made it up… some do, some don’t, but I tend to understand it’s possible they didn’t receive them, just as I have sent you mail you seem to have missed yourself, with rare material for your entertainment. Just saying it does happen. I think WOLF is a humble enough guy myself, or he’d have chimed in by now with at least something. He leads the best example if you ask me.

  76. 76
    james jay says:

    JLT is DP related subject–I have to disagree. Just because 50% plus cannot handle that is unfair. S/M was DP like it or not and JLT sang and wrote on that album. If Dio popped up for discussion–I am sure most would be swinging on his nimples. DP family tree yes— but further down the tree branches than JLT. Good luck to OTR. thanks.

  77. 77
    james jay says:

    #71 sp–nipples. 🙂

  78. 78
    kraatzy says:

    Dear Mr. “GEORGE” ….

    At this time – everybody (in the “Straight between the Eyes” -way) had consider, that you don´t like Joe Lyn Turner.

    I think, that is OKAY. And now STOP !

    Because now, you have to ACCEPT, that other guys are not in your mind.
    And it is not a complimentary way, to behave improperly in the way, you are going.

    The same invitation to TONY CAREY ( if you are THE Tony Carey or not ).

    And to both: Intelligence is, if you are stay above this !!!

    Hey guys – we are fans of this great music around DEEP PURPLE and want to have fun and no S T R E S S.

    Thank you all, for reading this with the hope, I have engage your attention and cooperatin.


  79. 79
    Crimson Ghost says:

    It is in fact 100% Tony Carey, as confirmed through statements he made here that were posted in a bulletin at their myspace page, ‘best fun out of bed’ so truly believe it or not.

  80. 80
    Sami says:

    Hats off to Mr. Carey & Over The Rainbow…the dogs bark, but the caravan just keeps on rollin’!!!


  81. 81
    nsoveiko says:

    i’ve explained you that i need broadcast time (and some lead time wouldn’t hurt either), otherwise what you’ve sent us it’s non-news.

  82. 82
    Bo says:

    I’m VERY VERY happy to that George and onther VERY NEGATIVE people are told to stop.
    I fully accept that someone dont like Joe. Say it, but do it a adult moderate way. I know it can get me boiling to read all these negative things, but to me it’s so easy. All these guys have give us so many positive concerts and CDs/LPs over the years. Give them some respect. They for sure deserves it!
    I prefer DP Mrk II, but I’m happy to see DP of today having fun and giving us a lot of great shows. I prefer Rainbow with RB, but will be happy to see OTR.

    Imagine a world without DP, Blackmores Night, Whitesnake or OTR. A nightmare to me.

    So be happy that we also in 2009 can have great music LIVE and not only on DVDs from the past.

    See you around – whit BIG smiles!!!!!!

  83. 83
    George says:

    Heeeeeeeeey 😀

    the ONLY man, who said the truth here is Tracy Heyder Aka Zero the Hero.
    Sure, he blamed me for being negative or so… but ONLY he said that TC is the one who began all this…

    I’ve been here for 4-5 years, I’m sure most of you have spent far more time on ths.com.
    I’ve read toooo much negative/cynical posts about other DP relatives (or current members), sometimes you were cynical, sometimes you were just joking…

    I was NOT insulting anybody, I just posted that OTR is ANOTHER try out for JLT to make more bucks from his PAST, I said that no other DP relatives has done that, they NEVER look to the past, and always do their own stuff. Some of them were talanted enough that made their OWN big name in rock history (outside DP or Rainbow) e.g DC’s Whitesnake, Gillan’s Gillan, Blackmore’s Rainbow, Dio, Hughes, Glover (as a GREAT producer for other band), Jon Lord’s Concertos (played by worlds most famous orchestras just among Bethowen’s and Bach’s concertos), Ozzy Osbourne… ALL OF THEM MADE THEIR NAME AND THEIR OWN FAME.
    JLT has been always trying to do that, BUT he always looked in the past. OTR is NOTHING but a cover act and JLT said himself that with OTR he plays tribute to Rainbow and Ritchie Blackmore… So, if we consider all this, JLT is NOT high-grade musician. He’s like Britney Spears who once tried to be Madonna, but Britney’s career died in 3-4 years, and Madonna WAS and always WILL BE Madonna…

    That was what I said about JLT and OTR in the past posts, and the only amusing thing what I said about him, was that I called Joe “Donna” (watch an interview and guess that he’s gestures really like an old donna), and then I added that OTR’s tour will be successful enough to bring JLT enought bucks for bying lipsticks and vibrators 😀

    It was just a joke, of course.

