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Paice! Moore! Airey! Murray!

Gary Moore, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Neil Murray performing Hurricane in 1982 at the Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany.

Thanks to Mikael Wiklund for spotting this.

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  1. 1
    T says:

    This reminds me of the 80’s video series Rock School hosted by Herbie Hancock in which both Ian Paice and Gary Moore appear. The series included regulars Deidre Cartwright (guitar), Geoff Nicholls (drums) and Henry Thomas (bass).

    Gary Moore demonstrated the use of stompboxes, including a flanger and chorus. Ian Paice showed the dynamics of drum soloing, working from hard and fast to light and easy into a final crescendo–his trademark pattern. It’s a relatively short segment, but a dramatic drum solo nevertheless and an insight to the clinics he gives.

    The entire Gary Moore band played “End of the World” during the outtro credits.

    Moore also played with Bob Daisley and Glenn Hughes, with the latter putting out some strong stuff on the Run for Cover album, so there is most definitely a Purple family connection with this guy!

  2. 2
    dave smith says:

    wow! this rocks! check out how young paicey and airey look! don looks like he’s about 12! ha ha!

  3. 3
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Some might not be familiar with this, it’s great stuff though.
    Nothing new to collectors at all, and it’s been up at YT for some time now.
    But I like in this clip how Ian nods to himself in his solo, classic Paice runs.

  4. 4
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I did see Ian Paice on ‘Rock Scool’ in 1986, probably a rerun, not sure, but I remember watching it on the same day as the space shuttle disaster.
    This is even more reminiscent of Pete York’s Super Drumming DVD volumes .1 and .2, volume .1 features Ian Paice among others, Jon Lord, etc…
    One could actually have an entire library of Paice film footage alone because of how many clinics and tribute band guest spots he’s done over the years that have been filmed and circulated, literally, if one collects avidly, that is.


    Volume 1 at a lower price:

  5. 5
    Rascal says:

    Is that Karl Marx on drums?

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    I always loved this video, Ian Paice is awesome…
    but reading to this new I thought there were a reunion!!!
    the orginal version of this song is made with double bass drum.

  7. 7
    AndreA says:

    wonderful poker! GREAT!!!

    Rascal,sure that he is..with pajamas.

  8. 8
    AndreA says:



    Glenn Hughes feat.
    on 5 SONGS
    – bass (Run for Cover, Reach for the Sky, Out of My System, Nothing to Lose, All Messed Up), vocal (Reach for the Sky and All Messed Up)

    Don Airey Keyb. on 2 songs
    (Military Man, Out in the Fields)

    Bob Daisley bass on 1 song
    (Once in a Lifetime)

  9. 9
    Renzo says:

    What a great jam band!!

  10. 10
    james jay says:

    surely not for the timid–great clip.

  11. 11
    stoffer says:

    Very 80’s yet very coooooool 😉

  12. 12
    jw says:

    DP should have taken Gary instead of Morse

  13. 13
    Thunderhawk says:

    This is awsome :O,

    Way am i born in a time when Music died 🙁 .
    i,m 19 now, and al they have is pop/rock, and rap crap, and Disco’s. just how Paice said it on the Come Hell or High Water DvD.

    My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, what people call rock these days is’nt just the same.
    No long jams, no guitar solo’s just a few simple Chords.
    If you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all these days.

    It Starding to go Downhill in the 90ties, even Deep Purple cut out the long jams, I loved the long jams, it shows you what a band is capeble of.

    Man where are the good old days(witch i’ve missed 🙁 ) .

  14. 14
    Rascal says:

    Enjoy yourself. These are the good old days you’re going to miss in the years ahead.

  15. 15
    Stefan says:


    Are you bonkers? Gary Moore in Deep Purple? If that should happen GOD forbid, I bow out! I useally refer to him as Gary “NO” Moore…..Beacuse he´s so totally boring,can´t sing and have absolutely no clue `bout the blues!

    I remember he once was offered to join Whitesnake…..I was horrified! Thank GOD it never became a reality!!!!

