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Luciano Pavarotti R.I.P.

Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti has passed away this morning, September 6. I’m sure you got all the details in your morning news. Deep Purple shared the stage with Pavarotti twice performing at his festival “Pavarotti and Friends” (in 2001 and 2003), and Ian Gillan had the honours of singing “Nessun Dorma” together with one of the greatest voices of our time.

P.S. (Sep 10): Reports are coming from around the world that this particular Pavarotti/Gillan footage was used in video obituaries on various TV channels.

Thanks to Luca Bariffi and many others for the info.

37 Comments to “Luciano Pavarotti R.I.P.”:

  1. 1
    Michael Huck says:

    a great loss. a great personality in his time.

  2. 2
    Dr. dp says:

    A great personality silenced, however His voice lives on forever. His association with Deep Purple and Ian Gillan will always be a source of pride amongst the fans. R.I.P. Luciano. Drdp

  3. 3
    marcinio says:

    He was one of the greatest singers ever!!
    and a great personality!

    sad day… R.I.P.

  4. 4
    Martin says:

    This is indeed a great loss. I loved Nessum Dorma from him. This song will always be in my mind and every time I hear it, it will in memory of Luciano Pavarotti! R.I.P!!!

  5. 5
    ponzo says:

    as entertainers go in my space, in my time, in my humble opinion, along with ritchie and ALL the boys associated with DP, Luciano Pavarotti was a very special human being. As Stevie Wonder put it at one of Pav’s benefits. ” Thanks for being a special positive force in this life of ours”. Huge talent and a man who has done a lot for others we should all be grateful to have lived when he did!

  6. 6
    ivan says:

    R.I.P. Pavarotti!

  7. 7
    Simone Scarteddu says:

    Thank You Luciano…

  8. 8
    Tore M. Grøtte says:

    RIP. A great loss for music.

  9. 9
    Tracy Heyder says:

    I had the most incredible experience with Mr. Gillan, back stage after a Deep Purple show at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which was later officially released on DVD as “Perihelion” (You can check out my full review of that show and the back stage “Gillan/Pavarotti experience in the “Tour Review” Section, June 5th 2001). He was in absolute awe over the fact that just prior to this show, he had performed that song just days before with the Master “Lucy”, and actually sang a few lines from the song to us during the Meet and Greet. I have to tell you that my hair still stands up on the back of my neck when I reflect back to that moment, and when I hear him on the CD and this Video. Witnessing him appear like a little kid who just got his first puppy was so bitter sweet for me, as I looked the same I’m sure, being sung to by he, whom I call the Master. I truly believe it was and will always be one of Mr. Gillans’ shining and most memorable moments in his long career, and I personalloy will always remember his gleaming face when he shared his experience with us. Truly one of my most cherrished moments. Long live the Voice of Pavarotti. that is and will always be a World Wide Legacy.

  10. 10
    Domenico says:

    Luciano Pavarotti è stato un grandissimo cantante lirico…tutta l’italia è in lutto……………..LUCIANO PAVAROTTI R.I.P.

  11. 11
    SEEK says:

    Forever in our hearts…Luciano.

  12. 12
    paolo says:


  13. 13
    James Gemmell says:

    Two of the great singers on stage together – an historic video clip.

  14. 14
    PATRICK says:

    i was at the perihelion also ! DAM ! why couldent i attend the meet and greet 🙁


  15. 15
    3pa¢ Piru Smith says:

    By all honesty, I never heard any re¢ordings of the now, late (and what he’s been ¢alled The Greatest Tenor of Opera King of High ¢’s) Lu¢iano Pavarotti. I believe I have heard the name before with many ¢ollaborations in whi¢h one in¢ludes a duet with ¢eline Dion, but I haven’t heard essentially a re¢ording pertaining to Pavarotti. Albeit, today I heard a sample of audio on the television of a show Pavarotti had done on the news ¢hannel, I take by no surprise on the impa¢t that Lu¢iano may have had on the title of opera and the lives in whi¢h he may have influen¢ed and inspired. Just to hear his voi¢e would give you ¢hills up and down your spine, having the hairs on your arms stand up in ¢hills. What a great, and marvelous tone of voi¢e that he has. Just to know and have some kind of thought that he’s in Heaven now, singing spiritual and powerful hymns. So mu¢h talent and potential that he had, and so much that he has/had a¢¢omplished in his life of the deeds with ¢harity and humanitarian works as well as his a¢hievements throughout his musi¢ ¢areer. May the beloved Lu¢iano Pavarotti Rest in Heavenly Pea¢e.

  16. 16
    mel says:

    RIP Maestro! Deep Purple’s fan from Italy.

  17. 17
    AndreA says:

    ad now i’ve seen the video a tear goes by…anyway the Life Goes On”

  18. 18
    trondjs says:

    Just found an “excellent” caption on a photo from the 2001 concert distributed by EPA, spot the errors:
    “I05-20010530-MODENA, ITALY: Singer Terry Gillian (l) and US group Deep Purple prerform duing the concert “Pavarotti & Friends” 2001 in Modena May 29, 2001. International stars joined Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti at a charity concert in aid of Afghan children. EPA PHOTO ANSA/GIORGIO BENVENUTI”

  19. 19
    tomas says:

    Luciano Pavarotti R.I.P, you will live forever !!!

  20. 20
    Roberto says:

    Luciano is the greatest opera singer, and has been an honour (for Pavarotti or for Gillan?) to do that duet.
    About charity concerts:they were only publicity,most part of the money never reached the underdeveloped countries.