    I CAN PROVE THAT I’VE NOT INSULTED ANYONE HERE, I only was talking (quite politely) about why I don’t like OTR (what I explained above) and added some jokes about JLT…
    That was the whole story, and suddenly TC run into the forum, angry like a mad, and told me thing like that: “You fucking bastard, why don’t you like our band? If you don’t like us, I’LL COME AND FUCK YOUR WIFE”

    Yeah, he really told me that and you can read it here.
    The FIRST to begin swearing and insulting people, was TC himself, NOT me… I’ve not insulted anybody….

    So, if you have a fear of TC and thus don’t blame him for begining swearing, it’s your problem. Personally me (and as I saw Tracy Heyder) don’t care about who TC is, no matter who is, the subject is that HE began swearing and insulting and ruining the situation here…

    So, be objective… ALL OF YOU HAVE JOKED IN A CYNICAL WAY ABOUT DP RELATIVES FROM TIME TO TIME, so, I let you throw me a stones, BUT only you who hasn’t joked about ANY musicians are allowed to throw the stone.

    That’s all I wanted to say.

    Peopleeeeeeee, who cares about OTR, I’ve just seen the video from DP’s first show of 2009 REAL WORLD TOUR, from Liberec… I don’t know it’s only my opinion or not, but they get better and better and i’ve not listened to the better version of Highway Star for the last 10 years, the one from liberec is outstanding. I’m sure the upcoming tour will make us crazy.

    So, we’ve got no time for discussing ordinary cover bands, while Deep Purple began their next tour…
    I rpomise that I won’t post anything about JLT’s next shows from his commercial try-out to buy better lipsticks 😀

    I love most of you, sincerely, as we all have one center we’re running around – Deep Purple – THE CREW OF REAL MUSICIANS!!!

    I wish you the great purple year



  84. 84
    George says:

    btw, I’m sure you’ve already seen Access All Areas DVD from Around the World Live box-set. i remember quite well what steve says about his first year in Deep Purple: “people came to the show, looking me like they were angry about me, and I felt like they were saying me: show what you can…”

    You know Steve was being sweard, being abused by the toooooo much fans, coz he replaced long-time-loved Ritchie. BUT I’m sure he has NEVER acted like TC, I bet Steve just smiled and played music. his proffesionalism and his charisma, and his playing is what made people to love and accept him. What would happen if he had began swearing at fans??? He’ll be just neglected… But instead we got a great musician, great person, Steve, who’s loved by all of us, coz he does what the real musician should do – Steve just loves and plays music…

    That’s why I’m surprised how can true Deep Purple fan (who has realased DP’s whole concept and rapture) love the ugly and swearing try-out of some commersants… I don’t know…

    But who cares about OTR, I’m gonna to watch Highway Star from Liberec once more now,

    Good night to you all

  85. 85
    Crimson Ghost says:


  86. 86
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    You know what Nick?

    I’ll just post it here………Thanks for nothing…..

    Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ places #11 on VH-1’s “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs”.

    Here is the URL to their site where you may be able to find future airing dates: http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?id=1590076&vid=18144

    VH-1 is currently running a 5 part show called “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs”. I couldn’t wait to see where (and even if) they rated Deep Purple and related music. All in all I actually was pleasantly surprised…

    Yes, obviously there are plenty of songs left out from this list and artists to boot. But, given the present day status of Music in America, I found the overall list to be fairly well done.

    The show’s main commentary was done by a rather broad array of Rock’s Stars:

    David Coverdale, Alice Cooper, Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Vinnie Appice, Rudy Sarzo, Don Dokken, Ozzy Obourne, Sammy Hagar, Nightranger, Ted Nugent, Slash, Lemmy, Iggy Pop, Sebastian Bach, Dee Snider, Henry Rollins, Dave Navaro. Plus there was commentary and footage from each Band that placed.

    When each song was presented, they comment on the band and show footage of them ‘Then and Now’. Some footage is new and never seen before. Also there was some comments from the Band Members themselves in most cases. Some pretty good coverage of each tune and it’s reason to be chosen.

    This show is being aired repeatedly, so I recommend checking it out. It’s pretty entertaining and Coverdale is worth the watch as one of the main commentators. He comments throughout.

