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Stormbringer, Germany 1975

Another one from the vaults — Stormbringer performed live in Germany some time in 1975. Although recording quality is far from great, the band is on fire. This recently surfaced clip also gives hope that there might be a better (and even longer!) tape sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere…


30 Comments to “Stormbringer, Germany 1975”:

  1. 1
    Jason says:

    Interesting! What a find. Let’s hope such treasures continue to surface in the future.

  2. 2
    micke says:

    Love this song, especially live!

  3. 3
    drew w says:

    I’ve been watching this on a regular basis, it’s just great. What a great tragedy though that there aren’t full gigs on fil or videotape from the stormbringer tour 🙁

  4. 4
    Patrick says:


  5. 5
    rob says:

    i’d still be interested to see this line up again!

  6. 6
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Ritchie was done here…..his lack luster solo is very apparent here and shows another indication of his disregard for the band. I don’t miss those days at all…..


  7. 7
    Adam says:

    I partly agree with Tracey. While I think that even in his lacklustreness RB still did a great job (better at least than throwing drinks instead of playing along, as would happen 18 years later!), I too don’t miss those days. For the truth about DP ’75 was that “Stormbringer” was merely one of the numbers where Hughes had no opportunity to mess up the group sound with his funk and soul stuff. I find it just gruelling to think what GH did to the impromptu parts of “Smoke on the Water” or “Space Trucking”. But I have to say that this one here is pretty good!

  8. 8
    Roberto says:

    ultra rare video!
    band on fire!
    stormbringer will be always my favourite deep purple album,so particular, so refined…
    and Blackmore’s guitar…what a sound!

  9. 9
    stefan says:


    I´m most likely in minority, when I dare contradict your statement about Glenn Hughes!To most DP hardliners GH fucked up mentioned songs,personally I loved it!I admit to view upon GH as close to G.O.D.(Glenn On Demand),so I´m probably not entirely inpartial!

    When recruiting Coverdale & Hughes to DP,Ritchie got more than he bargained for!After the first nerves were replaced by confidence(in David´s case mainly),elements of blues,soul and funk were brought in by the new boys much to “Blackers” disapproval!Personally I think it made the band more exciting and unpredictable!Blackmore however couldn´t handle it,and since he couldn´t bully,intimidate or manipulate Coverdale & Hughes,the man in black jumped ship and the rest is history!

    Bloody shame though….MK III really could whip up some really hot hard rockin´ swagger, and had their great moments!What could have been….Oh,well…your guess is just as good as mine!!Take care ya´ all!!!

  10. 10
    stoffer says:

    Good video!! those were the days, I do agree that GH screwed a lot of DP stuff with his whooping and untimely screaming but all is well now and everyone (even RB?) is happy, Long Live DP

  11. 11
    Rascal says:

    Those were the days when Coverdale could sing, and Blackmore could play…….

    Another take on the Deep Purple Machine…… the days when the pension fund didnt matter!!

    Glen has gone from strength to strength…..an awesome singer! funk it up!!

  12. 12
    Roberto says:

    Coverdale is even better than Hughes…
    that line-up was fantastic.they should reform!

  13. 13
    Crimson Ghost says:

    “Recently surfaced?” I’ve had this clip for years.

  14. 14
    Adam says:

    Hallo stefan,

    you can contradict me all right – everybody’s entitled to do so. I’m not one of those who can’t take different opinions. You guessed very correctly calling me a DP hardliner, that’s what I am. To be more precise, I am one whose hardline is based on Made In Japan rather than MK 3 Live In Paris. Still I say Coverdale and Hughes together were very good, but Hughes on his own I find just too inconsiderate in his treatment of the DP legacy, even back then. And it’s not only his singing, but his bass playing, too. I say he was out to turn Deep Purple into the Average White Band. If that’s okay for you, all right. It’s just not okay for me.

  15. 15
    Roberto says:

    but songs as hold on ,holy man you can’t do it right…
    are so particular,so beautiful…
    all the band play in such a refined way…

  16. 16
    stoffer says:

    We are all very proud of you Crimson G

    Roberto…Hold On and Holy Man are 2 of my favorite DP songs (there are so many)

  17. 17
    Mike says:

    OH MAN!
    This looks like the same stage as the 1977 Rainbow DVD.
    Anyone confirm?

  18. 18
    Gary N says:

    Oh dear!! Roberto!! If Stormbringer is your favourite Purple album, then you simply can’t like rock music, or Purple music. Of course, we all have our opinions, and differing tastes, but come on, Stormbringer is the furthest away from what DP has ever been about since its inception 40 years ago. Sure, we all have our opinions about Blackmore/Morse, Gillan/Coverdale etc but the songs on this album are just tosh (with the exception of Lady Double Dealer – Live in Europe). I really disliked GH’s ‘funk’ contribution to DP. Sorry, I couldn’t disagree more. But, seemingly in another life, “Hughes Thrall” is a top album, if he’d have brought some of that to DP, who knows………

  19. 19
    cpt. hook says:

    Stormbringer simply rocks!!! I don’t care if anybody calls it (the song and/or the album) as “the furthest away from (…) DP”. it’s all about the music, not about the musicians.
    remember how they started? “Roundabout” was their initial name – changing the personel was part of their original concept. even in ’74/’75 Jon Lord stated, that DP could go on without himself or little Ian.
    for me, every band incarnation stands on its own behalf. In Rock has (musically) nothing to do with Shades…

  20. 20
    Roberto says:

