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Essener Pop und Blues revisited

Longer clips from the Internationales Essener Pop und Blues Festival in October 1969 have surfaced on YouTube. We posted the first instalment before, but those are no longer available. The new clips have about 10 minutes of Mandrake Root and 7 minutes of Wring That Neck with better sound.

Thanks to Igor Gillan-fan for posting these and to Joerg and Scott W. for bringing them to your attention.

13 Comments to “Essener Pop und Blues revisited”:

  1. 1
    Larry Toering says:

    Days late as usual, the underground gets deeper every day. lol

  2. 2
    Tommy H. says:

    I like those early Purple concerts. They have something unique to them, it’s magic. In terms of improvisation you can’t go any further with a band like that. As much as I appreciate Don’s talents, he simply doesn’t come anywhere near to Jon’s master class. Practice and technique is one thing, but this kind of phrasing is something else.

  3. 3
    Jeff says:

    Did someone pay that Director to not show Ritchie Blackmore? That had to be even more frustrating to watch than the Denmark footage! I wonder if this is the Director who shot the Cream farewell footage at the Albert Hall?..Wow…clueless camerawork!

  4. 4
    ricrae says:

    Agreed. Gave me a headache! Guess the clueless directors thought that was the best way to film rock in those days. Interesting to see Paicey using the “orthodox grip”. That’s the old fashioned Buddy Rich one if your not a drummer. Wonder when he changed? Uses the current matched grip on the 69 Concerto.

  5. 5
    Antonio Scettri says:

    There’s no Blackmore in it…. 🙁

  6. 6
    kraatzy says:

    Where is Ritchie ??? 🙁



  7. 7
    Scott W. says:

    Yeah, frustrating to say the least. No Roger either really. I think you see Roger’s bass headstock at one point but Ritchie IS shown briefly tossing the guitar around during the strobe sequence.

  8. 8
    heribert plum says:

    I was 18 and I was there!! DP came on stage at 22.00! And the took me away for my lifetime!
    I’ll never forget this show with it’s fundamental power, specially of speed king, may be kneel and pray ??!! and child in time; later on wring that neck, paint it black (drum solo) and mandrake root, ritchie doing his (psychodilic) thing with/in the strobo! this times will never come back!

  9. 9
    Joerg says:

    There will be a 4 hour feature about the Essen Pop & Blues Festivals 1969 and 1970 on German TV station WDR (Rockpalast From The Archives) on March 28th 2016, 00:45 -04:45 (parts of the shows, contemporary TV reports and concert specials)…


  10. 10
    Konrad Mallison says:

    Hi to everybody: I was the promoter of the festivals in 1969 and 1970 at Essen/Germany. I just found out about this forum. Here is the WDR TV station website with Deep Purple appearance on Oct. 11, 1969 again:
    There are pictures of the festival poster, which was inspired by musical HAIR and painted by Georg Boskamp, a friend of mine, who became a Professor for Arts later on (unfortunately the contract with Deep Purple was signed after the poster was printed already, but they appear on all other ads, see Melody Maker etc.), picture of mine that time :-), the schedule, melody maker ad, programs for download.
    The Deep Purple contract as well as the Pink Floyd contract only I did not agree to ad for download. WDR understood as this is too unique. May be some time I will put the contracts in ebay for sale.
    I was in contact to WDR several times before the oncoming broadcast. They will broadcast all they have recorded of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The NICE, Taste, FleetwoodMac… that time I had a contract with WDR, so they covered all appearances of all bands.
    If somebody is interested in memorabilia you may contact me at konnim@gmx.net
    Konrad Mallison

  11. 11
    Donna Fisher says:

    I did not attend the concert, but I think I may have met Herr Mallison in the summer of 62 in Bad Heilbrunn. I was an exchange student at the time from Wyoming USA. If you are the same person, is there a way I could reach you? I was just going through my old scrapbooks. Thanks, Donna

  12. 12
    Konrad says:

    Hi Donna, thats funny, yes I think we met in Bad Tölz/Bavaria in summer 62!!! I was there with a befriended English family travelling with me from Essen over Munich, Bad Tölz to Venice, Florence and back to Essen. They were from Warringto near Liverpool.
    Donna, we stayed in contact some time by writing letters, I think I still have a picture from you I appreciated very much. I am looking forward for your reply.
    Here is my email konnim@gmx.net
    Kind regards Konrad

  13. 13
    Donna Fisher says:

    Please check your e-mail Konrad. I just saw your reply and I replied.

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