    I watched all 5 episodes and listed all 100 in declining order for the Masses here at “THS” to weed through and of course, ‘Rip Apart’. I placed (***) next to the Purple or Semi-Purple related bands that placed…

    100. I Can’t Drive 55…….by Sammy Hagar
    99. We’re an American Band……by Grand Funk Railroad
    98. Lit Up……by Buck Cherry
    97. Frankenstein…..by Edgar Winter.
    96. Carry On…..by Kansas
    95. Higher…..by Creed
    94. I Believe in a Thing Called Love…..by The Darkness
    93. Turn Up the Radio…..by Autograph
    92. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me…..by Night Ranger
    91. Bullet with Butterfly Wings…..by Smashing Pumpkins
    90. Aqualung…..by Jethro Tull
    89. Party Hard…..by Andrew W.K.
    88. Wood…..by Alice in Chains
    87. Seventeen…..by Winger
    86. Beautiful People…..by Marilyn Manson
    85. Slither…..by Velvet Revolver
    84. I Wanna Be Somebody…..by W.A.S.P.
    83. Bring Me Back to Life….by Evervesance
    ***82. Since You’ve Been Gone…..by Rainbow
    ***81. Heaven and Hell…..by Black Sabbath
    80. Any Way You Want It…..by Journey
    79. Rebel Yell…..by Billy Idol
    78. Feel Like Makin’ Love….by Bad Company
    77. Black Hole Sun…..by Sound Garden
    76. Kiss Me Deadly….by Lita Ford
    75. Seven Nation Army….by The White Stripes
    74. Love Removal Machine….by The Cult
    ***73. Jail Break….by Thin Lizzy
    72. Heart Breaker…..by Pat Benetar
    71. Mountain Song….by Jane’s Addiction
    70. Hot Blooded….by Foreigner
    69. Cult of Personality….by Living Colour
    68. More Human than Human….by White Zombie
    67. Tush….by ZZ Top
    ***66. The Final Countdown…..by Europe
    65. Kick Out the Jams…..by MC5
    64. Liar…..by the Rollin’s Band
    63. Eye of the Tiger…..by Survivor
    62. Breaking the Chains…..by Dokken
    61. Round and Round….by Ratt
    60. 18 and Life….by Skid Row
    59. The Stoke….by Billy Squire
    58. Interstate Love Song….by Stone Temple Pilots
    57. You Really Got Me….by The Kinks
    56. Cherry Pie….by Warrant
    ***55. Fear the Reaper….by Blue Oyster Cult
    54. Epic….by Faith No More
    53. Born to be Wild….by Steppenwolf
    52. Cherry Bomb….by the Runaways
    51. Peace Sells…..by Megadeth
    50. Give it Away……by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    49. Search and Destroy…..by Iggy and the Stooges
    48. Freak on a Leash…..by Korn
    47. Bawitdaba….by Kid Rock
    46. Mad House…..by Anthrax
    45. Slow Ride….by Foghat
    44. Sunshine of Your Love….by Cream
    ***43. Holy Diver…..by Dio
    42. Should I Stay or Should I Go…..by the Clash
    41. Cum on Feel the Noise….by Quiet Riot
    40. Talk Dirty to Me….by Poison
    39. More than a Feeling…..by Boston
    38. Stone Cold Crazy…..by Queen
    37. My Generation….by The Who
    36. Hot for Teacher….by Van Halen
    35. School’s Out…..by Alice Cooper
    34. Barracuda….by Heart
    33. Basket Case…..by Green Day
    32. Cat Scratch Fever…..by Ted Nugent
    31. Dirty Deeds….by AC/DC
    30. Even Flow…..by Pearl Jam
    29. Bad Reputation….by Joan Jett
    28. Everlong….by the Foo Fighters
    ***27. Still of the Night….by Whitesnake
    26. Free Bird….by Lynnyrd Skynnrd
    25. Blitzkrieg Bop….by The Ramones
    24. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida…..by Iron Butterfly
    ***23. Crazy Train….by Ozzy Osbourne
    22. Hey Joe….by Jimi Hendrix
    21. Kashmir…..by Led Zeppelin
    20. You Give Love a Bad Name….by Bon Jovi
    19. Tom Sawyer…..by Rush
    ***18. Rock You Like a Hurricane…..by The Scorpions
    17. I Wanna Rock….by Twisted Sister
    16. Rock & Roll All Nite….by KISS
    15. Dr. Feelgood….by Motley Crue
    ***14. Run to the Hills….by Iron Maiden
    13. Photograph…..by Def Leppard
    ***12. Breakin’ the Law…..by Judas Priests
    ***11. Smoke on the Water…..by Deep Purple
    10. Ace of Spades….by Motorhead
    9. Runnin’ With the Devil…..by Van Halen
    8. Walk this Way….by Aerosmith
    7. Smells Like Teen Spirit….by Nirvana
    6. Won’t Get Fooled Again….by The Who
    5. Sandman…..by Metallica
    ***4. Paranoid….by Black Sabbath
    3. Whole Lotta Love…..by Led Zeppelin
    2. Back in Black….by AC/DC
    1. Welcome to the Jungle…..by Guns & Roses

    There you have it……So, walk through it and may the ‘Mayhem Begin’ with all of the controversy regarding the many opinions relating to this list….

    ps: I tried making this a Posting but was declined due to too many ‘needless surveys’…….

