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One of the Styx crew members is blogging from the current tour with Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy. You get to know why Styx only played a 15 minute set in whichever town it was and you get goodies like this:

During the ride last night on the European tour front, a crew bus sideswiped a car going down the road. Freakin’ perfect. Luckily, no one was hurt, although the car pretty bunged up. Yesterday, a truck driver passed out cold on the dock (later diagnosed with dehydration), and this AM a tour catering girl mashed her hand in a door badly enough to be sent off to hospital.”


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    Martin Cook says:

    It was Nottingham, I was there, great paper planes flying around made from Thin Lizzy flyers while they tried to sort the problem (What did people do before monitors, my band still don’t use them)
    Talking to a certain “family” guitarist we should think our selves lucky to only have had 3 numbers from Styx. Everywhere else got at least 7!
    Tiller Girls with guitars!! (That’s showing my age)

  2. 2
    Bryan Greene says:

    “They walked onstage at 8:45, 45 mins late, and sang a 15 minute set in order to be off on time for the next band. And, miraculously, they sang and played their balls off for those 15 mins. and won the affection of the audience, who gave them a solid standing O out of respect for the effort and quality of the performance. Sounds ridiculous, but it was a GREAT 15 minute show. The band coped with it much better than the crew (especially the sound vendors whose console it was) who were totally disheartened after the fact and got raving drunk on the bus. The band, however, demonstrated incredible poise onstage, resisted the urge to perform rushed or apologetically, didn’t freak out on the crew ever, and shocked everyone with how little they actually, apparently, need monitors. I mean really, how do sing on key when you can’t hear yourself? How do you play? But they did it, and totally rocked the house.” EXTRACT from Blog

    ^^True professionals indeed

    My commiserations to the Nottingham fans in only getting to see a quarter of the Styx set as they have been badly deprived. Luckily, we got a full hour at Wembley, and a very enjoyable hour it was. Styx had so much energy, charisma and great music, that I can safely say that in my twenty years of going to Purple concerts, Styx were the “best support act” I’ve seen. Speaking to people afterwards, they all seemed pleasantly surprised at just how good they were because all they ever knew of the band previously was a hit ballad from the early eighties which does not do them justice. To put it into perspective, imagine that most people were only aware of Purple through the single “Love Conquers All” and then based their opinion of them on that alone!!

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    Mike says:

    Deep Purple many trips to Russia, I wonder when the Styx arrive on tour in Moscow

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