    As the above clip demonstrates,that´s what he should be doing…..Masturbating,introvert,overindulgent and weird fusion,he´s good at that! He really should change his last name to “Boore”!ROCK ON!

  16. 16
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I enjoy Gary Moore; but agree with stefan, I can’t see him as a part of Deep Purple. Morse on the other hand; Kansas, Dixie Dregs, SMB, Deep Purple, I love it all!

  17. 17
    Roberto says:

    Garyy moore
    is a great guitar player
    in the 70 he played jazz rock, in 80 hard rock in the 90 blues, and the quality of his albums is high…
    can’t absolutely agree..

  18. 18
    Tom says:

    Gary Moore is an incredible guitar player and he isn’t a bad singer either. How anyone could knock him is beyond belief. He has played every type of music out there and has excelled in all. He knows when to play fast and furious but unlike many, he knows when to play slow and not needing a thousand notes when one will do. He knows when to play complicated and when to play simple ( alot of guitar players don’t)and he always has a great sound. He would have done a great job in Purple and would have helped out Ian alot on the vocals.

  19. 19
    Thomas says:

    Gary Moore used to be my favourite musician, period. I lost touch after one blues album too many (After Hours), but I still rate him highly as a musician.

  20. 20
    Peter Steiof says:

    Does anybody know how they called their band at this time? Do their exist any more recordings of this outfit?

  21. 21
    Tom says:

    They just called themselves Gary Moore.
    Ian Paice only did one album with Gary Moore and it was called Corridors of Power. He may have been on a live album also but I do not remember. Ian actually had problems playing, he said at the time that he just couldn’t get a feel and could not play the songs. He had trouble and then left the band. You could never tell by listening to this because he played great as he did on the album. It was strange hearing Ian explain how he hed trouble playing with Gary Moore and how frustrated he was at the time.

  22. 22
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    I have to inject something here…..

    Gary Moore aside from Blackmore is one of the few guitarists whose style is so incredibly HIS and recognizable. He is a pure talent, as is Blackmore, Hendrix, Halen, Beck, Vai, Satch, Morse…..

    These are players whom use their guitar as an extension of their soul and body. They exude pure symphonic emotion with every tune they express.

    I first was introduced to Gary Moore due to my extensive Deep Purple collecting. I found that Ian Paice played on ‘Corridors of Power’. The LP I bought also came with a limited edition 7″ of live tunes. I was totally blown away by this album and found an artist that actually got me through the “Purpless Years”. Ian Paice also played on the follow-up album “Victims of the Future”. He was on 3 Live issues also, “Rockin’ every Night, Live in Japan”, “Live at the Marquee” and “We Want Moore”.

    Gary Moore began his professional playing at just 17 years of age in the band “Skid Row” (not to be confused with the ’80s Hair Band) which put out a couple of very good albums. Then he joined a revamped version of ‘Coliseum called “Coliseum II” along with another Purpleite..Don Airey. Gary has long been in the Purple Family Arena. he has played with almost every Purple member along the way.

    As far as I’m concerned, he probably plays with the most feeling of any of the top players, and does each style with absolute greatness. His jazz fusion days are incredible, his Rock days incredible, his present Blues is totally amazing. All 3 of these greats…BB KING, Albert King, and Albert Collins (whom Gary has played with many times) state that he is by far the most amazing Bluesman to hit the road. That says a lot. Though I would love to hear him go back to Rock, I respect him for doing what he chooses and is attracted to. Like Blackmore, though I would prefer him to return to Rock someday, I must confess that I do enjoy the Blackmore’s Night stuff at the same time. That’s the beauty of being a talented as they are. They can spread out and do more than the SOS and it can be totally enjoyable and thus gives you a broader range of music to be exposed to.

    Gary Moore in Deep Purple? He would have been my first pick if it were me……..

    Now, time to crank up some ‘Moore’….


  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    This is getting weird, this 2009

    I agree completely!

    I was fortunate enough To see Gary Moore with The Victim of rhe future tour in 84 and the Still Got The Blues one around 89

    I like the album G Force very much
    Was there not another ex ex DP family member involved?