    I guess it’s more important for ‘Over and Over and Over the Rainbow’ crap to cause major turmoil than actual Deep Purple relevant info now adays here at THS….

    Just another much interested fan, trying to forward some interesting info the rest of the interested DEEP PURPLE FANS….Go figure.


  87. 87
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    “You’d better close your eyes and bow your head,
    And wait for the ricochet”….

  88. 88
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I don’t get it, in the link on the lower right hand side it’s lists them all in parts but SOTW is nowhere to be found… what the hell?

  89. 89
    stoffer says:

    Thanks for the list Tracy, I watched the vh1 series too and was suprised where DP ended up although I wasn’t suprised that they only had 1 song included.

    George, I have to sympathise with you somewhat, you were pretty negative early on but if someone had said that about my wife, I might have reacted the same.

    I’m still hopeful about OTR and also the way DP opened up ther latest tour, man I wish they come to the states.

  90. 90
    Michael says:

    George, if you don’t care about OTR or its members then why do you keep posting about them? Seems like you’re obsessed with dissing them. Why?

    Like someone else said earlier, they’ve all managed to stay in the business all these years. TC (like him or not) has made tons of albums in various styles, and even had some minor hits in the 80s. He has produced and collaborated with other artists.

    JLT has also done lots of things and I think most aspiring musicians would be very satisfied if they could look back at a career like his. You don’t have to like him and he might look like a “donna” to you but that doesn’t make his royalty checks any smaller…

  91. 91
    Rascal says:


    #One wheel on my wagon,
    And I’m still rolling along
    Them Cherokees after me
    I’m all in flames, at the reins
    But I’m singing a happy song#

  92. 92
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Tracy, you’re beyond off topic.

  93. 93
    Roberto says:


  94. 94
    Michael says:

    Roberto, freedom comes with responsibility. nothing absurd about that.

  95. 95
    Rascal says:

    “Once again ‘Big Brother’ is making decisions that people should make for themselves.”

  96. 96
    trondjs says:

    The bottom line is this:
    Discuss the music, and argument against things you dislike, by all means.
    But be polite.
    Even towards Joe Lynn Turner. 😉

    George: I haven’t seen what Tony Carey supposedly wrote to you here, but by your description, he was clearly out of line. No doubt about that.
    But I’ve seen some of the comments you’ve left about OTR, too, and many of them are far beyond good behaviour and good humour, and quite a few sound grimly homophobic (although Joe Lynn Turner by all accounts is straight as a ruler).
    So: Think before posting. Humour is OK, but hateful comments aren’t.

    As for what the editors accept for publishing on this site – that’s their decision and theirs alone, as with any publication. It has to be this way. That’s what editors are for.

    (And those who know me from amd-p days will know I’ve made my fair share of snide comments about JLT myself, and I’m sure I was partly guilty of the collapse of amd-p by not handling the trolls good. We all make mistakes.
    However – these rules are universal: State your meaning, but do it reasonably tactful.
    In the long run, I’m quite sure that people following this simple rule will experience both that other people take their statements more serious and that they get more pleasure from the debates themselves.)

  97. 97
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Rasmus Heide:

    Just thought I would offer a grace period here. This is a nice generic posting that I went to great trouble to put together.

    I suppose you would rather beat another dead horse regarding how bad some of us are when expressing ourselves?

    Relax, I just entered something that is Current about Deep Purple and Relatives……..How wrong is that?

    Plus, I did so on a Positive note. Don’t tell me I broke another ‘Freedom of Speech Rule’…..LOL

    Anyway….it is relevant and PURPLEY……


  98. 98
    Rascal says:

    But apparently illegal!!

  99. 99
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    So is ‘Knockin’ at the Backdoor’ in some countries……..


  100. 100
    Rascal says:

    Careful, that maybe considered ‘crossing the line’……………..

    And we wouldnt want to do that, would we??

