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Hope for the new generation

Here’s a video clip from the finals of Slovakia Got Talent TV show. The performer is a 12 year old Rony Janeček, who has been playing guitar for 2 years. Between this kid, Los Gauchos, and the Japanese girls that rule, perhaps after all there is hope for the new generation.

Thanks to Juraj for the info.

26 Comments to “Hope for the new generation”:

  1. 1
    andre sihotang says:

    It’s awesome!!

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    still ‘smoke on the water’ and with a led zeppelin t-shirt…so sad…ah, ok, the boy is good…

  3. 3
    Rascal says:

    JLT may commission this band for his next failed attempt!

  4. 4
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Always that song

    Even more sad…..
    The blue guitar and the style very much influenced by the last DP fiddler instead of the real thing

    On the other hand, there are LOADS of young people recognising the true master behind the DP classics and this boy has lots of time , ahem, to get Bent out of Shape.

  5. 5
    George says:

    just bloody awesome, superb…
    this guy even looks like Steve Morse 😀

    Rascal 😀 😀 😀
    and I’m sure this little boy will sell more tickets than JLT itself 😀

  6. 6
    Patrick says:

    im 24 – and i worship ritche / deep purple family tree

  7. 7
    Patrick says:

    Ritchie* better get that one right !

  8. 8
    Patrick says:

    my dad is one of the original Purple junkie’s though

  9. 9
    AndreA says:

    ..but that Tshirt is not good!

  10. 10
    Feri says:

    the boy was playing more than 2years… i heard, he was on the competition of guitarists before 3years

  11. 11
    stoffer says:

    the kid is GOOD and I will help pitch in for a new t-shirt

  12. 12
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    The current fiddler, banjo player, whichever, is the greatest fiddler, banjo player, to ever grace the galaxy, let alone this earth….

    With respect to opinion, grab a clue….. :>


    I’m tired, but, I can’t help but head back to that joint and shoot some more pool and swig a few pints….



  13. 13
    Rascal says:

    ‘Ted The Mechanic’……….your wasting your time with ‘Priest’……………he lives in the land of ‘OZ’……unable to face reality

    His weekend attire…….tights and pointy hat…..a lost cause…

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I know you are tired

    And I m too

    I know Steve is your main man

    And good luck to you

    The greatest……

    I always hear thats based on those strange magazines who placed him so highly
    On the internet there are lots of voices who dont speak of him in polls and or really loath him as the hired hand in DP

    Ofcourse its opinion

    I know you can talk for hours and hours about technicalities concerning the differences of the 2 banjomen, but…..

    I know it sounds arrogant but the opposite outings are of the same, to me and countless others it s not even a discussion

    Just listen and you know

    There s no way even to compare

    Its completely utter bollocks

    SM may be a man of great talent, to me it hits no emotional chord for a second, RB has EVERYTHING this great band should have

    Yeah, I know he s gone, etc

    Why is it ok for THAT reason to pick the wrong SUBSTITUTE

  15. 15
    Thunderhawk says:

    Playing DP with a LZ t-shirt…bad karma 😛 lol.
    But still, this kid hase great tallent, and did a great job i my oppinion 😉 .

  16. 16
    Rocksanna says:

    Look at this semifinal video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL2ts4L7PGU

  17. 17
    Juraj says:

    …i was thinking sometimes what is Child in Time about.I`ve got it now.Must be about this boy:-)
    I watched a interview with him and he is so cute.They asked:What does guitar means for you?He respondet:Guitar is everything for me,it is more than riding bicykle.
    So who would cares about his close?It is 12 years old boy.Do we remember us when we were 12 and whot we weared?

  18. 18
    Nero says:

    Hèhèh,… cool dude.
    Yea,.. Led TShirt,… Purple Song.
    Hey,.. that’s OK.
    The boy c

  19. 19
    Nero says:

    Hèhèh,… cool dude.
    Yea,.. Led TShirt,… Purple Song.
    Hey,.. that’s OK.
    The boy know where the mustard comes from.
    And he has potential.

  20. 20
    CE-Music says:

    It sounds as he is a bit SM influenced….especially the art. harmonics…But his technique won’t get him far….guitarwise…judging from this video he is not using his pinky at all…which is really limiting…he should take care of that now or he never will….
    I believe he suits this show well but not more…I’ve seen more talented guitarists of his age…also leave the tapping alone as long as you can’t master the basics…apart from that it’s good to hear young kids play that kinda music…

  21. 21
    dpprpl says:

    SM will be the best guitarist ever when a 12 year old kid from Slovakia plays a song of his in a contest.

    I think it’s very fitting the kid wears a LedZep T and plays Purple:
    Zep was always bigger on merchandise, marketing, publicity, you know, hot on the media.
    Purple always about the music.

  22. 22
    stefan says:

    There´s still hope!!!Nothing wrong with the T-shirt,maybe the wiz kid have diverse influences….nothing wrong with that!

    Just out of curiousity Priest…..Who in your opinion would be the right “substitute”??????? I´m waiting…..

  23. 23
    Rascal says:

    As he says its not even a discussion.

    An obsession maybe………..

    An inability to accept or change………..

    He’s heard it all before……….but I guess he had to pay for thoses sessions!

  24. 24
    Scott says:

    I’m really tired of all these bad versions of Smoke. Nobody plays it right or in the right key for that matter.

  25. 25
    purpletemple says:

    dP meets Led Zep…Blackmore meets Morse…The young meets the old(er)…That gives me hope for the future 🙂
    Hope this kid will keep on practicing and hopefully won’t become some type of second hand Malmsteen.

  26. 26
    Guitar says:

    In semi-final Rony’s last solo was beautiful. Whats the name of it?

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