  24. 24
    Stefan says:

    I totally respect your opinions and praise for Mr.Moore gentlemen,he just doesn´t cut it for me! Don´t know why really….he just pisses me off I guess!

    On a mo(o)re seriously note….He was quite exellent in Thin Lizzy, whom he betrayed & backstabbed when the shit hit the fan! Instead of doing right thing and face Mr.Lynott with a proper note of resignation, he just vanished!

    Then I object to his statement of the matureity of playing the blues over Hard rock & Metal,that to me is just snobbish,especially when he can´t play the blues! I don´t care what BB king,Albert Collins or Albert King says…..I´m convinced they´re just being polite to Mr.Moore!

    I also find his playing extremely annoying and overplayed no matter what he plays! I stand by my previous statement:weird fusion and celtic hard rock/metal is his suitable style…..he should keep his “dirty fingers” off blues and DP style rock…period!

    A little sidemark….To quote Ozzy Osbourne:”can you imagine a poster with Gary Moore on the wall”?? My point?? He sure could do with some plastic surgery,have you seen the picture in classic rock the award issue…..?? My god,I thought it was the brother of Miss Piggy on the picture and not Gary Moore,poor sod!!

    Well….I guess I better “Ron for cover” now….”Out in the fields”,when I´m most likely going to get a posse´ on my ass…..ROCK ON!

  25. 25
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Wow…will wonders never cease…..

    You are probably thinking of ‘Mark Nauseef”. One of Gillan’s drummers from back in the Ian Gillan Band days…..

    Gary’s contributions to music are Mountainous….he has been in so many varieties of music. His Thin Lizzy stuff is my favorite Lizzy material. I really can’t say enough just what a fan I am of his, and how listening to him play moves me. Though you and I disagree on the Blackmore/Morse/Purple issue, I do agree with the Blackmore Style and ability issue. These are my true TOP 2 preferred Guitar players that I listen to. Between all things Blackmore and all things Moore, there is enough material to listen to without ever having to hear anyone else….Except for all things Purple of course..

    If Steve Morse ever left Purple (not that I am in favor of it), I would much rather they grab Gary Moore and move forward with yet another amazing MK than go back to Blackmore.


  26. 26
    Tom says:

    You are clueless……..

  27. 27
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    I totally empathize with your remarks regarding Moore’s actions and statements. I read the article you are referring to regarding his statement something to the point of…”feeling like an idiot, at his age doing the hard rock thing on stage”. That took a shot at a ton of players out there older than him even who are still doing a magnificent job. The Lizzy thing is another thing. Glenn Hughes said he was the hardest guitarist to work with EVER…..

    That being said, If I concerned myself with that area, would have to burn all of my MK1, MK2, MK3 and Rainbow records. Blackmore has been an asshole forever. So what? I don’t listen to their personal BS or care how they carry on their business. That is their load to bare. I don’t work with them and I am not their friend. I just listen to their music. But I do like what I like as you do. My interest in music is not the drama. It’s the music, and nobody can make the statement that Gary Moore doesn’t deliver that. It may not be one’s cup of tea, but it is a great cup of tea….


  28. 28
    Crimson Ghost says:

    He did in fact record two albums with Moore, ‘Corrdidors’ though was actually the only number one rock album on US Billboard by a former DP member outside of Purple. Ha!

  29. 29
    Stefan says:


    For me it´s all about the music as well. As you said he´s not my cup of tea, but I´ve never denied his abilities as a guitar player! He just annoys the hell out of me! He has a very recognisable sound as someone mentioned earlier,and every time I hear it I get pissed off….especially if he tries to play the blues!

    To Tom: I may be clueless,it´s just my personal opinion…no more,no less! You´re entitled to your opinion….it´s OK,don´t mind being called clueless!

    That said….I´ve discussed Mr.Moore´s attempts of the blues with many less known, but professional blues musicians both foreign and domestic,and I haven´t heard any praise for him yet! I´ll stick to that! ROCK ON!

