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Did you change your hair colour?

You may have noticed The Highway Star has a somewhat different look now. True. We have incorporated more content management software into the website, which should allow for smoother interaction between you, our readers, and back to us, the editors. A couple of improvements above the waterline are the new tour dates page and a new way of submitting your own tour reviews.

We have tried to retain as much of the old identity as we could. To do so, many of our pages have been revisited and converted to the new format. Some had to be moved around. It is possible things were missed or broken in the conversion, so please let us know if you find something that doesn’t work. Or leave a reply right here.

This upgrade is another step in our efforts to make The Highway Star an even more useful resource for you. We do have plans for more, bigger, and better things still to come. So if you have something in particular you would like to see us focus on — or just want to comment on the changes so far, please do. After all, The Highway Star is ‘made for the fans, by the fans’.

9 Comments to “Did you change your hair colour?”:

  1. 1
    nsoveiko says:

    sorry folks. after the upgrade, comments stopped working. i realised it only now after seeing that in 24 hours we haven’t got any spam! 😉

    the comment preview feature was the culprit. it had to be turned off.

    i apologise for the inconvenience.

  2. 2
    purpletemple says:

    Nice re-looking you got here. The highway star is still my favourite site. I visit it everyday, it is so well updated!
    The only thing I don’t love so much is the mixing of the bands in the “tour dates” section.I usually look at the country column first, and my heart just went “boom” when I saw Belgium, and thought it was a dP date, when it was the Glenn Hughes one I already knew about…

    Great job, thank you for keeping us updated so quickly and clearly!

  3. 3
    nsoveiko says:


    we have plans to introduce ability to sort/separate tour dates list by the artist.

    the combined list has the unexpected benefit of easily spotting when two members of the purple family happen to be in the same place at the same time or very close. who knows what can transpire then!

  4. 4
    T says:

    The Highway Star has been around for a long time and was probably due for a make-over. You all did a great job in updating the look to a more modern, softer appearance without losing the newspaper ‘feel’ of the site which was a part of the reason it has been so successful in the first place.

    Congratulations on the great work!

  5. 5
    Highway star 72 says:

    Good Looking! 😉

  6. 6
    stefan says:

    Nice…..keep up the good work!!

  7. 7
    George says:

    THS is the best DP site,
    I visit it 2-3 times a day, I know it’s the fastest news source for all DP fans, tour dates, tour reviews, album infos and everything about DP is posted first on THS, and then on dp.com, d-p.net and so on…

    keep being the first and the best

    Waitting the title in news: “Deep Purple working on new album” 😀

    We love you, thank you, I thaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkk youuuuuuuuuuuu
    Yooooooooooo Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😀

  8. 8
    Elinor says:

    Sorry to put a dampner on this, but, having been a faithful reader for many years, and finding this website a great source of information, I must admit to being disappointed with this change. While it may look good, it is now very difficult to find archive information, in particular the older tour reviews. It is not obvious that you need to select ‘read more’ to go back beyond 2005. The menu on the right hand side does not change to allow you access before 2005 unless you do this. It is just not logical. Please consider revising the layout of this section.

    In addition the tour dates are totally confusing now. By all means put them in a list together but also have the option of separate lists.

    The front page has too much information on it. Tour updates have taken over and it is easy to miss other news.

    Thank you.

  9. 9
    deep T says:

    sorry to say it´s so boooooring the same headline sins you started the new highway star. for weeks I believed that nothing happen. when a take up a new newspaper I want to see new headlines. if not i will not read.
    all the best
    deep T

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