  101. 101
    HardRockPete says:

    What the hell is wrong with Purple fans these days???? There isn’t any discussions anymore, only arguements!

    I’ve seen it firsthand! I can’t write anything positive about Morse/ Gillan/ current Purple without being slagged as hell! What the f… is wrong with these “fans”???

    To the moderators! Moderating is a good thing when things get out of hand, but if you give me the option of having George here, a fan with opinions but maybe with a little “over the top” language, and Tony Carey posting “fuck” and “your wives” in every sentence, the choice is quite easy. I don’t need to read the bitter postings of a bitter musician who’s out touring for money, and money only. And yes, I’ve seen the youtube concert clips and the pressconference. That should tell you enough about OTR.

    For me, George win hands down over Tony Carey!

  102. 102
    joe says:

    Peace, Love and RESPECT ! Hope, everybody will remember this. cheers to you all…

  103. 103
    Sami says:

    HardRockPete : there’s always a couple of hypocrites here who spoil it to the rest of us(you know who you are). You being slagged about writing positive things about the current Purple…well, I think everyone gets slagged here, regardless the subject. It’s just that some people think they know better, or are here just for their entertainment/passing time, not the music!

    I’m glad I have a good, healthy life outside the net, hanging around here constantly speaks volumes of some regulars.

    Cheers everyone, take care

  104. 104
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    Nailed it…..Great to see somebody remembers this is The Highway Star. Mainly a DEEP PURPLE site. Yes, ‘And Relatives’, but for the most part, aimed at this Present Wonderful Band.

    As for TC vs G, I have to agree here too. This is a Deep Purple Fan site. That doesn’t mean others can’t contribute or get involved, but if it comes to which is more valid on this site, it would and have to go to the Fan, and not the oddball musician whom doesn’t like what the Fans have to say here.

    Once you go public as a musician or entertainer, expecting to be paid your income by the masses, surely you don’t expect 100% of said public to be on board. Us Fans are going to be forking out the hard earned cash which ‘OTR’ wishes to hopefully transform into a ‘Pot of Gold’ in the end……..

    You would have thought that by now, TC would have thickened his skin a little over the years. Ironically he left Rainbow due to not even liking that type of music (which is evident in everything he has done on his own since)and he also couldn’t handle Ritchie’s pranks. Due to his little outburst here at THS, it appears he hasn’t changed much…..

    Just a Fan with an observation and maybe some constructive criticism that even a Big Rock Star like TC might get something from……


  105. 105
    Roberto says:


    to say only positive comments is ‘responsability’????

    …oh my god…please

  106. 106
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Nope, but you don’t get it, obviously!

    When you do, it will be clear to see…

    This just isn’t a sobbers platform, your pillow is.

  107. 107
    Sami says:

    Well put Tracy, got to agree with you(on parts at least).

  108. 108
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Ever ponder the possibility that personal enjoyment of performing songs you played a part in writing and recording years ago that are still good to you and in the eyes and ears of many many fans. And not just money motivated, a fact that is only part of the equation and inevitable either way or we would have never heard it?

    So a living is made from it, big deal, fun is too. And if they could do it for free they would, but it also cost money to present it, so one hand feeds the other.

    You don’t like Tony, that’s obvious by now, but Blackmore STILL makes a living playing songs that other people had as much to do with writing as he did, and the rest of it he didn’t participate in writing a note of, and rearranging melodies and crediting the trad arrangement is far from owning them.

    My point is that people do it left and right and you’re complaining about one who’s barely on that map, as opposed to many who’re all over it and aren’t necessarily even doing it well, but cashing in hugely as well. The money thing just isn’t a valid point. It’s just easy to use.lol!

  109. 109
    Stefan says:

    With the risk of being off topic…..???

    Green Day,Korn,Peal Jam,Soundgarden,Janes Addiction and bloody Nirvana…..Since when are those bands considered “Hard Rock”?????

    Nirvana has to be the most overrated band ever! A frontman who could hardly sing or play his instrument,ridicilous teenage “feel sorr for myself” lyrics,a pathetic junkie who probably belonged at the nut house and married to an equally deranged blond wannabe rock star hooker!! Yeah,right……”Hard rock” my ass!! Those who makes these ridicilous lists just doesn´t have a clue!! ROCK ON!!

  110. 110
    Rasmus Heide says:

    To Tracey and others; please forget your childish taunts intimating censorship being wreaked upon you by the evil editors.

    Were this a forum, you could start off any new thread as you pleased. But it’s a blog. You can notice the difference by how the topic is set by the initial post.