  21. 21
    Bo says:

    The one AND only Pavarotti.
    He did for opera what Elvis did for rock and what Purple did for the more heavy kind of rock.
    A greats loss to all who loves personality and real world class performance.

    To see Ian sing with Pavarotti just makes me so proud and sad at the same time. It will never happen again.


  22. 22
    Paal says:

    When I first got my addiction to Purple, it was because of the great voice of Gillian. This was in 1970, in 1975 I went to my first Opera, Prince Igor by Borodin, and that experience made my see the likenesses of heavy rock and Opera.

    Pavarotti was one of the greatest in his area, and made so many great performances long before he becam a pop hit opera peronality. His voice was facinating!

    Just like Ian Gillans.

    As one who loves a great voice, I also send my condolences to the friends and family of the great man.

  23. 23
    Savino ROBERTO says:


  24. 24
    Dennis Hanna says:

    Bravo maestro. God bless.

  25. 25
    Ritchierod says:

    Hasta la vista Maestro Luciano !
    Requiem in Peace…Master Of Masters.
    God bless You.

    Rosario, Argentina & http://www.forodeeppurple.com

  26. 26
    flaywolf says:

    ciao Big Luciano!!

    perhaps you are the most influential voice of modern era
    but a good man most of all.

    flavio -milan-

  27. 27
    claudio says:

    confronto improponibile, ma penso che per mr Gillan cantare con Luciano sia stata una delle sue più grandi serate.Luciano cantava sempre bene.Mr Gillan l’ho visto ed ascoltato più volte, ed il suo genere di musica non lo aiuta.Ma ha lo stesso approccio.Luciano l’aveva capito.E sarà immortale, perchè non era un fanatico.Approccio inglese per un ITALIANO doc!

  28. 28
    rabid dog says:

    a big man in every sense of the word, as with ig, a natural gift from god, a sincere, gentle, softly spoken man, another huge blow to the world of singing.

  29. 29
    stefan says:

    It comes as a chock that “The Highway star” endorse censorship! The last time I responded to the news of Pavarotti´s death, my response mysteriousely dissappered….why? Is it because of my opinion or my “foul” language??

    I´ll Try again…Yes, he were a graet artist in his field…but for DP fans to condole him…is a laugh and totally out of place! Why?…..Beacuse if Ian Gillan had´nt shared the stage with him on that godawful duet,no DP FAN had ever thought of any condolences for that big,pompous cry baby!!!!

  30. 30
    Svante Pettersson says:

    This is a moderated forum. There are many reasons for that, but one of them is that we as owners of this server are responsible for the stuff that is published here, even if it is posted by a visitor. Foul language is ok (to a reasonable degree, of course). Differing opinions are also ok. But insulting a dead person is never ok in my book. It doesn’t matter how much you hate a person. Calling them names, especially just days after they died, is very disrespectful to the friends and family who lost a loved one.

    And another thing; people often confuse censorship and moderation. Don’t do that. You are invited to our site to share your opinions on the topics we post. But if you run into the door of my apartment and call me names, I have the right to throw you out.

  31. 31
    rabid dog says:

    stefan i disagree, just because i’m a dp fan does not mean that i cannot appreciate other artists.
    i feel the loss of singers in particular, and the passing of ‘lucy’ is no exception.
    of course the connection with dp and ig is there for all to see, but thats not why i posted.

  32. 32
    rabid dog says:

    and further more stefan, please take it from me, it is meant in good faith, unless you deliberately mean to offend an individual or a group of people it is best left unsaid for a day or two,i have made more unwise comments than most,usually just badly phrased,i understand the point you are making,until you get to the big pompous cry baby (did you know the guy personally?), but remember a human being has died, dead, no more, finished.
    also, if you want to be able to say anything at all then open your own web page(s),this section was opened in good faith for those who wanted to pay their respects, if your thoughts are negative, thats cool, but perhaps not appropriate here.
    as i say, i say this from hard learned lessons.

  33. 33
    claudio says:

    now i write in english…fom my point of wiew,Stefan can’t understand the difference between the way of sing of Luciano and that of Gillan…i love DP,but try to listen in right way that Pavarotti sings…i’m sure that you can find something special…open your mind!

  34. 34
    BILL MAJOR says:


  35. 35
    Stefan says:

    I have to admit it takes me with surprise that my comments stirred up such high emotions! No, of course I did´nt know Mr.Pavarotti personally! However I´ve seen numerous interviews with the man on TV,and what bugs me is how he complains about how hard his life is…..you know,the suffering artist crap! I don´t care if it is Pavarotti,Eddie Vedder or the worst of them all….Kurt Cobain!! If you don´t like what you´re doing….GET YOURSELF ANOTHER “F***ING” JOB AND STOP WHINING!!!

    I just can´t stand artists that earn millions,touring the world and are so fortunate to make a living of their hobby is complaining…that´s what I ment with “Cry Baby”!! That said….sure he was a great artist within his field….however he is still not my cup of tea!! If I have truly offended someone………I do apologise!

  36. 36
    Ovidio says:

    Una perdita immensa per l’Italia e per il mondo!!! Unico!!

  37. 37
    Joanna says:

    Great loss, all the more so as he was the most amiable singer of the opera I’ve ever known. I remember his concert in Poland. His voice was so warm… The most beautiful tenor of the world…

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