  30. 30
    Tom says:

    I’m sorry I called you clueless. You are entitled to your opinion, I just got a little ticked when you said he looked like Miss Piggy’s brother. Looks have nothing to do with ability.
    I live in New York, I play guitar, I go to alot of blue’s club’s, I know alot of great guitarists, some of them blue’s guitarists. They all LOVE Gary Moore. I have never spoken to another guitarist who did not like him. He plays with passion, something that I don’t hear in many guitarists.
    He would have been the best choice to replaced Blackmore in Purple. Morse is technically a great guitarist but he just doesn’t have the passion in his playing that Moore has. This is not a knock on Morse because there are not many guitarists who do have his passion.

  31. 31
    Paul says:

    Let me see here…Moore, Paicey, Airey playin together?
    F”n excellent! There isn’t enough true rock n roll like this anymore
    so judge less and listen moore!
    Gary Moore plays with heart and passion as does Ritchie, Mr. Steve Morse and so many other
    musicians who have had the moment to play within this circle. Enjoy.
    Do turn it up a notch will ya?
    Peace people.
    Paul from Canada
    (Gibson, Fender, Marshall man)

  32. 32
    Ed says:

    This is alot like Tommy Bolin playing with Billy Cobham ….Great stuff !!

  33. 33
    metaljim says:


    Paice doesn’t play on Gary Moore: Live At The Marquee. That was recorded before Paice joined the band and features Tommy Aldridge on drums.

  34. 34
    AndreA says:

    My favourite GM era is when he playied with Thin Lizzy
    [an example: how many guys among you know and love the great piece from “BLACK ROSE” ALBUM called “Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) ARock legend”?: this song is really really fantastic!]

    From his discography I like mainly RUN FOR COVER and WILD FRONTIERS; I bought some his blues works of course but to be sincere I don’t get crazy with them… I like blues,but my favourite kind of blues belong to a sound similar John mayall’s style,I don’t like music from BB King or similars..sorry for my blasphemy.. 🙂

    I don’t think he is a good singer but I could mistake..

    another Moore’s LP I like is “Rockin’ Every Night Live In Japan” (live recording on 1982,published on 1986) with Ian Paice Neil Murray and Don Airey:
    full of power! Nice to listen here a song piece from FREE discography (“Wishing Well”),lovely to listen when GM dedicates the instrumental “Sunset” to Randy Rhoads that passed away just on 1982…
    so I think it is a nice and real good document of Gary Moore On Stage,with a great band (Ian Paice is so heavy to follow the rhythm of the wild guitar: wonderful).

  35. 35
    AndreA says:


    Gary Moore & Ian Anderson Paice


    1982 – “Corridors of Power”
    1983 – “Victims of the Future”


    1983 – “Live at the Marquee”
    1984 – “We Want Moore!”
    1986 – “Rockin’ Every Night – Live in Japan”

  36. 36
    Roberto says:

    the best album Ian Paice played with gary moore are:

    -victims of the future
    -we want moore

    -the second skid raw album is better than the first

    best hard rock albums from Gary Moore:

    -dirty fingers (listen to ‘hiroshima…’) / victims of the future’ and ‘run for cover’

    -mark nauseef is monster of a drummer and the g-force album is very good (but in a more pop style…)

  37. 37
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Yeah, number one albums aren’t always the best, I did like “Victims” much better than “Corridors” but it didn’t chart anywhere near as high.

  38. 38
    metaljim says:


    Thanks for listing the discography (which is incorrect), but Paice does NOT play on the Live at the Marquee album. That’s Tommy Aldridge. He’s even introduced to the crowd by name. Listen to Dallas Warhead (the instrumental w/drum solo) and you can tell.

    Cheers, Jim C.