    Gary N.
    the problem is that you don’t ‘understand’ the beauty of that album,probably due your lack of an ‘open mind’ to other kind of music or to the ‘contaminations’.
    Stormbringer have some classic hard rock songs as the title track or ‘lady double dealer’ (which in fact you like) and others that are totally ‘unique’,which are difficult to classify in only a kind of music.
    this is the greatness of this album.
    their playing is too refined!
    and I even agree with cpt.hook,I will never get tired of Deep purple because they music in the studio album and live change with every incarnation….(this is the reason why now they should do something new with this latest line-up).I don’t want deep purple like ac/dc or motorhead: 40 years doing always the same album…so sad.
    Hope I have not be offensive

  21. 21
    Gary N says:

    Ahoi Cpt. Hook & Greetings Roberto!!
    You’re right, I agree with you totally, it’s all about the music and not the musicians. For me, change and variation are essential and, over such a long history that DP now has, the ‘Roundabout’ concept was indeed far-sighted, although a degree of stability is also essential. Roberto – I too do not want to see Motorhead or AC/DC (great bands that they are) play the same ‘old favourites’ without ever pushing themselves in other directions, if I wanted to hear that I could see one of the many tribute bands, or throw on another CD. I love the different styles that various incarnations of DP has presented to us over the years, as much as I like blues, jazz, bluegrass, instrumental and classical music, so I feel my mind is open to anything. It’s just that I never ‘got’ the Stormbringer thing, for me it lacks adventure, originality and spontaneity. I just don’t like the style (and to be honest, I don’t like Glenn’s voice).
    You mention the current DP line-up, I reckon they have a ‘classic’ album in the yet that could surpass all going before it. Purpendicular was a fabulous effort, and ROTD was also nearly there, wouldn’t it be good to get one last ‘mega album’ to show them all how it’s done?
    By the way – absolutely no offense taken, for me it’s great that we can all like different things, but also like the same things.
    By the way, heard the new Uriah Heep album yet? Best wishes.

  22. 22
    Roberto says:

    ok different opinion but it’s really difficult to accept a rating like that for an album which I consider one of the best ever(for its sound ,originality,variety,refined)

    the last uriah heep album I think it’s disappointing,for the quality of the songs.
    I prefer ‘sea of light'(masterpiece) or ‘sonic origami'(veryy good)

  23. 23
    Tboneman says:

    I must agree with Roberto. Although not the first DP I’d ever heard, it was the first LP I ever bought, so I am perhaps biased towards the Mk III (and Mk IV) sound. I thought the ballads on Stormbringer were awesome, well, the whole album – not a weak tune on it. I still play it most of my DP collection, except maybe for Bananas and Rapture of the Deep (gotta love Steve Morse!).

    I love the Mk II and V+ bands as well, so I think there is room for all of us here, no matter what lineup sounds most “DP” for us individually.

  24. 24
    Roy says:

    MKIII were great until Glenn dared to bring in his funk influences. IMO that destroyed the band, and his constant, druginfluenced wailing and “in between song” banter. On drugs, Glenn was just annoying, so I’m not surprised Blackmore left. And to top it, Coverdale lost his voice late ’75-early ’76.

    MKIII made one great record, and that was not Stormbringer!

  25. 25
    stefan says:


    Muddy Waters I know….but Muddy Ears???As You might have guessed, I totally disagree!If RB have had the balls he could just have fired them, but he didn´t beacuse he knew he was in minority and couldn´t fight them off as easily as with Gillan & Glover!

    “Stormbringer” along with “Burn” and “Come taste the band”, are still among my all time favourite albums not only within the ranks of DP…but all over!!

  26. 26
    cp says:

    “It’s just that I never ‘got’ the Stormbringer thing, for me it lacks adventure, originality and spontaneity. I just don’t like the style (and to be honest, I don’t like Glenn’s voice).”

    Just the opposite,really.It was an adventurous change for Purple from the same old same old that had started to get stale back then. And I guess I just don’t like hard rock either, as Stormbringer and CTTB are probably my favorite two Purple lp’s as well,CTTB being #1.They seem to go together as natural progressions.Everyone has a favorite and as Purple has changed dynamics over the years,its a pretty broad spectrum to choose from. I wouldn’t personally try to tell someone their personal taste is inferior or judge their musical tastes myself,if we all liked the same thing we’d have one store and a really long line.
    I thought Glenn was great,FWIW.

  27. 27
    Roberto says:

    there are some classic deep purple albums and track that everyone can love but if they were only smoke on the water , black night ets. I stopped to listen to their music years ago.But they have many different faces, incarnation and directions.Listen to songs as Hold on, holy man, love don’t mean a thing from ‘stormbringer’ or loosen my strings and soon forgotten from ‘purpendicular’, sun goes down from’bananas’.they are so difficult to classy, they are so original with such class!

    Coverdale lost his voice in 2003 and not in ’76.Listen to monster of rock ’83 or japan ’88 and then tell me…

    I would remember that on high ball shooter we have the best solo from jon lord ever toghether with the ones from ‘flight of the rat’ ‘rat bat blue’ ‘lalena’and ‘april’

  28. 28
    cp says:

    David was fried on the 76 tour and in the Goldmine article finally ‘comes clean’ that he too was injesting as well as Glenn and Tommy,something I’ve always suspected.And it explains his own troubles and contributions to the MKIV downfall. He did recover nicely and I listened to him from the first lp,Whitesnake, on to Slide It In.David was a great talent to me, I always loved his voice since the Cal Jam broadcast in 74.

  29. 29
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    Hey guys and girls, sorry but I agree with Adam! GH is a great singer, but it just didn’t fit DP, Coverdale should of been the lone vocalist and Roger should have stayed as Bass player, now that would of been interesting!!!!!

  30. 30
    Johnny LaRue says:

    Stormbringer and The Gypsy are great songs, right up there with Deep Purple Classics. Stuff like Holy Man and Hold On probably should have been restricted to Hughes/Coverdale solo albums. Just like today – we have Rapture of The Deep – a.k.a Accidentally On Purpose Volume II.

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