    With that in mind, if a suggested post is deemed unsuitable here (for whatever reason), you take it somewhere else, you don’t blatantly add it here anyway just because the system allows it. That’s plain rude and disrespectful.

  111. 111
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I often wonder why some here don’t bother with forums, especially when there is one here with many decent topics and good members to discuss an abundance of subjects.


  112. 112
    TruthHurts says:

    There is a difference between criticising (or even ridiculing) a musician’s ability (as a musician) and a personal attack.

    Many contributors have frequently overstepped the line, or have provoked others to follow (myself included, quite possibly)

    Back-stabbing, moodiness, paranoia, heavy vibes etc.etc. may well be in the tradition of classic-TMIB-era Purple, but personally I wouldn’t mind a little of the sunnier, mellow-vibe of the present-day Purps in the tone of the contributions. (even if I don’t care much for anything by DP or BN over the last decade)


    @109 I agree completely. Sad to say that the real legends and pioneers of rock music are being marjinalised and robbed of a contemporary influence (and instead relegated to name-dropping and box-ticking) thanks to the manufactured ‘geniuses’that the industry has promoted from the ’90s to present day.

    I really detest the way these bands have been relentlessly hyped-up as the modern-day equivalent of a great 60s/70s artist,

    Oasis….The Beatles
    Lenny Kravitz….Jimi Hendrix
    Radiohead….Pink Floyd
    any guitar-strumming male singer/songwriter…..Bob Dylan
    Green Day or Nirvana……Ramones or Sex Pistols


  113. 113
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Rasmus Heide:

    Point taken. Actually, if you have been monitoring my posts over the years, you must agree that I have been a large advocate for bitching about folks going way off topic. Usually it stems from the ‘Blackmore Worshippers’ whining about him not being in Deep Purple or whining he’d return to Hard Rock. No matter the topic, it seems that it always become the topic with some nare-do-wells.

    In this particular case, TC instigated a very emotional Fan and all went to hell in a handbasket.

    This particular topic ‘Bullets Flying’ was due directly to that issue and you guys used it to express yourselves regarding enforcing the ‘Rule of Ethics’. OK. We Get It. My ‘Off Topic’ entry regarding the VH-1 Show was a Knee Jerk effort to quickly take the subject somewhere else, actually to be honest, trying to help ‘Cool the Flames’. It seemed to do the trick. Yeah, there are still going to be a few comments regarding the Topic which you posted. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen?

    Overall, 99% of the folks here are Stand-up people who very passionately love Purple and it’s many incarnations. With all due respects, I think we all do a pretty good job of settling most confrontations on our own, and I don’t believe there is any hatred or disregard between any of us. Totally different views maybe, but it all is done fairly civil and up until TC actually made those truly offensive remarks toward GEORGE, all else was typical Tongue and Cheek.

    Lucky for Tony Carey he isn’t successful enough to be written about in the Tabloids. He’d probably commit suicide over any negative reviews or articles.

    Anyway, got the message. Once this passes, all will be back to normal, I’m sure….You know, you post a new Topic like….”Roger Glover is working on his new Solo Record”. After around 4 entries, ‘someone’ will eventually post…..”Why can’t TMIB rejoin with Deep Purple or Reform Rainbow?”…….I think you get my drift….

    Nuff said from me on this…..Really.


  114. 114
    Paul Surefelt says:

    Amen Brothers.

  115. 115
    Chrissy says:

    The owners of the gr8 webbie doesn’t have to let anyone rant here.They don’t have to give anyone the freedom of speech.Its thier site and they make the rules you don’t like it too bad go somewhere else and spew your venom.Some of you need to grow up and get a life.

  116. 116
    Gary says:

    Well said, Chrissy 🙂

  117. 117
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Bottoms up to that, a sensible woman indeed, amongst all of the defective male ego tripping.

  118. 118
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Yes, and to those whom sell out to ‘Bottoms’…….nothing like PC.
    Have all the Balls been dropped?

    I’ll drink to that….


  119. 119
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Mmmm… taking toll… du du du… if you’ve been bad…

  120. 120
    GerAssenNetherlandsAge51Male says:

    My fresh DP Gillan Forum :



  121. 121
    GerAssenNetherlandsAge51Male says:


    post closed ?

  122. 122
    Alice Beck says:

    Connie Francis Willie Nelson Little Richard Eric Burden Black Crowes Badfinger Todd Rungren Huey Lewis Bill Cosby Blackmores Night shows we saw this year when is Deep Purple coming back ?

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