  39. 39
    metaljim says:

    Here’s the correct info for the Marquee album:


  40. 40
    joe says:

    Who cares how a guitar man looks like ??? Teenies, I think… My favourit Gary Moore recording is the ’94 BBM recording ” Around The Next Dream” . Gary played like god, Jack Bruce was great as ever and Ginger Baker kept it all together. What a sound… cheers to you all

  41. 41
    AndreA says:

    yes joe you are right,I forgot BBM!
    it is a sunny lp to me

  42. 42
    joe says:

    Hey, I’ve got a ticket for the Gary Moore show in Berlin/Germany 03.20.09 🙂

  43. 43
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Please dont let me be misunderstood!!!!

  44. 44
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Joe, AndreA: Couldn’t agree moore…..

    BBM was a really great venture and is one of my favorite, most listened to Gary Moore offerings. What a great album, and they even did some ‘Cream’ tunes when they went out on tour. I have a really good bootleg CD of a show in Paris, June 28, 1994. What great chemistry they seemed to display. You would have thought they were the Original Cream. I would have much rather they continued on and recorded moore together and skipped the ‘Cream Reunion’ whereby all they did was tributize an old band without anything new. It’s one of my greatest pet-peeves. Old bands that Reform, only to rehash old songs, offering nothing new and take home the paycheck on old BS. The Police are doing the same thing. Such a total rip-off and not worthy of any attention as far as I’m concerned…


  45. 45
    AndreA says:

    yes Tracy,
    with BBM BAND you feel their great strange chemistry on your skin..you feel to be captured..


  46. 46
    AndreA says:

    I agree with you but
    do you know that B+S (Appice,Butler,Iommi,Dio) are working for a new release that get out on next spring?

    You write about Police band..well I’ve found them one of the most boring band of the Universe…
    sometime I tried to love his music..never happened.,always the same broth without salt

    we are waiting for new releases.
    we are waiting DP..we are getting the new from Gillan,Black Sabbath..so..
    GOOD TIMES are coming..

  47. 47
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Actually, I did find the Police to be an enjoyable band, though it wasn’t truly my cup of tea. It was mainly due to them being such a strong 3-piece band. I’ve always been attracted to strong 3-piece bands….Grand Funk, Cream, BBM, etc. which helped me pursue that when our singer left our band. We got much more attention as a 3-piece pulling of some really good music that many 5 piece bands couldn’t do. Less baggage and more bang for the Buck…..

    I look forward to the ‘heaven and hell’ release. I also heard recently that KISS is finally going to release a new record with it’s present lineup. Yeah, I know, you probably don’t give a hoot about KISS, but I have been a follower since their first release in ’74. I have been very critical of them only touring on the old stuff with nothing new, and now, if it happens, I can lay that complaint to rest…


  48. 48
    Roberto says:

    I love
    Grand Funk Railroad (will they ever reunite?)
    and I hate Kiss wich play stupid music…(and I have done a tribute concert once with my band but was just for fun to wear a mask…) http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=InMbHgvUp0k

  49. 49
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Rock and roll all night !!!!

  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    And Party Every Day!!!!!!!

  51. 51
    stefan says:

    And Mr Gene “Ultimate Whore” Simmons laughing his ass off all the way to the bank……!

    After the gig with KISS last year here in Copenhagen I have two words for you Mr.Simmons….RETIRE NOW!!

  52. 52
    Rascal says:

    Retirement, we understand, is great if you are busy, rich, and healthy. But then, under those circumstances, work is great too……..

  53. 53
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Just curious Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero, what do you think of KISS’s current line-up? They have had just about as many personnel changes as DEEP PURPLE!

  54. 54
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    The guitarist, Tommy Thayer replacing Ace is fairly mediorce…..as Ace was. So in that case it’s a wash. Eric Singer is probably one of the Top 5 drummers out there. He also subs in for Alice Cooper gigs. Son in that case it’s a thumbs-up. But that isn’t what this band is about. To be honest, I would much rather the 2 newbees use different makeup than Ace and Peter. When they were replaced originally back in the 80’s by Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent, they used their own makeup style. I just feel that it gives each Line-up their own identity, and depending on what they do in the future, it also freshens things up a bit…..

    Aside from that, I am looking forward to a new record and hope they tour it……


  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Is KISS not the band that, like DP, goes over and over again into touring their biggest stuff, in their case ALIVE 1 and 2 and always I was made for loving you and that cover from Rod Argents band?

