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Rainbow Unplugged

Ritchie and Doogie White jam over a pint in preparations for the 1995 Rainbow tour of Japan. Lovely! It’s been my long time pet theory that Doogie got the Rainbow gig not just because he’s an excellent singer, but because he can do all those wonderful ad lib drinking songs.


Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for spotting this one.

33 Comments to “Rainbow Unplugged”:

  1. 1
    trekman says:

    That is so cool!! Doogie is great!! Ritchie Rocks! And I am Impressed! Thanks Daniel for finding this one.

  2. 2
    Reinder says:

    Ritchie… sings?

  3. 3
    Marco JL Palazzi says:

    Great…Ritchie is a God and Doggie is his the Paladin!!!!

  4. 4
    Marco JL Palazzi says:

    They’re really crazy…and this is why they’s so great….
    Nothing but the natural madness amplified by the music!!!!

  5. 5
    storm treeker says:

    How Gay !!!. oOH Look into my eyes And Strip Me Down. A Couple Of More Beers And We wILL bE tWINKILING tHE iVORYS. oH rICHIE I LOVE YOU.

  6. 6
    Anthony Emery says:

    OH MY GOD!!!

    This is utter brilliance. This is the kind of thing that makes you believe Ian Gillan when he says he used to love Ritchie and his sense of humour.

    The man in black is a legend and Doogie is fantastic in his role as court jester!!

    God bless brilliance!!

  7. 7
    BILL MAJOR says:


  8. 8
    (Purple) Botzy says:

    WOW !!!

    Thank you so much for this.

    This is so great.

    gr. Purple Botzy

  9. 9
    Victor says:

    Great Stuff!!!!

  10. 10
    purplepriest1965 says:


  11. 11
    dirdami says:

    This and many other Purple related videos can be found here:

  12. 12
    Emo says:

    This is absolutly great material.
    I never knew why Doogie was in Rainbow,
    but now I understand.

    Is there more of this???


  13. 13
    Cranberry says:

    Thank the Lord it wasnt JLT!! I dont think my stomach could have stood that!!

  14. 14
    marcel says:

    yeah… richie sings!!! HAHAHHA

  15. 15
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Glorious, glorious, glorious. That’s the best answer to those who think the Man in Black has no sense of humor.

  16. 16
    Marcelo Soares says:

    (I sometimes indulge on that unfair assumption too.)

  17. 17
    SEEK says:

    Thank you Lord for a guitarplayer like Ritchie…
    Simply the best…..

  18. 18
    Rikk Desgres says:

    Doogie is great. We met him at a Rainbow show. He was standing in the lobby just watching people walk by. My buddy spotted him and we went over to talk to him. He was the nicest, most gracious person. We talked about our love for Purple music, what was it like to work with Ritchie etc. It was like talking to an old high school friend who made it big, not a rock star. I will always remember that day. I really liked that Rainbow period.

  19. 19
    Danny says:

    ohh great
    how i miss r.b having fun in his music

  20. 20
    Roy says:

    Wow, Ritchie Blackmore, it was because of you I began guitar lessons at the age of 13, and here I am at 45 continued to be WoWed. Just watching you & Doogie sitting around jamming and I’m remembering why I started in the first place! I seen you in Vancouver it was the “Difficult to Cure” album, again, wow, got to see the guy I most wanted to copy!…..cool!

  21. 21
    franz says:

    It’s grat enjoy this. It’s a pity that Ritchie does not vontinue Rainbow with Doogie, because his voice was very good with the talent of The Master.
    And thanks to the THS for this moments unknow for me.

  22. 22
    Solitair says:

    Just wonderful! How I miss this f****** a***** in the band! RB is the one!
    And Doogie White is great. A really good singer. I wish they had chosen him instead of JLT!

  23. 23
    RENALD says:

    As allways Ritchie is grate and Doogie is one of the most greate rivelation of him.

  24. 24
    gisela says:

    thank you for putting it in!

    they are both great and Doogie is the very best singer, I know since I heard and saw him the first time.

  25. 25
    mould says:

    Brilliant F****** brilliant

  26. 26
    MineHead says:

    what can you say about Ritchie that hasn’t been said…a constant inspiration and benchmark of virtuosity…now if Fender would only reissue that Strat I could truly be happy !!! and that singin’ bloke is very impressive, not many “names” could improvise on any level let alone as fluid as he…great stuff !!

  27. 27
    Alberto says:

    The way Blackmore looks at Doogie sometimes is scary 🙂

    Great couple

  28. 28
    Koma says:

    que grande es Mr. Negro !!! Alberto, tienes razón, a veces parece que le va a estampar el vaso en la cara al rubiales, pero acaba cantando la “canción del sad alcoholic” y todo. ¡vaya dos!

    espero que deje alguna vez los libros de caballerias y vuelva a rockear

  29. 29
    Stefan says:

    Hilarious!!From a time when old “Blackers” still had a sense of humour!

  30. 30
    Rascal says:

    I realise when I watch Blackmore in that clip, the reasons why I learnt guitar.

    If you watch him in Blackmores Nights you will understand why I sold my guitar

  31. 31
    PB says:

    Compare to That’ll be the day on Nobody’s Perfect !!
    At least it was in the right key.

  32. 32
    joe crowley says:

    Doogie does this many times. i’ve seen him improv on YOU TUBE a few times, and i also saw them in 97 and he did some during the show i saw.

  33. 33
    Chris says:

    I saw DP in 1973 in Tucson, AZ at the age of 7. 1st concert ever. i have loved RB’s chops ever since, and as i listen now, i am convinced that he is one of the best. ever. Nobody plays or sounds like him. thankyou for posting these vids. i get chills still.

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