    They probably release a new cd and only play a bit from it and continue as always…..Like DP

  56. 56
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Probably right, they only played three songs off of “Psyhco Circus” during the tour of that release.

  57. 57
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I mean Psycho Circus!”

  58. 58
    Rascal says:

    We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine

  59. 59
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I agree Tracy Heyder aka Zero the hero; have you seen Bruce Kulick with Grand Funk Railroad?

  60. 60
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Priest, as I have read on some of the other blogs above, you are obviously under the weather right now. I believe your bowels are backed up and you really should remedy that…..Take an enema….

    SEVEN-47, yes I was very displeased with the lack of Psycho Circus material they played after it’s release. Especially since it was the first record they had recorded with the original line-up in so many years and reintroduced the Make-up. But at the same time, they played many songs on tour that they never had in the past so in that respect it was better than nothing. Soon after though, they dropped all from Psycho Circus and went back to only the classics with a few obscure tunes thrown in.

    Also, yes as a matter of fact I attended a Grand Funk gig a couple of years back with Kulick at the helm. He had just released a record from a band UNION that he was also in and I got it signed by him. Now, this a band that is only relying on the Past…..they have not released anything new in 20 something years and just go around doing greatest hits and even a couple of tunes from their singer’s old band 38 Special. How lame is that? I liked the Kulick KISS era. It was heavier and more my taste in music.

    Priest, you can’t even begin to compare your ‘apples with oranges’ view of set lists between these two bands. Purple has been putting out new records with every line-up and they continue to play tunes from the newer records. When the record is released and they tour for it, they play many tunes in promotion of it. As time passes and the release is then no longer a new record, they reduce the top load from that record and go back to the catalogue and spread out the song list from their vast library, thus trying to appeal to the masses, not just us Purple Fanatics….


  61. 61
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It s very cold indeed.

  62. 62
    AndreA says:

    I heard on the radio just 3 days ago that Grand Funk are coming back with the original “american band”…

    do you confirm that?

  63. 63
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    I haven’t heard anything on this. But, if this is so, I will bet that they don’t record anything new, and do as Zeppelin, Foreignor, KISS and Cream and so on. If so, I am not interested. I can crank up my live albums and recordings for the Same Old Songs……


  64. 64
    SEVEN-47 says:

    AndreA; I sincerely doubt the validity of that report. As of January 21, 2009; GRAND FUNK RAILROAD is scheduled to start a 40th Anniversary Tour with: Don Brewer-Drums & Vocals, Mel Schacher-Bass, Bruce Kulick-Guitar, Max Carl-Vocals, and Tim Cashion-Keyboards.

    It should be noted that this incarnation of the band refers to themselves as “The Official American Band!”

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  65. 65
    SEVEN-47 says:

    Side Note; Mark Farner is touring extensively in The U.S. and Canada throughout 2009. I plan on seeing him in Minnesota in August.

  66. 66
    AndreA says:

    GRAND FUNK reunion original band (perhaps..) 😎


    ciao friends

  67. 67
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I happen to know Tommy Thayer, he is from my old neighborhood… small world there, I know the rest of Black n’ Blue as well and I wish Tommy was involved in their current reunion, Jamie St. James is another I went to school with, that’s not his real name btw, and he’s actually a killer drummer too, how he wound up a singer I’ll never know.

    Thayer once recorded with Ian Gillan too, short but interesting story there, and it’s kind of cool to have known a local who went on to play with both Ian and KISS!

    I think reforming without full original line ups of the incarnation being presented is fraudulent conveyance.
    Some see Purple in the same light, but they need to fix their switch because Purple evolved from circumstances within to be where they are now, once again, but folks act like this line up got together and called itself DP without the consent of the former mkII members or something. You know who you are…. reality check!

  68. 68
    purplepriest1965 says:

    A selective mind is a joy for ever.

    Whats the story behind Ian Gillan and Tommy Thayer?

    Where do you come from?
    New Jersey?

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